Đồng nghĩa của deterrence

Alternative for deterrence

deterrence /di'terəns/ (determent) /di'tə:minəbl/
  • danh từ
    • sự ngăn cản, sự ngăn chặn, sự cản trở
    • sự làm nản lòng, sự làm nhụt chí, sự làm thoái chí


The action of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences
prevention discouragement disincentive dissuasion inhibition obstruction determent hindrance intimidation limitation obviation preclusion preemption restriction thwarting forestalling avoidance obstacle impediment forestallment inhibitor blockage stoppage prohibition halt interception interruption deterence bar elimination precluding averting safeguard precaution anticipation deterrent damper prophylaxis setback restraint opposition caution warning exclusion disqualification curb constraint check barrier put down damp rebuff persuasion remonstrance expostulation stop block encumbrance handicap trammel drag hitch suppression interference stopping clog crimp cramp repression embargo drawback snag hazard hampering hurdle stumbling block let shackles chain embarrassment holdback fetter manacle balk inconvenience impedance preemptive action baulk millstone burden ball and chain preventive measures preventive action crackdown shutdown squelching deadweight stamping out clampdown weary load difficulty brake delay complication protection hiccup catch facer lock albatross sabotage gridlock catch-22 cumbrance hang-up intervention baggage glitch jam-up cumber joker fly in the ointment spanner in the works monkey wrench excess baggage foot dragging monkey wrench in the works preventative palladium fail-safe protective shield defence remedy security neutralizer prophylactic precautionary measure preventive measure preventive defense protective measure anticipatory measure checking bridling curbing retardation frustration holding back stifling blocking shackling smothering arrest baulking cramping fettering halting quashing foiling straitjacket interdict hangup sublimation balking putting an end to nipping in the bud putting an stop to


A means or method of defending (against attack)
defense armour armor defence ammunition cover guard protection resistance safeguard fortification immunity safeguarding security shield stronghold weapon aegis buckler deterrent guarding screen shielding ward egis munitions refuge shelter warfare weaponry arms citadel fastness fence shock absorber bulwark barrier cushion buffer bumper wall support bastion rampart safety parapet buttress barricade breastwork fort earthwork defender embankment preservation armament protector sanctuary mainstay prop care outwork precaution supporter stockade conservation self-defense palisade safe keeping preventive bartizan battlement asylum insurance guardianship fortress safekeeping barbican preventive measure self-preservation shade obstruction block precautions circumvallation vallum provision self-protection maintenance partition caution invulnerability safeness palladium fail-safe redoubt reinforcement keep salvation upkeep sponsorship backing building up safety measure hindrance preparation castellation impediment upholding patronage championship curb restraint check precautionary measure safety measures aid keeping pad dyke preventative embattlement auspices hedge assistance haven remedy auspice advocacy concealment surety bank guaranty protecting fender retreat protective measure indemnity mail castle defensive wall backstop prophylactic impregnability vallation suspension system big stick buttressing bolstering continuation underpinning continuance shoring up garrison harbor hold harbour harborage assurance outpost safety device crenellation hiding place buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament fielder buffet mobilization wicket-keeper arming isolation sequestration segregation dam material gun heat leaf springs torsion bars spring balustrade safeguards separation weir secludedness privacy aloneness solitariness solitude separateness seclusion escarpment tower strengthening canopy divider awning curtain quarantine detachment exclusion closeting guards surveillance gate measures sluice promotion help cloak blind mantle shroud separator arras guarantee charge umbrella guidance catcher mobilisation encouragement financing welfare setting apart insulation unassailability protectorship wing mound hill supervision ridge trusteeship warranty agency favour elevation shutter windbreak philanthropy funding intermediary a roof dike assertion barrage strength plate breastplate panoply furtherance hiding housing prudence forethought anticipation veil envelope panel cocoon defences mask cushioning freedom blockhouse covering dividing wall prevention protective battlements benefaction espousal tutelage preserving safety guard bastille protective device conserving absorber sustentation favor foresight wariness providence circumspection hideout hideaway oasis reassurance stability projection convoy rock escort berm den sanctum foxhole middleman go-between obstacle neutralizer room divider investment perpetuation grant subsidy recommendation zoar port covert querencia ravelin fieldwork discreetness canniness regard fortalice discretion well-being inviolability resort hole church convent insistence on trench preserval disincentive evaporation safe haven armor plate presidio canal suit of armor protective wall bolt-hole upholder ditch care and feeding gully defenses safe house public safety tower of strength something to fall back on protective clothing bulletproof vest channel safe harbor freedom from danger chain mail flak jacket saving fosse ivory tower moat safety net coat of mail preventative measure entrenchment belt and braces port in a storm storage tanning anticipatory measure hole-up suit of armour refrigeration body armor body armour


Deprivation or restriction of personal liberty or freedom of movement
restraint check constraint limitation restriction control rein bridle curb hindrance curtailment impediment inhibition limit obstacle ban boycott brake circumscription condition damper deterrent embargo fetter hold moderation stricture taboo clampdown disqualification interdict prevention retardant suppression abridgement abridgment bar barrier bondage ceiling chains command cramp decrease deprivation determent fetters instruction manacles obstruction order pinions prohibition reduction rope stop stoppage straitjacket string weight restraining order wet blanket chain block handicap trammel encumbrance shackles manacle hurdle shackle drag interference crimp stumbling block balk snag clog baulk holdback leash hitch drawback let embarrassment catch discouragement blockage confinement bond setback difficulty hazard disadvantage disincentive cumber line lead irons cord spanner in the works fly in the ointment tether monkey wrench in the works bind delay repression bracelet interruption preventive impedance safeguard dissuasion burden complication binding hiccup problem facer boundary harness barricade halter lock gridlock cuffs handcuffs hampering strap inconvenience ligature ball and chain band tie reservation millstone hamper stint catch-22 handcuff wall crackdown restrainer monkey wrench qualification iron demarcation road block defence bonds precaution defense retardation arrest captivity holdup preventative shutdown trammels regulation cuff glitch end hang-up bracelets stopping jam link protection border margin sticking point leg irons thwarting curbing proscription lyam provision stipulation requirement confine bit elimination halt rebuff proviso rule security perimeter threshold veto interdiction rider blocking checking contraction caution bound squelching constrainment constriction fastening precautionary measure strings cumbrance cap bounds baggage albatross issue containment extent hobble remedy termination joker bilboes defect weakness wire detriment retardment jam-up excess baggage blockade bottleneck gyves darbies restraints rub circumvention preventive measure protective measure stay roadblock no-no fine print hawser upper limit millstone around your neck booby trap cable connection clogging discipline obligation commitment suppressant deadweight opposition immobilization immobilisation chill intimidation moratorium pitfall detention buttress put down damp depressant cloud inadequacy circumspection injunction modification definition weary load break reversal reverse blow hardship gloom pall warning nuisance coupling cinchers anchor binders railing traverse fence maximum rahui occlusion congestion hold-up governor stumbling stone bump uphill deterring factor defensive measures depression pale edge stamping out tethers ropes trouble mountain checkmate whammy load disablement impairment flaw disorder fault stone in one's path confines palladium fail-safe protective shield blank wall saddle debt guilt cross duty compression astringency tightening squeezing shrinking choking verge compass frontier parameter mountain to climb cold water dead weight red tape retarding device neutralizer prophylactic strait waistcoat headstall hackamore collar noose leg-iron yoke gyve pendant lavaliere locket rackle clinker truss picket monkey on one's back thorn in one's side avoidance forestallment anticipation averting forestalling precluding preclusion snaffle electronic ankle bracelet custody limits extremity circumference anticipatory measure sabotage intervention tops restraining device small difficulty interception prophylaxis obviation deterence inhibitor foot dragging line of demarcation cutoff point cut-off point prerequisite demand clause anathema eradication crushing abolition requisite essential necessity ambit disapproval exception term specification precondition contingency kicker terms linkage tie-in stickum hookup nexus gunk network non-acceptance tapu exemption postulate stern measures strike getting tough crush severe measures arrangement don't religious convention sanction forbiddance social convention law thou-shalt-not superstition need article must arrestment close cutoff finish discontinuation expiration surcease closure closedown cessation shutoff conclusion lapse cease offset ending discontinuance must-have sine qua non lace guy lacing bridling small print shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering choker halting quashing foiling staying restraining suspension stalling coaxial piece of cordage boom topping lift wire rope hangup balking sublimation putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud downside disbenefit minus liability negative shortcoming incommodity debit upset disturbance headache misfortune hassle snafu bother disruption annoyance vexation aggravation dilemma disappointment fuss trial concern weak point weak spot pain predicament imperfection deficiency impasse awkwardness unwieldiness unfitness exasperation distress untimeliness unsuitableness cumbersomeness troublesomeness uneasiness stew cross to bear mishap unhandiness defeat bothersomeness gotcha woe gimmick anxiety layoff abeyance worry stress land mine discomfort tie-up snarl-up grief downfall ill snarl logjam incommodiousness struggle knock clot problems irritation lack failing disability bad news disquiet bummer unease bug affliction pickle body blow agitation unpleasantness con knock-back puzzler traffic jam puzzle scrape piece of bad luck task timewasting one in the eye filibustering bit of trouble reversal of fortune kick in the teeth obstructionism strain down sit-down deduction walkout lockout downtime standstill barring bone of contention misery disgrace slowing complaint wait injury preemption albatross around one's neck evil deadlock exclusion detainment psychological baggage remonstrance expostulation persuasion bad flip side handicapping penalty tailback quandary millstone round someone's neck holding pattern privation afterdeal narrowing backup queue tribulation negative aspect tangle issues bulwark pinch prob demerit stopping up strife deal-breaker trap other side of the coin encirclement turmoil deep trouble dire straits mess danger torment hot water fix spot cropper knot crunch unseen problem trick can of worms disputed point row sorrow onus infarct snare embolus cordon infarction conundrum ploy dodge wile regression flip-flop unfortunate development slowdown backset comedown regress bath about-face foil bottom point at issue tight spot the rub interference with reverse of fortune double whammy adversity joker in the pack restricted access responsibility charge grievance mental weight blame punishment unwanted responsibility accountability blunder drawing board line of defense slip spoiling whole new ballgame inefficacy error irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve harassment botheration pest aggro ruffle miscalculation mistake mischance bafflement nuisance value failure countering scotching derailment dashing incommode hair shirt tiresomeness inopportuneness bitter pill crippling hindering foundering collapse snookering baffling put out stroke of bad luck consequence nonfulfillment scuppering nonfulfilment contravention unfulfillment involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account nonsuccess lack of success non-success disaster area interval hiatus interlude millstone round one's neck gap pause interstice parenthesis interregnum intermission hiccough discontinuity interim intrusion disconnection recess severance rupture quiescence abeyancy division doldrums lacuna break-off rift split latency dormancy disuniting blackout separation dissolution letup breach

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