Đồng nghĩa của prop

Alternative for prop

props, propped, propping

Đồng nghĩa: bolster, brace, hold up, support,


A pole or beam used as a temporary support or to keep something in position
brace stay support buttress shore post stanchion truss beam pile pole shaft strut upright bolster column mount mounting pier piling pillar reinforcement spur underpinning vertical mainstay rod sprag stick crutch leg strengthener point d'appui stake joist bracket pedestal pilaster abutment girder batten base frame plinth cantilever mast stave substructure paling spar footing pale palisade crosspiece rafter standard stilt rib boom stud rest foundation platform timber backing staff picket bulwark plank bar spike rail baluster trestle pylon bed crossbar jamb newel underprop holder rack stand framework hold obelisk foot cutwater groundwork cornerstone splint structure strip tower scaffolding balk scantling substratum block bearing lath shoring cane stringer lintel baton caryatid band sill monolith bedding peg foothold telamon herm reach axle lever gird colonnade baulk transverse bail two-by-four wire tether subfloor supporter trussing shroud shelf truncheon underpropping bracer joint horse trivet chock bottom counterfort spoke billet shank fixture end flagpole flagstaff dowel fulcrum chassis subframe roof beam arm skid guy sustainer stele peristyle sile minaret monument cylinder totem flying buttress setting mace rule rampart scaffold panel cradle device arch back medium stiffener guide collar flotation means sustentation lining support system bollard gatepost puncheon milepost stock marker doorpost lightpost fencepost fence post upright support boundary marker king post finger post beanpole vault end bridge end jutting piece arch end end piece board purlin transom summer RSJ collar beam hammer beam tie beam


A mechanical device with evenly-shaped blades that turn on a shaft to push against air or water


To position the feet while sitting, lying down, or reclining so that the knees are elevated at a higher level
lean set stand place position rest balance lay steady put deposit plant park plonk stick depose leave situate settle pose plop emplace sit plunk station lay down dispose stow posit dump bung pop put down set down repose set up plunk down plank down locate install instal lie arrange fix support spread recline lodge drape seat plank lay out leave out be positioned be supported be propped up be set mount poise stash array set out put away plump ensconce post lock bestow introduce deploy range orient sequence orientate site establish embed bring consign to concentrate be be situated be on top of rest upon be placed be propped up by be supported by be laid drop bear roost prop up throw down insert shove base fit slip implant slide root tuck put in slot unload put in place fling down thrust align push attach nestle load stuff connect perch squat found clap unlade enroot garrison sit down inculcate instil instill stick in assign imbed infix entrench pop in moor detail let fall erect put on duty hang flop flump store posture build lounge pitch put in position set in position reside dwell inhabit lower cast plonk down plop down slot in outfit dig in rig turn face drop in wedge center ground hang one's hat centralize land press domiciliate centralise put down roots centre slap drive work implement furnish line institute imprint impress inseminate sow jam work in fling breed kit out rig out fit out tuck in secure join fasten set in place settle down fix up build in settle in bed in couple anchor link affix glue bind tie cement pin clamp bond nail consolidate ingrain bed lash bolt hitch screw intrench bend engrain catch stabilize clip solidify rigidify make fast congeal stiffen tack sow the seeds of stabilise tie down graft nail down stay put freeze to make permanent

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