Đồng nghĩa của sanctuary

Alternative for sanctuary


Đồng nghĩa: asylum, haven, refuge,


A locality or habitat where something is found in natural abundance, and also where it typically thrives
home habitat abode biosphere den dwelling habitation haven nest refuge roost site home ground natural home domain realm cradle fount fountainhead source place of origin house pad residence quarters place lodging domicile base lodgings digs address seat diggings accommodation rooms hearth roof hearthstone whereabouts location fireside casa joint co-op haunt dwelling place homestead flat flop crib condo hole headquarters apartment place of residence place of habitation crash pad living quarters billet mansion castle shelter housing residency room manor territory commorancy lodge chambers villa palace stamping ground dump resort lodging place locality household cabin cottage accommodations stomping ground hangout shack condominium pied-à-terre turf shanty space establishment place to stay hall suite ranch tenement settlement range building board setup lodgment lodgement cave dwelling-place hut property camp retreat stately home country house rooming house apartments hole in the wall bedsit dorm hideout estate coop layout cot bungalow chalet private residence private house trailer manoir homes environment houses place of abode edifice palazzo pile purlieu rack dwellings sheltering quartering manor house neighborhood whare hotel motel bach rendezvous lair boarding house neighbourhood locale box street lean-to cubbyhole patch home plate local hang-out room and board small house neck of the woods gathering place favourite spot flats woning post station barracks cantonment quarter family life sorority fraternity tent inglenook fireplace home sweet home dwelling house places chimney corner nook penthouse legal residence roof over head abiding-place hive burrow terrain vacancy harbouring impressive structure impressive building kennel flophouse pigpen boardinghouse harboring situation accommodation available available accommodation bullpen pigsty home unit element farm dormitory extended family orphanage hospital meeting place hidey-hole region premises big house unoccupied room spot position point bar watering hole medium niche trysting place clubhouse boarding hunting box shooting lodge shooting box hunting lodge a roof over one's head parking place ancestral home venue real estate gaff cover harbour port protection hostel harbor inn locus title realty ancestral hall block section natural environment natural habitat where the hat is bachelor apartment number direction manse hacienda bower bothy dacha rondavel grange chateau schloss tower spread beat walk natural territory bed and board bed and breakfast ZIP code box number gîte semi weekender cabana place of business family seat country seat great house carriage house but and ben but-and-ben holiday home holiday cottage

Trái nghĩa của sanctuary

sanctuary Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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