Đồng nghĩa của housing

Alternative for housing

Đồng nghĩa: caparison, living accommodations, lodging, trapping,

houses, housed, housing

Đồng nghĩa: audience, building, congregation, dwelling, home, lodge, residence, shelter,


Houses and flats considered collectively
accommodation homes houses buildings domiciles dwellings abodes habitations accommodations board construction digs dwelling habitation home house living quarters lodgment lodgement lodging quarter quarterage residence roof shelter sheltering dwelling places places of residence stopping place quarters rooms place abode lodgings billet pad domicile apartment hearth chambers dwelling place room flat lodge diggings hearthstone fireside crib place of residence barracks cantonment dorm roost establishment habitat condo seat motel hotel space place to stay harbour harbor camp pied-à-terre address castle crash pad commorancy den residency room and board rooming house boarding house building architecture structure lodging place bar rod casern post station property hut canton cabin cottage apartments fraternity ranch sorority tent premises guest house suite household tenement boarding a roof over one's head real estate place of abode private residence private house gaff shack trailer condominium manor estate title dump mansion realty cover resort protection hostel palace port inn territory bachelor apartment locality bed and breakfast bed and board quartering range haunt harbouring turf settlement nest nook site homestead cave haven hole boardinghouse harboring stamping ground stomping ground home ground co-op joint location villa hideout headquarters sanctuary hole in the wall whereabouts lair hall burrow coop bedsit layout place of habitation hangout setup shanty rack home plate base casa flop inglenook fireplace dwelling house chimney corner family life home sweet home legal residence roof over head refuge biosphere farm dormitory extended family orphanage hospital environment natural home situation parking place element domain realm hive spot position point fount source cradle fountainhead where the hat is venue locale locus neighbourhood natural environment neighborhood natural habitat street number direction warren tunnel manse pile hacienda manoir ZIP code place of business box number natural territory palazzo grange chateau schloss tower manor house spread place of origin sett edifice stately home country house whare retreat family seat country seat great house kennel lean-to cubbyhole flophouse pigpen hideaway earth bullpen pigsty box hiding place hidey-hole


A rigid casing that encloses and protects a piece of moving or delicate equipment
case casing cover covering encasement jacket shell capsule holder sheath container armour armor cocoon enclosure hull husk pod integument frame guard lid sheathing wrapper wrapping envelope sleeve skin shuck cowling coat pericarp bark protection layer wrap rind shelter folder peel vessel carapace shield outside defence defense legume seed case bubble nest chaff exoskeleton exterior receptacle compartment tank bran dress mantle glume lagging insulation threads cope top aril caparison awning tarpaulin cap blanket crust plastron cast mold keel peeling underside mould shard scale nacelle sanctuary refuge security haven safeguard asylum hiding safety concealment screen harbour ward harbor retreat wall aegis harborage safe harbor hiding place seedpod seed husk bur box repository canister cartridge cradle bin cask caddy chest storage can packet cylinder sack casket pot pouch carton tin caisson vat chamber package surface face exteriority veneer facade façade superficies coating front external surface outward aspect outer covering outer surface outside surface bag drum unit barrel crate tub vase hamper kettle jeroboam jar strongbox bunker shape vial bucket punnet flask hod churn bottle hutch humidor firkin store silo canteen cistern jug purse die depot pit pitcher scuttle basin poke dish stein bowl magnum sac reliquary crock pail coffer crucible beaker ewer pottery form carafe cauldron hopper pocket trunk cassette locker tray chassis wallet compact safe crating crib drawer scabbard etui


The part of the framing of a railway car or truck by which an axle box is held laterally, and in which it may move vertically


A small line of three strands used for seizing


Concerning or relating to residence

Trái nghĩa của housing

housing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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