Đồng nghĩa của custody

Alternative for custody


Đồng nghĩa: detainment, detention, hands, hold,


The protective care or guardianship of someone or something
care guardianship charge keeping protection custodianship ward supervision aegis auspices trust trusteeship tutelage wardship responsibility safekeeping superintendence guidance hands keep possession preservation control escrow safe keeping surveillance conservation management observation salvation watch stewardship regulation superintendency administration direction government oversight governance intendance headship handling operation protectorship presidency patronage guard running inspection maintenance ministration safeguard shelter refuge conduct guarding protecting leadership command looking after check managing wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity parenting mothering fathering lap provision of care overseeing moment store liability account cover safety reassurance insurance assurance security certainty egis umbrella championship providence support good hands manipulation mastery sway containment safe haven reins comanagement generalship codirection coadministration saving upkeep safeguarding preserving conservancy husbandry preserval conserving sustentation sustainment supervising cherishing governing storage keeping going care and feeding careful management keeping alive keeping up organization rule organisation orchestration authority influence coordination controlling execution treatment power domination dominion regime employment directing use regulating conducting commanding administering organizing orchestrating arrangement ruling sovereignty masterminding jurisdiction regimentation law statecraft organising polity bureaucracy politics working political practice regimen headmastership instruction approach backing sponsorship empire ministry powers-that-be executive predominanc countenance advocacy performance prosecution statesmanship diplomacy planning structuring directorship policy plan tactics strategy help dealing regiment captaincy premiership governorship monitoring policing transaction wielding coping with making ascendancy ordering red tape establishment logistics construction initiative carrying out adaptation reorganisation reorganization reconciliation standardization moderation classification alteration systematisation settlement responsibility for standardisation codification systematization conveyance supremacy superiority conduction preeminence primacy foresight capacity hegemony formulation assembly assembling formation development methodology pilotage skill leading guiding steering predominance regency play utilization exercise application operating functioning performing procedure the feds consumption system routine process Uncle Sam utilisation usage program programme schedule diet menu course of therapy


Imprisonment prior to being tried
detention imprisonment confinement incarceration duress durance captivity internment remand arrest gaol jail gaoling jailing immurement prison restraint detainment impoundment hold porridge bondage detainer constraint committal thraldom quarantine withholding isolation holding thrall time thralldom retention immuration chokey apprehension house arrest penal servitude hard labour solitary confinement bust pinch return to custody nab return to prison committal to custody release on bail fetters retaining preservation maintenance slavery servitude subjugation subjection enslavement reservation serfdom entombment vassalage enthrallment limbo bird solitary holding cell lockdown the hole sentence term jaildom arrestation pen pickup hindrance impediment holding back keeping in holding pen locking up capture seizure time up the river curb trammels safekeeping delimitation bounds bounding cramp keeping bonds limit check constrainment repression boundary scope coercion control collar arrestment bag hook nip nail mitt protective custody nick booby trap appropriation sweep pull in pull pick up grab preventive custody snare glom taking into custody restraining run in sequestering commandeering confiscation taking abduction seizing catching expropriation arrogation takeover grabbing annexation usurpation nabbing preemption catch sequestration snatching requisitioning impounding drop snatch poind removal taking away cop collaring annexing conquering busting nailing pinching booking distraint disseisin distrainment attachment assumption trapping ensnaring appropriating acquisition acquirement securing knock off being imprisoned being nabbed being trapped being lifted being collared being pinched being taken into custody being taken captive being taken prisoner forceful holding


Something deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfillment of an undertaking or loan
security guarantee pledge insurance protection collateral cover safeguard surety backing bond gauge gage hostage indemnity pawn underwriting asylum bail earnest guaranty warrant contract covenant safety measure assurance warranty indemnification deposit token promise agreement deal payment down payment coverage word undertaking oath commitment certificate recognisance recognizance endorsement compact obligation vow avowal pact engagement instalment installment parole troth counter solemn word poker chip hostage to fortune front money provision deed advance compensation captive prisoner monetary deposit escrow reimbursement life assurance allowance life insurance support written promise gambit forfeit financial guarantee detainee financial protection certification attestation bargain understanding transaction scapegoat internee victim settlement treaty charter testament concordat accord stake word of honour debenture convention prepayment retainer sacrificial lamb betrothal profession swearing espousal promissory note affirmation asseveration consent sacred word marriage stipulation word of honor affiance plight swear earnest money binder security deposit disbursement credit drop advance payment money up front part payment partial payment arrangement entente disposition protocol indenture alliance handshake concord negotiation assertion gentlemen's agreement gentleman's agreement declaration acknowledgment document acknowledgement compromise concession commission lease affidavit approval business league truce sworn statement armistice paper pactum account concordance acceptance meeting of minds meeting of the minds piece of paper tacit agreement verbal agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement instrument record trust papers dicker reconciliation sanction cartel averment permit terms accommodation writ adjudication privilege licence resolution solemn oath prearrangement codicil recognition solemn promise solemn declaration international agreement proclamation right franchise note avouchment statement common view quid pro quo the nod decision accordance harmony concurrence assent adjuration protestation testimony prerogative reassurance lock shoo-in deposition toast health sworn declaration conveyance endowment grant allotment license patent lock on rain or shine sure thing nonformal agreement affair matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play disposal business deal


The act of guarding, protecting, or guiding
tutelage schooling education teaching instruction tuition tutoring training coaching apprenticeship guidance preparation drilling lesson care guardianship protection supervision wing expert hand pedagogy inculcation andragogy enlightenment edification discipline indoctrination information direction cultivation lessons study improvement erudition background science reading learning scholarship development literacy nurture pedagogics civilization civilisation book learning grounding proselytism catechism finish refinement learnedness brainwashing breeding rearing culture propagandism tutorials drill priming book-learning chalk talk e-learning tutorship tutorial research studying swotting expenditure fee price charge foundation formal education buildup groundwork practice academic work uplifting elevation classes exercise upbringing sharpening basics rules lectures readying seasoning tune-up betterment enhancement irradiation elucidation knowledge bettering illumination building up insight awareness understanding wisdom comprehension disciplining explanation clarification intelligence cognition discernment an aha moment grooming basis guiding briefing matriculation revelation schoolwork discovery perception programming persuasion proselytization propaganda inspiration fostering tending raising control apprehension regulation lore authority bringing up familiarity accomplishments letters attainments class strictness regimen sophistication order session intellect broad-mindedness open-mindedness expertise know-how philosophy academic achievement grasp ability academic study intellectual attainment skill orderliness seminar period lecture light knowingness conversance acquaintance cognizance routine subject advancement awakening liberalism sense judgment course bodhi satori epiphany rules of conduct domestication acquaintanceship judgement intimacy ken grip lear period of instruction information taught period of coaching period of teaching period of tutoring period of schooling peace that passeth understanding


A responsibility or duty assigned to someone
charge responsibility duty obligation mission office task assignment business commitment concern engagement job brief directive onus post role burden care commission detail devoir function imperative incumbency occupation operation service undertaking work briefing calling committal instruction need pigeon pledge remit trust station exercise project errand chore affair enterprise capacity province position employment activity place appointment objective labour endeavor goal endeavour labor part effort liability venture pursuit purpose thing accountability contract piece of work answerability process worry do action field trial department expedition trouble stint quest load albatross aim exploit act deed sphere piece of business plan preserve bailiwick culpability discipline contribution campaign interest baby situation area of interest vocation scheme encumbrance game involvement proceeding gig berth adventure accountableness use play ought hardship secondment area cross to bear line domain realm requirement trip command journey designation formal order territory jurisdiction area of activity speciality procedure placement weight terrain demesne fief barony firmament precinct walk specialty element circle arena fiefdom kingdom front problem power bother consignment turf buck attachment blameworthiness bag warrant billet area of responsibility blame application line of country utility must end struggle stress strain practice target attempt object raison d'être participation matter industry exploration pain proposition deal experiment essay hazard move try feat legal responsibility niche setup stunt test motive intention compulsion intent message right chargeability issue prerogative shopping run collection delivery beat privilege case specialism taskwork tie placing importance constraint obligatoriness boundness moral obligation understanding promise pressure fun and games drill workplace class classification spot avocation slot administration sphere of activity dominion hand tour of duty lifework profession trade long row to hoe tax maneuver programme movement program transfer say day job mantle servitude focus chores art métier craft rôle dealings deployment manoeuvre step maneuvering implementation gauntlet inconvenience difficult task challenge headache walk of life person's task party bit share side moral imperative proceedings coordination event faction cause behalf allocation relocation wish ambition aspiration hope pretension accomplishment ideal racket holy grail doing desire lookout behavior faculty connection manoeuvring meaning mark behaviour Herculean task course of action solution excess baggage millstone round one's neck entanglement legation embassy call instinct motivation impetus cognition point ascription consideration expectation scope sense relevance avail basis design reason principle wont idea destination way orbit determination strength transaction affliction escapade crusade plunge shot world assignation happening outfit shop striving hassle investment gamble flier flyer stake caper flutter measure experience speculation energy exertion misfortune authority forte score incrimination debt indebtedness arrears arrearage fault throw fling romp peril chance stab wager risk jeopardy course crapshoot voyage drag cumber area of knowledge control force imputation credit pet project leap in the dark business enterprise spec what one is into prefecture county champaign shire section tract ball and chain dead weight grievance mental weight anxiety shackle deadweight punishment millstone cross unwanted responsibility thorn in one's side difficulty chain hindrance rap guilt assiduousness line of business referral expenditure sweat while elbow grease amenability subjection owing amenableness attribution performance go crack bid whack bash whirl assay pass push occurrence incident drive offer achievement episode toil travail career line of work hard work initiative big idea antic time handiwork circumstance emprise gest ground plan game plan battle stroke system one's all one's level best dodge bandwagon execution proposal lesson gesture conception arrangement question tryout hunt juggernaut lark strategy grind occasion toiling pains geste number trick attainment ballgame coup phenomenon hap eventuality interlude plan of action lay follow through throes living dry run tour de force all one's got best shot goings-on chosen work rat race handicraft set of circumstances line of employment blitz productivity progress pursual agenda foray conduct contingency tilt suggestion wheeze seeking go-down departure workout lick scene endangerment hobby pastime blueprint workflow resolve preoccupation triumph spree life's work nine-to-five life work subject happenin' byplay winning securing dealing slog slap jab pop dab try-on topic resolution one's darnedest blow pet road map outline master plan field of expertise path route mechanics technique mechanism motion steadfastness doggedness tenacity resoluteness earnestness heroic act daring act tour expertise competency competence skillset crash project something done funeral trek drudgery negotiation graft item sector form machination style employ skill livelihood bargain peregrination moil channels development lobby biz odyssey thing to do enactment approach workings routine fashion method diligence gruntwork value donkeywork point at issue zone training progression agreement demonstration travels safari passage bubble sport blood, swear, and tears appeal organization mobilization sale pact bond compact treaty artistry manner realization evolution growth area of study dedication survey hike settlement promotion fight war complication carrying out rendering realisation purchasing disposal intercourse covenant buying selling convention purchase swing picnic cavalcade caravan patrol entrada travel cruise organisation mobilisation conundrum dilemma knot perplexity business deal puzzle quandary nut predicament set of tactics try on puzzlement matter of contention point of contention


The limitation or control of someone or something, or the state of being restricted
restriction constraint limitation check condition curb control regulation limit restraint stipulation demarcation rule circumscription fetter provision proviso qualification stricture confinement containment handicap inhibition requirement rider strings bounds brake catch ceiling contraction cramp glitch hang-up limits lock no-no reservation string excess baggage fine print small difficulty stumbling block ball and chain prohibition ban bar embargo obstruction impediment interdict proscription interdiction rein hindrance injunction veto barrier damper deterrent taboo specification contingency boycott obstacle stoppage disallowance suppression bridle sanction constriction prerequisite boundary forbiddance caveat restraining order clause moratorium prevention clampdown binding order court order if reduction term hold banning don't refusal blockage discouragement off limits moderation agreement stint outlawing stop disqualification leash block curtailment crackdown repression parameter demand trammel gagging order line precondition modification bound out of bounds harness barring terms restrainer prohibiting forbidding deterrence fetters tightness proscribing border lessening tempering margin softening thou-shalt-not censorship decrease squeezing compression exclusion order confine ruling out straitjacket disincentive mitigation perimeter captivity threshold guideline rejection bondage squelching shutdown requisite dissuasion tightening shrinking choking kicker retardant caution warning exception instruction constrainment determent exemption cap preclusion extent setback knock-back arrangement vetoing article rahui strap definition lead halter end summons ruling obligation wet blanket interdicting rebuff enjoining but sine qua non delineation upper limit small print gag legal ruling red light thumbs down making illegal exclusion repudiation temperance negation stopping separation jam delay gridlock shackles diminishing abatement lowering stuckness avoidance shunning hampering clogging detention arrest suppressant chain termination deadline time limit edge ration corollary admonition confines stamping out obviation preemption intimidation curbing astringency maximum engagement contract settlement complication outline prearrangement uncertainty doubt chill anathema disclaimer ring-fence verge compass frontier buttress designation allowance cloud depressant bit governor terms and conditions immobilization immobilisation opposition detail disapproval break reverse reversal blow hesitation vagueness fineness slightness slenderness gloom pall non-negotiable point monition official forbiddance gag order non-acceptance tapu safeguard extremity circumference check in time narrowing stenosis pressure particular depression disallowing embargoing string attached put down damp holdup whammy superstition law supposition thinness slimness tabooing commonition forewarning sign alarm cinchers hamper anchor binders hurdle description hedge inadequacy circumspection snag congestion squeeze condensation compaction telescoping contracting compacting condensing constricting cold water tops curfew ambit rationing framework lack of certainty essential necessity red flag alarm bells straitening strangulation religious convention social convention retarding device trammels criterion constant variable cutoff point cut-off point line of demarcation dismissal postulate declination collar restraining device tether headstall noose hackamore eradication elimination crushing abolition pinions weight rope manacles chains abridgment abridgement deprivation command denial narrowness must need turndown must-have limiting factor consideration factor getting tough crush stern measures strike severe measures nonconsent negative notice blackball censure allocation distinguishing feature marking out delimitation

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