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Alternative for coverage


The extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant
scope extent range reach compass breadth span spectrum depth orbit purview sphere sweep width ambit realm scale boundaries capacity dimension dimensions field horizon jurisdiction limit stretch amplitude area confines expanse extension fullness proportions size spread territory bounds competence comprehensiveness confine degree extensiveness gamut magnitude margin outlook proportion radius remit bracket immensity region run wideness field of reference sphere of influence terms of reference measure space expansion level all-inclusiveness vastness greatness largeness inclusiveness length acreage distance capaciousness tract latitude elbowroom spaciousness volume measurement mass bulk bigness height amount measurements completeness diameter hugeness limits weight intensity thoroughness diapason admeasurement thickness generality domain quantity parameters enormity footage broadness caliber calibre play panorama body exhaustiveness tonnage extensity series boundary immenseness variety significance catholicity array collection soundness leeway assortment lot catalogue substantiality circle severity strength catalog gauge spacing value gage square footage register stature content substance highness voluminosity sizableness remove lead ken swing mileage inclusivity richness bore diversity importance preserve footprint dimensionality sequence compendiousness expansiveness influence order command gigantism massiveness vastitude enormousness giantism prodigiousness tremendousness circumference province zone gradation ratio rate equation apportionment sway extremities bound round spatial extent accretion accumulation aggregate complement authority power control way universalism grasp opportunity concretion purlieus restriction precinct limitation neighbourhood vicinity neighborhood pale universality mastery ability longitude perimeter earshot avoirdupois chance run of distance around girth occasion distance lengthwise linearity ranginess extent lengthwise longness interval linear measure continuance determination analysis valuation density metage frequency time pitch judgement calibration judgment survey altitude allowance freedom opening popularity commonness prevalence avenue prospect possibility miscellaneity sweepingness acceptedness ubiquity shot room facility option


A thorough cleaning or inspection
going-over examination check inspection review investigation study analysis survey exploration probe scrutiny appraisal assessment audit checkup check-up consideration critique discussion look-see scan view handling once-over perusal treatment autopsy biopsy exam enquiry inquiry observation physical postoperative test evaluation research dissection assay search look checking breakdown look-over perlustration inventory trial vetting surveillance inquisition scrutinization inquest recce anatomization interrogation shufti supervision diagnosis reconnaissance superintendence report probing canvass balancing reflection cross-examination the eye overhaul estimation anatomizing glance health check weighing up verification monitoring poll stocktaking testing careful examination sifting deconstruction tab close-up interpretation anatomy criticism probation examen delving questioning scanning disquisition close study service medical quizzing skim dekko close examination eagle eye deliberation contemplation musing pondering retrospect reappraisal reexamination reconsideration retrospection forage combing looking over doctor's visit lookover resolution breakup long hard look physical examination physical exam sweep discovery hunt legwork make-up final questionnaire tryout rap reevaluation recapitulation file drill outline overview overall picture digest aperçu synopsis sample syllabus précis compendium pandect sketch surveying examining investigating appraising assessing fresh look second look second thought contrast blue book juxtaposition differentiation manoeuvres read parade maneuvers pageant frisk distinguishing discrimination collation distinction analyzing differentiating relating dividing judgement analysing collating ratio judgment analogizing paralleling comparison telling the difference discernment contrasting breaking down regard hearing observance attention experiment viewing reconnoitring quest notice scout watching thought sight screening reading visit reconnoitering account reconnoiter reconnoitre debate gander experimentation application scouting eye peek pursuit peep recon expedition try fact finding fact-finding display browse patrol eyeing cast demonstration heedfulness heed glimpse cogitation looking ascertainment stare advisement concentration case gaze work gape thinking reasoning essay look through quiz grilling analyzation try-out catechizing exercise substantiation interrogatory aspect pilot study watch run-through third degree trial run fishing expedition trial balloon dry run test drive Q and A fixed look intent look trial and error selection sounding servicing preliminary survey dissolution random investigation random sampling read-through maintenance tune-up travel upkeep excursus spying out scouting out meditation rumination mulling postmortem snoop snooping spot check valuation measurement rating taste forethought regarding query audition attempt paper lookout concern approval proof feeler maintenance check routine check glare post-mortem division request perception screen test dismemberment glaring ogling acid test leaf action care rubbernecking seeing empiricism calculation cognition learning staring at medicine etiology morphology genetics zoology histology biology physiology aetiology embryology cytology fish eye flick diligence assiduity industry mindfulness call recognising overlook recognizing noticing process looking at gazing at question glance through browse through knowledge intentness advertence attentiveness advertency awareness studying ear note education butcher's venture procedure visiting visitation official visit skim through leaf through flick through undertaking scholarship swotting lessons schooling eyeful spotlight groundwork fling operation try-on enterprise peer geek squiz scientific test tuition academic work tour of inspection squint research and development dummy run R & D try out R and D training class weighing subject cramming abstraction memorising schoolwork lesson course homework school work revision quick look Jack Nohi dig memorizing book work digging foraging procession scavenge scavenging ferreting muster tattoo array rummage rifling chase scouring field day hunting pursual pursuance rummaging around witch hunt ferreting around ferreting about pursuit of seeking after rooting around rummaging about rooting about march past


The revelation of something secret, especially something embarrassing or damaging
exposure revelation disclosure uncovering divulgence divulging betrayal denunciation display exposé manifestation publication showing unearthing unmasking unveiling airing exhibition publishing baring detection discovery giveaway presentation acquaintance awareness openness unfolding acknowledgement acknowledgment confession rooting out broadcasting broadcast declaration revealing digging up release utterance dissemination circulation divulgation communication announcement leak expression admission ventilation proclamation publicizing exhumation disinterment telling impartation disclosing exposition making known publicising transmission enlightenment capture leakage squeal statement finding exposal identification profession arrest spreading imparting exposing apprehension promulgation reporting diffusion spotting detecting passing on find vent publicity handout assertion espial announcing making public turning up tracking down bringing to light excavation giving out smoking out light outing locating location encounter avowal sighting establishment air voicing venting articulation unbosoming demonstration show discussion submission emergence searching out proposal debate mooting raising becoming known becoming evident becoming apparent concession self-confession coming to light indication conveying advertisement tip unveilment impartance tip-off revealment picture blow-by-blow rundown snitch make self-disclosure allowance affirmation story enumeration assenting relation squawk song recitation narration presenting illustration appearance exemplification handing on relay strike owning up conveyance exchange circulating materialization acceptance of blame acceptance of responsibility dispatch transferring delivery sending spread distribution ferreting out materialisation explanation meaning index phenomenon indicator transference transfer supplying dispensing granting propagation furnishing distributing provision conferring transmitting giving passing out transmittal deliverance elucidation doling out notifying telecast telecasting handing out mention yielding movement passage dissipation remitting leaking declaring report posting vouchsafing divulgement breaking break letting out letting slip giving away letting drop bringing to public attention bringing to public notice blow by blow notification bulletin communiqué testimony pronouncement news intimation notice annunciation edict briefing prediction advice asseveration testimonial averment affidavit decree endorsement proliferation message relaying dispersal ad advert surprising fact transmittance surprise fact breaking news brain dump admitting acceptance recognition unburdening claim concurrence assent deposition confirmation attestation account spilling ratting diming tattling squealing snitching evidence comment formulation word blurting out verbalism narrative dictum speech wording protestation vocalization verbalization observation recital remark charge assurance aside expounding description ejaculation allegation phrasing vocalisation manifesto voice presentment expression of facts reckoning expression of views


The act or process of indemnifying, preserving, or securing against loss, damage, or penalty
setoff compensation advantage allowance amends atonement benefit bonus bread consideration counterclaim damages defrayal deserts earnings fee gain honorarium indemnification indemnity meet offset pay payment payoff premium profit quittance reciprocity reckoning recompense recoupment redress reimbursement remittal remittance remuneration reparation repayment reprisal requital restitution reward salary salt satisfaction scale settlement shake stipend take take-home wage reprisals emolument return meed hire income proceeds paycheck packet retribution wages pay envelope revenue retaliation payback commission solatium dues guerdon fees emoluments returns cut percentage share handout profits portion takings take-home pay piece of the action grant vengeance price charge propitiation redemption subsidy award expiation scholarship gratuity refund reciprocation revenge disbursement rate yield pension tip squaring things interest perquisite quid pro quo gross pay pickings rake-off lucre dividend sum net pay whack defrayment just deserts slice slice of the cake expense penance remitment reinstatement rebate apology endowment donation allocation benefaction fellowship making good retainer net gross accrual benefits gate accruement restoration salvo surplus divvy rewards handouts perk baksheesh commish something to sweeten pot poetic justice expenses extra justice pittance bacon hand-outs stipendium something returned plus remedy rectification taste prize check dispensation appropriation coupon allotment one's share carrot alimony advance pay-off annuity down support cash bounty amortization amortisation outlay part acquittal cure aid help ease relief complimentary fee comeback assistance correction cost amendment renewal reworking remodelling rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment change remodeling revision repair balancing remission perquisites perks toll figure bill tariff account damage freight ante amount fare piece house bite end handle subscription juice price tag take-in chunk gravy

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