Đồng nghĩa của divvy

Alternative for divvy

divvy /'divi/
  • danh từ
    • (từ lóng) tiền lãi cổ phần

Động từ

To divide something into portions
allocate apportion distribute divide up share out deal divide ration share split allot deal out dispense divvy up dole out give out assign mete out parcel out measure out hand out mete partition administer lot dish out prorate portion divide out disperse issue carve up portion out disburse give admeasure ration out bestow slice measure grant designate appropriate allow parcel cut split up disseminate slice up shell out devote earmark award dole budget pass out piece up set aside scatter fork out separate broadcast circulate break up halve propagate pass round discharge supply confer shift accord cut the pie furnish go fifty-fifty go even-steven hand over partition out impart slice the pie cut up part consign come across with give with give away provide set aside for earmark for designate for budget for appropriate for regulate curb quota proportion save put a ceiling on lot out cut in deliver fork over proffer spread out regionalize devolve reorganize offer extend tender break appoint serve go fifty-fifty in go halves in go halves with decentralise decentralize reorganise strew spread pay half go halves go Dutch diffuse sow besprinkle sprinkle bestrew pepper eject spray intersperse take off in all directions throw about shed scramble send off radiate rout cast forth reserve entrust commit delegate transfer present vest trust dedicate donate give over turn over commission set leave intrust hand surrender set apart charge confide relegate task transmit apply consecrate refer pass name repose place set by give up to present to send prescribe afford pledge ordain sacrifice cast relinquish give over to hand round endow convey reassign dish up pass on vouchsafe confer on bestow on award to spare present with gift with move allot to endow with determine fix specify invest enroll keep engage attach vow commend dispatch hypothecate burden cede recommend bequeath decide on submit gift saddle nominate enrol authorize ascribe slot authorise favour favor make over accord to vest in donate to assign to yield allocate to hand on furnish with honour with commit to sign over impart to hand out to decorate with give round dole something out give something out assess put detail relocate scoop ladle produce serve up spoon inflict lay dish something out hand something out find employment for advance divert find a job for install reward concern bind obligate install as lend second direct pin redirect depute occupy stipulate decree render will channel restrict deduct remit level indicate concede crown give custody of leave with give custody give free rein deposit with trot out place at disposal entrust with instal charge with create encumber load alienate deed alien change abdicate make available instate target aim constitute equip choose lay on grant to give out to extend to sweeten the kitty giving honor give to vouchsafe to label tag select outfit accoutre provision decide fix up kit out fit up pass around rig out stock fit out mark flag arm begive pay out accommodate identify keep back lay aside volunteer lavish contribute establish pledge to maintain mark down put to one side put aside devote to tab mark out arrange distribute to bequeath to consign to invest in apportion to afford to come through honor with kick in put out lavish on render to entrust to heap on deposit hallow enshrine bless sanctify stake settle on agree on promise employ destine occupy oneself concern oneself provide with bless with supply with contribute to give up leave to

Danh từ

A foolish or unintelligent person
sap fool idiot dolt imbecile simpleton dunce moron dullard halfwit jackass nincompoop twit dimwit dork nitwit dope ignoramus dummy lamebrain bonehead goon schmuck ninny numbskull pillock clot fathead loon blockhead dipstick dumbhead knucklehead putz cretin dumbo nit birdbrain clod nerd charlie numpty donkey git prat airhead boob bozo dunderhead jerk turkey chucklehead goof pinhead wally berk schlemiel muppet noddy thickhead lamer noodle plonker dingbat klutz muttonhead simp spud twerp chowderhead galoot clunk dill goofball bogan wazzock wiener dingleberry gobdaw poop zombie goofus gowk weeny clodpole nerk nyaff drongo lummox schlepper sumph cluck dip galah boofhead coot loggerhead gink mompara squarehead balloon mooncalf nong palooka poon alec knobhead tomfool saphead spoony twonk dum-dum milksop weakling ding-dong dumb-bell pea-brain pudding-head wooden-head yo-yo wing nut chump oaf mug doofus meathead lump buffoon dumbbell yahoo numskull ninnyhammer stupid dodo nimrod cuddy schlub mutt half-wit clodpoll stupe bubblehead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf shlub natural lunkhead cuddie hammerhead schnook stock hardhead ratbag gander golem know-nothing dweeb dim bulb thicko eejit meatball dorba goat geek plank gonzo prick booby goose dumb cluck ding-a-ling stupid person featherhead cuckoo charley lunatic weenie clown nutcase nut duffer mampara lightweight lame-brain silly billy loser silly brute illiterate tosser dildo bore dumb ox foolish person goop Neanderthal lout sucker clodpate boor drip clodhopper gawk lug lubber hulk tit kook witling rascal muggins blunderer stooge bungler butthead softhead pain in the backside pain in the rear pain in the neck pain in the bum bimbo retardate weirdo wimp bird-brain lowbrow juggins yokel schlep dumdum numptie loony retard addlepate screwball harebrain beefhead bust wuss baboon mental defective bumpkin hick goober freak yobbo tosspot ape stumblebum barbarian Simple Simon yob bear gorilla dag weed hobbledehoy bosthoon churl prig dotard scatterbrain beast scozza chav bruiser skate oik cougan ox slow learner cloth-head goof ball clumsy idiot innocent easy mark simple victim fair game dull person zany hayseed wag featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz nutter eccentric fruitcake joculator incompetent crank crackpot pea brain oddball crackbrain joker oddity character crack quiz flake original codger head case merry-andrew schmo knothead jughead ignorant botcher bumbler amateur droll buffo born fool bodger looby dub antic monkey dirt farmer or know-nothing homesteader or hick or lout rube joke jester comedian Merry Andrew clownlike person prankster wisecracker madcap show-off card farceur humorist cutup comic honyock gag person practical joker funny person maniac crazy wacko madman madwoman headbanger nutjob schizo sicko bug sickie nutso psychopath meshuggener whacko psycho radge weirdie wackadoodle wack basket case wackadoo bedlamite zealot dement odd bod bigot non compos mentis

Danh từ

A sum as a percentage of sales paid to an agent in a commercial transaction
commission cut share portion payment percentage slice fee remuneration allowance salary dividend compensation piece take pay whack stipend consideration apportionment honorarium bite premium brokerage chunk bonus tip gratuity royalty moiety quantum royalties factorage vigorish ante rake-off cut-in piece of the action slice of the cake part ration allocation allotment proportion bit quantity amount division fraction quota measure subdivision section lot segment end morsel taste assignment serving split fragment dispensation partage due quotum component meed parcel extract excerpt scrap helping slab sliver appropriation interest shot piece of the cake piece of action limit number range lion's share subsection member wedge break dollop plateful plate spoonful platter bowlful lashing selection course gob load lump slew mountain order bucket finger spate fistful meal gain return contribution ratio surplus payback equity entitlement stake extra profit distribution partition instalment installment pickings plus segmentation hunk remittance returns guerdon prize reward coupon proceeds check one's share disbursement carrot claim cut of pie recompense wage emolument earnings payoff indemnity income kickback requital rate gift sum benefit perk winnings bribe wages bounty sweetener backhander reimbursement perquisite handout grant hire emoluments fees inheritance duty chop consignment half output contract product favour favor achievement baksheesh commish repayment accomplishment batch something to sweeten pot award retainer reparation charge price cost net takings paycheck pension annuity subsidy stint job toll gross pay revenue handouts fortune figure profits lucre alimony endowment bequest scholarship budget aid permitted amount permitted quantity pin money legacy fellowship bill tariff account net pay packet pittance defrayment take-home take-home pay bread bacon pay envelope hand-outs stipendium damage freight inducement acquisition winning redemption riches wealth dues payola graft fare house handle subscription juice price tag expense take-in gravy enticement incentive sop pay-off allurement boodle hush money softener money under the table oil

Danh từ

An increase in wealth or resources
gain earnings proceeds profit return income wealth winnings yield benefit dividend emolument annuity revenue reward cut lucre pickings receipts take takings incomings interest net payoff percentage produce profits rake-off acquisition attainment booty bunce gainings whack buildup gravy payback share velvet slice of the cake returns remuneration pay gate payment compensation gains recompense salary bonus allowance stipend honorarium repayment requital fee wage wages reimbursement premium consideration turnover bottom line advantage perquisite spoils gross remittance reparation paycheck bounty perks meed deserts take-home restitution redress indemnity pay envelope hire reprisal indemnification settlement receipt prize amends packet haul quittance award carrot cash flow salt defrayal bread damages satisfaction plunder recoupment take-home pay plus loot fringe benefit ill-gotten gains split guerdon get dividends atonement swag emoluments accrual honour purse fees reciprocity boodle offset meet reckoning coverage counterclaim remittal shake scale honor rate desert merit garland goodies crown accolade financial gain gross pay gate money goods net pay setoff extra stolen goods surplus perk tip feather in cap just deserts due gratuity acquirement accruement boot output portion price retaliation product reprisals harvest killing outturn turnout commission pillage resources credit pay-off prey handout net sales net profit money received payments received operating profit gross profit pay dirt defrayment hot goods cue right need prerogative appreciation merits privilege rights grease claim plum entitlement find drawings retribution vengeance revenge prem riches products capital taking buck treasure crop addition benefits reciprocation results avail catch royalty cumshaw throw-in donative lagniappe handouts issue valuables result till handle fruit pittance bacon stipendium finances gate receipts holding hand-outs taste check dispensation appropriation coupon allotment disbursement trophy spoil excess comings in revenue stream box office moneylending usury added extra gravy train oker financial return honoraria Mammon procurement alimony advance pension sum down support subsidy cash refund amortization amortisation outlay expense part acquittal production accumulation one's share groceries balance additional benefit poetic justice fringe benefits charge rewards piece of the action add-on means pay packet piece of the pie fruits fund stock perquisites prizes gift present rapine squeeze graft make decoration incentive inducement sweetener prize money

Tính từ

Lacking sense or meaning
inane purposeless senseless silly stupid daft empty frivolous mindless fatuous idiotic puerile unintelligent vacuous vapid asinine futile imbecilic trifling worthless cretinous ludicrous moronic pointless risible witless brainless empty-headed goofy nonsensical thoughtless absurd childish damfool dim dumb foolish gormless half-baked infantile laughable meaningless ridiculous crass dof flat glaikit harebrained illogical immature innocuous insipid sappy vacant vain weak wishy-washy devoid of intelligence doltish dotish dopey dunderheaded birdbrained thickheaded chowderheaded thick dippy lamebrained half-witted boneheaded dim-witted weak-minded chuckleheaded slow-witted lunkheaded bubbleheaded blockheaded imbecile wooden-headed pinheaded dense simple dozy muttonheaded brain-dead crazy pea-brained dotty slow obtuse dead from the neck up dull crackpot preposterous lunatic soft insane dopy softheaded ignorant airheaded thick-witted scatty halfwitted braindead daffy mad kooky loony cuckoo looney featherheaded nutty simpleminded kookie screwball wacky zany unwise whacky jerky tomfool cockeyed lamebrain knuckleheaded dorky unsmart bonehead oafish opaque inept balmy fool loopy feather-brained fat-headed pig-ignorant imprudent rash irresponsible scatterbrained blockish sluggish simple-minded pie-faced hebete slow on the uptake as thick as two short planks reckless giddy foolhardy irrational erratic screwy careless dappy flighty stolid imperceptive dull-witted nitwitted lumpish uncomprehending negligent unaware green hare-brained inexperienced bovine ill-considered backward not the full shilling wet behind the ears ill-advised thick as two short planks rattlebrained dimwitted cockamamy injudicious unreasonable donkeyish obstinate crackbrained unthinking feebleminded Boeotian anencephalic anencephalous callow out to lunch credulous retarded insensitive lifeless inert thick-skinned feather-headed indiscreet batty feeble-minded phlegmatic torpid wooden placid log-headed somnolent inanimate woodenheaded heavy thick as mince slow on uptake lethargic listless inactive neglectful forgetful slothful chowderhead unresponsive uneducated inattentive unmindful mooning spaced-out out daydreaming moony illiterate unlearned unread untaught untutored unlettered benighted unschooled untrained unknowledgeable out of it naive unenlightened uninformed unsophisticated unscholarly nonliterate wild superficial unworldly innocent unqualified unintellectual impetuous precipitate unconversant shallow analphabetic daredevil hasty a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass uninstructed uninitiated in the dark impulsive devil-may-care precipitous hot-headed madcap hell-for-leather incautious haphazard overhasty kamikaze heedless inconstant temerarious daring harum-scarum carefree romping light-minded regardless disorderly unstable cockamamie impractical inconsistent sheepheaded muddle-headed barmy bizarre unsound short-sighted fantastic farcical odd potty eccentric unreasoning wacko impolitic outrageous demented off the wall strange mental deranged peculiar unbalanced outlandish cracked weird unreal unhinged crazed misguided off-the-wall comical derisory inappropriate fantastical incongruous fanciful ill-judged queer nuts loco gaga cranky ill-conceived delirious cock-eyed impracticable derisible psychotic derisive pathetic maniacal nonrational implausible bonkers crackers psycho incredible certifiable oddball whacko haywire gonzo fruity meshuga bats slang inadvisable unworkable berserk wrong unrealistic out there doolally grotesque unbelievable unthinkable unreasoned nutsy clueless brainsick meshugge bughouse brash improvident bedlam wud moonstruck funny off the air disturbed flaky freaky psychopathic incoherent flakey wrong-headed undesirable non compos mentis way out unusual quirky undiplomatic featherbrained distracted tactless addle-brained shocking monstrous indelicate astonishing squirrelly ill-thought-out risky up the pole maniac hysterical raving mad round the bend dreamy as daft as a brush off beam unconsidered freakish comic invalid fallacious distraught untenable unjustifiable raving rum loony tunes looney tunes unconventional clownish sectionable unscientific touched sick inconsequential surreal buggy graceless groundless illegitimate inconsequent disordered bushed impossible unglued inexpedient barking extravagant not all there not right in the head not quite right in the head not right upstairs sick in the head mad as a hatter barking mad contradictory stark raving mad away with the fairies nutty as a fruitcake foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad dizzy droll incomprehensible off one's gourd off one's head around the bend out of one's mind soft in the head uncontrolled idiotical offbeat fruitless unfortunate specious hilarious frenzied curious absent-minded unfounded idiosyncratic manic amusing bird-brained funky weirdo outré remarkable off-centre gelastic sophistic nerdy unearthly schizoid frantic diverting bananas faulty incorrect useless nutso schizophrenic flipped schizo kinky arbitrary paranoid sociopathic improper unsuitable over the top off-kilter flawed off your trolley joshing camp campy unpractical yarra porangi reasonless aberrant far-out mentally ill incompetent of unsound mind unheeding idle confused not together stark mad deficient exorbitant ditzy flipped out not in one's right mind far-fetched unsafe audacious overbold overconfident adventurous perverse inconsiderate hotheaded know-nothing thick-headed very stupid without foundation without basis one card shy of a full deck too much off the deep end a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic not intelligent mentally deficient full of holes off one's rocker dunce-like off one's trolley mentally handicapped not making sense off one's nut doty ditsy bathetic defective clock nerdish complacent insensate unsteady changeable burlesque soppy tearaway unintelligible way-out off the beam avant-garde light-hearted bugged out mentally incompetent unmeaning unpredictable rude dark ineffectual unseemly off your head waggish chucklesome huge poor unorthodox Bohemian far out extreme contemptible feeble paranoiac paranoic unadvisable goofy loony queerish quaint out-of-the-way bizarro idiotish excessive violent ignoramus whimsical mercurial foolheaded dilly baseless disadvantageous smoothbrained bad spurious crazy-ass mystifying abnormal puzzling wackadoodle bewildering nonconformist extraordinary unique baffling wackadoo phenomenal embarrassing in vain skittish gullible hebetudinous slumberish comatose humorous witty clottish cloddish loggerheaded dreamlike inconceivable quixotic disconnected disjointed erroneous unjustified badly planned misconceived detrimental unzipped dingy to no avail extremely foolish radge neurotic schitzy inconclusive smooth-brained acting crazy stupidly irresponsible rabid unadvised unrecommended unsensible inconvenient off the chain freaked out in left field sophistical for grins psychopathological chaotic lively out of the question taking the cake derailed bemused moonstricken unsettled off the top of one's head O.T.T. OTT a bit much unproved casuistic pea-brain harmful prejudicial damaging demoniac raging dazed off out of all reason beyond all reason thick-skulled without thought great giant massive lacking knowledge irrelevant unconnected hollow false irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief rattlepated inopportune not recommended loose all wet bad-tempered stroppy full of hot air capricious ill-tempered deprived of one's wits manic-depressive over the edge non compos severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree in another world mentally deranged out of one's gourd in a daze having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out as mad as a March hare having bats in the belfry crazy as a loon not of sound mind having a screw loose with a screw loose as mad as a hatter in the ozone not well thought out fanatical not following off your chump off the rails mechanical beyond the bounds of possibility addle-headed addle-pated big unrestrained instinctive unconscious unchecked unbridled inadvertent to death to tears unintended remiss automatic spontaneous involuntary unpremeditated intuitive reflex unintentional unwitting oblivious unfeasible out of control blank unserviceable inoperable non-viable nonpractical unusable expressionless unmeant blunt untactful feckless napping brutish nonviable desperate death-or-glory inexpressive deadpan twisted venturous over-venturesome venturesome over-adventurous improbable nonfunctional hopeless chimerical speculative inapplicable infeasible otherworldly ivory-tower unrealizable unviable unattainable unbusinesslike abstract theoretical inefficacious headstrong bold wide open adventuresome breakneck off deep end out on limb impassive won't fly no go vague dreaming poker-faced inscrutable have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head absent abstracted uninterested glassy numb catatonic stony emotionless motionless indifferent incurious unexpressive

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