Đồng nghĩa của split up

Alternative for split up


To divide or dismember, separate into parts
carve up allocate allot apportion distribute divide partition share out parcel out dole out divvy up dispense measure out divide up hand out give out dish out assign ration divvy mete share administer portion out ration out deal out mete out lot divide out issue grant appropriate prorate designate deal bestow admeasure slice give cut shell out parcel piece up accord cut the pie devote dole earmark budget award appoint set aside split allow portion cut up measure part slice up break up subdivide segregate separate out partition out carve something up consign disburse reserve entrust confer commit hand over pass out delegate transfer present pass round offer vest disseminate disperse deliver trust dedicate donate provide give over turn over commission set leave intrust hand surrender set apart save charge confide relegate task give away transmit supply fork out furnish apply consecrate refer impart pass name repose place set by circulate give up to present to send prescribe devolve afford pledge ordain sacrifice cast relinquish give over to hand round shift endow convey reassign dish up pass on vouchsafe confer on bestow on award to spare serve present with gift with move allot to endow with fork over determine fix specify invest enroll keep engage attach vow commend proffer dispatch hypothecate burden cede recommend bequeath decide on submit gift saddle nominate enrol tender authorize ascribe slot authorise extend favour favor make over accord to vest in donate to assign to yield allocate to hand on furnish with honour with lot out commit to sign over impart to hand out to decorate with give round dole something out give something out assess put designate for earmark for detail relocate budget for appropriate for scoop ladle produce serve up spoon inflict lay dish something out discharge set aside for halve hand something out find employment for advance divert curb quota regulate proportion find a job for install reward concern bind obligate install as lend second direct pin redirect give with depute occupy stipulate decree render will channel restrict come across with deduct remit cut in slice the pie put a ceiling on level indicate concede crown give custody of leave with give custody give free rein deposit with trot out place at disposal entrust with instal charge with spread out regionalize reorganize scatter go fifty-fifty go even-steven create encumber load alienate deed alien change abdicate make available instate target aim constitute equip choose lay on grant to give out to extend to sweeten the kitty giving honor give to vouchsafe to separate broadcast label tag select outfit accoutre provision decide fix up kit out fit up pass around rig out diffuse stock fit out mark flag propagate arm begive pay out accommodate identify keep back lay aside volunteer lavish contribute establish pledge to maintain mark down put to one side put aside devote to tab mark out arrange distribute to bequeath to consign to invest in apportion to afford to decentralise decentralize reorganise come through honor with kick in put out lavish on render to entrust to heap on deposit hallow enshrine bless sanctify stake settle on agree on promise employ destine occupy oneself concern oneself provide with bless with supply with contribute to give up leave to


To keep apart or isolate from others
isolate separate segregate detach insulate sequester divorce quarantine seclude cut off cocoon alienate cloister distance exclude keep apart disconnect set apart break up close off disunite estrange shut away abstract confine cordon off disengage divide fence off island keep out part remove rope off screen off seal off sever sunder curtain off partition off shut off tape off block off form a ring around keep in solitude put a cordon sanitaire around split dissociate disjoin break decouple uncouple unlink disassociate unyoke resolve disjoint dissever ramify dissolve partition splinter rend rive disband disperse break down shatter disintegrate fracture factionalize triangulate crumble cleave burst bust fragment disrupt cut dichotomize undo cause dissent set at odds come apart drive apart break apart set at variance drive a wedge between come between fragmentize shield protect closet reduce decompose section segment select sort out ghettoize choose clear single out discriminate against ghettoise sunder out set aside separate out slice crack diverge break off cut in two wedge apart break open fork spread tear branch subdivide bifurcate divaricate fork off branch out branch off turn off breach puncture shiver set against one another sow dissension among pit against one another cause to disagree tear asunder set against sow disaccord cause disagreement stir the pot pit against sow dissension cause disagreement among cause a rift rupture dissect explode smash implode dismember collapse crack open crack apart fall apart spall burst apart fall to pieces break into pieces destroy blow apart come to pieces smash to smithereens tumble down dismantle embroil close enclose block barricade distinguish seal withdraw differentiate separate off sift filter out identify encircle surround blockade screen split off cordon clog shut in impede dam put to one side restrict shelter shut bar rope fence divide off section off tape sift out pull out weed out limit put at a distance bound retire cushion circumscribe defend hide mark safeguard disaffect demarcate winnow disaffiliate antagonize keep safe alien sour disgruntle leave turn away keep from harm wean break away antagonise mark out avoid break with mark off withdraw from make unfriendly push away make hostile to turn your back on separate the wheat from the chaff move away maroon pick out pick on pluck out cordon something off strand stop halt stipulate specify extract sieve shut something off find set something apart encompass circle get rid of shy look after retreat ferret out make hostile withhold care for take care of withdraw from the world free shut up lock up engird gird girdle compass lose ring-fence pinpoint typify characterize sort dissatisfy disillusion disunify disenchant divert delink save drive away thresh divide up set at odds with cause antagonism between sow dissension between put on the outs destroy the affections of sever connections between quit defect seclude oneself enisle secrete isolate oneself winnow out delimit characterise break from treat wad inlay fill coat line place far off walk away keep at arm's length closet oneself shut oneself away withdraw oneself cut oneself off segregate oneself hide oneself away shut oneself off set oneself apart remove oneself become estranged secede from form a ring round form a barrier around cover conceal evict ostracize embargo immure boycott set off draw back ostracise bust up part company with sever connections with define make something stand out determine wrap up in cotton wool keep away appropriate dedicate put aside reach a parting of the ways keep on one side reserve break off relations with fix demark terminate delineate draw establish discriminate distinguish between make indifferent withdraw the affections of


To put an end to, especially formally
dissolve dismiss end terminate suspend disband discontinue abolish adjourn cease disestablish finish abate abrogate annul avoid ax axe cancel conclude disannul invalidate negate null nullify overthrow prorogue quash repeal rescind vacate void break up dismantle disunite scrap wind up annihilate close close down collapse decimate demolish destroy destruct discharge disorganize eradicate loose postpone roll back ruin sever shatter shoot strike down unmake wind down wrack wreck bring to an end do away with fade out get rid of render void resolve into put an end to break off stop halt interrupt call a halt to round off wrap up delay cut short recess quit defer shelve leave off let up put off pigeonhole complete expire put on ice lapse elapse prorogate dead-end close out knock off round out put a stop to wink out come to an end bring to a close hold over table break stay mothball abort call off pass determine consummate drop put back hold up cut off ultimate lay off take a rain check on put on the back burner call it a day put in cold storage arrest put a period to intermit reschedule put aside can check culminate belay hold in abeyance crown die wrap suspend proceedings lay aside take a break sew up shut down finish off top off desist take a breather take a recess take five lay on the table hold off put the lid on be over set aside pull the plug on put on hold draw to a close retract revoke bring something to a close dissociate abandon cut hold something in abeyance cinch go bring down curtain draw to close put to bed scratch eliminate run out extinguish scrub bring to a conclusion bring to an untimely end cap bring to a standstill bring to a halt take a breather from put on a back burner clear cut loose fold up button up button down be put to bed put a lid on withhold liquidate bankrupt take time out take ten rise sideline drop it call time shake bar retard hold pink-slip keep in abeyance put in abeyance file waive omit procrastinate inactivate protract hang up stave off push back put on back burner count out rule out lay over put on the shelf hang fire put into liquidation sell out pause continue put over remit respite curb restrain hold back call a halt take a rain check resolve relinquish sunder settle cut out desist from give up end up put paid to shut off dispose of wind something up pack in switch off pack up pull the plug get done give over give something the chop knock something on the head nip something in the bud get shut of nip in the bud pack it in get shot of


To cast off capriciously or unfeelingly, as a lover
jilt ditch abandon drop reject betray desert forsake disappoint dump leave deceive discard chuck coquette throw over cast aside blow off break up with finish with kiss good-bye kiss off walk out on bin off break off break off with break up break with leave flat run out on turn down walk out do the dirty on get rid of leave high and dry leave in the lurch give someone the push give the elbow give the old heave-ho leave at the altar give someone the big E strand cast off quit leave stranded maroon turn one's back on turn your back on abdicate give up renounce rat on leave behind kiss goodbye leave someone holding the baby withdraw from split separate disown repudiate surrender part company part ways relinquish eighty-six split up with orphan divorce sacrifice give the heave-ho shun part with walk away give someone the air run away from let go of wash hands of back out of hang out to dry leave hanging cut off walk away from secede escape leave someone in the lurch pull away run away go stop going out with break off one's relationship with bereave disclaim leave in a lurch disavow forbear neglect jettison depart from cede abjure leave all alone resign yield spurn brush off divorce oneself from end relations with wash your hands of have nothing more to do with make an orphan leave alone leave parentless drift away go away from abstain from give notice to take the oath take your leave of show the door change one's tune wash one's hands of screw give up the ship flake out cop out cut loose bail out opt out of let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of chicken out take a powder storm out drop out fly the coop take a walk bow out dispose of part stop living together get divorced end relationship bust up become estranged reach a parting of the ways tell somebody it's over go one's separate ways discontinue end cease cancel stop terminate scrap halt abort axe break forgo scratch shelve rescind kick scrub can repeal remit interrupt revoke ignore forfeit part from desist from wipe out knock off call off ax have done with cut out pack in leave off resign from lay off of cry off throw up shake retire from lay off write off dispense with shut off give over dust off forget about pack up shed segregate cast ashore isolate beach cast away detach throw away waive refuse hand over bail out on forget trap wreck shipwreck leave isolated eliminate dispose free abnegate split from forego disinherit avoid shirk disgorge junk step down from bag it vacate opt out deliver up step aside from quitclaim forswear move away alienate dissociate delink toss bin disaffiliate defect move off split off break away throw out do away with unload toss out secede from shuck off throw aside cast lose exorcize shuck exorcise put out to pasture cashier deep-six part company with sever connections with disregard break off relations with put aside defer postpone put off delay stay hold up allow remove set aside refrain from grant sign away table do without turn over suspend prorogue hold off renege reserve


To break down (a whole) into its constituent parts


To leave or exit a place
part depart go leave exit push off split bail begone move quit say adieu scarper separate shove off vamoose break up get say farewell say goodbye scram skedaddle bail out be off break bug off bug out buzz off check out clear off clear out conk out cut out dedomicile dig out get going get off go away go off hit the road peel off pull out push on run along sally forth set off step along step out take off walk out withdraw break off ease out leave flat pack off pack up part company pike off pike out ship out take leave cut and run go separate ways go their separate ways quit the scene take a hike walk out on be on one's way go one's ways make one's farewells say one's farewells say one's goodbyes book beat it decamp scoot move out set out retire head off escape vacate run off evacuate take a powder flee hightail make off run away embark get away pull stakes make oneself scarce bolt get out fly divorce absent oneself get lost take flight retreat hook it disappear abscond sling your hook become estranged bog off light out make a break for it get divorced voetsak set forth start out make tracks hit the trail reach a parting of the ways hamba scat hop it proceed flit desert blow abandon sail rack off make yourself scarce beat a retreat sally beat a hasty retreat make a run for it stop living together start do a bunk get a divorce set sail hightail it make an exit go forth bust up pack your bags make a start head out up sticks pack one's bags sling one's hook take yourself off absent yourself shoo avaunt travel run go different ways forsake be on your way ditch remove emigrate repair vanish migrate remove oneself dump head for the hills make a quick exit skip off make a move take your leave go from be gone from abstract oneself go away from withdraw from depart from slip out abscond from skip out leave port move off walk away slope off betake oneself end relationship tell somebody it's over stir exit from walk off go one's separate ways part ways take wing go out alight kite walk skidoo skiddoo leg it levant turn tail post security stand surety go to hell range cruise maroon march strand wend lam mosey fly the coop peel out sign out put up bail obtain somebody's release make for make one's way ship shove flow leap bustle off-load hurry disband disperse go through shoot through run for it do a fade do a runner take one's leave get on your bike run out drop out take a walk start off budge from move from make a move from go out of shift from show a clean pair of heels scatter diverge get up and go storm off leave suddenly storm out flounce out go off in a huff make a sudden departure move about get under way get on the road begin one's journey set about set forward go your way naff off on your bike sod off haul off hop the twig get along back out take a long walk on a short pier push along get stuffed move along nick off go and chase yourself draw away duck out pop off get out of my sight be off with you go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake get moving hop the stick adjourn recede wave goodbye go to one's room seclude oneself shut oneself away in back away drop back fall back betake yourself regress leave for abdicate defect elope git head advance absent troop make cut relinquish issue disengage from do a disappearing act take your leave of take French leave move out of fly from do a bunk from pull out of take one's leave of retire from decamp from ride off flee from give the slip escape from run away from go AWOL break away disappear from slope off from bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from take yourself off from step down come away say your goodbyes jilt strike out slip away blast off move on make a break break camp march out hit the bricks go your separate ways motor part with estrange break off with run out on break up with cast off disunify raise sail make headway put out weigh anchor leave harbour put to sea hoist the blue peter leave dock put out to sea hoist sail be estranged break it off untie the knot skip steal away break out make a getaway take it on the lam clear move away relocate sneak away avoid shun evade haul away pull away take to your heels do a moonlight flit go on the lam break out of make one's getaway hotfoot it tear away drag away dash pass hie break free hotfoot bound elude break loose get free career hustle dart scamper shift pull back get out of burst out cut loose take to one's heels move abroad bear transfer recoil resign transmigrate duck dodge take oneself renounce absquatulate shrink empty draw back slip be gone sneak off emerge double make a escape disengage clear out from do a Skase make your escape make your getaway retreat from do a vanishing act back off play hooky get away with pull up stakes make getaway take off from wriggle out take on the lam work out of bow out go scot-free uproot commence begin take to flight put forth leave in a hurry drift wander egress shirk amble canter hasten gallop course barrel go forward immigrate bust free oneself extricate oneself have it away make away fold jump void make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave get out of someone's clutches break away from make good one's escape slip through your fingers go like lightning dog it give way give ground go back move back take one's farewells resettle go absent without leave go missing go west run for the hills skidaddle displace step on it make quick exit make one's escape step on the gas transport shrink back flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly circumvent trek depart suddenly hide rush beat off hurry away move overseas bail out from clear from pull out from head out from yeet hasten away run from move house leave your country start a new life sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from sprint aim beeline scramble scurry shoot scuttle race steer veer run off from move out from make vacant make empty eject from draw secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate stand down hand in one's notice step aside give notice pack in relinquish one's position end drop discard discontinue shut oneself away finish head for be done with journey retreat to resort process brush off bail from give up drop out of bow out of check out from say goodbye to walk out of blow off run along from cast aside step aside from call it quits retire to go to adjourn to depart for set off for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for


Voiding an agreement
annulment abolition abrogation invalidation negation nullification repeal rescindment voiding cancellation countermanding recall rescission reversal revocation quashing abatement abolishment avoidance cancelation defeasance dissolution rescinding retraction withdrawal annihilation breakup dedomiciling deletion disannulment discharge elimination erasing neutralisation neutralization obliteration split termination undoing vitiation setting aside going phfft repudiation ending voidance overturning denial abandonment end backpedaling volte-face eradication overthrow contradiction backpedalling disavowal overruling about-face abjuration disclaimer destruction suppression abnegation abortion forswearing calling recision dropping disowning wiping out gainsaying stopping refutation contraversion unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking calling off overriding extirpation subversion removal vetoing renunciation retractation erasure recantation expunction palinode scrapping suspension discontinuation retracting extermination axing ditching canceling disaffirmation dumping chopping deracination cancelling change turnabout veto stamping out switch doing away with doubleback turnaround U-turn change in direction retirement renouncement dissolving rebuttal refuting disproving revoking recalling reversing withdrawing abandoning abolishing invalidating apostasy renege discrediting changing alteration upsetting disclaiming countering riddance disallowing extinguishment forestalling disproval averting extinction recanting taking away shift rescinsion effacement scrubbing junking excising annulling closure blotting out inversion closing down transposition about-turn flip-flop disaffirmance loss demolition ruination liquidation wastage desolation ruin extinguishing decimation devastation havoc wreckage mincemeat demolishment utter destruction. slaughter massacre rooting out total destruction

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