Đồng nghĩa của farewell

Alternative for farewell


Đồng nghĩa: cheerio, good day, good luck, leaving, parting, so long,

Danh từ

An act of leaving or parting
departure parting exit leave leaving decampment departing exiting quitting separation valediction decamping going outgo leave-taking lighting out walking out going away goodbye adieu withdrawal retirement sendoff exodus flight evacuation egression retreat getaway abandonment passage escape breakup break outgoing pull-out offgoing desertion egress stampede congé emigration expatriation embarkation hegira migration bow out expiration dissolution passing breakout send-off abscondment escapement breaking divergence crossroads bisection swan song leavetaking disappearance on the rocks retiral resignation removal fleeing going off running away sailing walkout powder recession vacation takeoff start withdrawing exeunt going-away party leaving do leaving party setting off starting out setting out taking leave setting forth vanishing act taking off fading abdication vanishing relinquishment evaporation evanescence absconding secession loss pullback slip disengagement clearance lam wane dematerialization dissipation pullout surrender renunciation bolting melting eclipse marooning stepping down disintegration receding ebbing dispersal ebb wearing away disappearing act decline and fall ceasing to exist pulling out disappearing defection split rout bunk giving up evasion breakaway termination escaping truancy eviction spring fading away severance mass departure forsaking beat rejection extraction elopement fallback flit superannuation break-out fade-out moving out bolt for freedom giving up work vanishment ethereality diaphaneity setting-out diaspora outpour outflow outpouring gush vacation of a place katabasis journey disaffiliation pulling back drawing out liberation vacating cessation discontinuation apostasy detachment expulsion extrication outbreak notice stopping dropping waiver stopping working stopping work bolt release freedom going out chicken run schism splitting drawing alienation deliverance runaround sidestepping shifting deportation demission dispensation cession desistance AWOL running off springing rescue rupture dissension disunion seceding division rift dying out taking out split-up tendering notification standing down quitclaim emptying melting away depopulation passing from sight receding from view dropping out splinter group dereliction disappearing trick unpeopling flight from retreat from departure from exodus from clearance from pull-out from withdrawal from disappearance from vacation from betrayal flying cowardice treason retreating exfiltration fugue avoidance derelict disavowing divorce disavowal turning tail defecting perfidy castoff treachery recreancy tergiversation falseness disaffection elusion backsliding abrogation taking powder hasty departure checking out going absent without leave falling away going AWOL running out on going back on taking French leave

Trái nghĩa của farewell

farewell Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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