Đồng nghĩa của flit

Alternative for flit

flits, flitted, flitting

Đồng nghĩa: flutter, fly, glide,


To move about or around quickly and randomly
dart flicker flutter flick spring caper dance skip hop dash trip flitter flash prance bounce fly frisk zip gambol scamper flirt run skim scoot play cavort bob whisk whiz rush speed float fleet hover hurry swoop pass wing sail scud sweep beetle dip leap bound lope ripple lollop canter step buck skitter jump lick run lightly quiver bolt frolic skirr tiptoe flee graze hippety-hop glide move lightly vault carom skedaddle glance ricochet jog waltz trot gallop jig sprint make off move pogo hurdle lop slide bob up and down shoot palpitate twinkle tread lightly play over run over romp curvet rollick capriole sport clear leap over jump over lark disport surmount saltate vault over leapfrog cut capers overleap revel cut loose leapfrog over sail over kick up one's heels jump across pass over negotiate skip over horse around spring over fly over go over whoop it up fool around bound over hop over rock ascend rise pole-vault cross jump up and down get over hoof it raise hell let loose carry on cut the rug go on a tear make one's way over cut a rug make it over stride hurtle lurch pounce sky swing spin whirl sway wiggle play around launch kangaroo caracole roughhouse horseplay spring up and down leap up and down rebound startle recreate dally toy skylark get past top traverse go above arise lunge strut jerk up and down cut up monkey around go places and do things swagger riot carouse spree hippety hop parade sashay arch bend stalk let go make merry have fun jump up overarch curve span bow swank cut roister go up jive boogie mount over soar showboat peacock disco stomp mosh groove kibitz around mince tread flounce slam-dance show off party get down bop cut a caper scale foot it step it shake one's booty


To move (something) from one place to another
relocate move shift transfer remove reposition displace carry budge transpose migrate dislocate leave disturb quit advance rearrange change shuffle impel position push shove move house go away change residence change place pack your bags put somewhere else emigrate resettle up sticks pull up stakes decamp move away depart vacate transport defect trek go overseas go abroad be posted split passage move out change address change jobs travel change house convey transplant bring take send haul cart ship uproot fetch ferry deliver conduct lug truck transmit dislodge freight dispatch tote change position pack off move over evacuate switch relay convoy resituate immigrate go misplace bear funnel traject import forward pack consign channel route move on send off move aside move along shift position step aside make room change places make way translate interchange exchange replant repot exile run take over traffic revamp recondition reset readapt reorient pass sweep schlepp shoulder piggyback get going set going lift change the position of drag disarticulate break separate interrupt rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge move abroad carry away taxi onpass take away place in the center return to the middle put back in the middle place back in the middle transmigrate carry over port cart off carry off put out of place disestablish locate move overseas post issue remit knock out of place knock out of position move out of place reallocate address replace leave your country express shoot move around redeploy start a new life proceed send out get head cross hand-carry recenter locomote


To leave or go from someplace
walk away leave move vacate depart evacuate exit go split vamoose decamp scoot scram part go away move out run off head out run along say goodbye beat it slip out take a hike take leave flee make off fly make oneself scarce take off make tracks push off shove off cut out clear out bolt retreat retire skedaddle quit run away set out up sticks hightail it clear off withdraw escape absent yourself go off break camp disappear beat a retreat set off get going make an exit vanish desert repair remove say your goodbyes pack your bags do a disappearing act betake oneself cut and run abstract oneself sling your hook hook it do a bunk abscond start out scarper get under way slip away emigrate sally abandon migrate be on your way go forth go AWOL bug out take French leave bog off head off walk out start hit the road pull out blow bail begone get abdicate book git advance move off absent peel off hit the trail proceed sally forth get away slope off push on march out bug off pack off bail out blast off dig out move on step along buzz off rack off pike off be off troop get off make a break hit the bricks pack up pike out set forth skip steal away sneak away take flight hotfoot it beat a hasty retreat sneak off head for the hills take it on the lam peel out depart suddenly go on the lam hightail light out take a powder absquatulate do a runner do a moonlight flit fly the coop make a break for it make a run for it do a Skase show a clean pair of heels disengage from run away from defect go from be gone from issue take your leave of cut relinquish break away elope move out of go away from disappear from fly from slope off from do a bunk from pull out of stir withdraw from exit from retire from bolt from say one's farewells remove oneself check out take oneself off from set out from depart from decamp from absent oneself from ride off flee from abscond from forsake give the slip step down come away embark escape from run run for it get out scat get lost leg it make a quick exit skip off go through shoot through skidoo turn tail lam hamba voetsak avaunt take to your heels hop it duck out shoo scamper break break out of make a getaway walk off naff off sod off move along draw away step on it go jump in the lake haul off get along nick off go and jump in the lake be gone make avoid shun clear levant cut loose run out on on your bike take a long walk on a short pier take wing hop the twig back out push along get stuffed take yourself off pop off be off with you get moving hop the stick scurry zip dash slip pull stakes pass emerge double hasten speed race dart rush hurry head have it away strike out break out burst out hustle elude evade wriggle out jump make a move spur expedite whiz play hooky get away with work out of go scot-free make a start shake a leg hurry up fall back go like lightning do a fade make time go your way make your escape make haste take on the lam pull back get a move on move fast get out of my sight scatter bust recoil range cruise break free wend mosey break loose make a escape get free skiddoo make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave shrink break away from hasten away run from hide make one's way kite go and chase yourself take to flight make for skip out go to hell get on your bike do a vanishing act slip through your fingers get out of someone's clutches make good one's escape slink off slink creep sneak skulk have it away on one's toes back off shrink back draw back leave in a hurry make a dash for it ditch spring drop out walk out on opt out leave in the lurch dump leave flat cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry adjourn recede draw kick rocks retreat from seclude oneself shut oneself away take oneself back away drop back bow out creep off duck dodge circumvent hotfoot step on the gas make quick exit hare hurtle scuttle shoot zoom sprint trot career belt pelt tear make away charge skirr whizz hie skitter ram hurl drive blast careen rip highball whirl bundle rustle breeze beetle rocket nip motor chase bomb jet whisk step buzz hump blaze course barrel travel bustle bowl scutter cannonball post move quickly beeline accelerate crack on be quick


To move or proceed very quickly
whisk rush dash race hurry speed run shoot career fly hurtle scurry bolt zoom hasten tear zip hare scoot belt scuttle barrel pelt blast bustle buzz bomb bundle drive whirl careen trot blaze breeze hustle bowl rocket blow motor chase course hie jet hurl rustle cannonball rip nip highball jump step travel dart hump ram charge sprint gallop streak flash whizz scamper whip bucket boogie sweep bound post wheech whiz accelerate quicken pound double flutter bullet catapult crack on hotfoot it go hell for leather leg it burn rubber go like lightning barrel along cut along get the lead out hightail it speed up go like a bat out of hell go like the clappers fast-track go like the wind scramble hotfoot whoosh zap scud hightail clip haste sail scorch step on it get a move on scutter dive make haste fleet plunge spring stampede get cracking yeet put on some speed whish flee amble canter beetle steam skim jog skedaddle hurry up move quickly shift wing expedite roll bestir kite skite break shake a leg smoke lay rubber make tracks get your skates on step on gas fuss hum whir be quick surge go fast press on push on vroom lose no time dust stir press dispatch lope drone whirr bumble burr push fling go jogtrot get moving whistle dogtrot rush around proceed move burst beeline sally put foot spur trip rattle pace progress skip hop it skitter dig in make time get a wiggle on escape abscond decamp depart pass by tear out move forward move rapidly go by stir one's stumps turn on steam make short work of move along flourish pass quickly show quickly brandish start swoop leap lunge launch pitch heave spurt float thrust dog it clear out get out cut and run beat it bowl along wind gust spank along rattle along put your foot down burn skirr boil leave make off duck really move move fast go like a bomb storm plough dodge go quickly pounce flow stream slide split vamoose lash plow scat throw oneself go headlong launch oneself veer take flight light out make a run for it go like a bullet tear along whip along make oneself scarce take off cover ground patter romp run like the wind crack swoosh startle outstrip waltz festinate pass march gush frolic gambol steamroller blitz railroad buck frisk prance cascade ride go away go at top speed pour slip away move like greased lightning stride hurdle go like lighting rack express run very fast gather momentum belt along book it chuck it down be off like a shot sloosh flood tumble rush off speed away bomb along run like mad plunge ahead surge through hop along step along put on a burst of speed gear up bowl over go all out pump descend plummet drop move apace waste no time whip around not lose a minute take wing head run off run away nosedive sidestep scram beat a retreat turn tail stoop retreat skidoo run for it clear off bug out scarper fall glide advance set out set forth aim make cut head off set off make a break steer bear drift swerve hook it skip off levant coast fly down body-swerve slip peel out make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat cruise zigzag jink slalom juke weave go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost brush skate hop skid plane shirk soar saltate bob aquaplane turn aside ascend bounce arise smooth along skim through move lightly go up jump up rise rush at get on it make it snappy


To roam about for pleasure without any definite plan
gallivant ramble roam wander range rove traipse bat cruise drift float gad gad about jaunt maunder meander mooch run stray travel globetrot run around stravaig tour kick around knock about go walkabout travel around galavant stroll amble straggle peregrinate saunter mosey tootle walk prowl tramp hike trek vagabond dawdle circumambulate knock around pootle bimble traverse potter roll globe-trot follow one's nose streel journey promenade swan perambulate coast trudge circumnutate hopscotch hit the road mill round mill about mooch around mill around take a walk walk the tracks march move stride parade troop party rave socialize bum socialise cross pace bum around backpack tromp go partying go clubbing circumlocute trail hit the trail live it up rave it up paint the town red get sidetracked have a night on the town go for a walk stretch your legs idle trek through depart loaf divagate dilly-dally struggle along strut schlep prance lumber dally club deviate wander about move aimlessly wander aimlessly get off the point go off at a tangent sweep explore travel about recoil extravagate change twine scour travel on foot go on foot zigzag wind encompass reconnoiter search reconnoitre clamber be all over the map twist and turn patrol spread through pass over make circuit ambulate go hither and thither hoof step stooge toddle bat back and forth bat around gallop putter tread flit around roam around jaunt around make your way mope sashay get some exercise linger swing get some air take a turn go for a constitutional make one's way take the air file pound canter trot foot it march up and down walk up and down walk back and forth walk to and fro shuffle loiter plod stump slog proceed walk slowly go slowly hang about go pad loll crawl err shamble take a stroll leg it hang around hoof it advance lag footslog ankle percolate scuff trog limp yomp creep tarry droop scramble poke slough dillydally skulk drag lollygag go for a stroll walk casually shilly-shally hang move slowly hang out drag your feet get no place fast dander go astray troll trundle wander around roam about move around trill ooze progress pass back-pack go adrift go aimlessly climb boogie gander hobble stagger delay poke along take it easy stroll along breeze take Shanks's pony waltz slouch truck mince foot wend walk around traik step out lallygag diddle trip descend ascend tiptoe skip pick your way find your way wind one's way race stalk locomote drag oneself go forward go by foot move forward go up go down press on plod on put off halt pass time fritter away hover slacken flag dabble pause lurk procrastinate stumble drag along wend your way laze totter lounge dodder waddle lazy galumph clump stomp lump flounder scuffle stamp barge chill lurch shift flog footle drone languish moon scuff one's feet dangle sag goof off hack around veg out kick back tail straddle hang down fall behind spread be late trail behind drop behind drop back be strung out poke around lag behind bring up the rear string out


To shake or vibrate jerkily or nervously
shake shudder wobble jiggle judder quake quiver rock tremble vibrate convulse shiver sway agitate joggle oscillate bucket jerk jolt jounce swing wabble roll totter wave waver bump churn commove dither dodder flap flaunt flicker flitter fluctuate flutter jar jog move palpitate quaver reel ruffle shimmy stagger stir succuss tremor twitter whip stir up set in motion move up and down put in motion wag twitch waggle wiggle seesaw thrash thresh swish undulate pulsate bobble flail quail bob bounce twist toss writhe beat falter ripple pump lurch teeter heave brandish rattle throb squirm move to and fro weave nod flourish jitter thrill twirl blow vacillate pulse wriggle dangle flop fly cringe fidget wince move from side to side start squiggle jig fiddle flinch quave cower pitch swirl careen wigwag flick shake like a leaf shake up recoil jostle skip wield hop disturb roil dance blench squinch billow waft jump around switch sweep whirl stumble swerve flow stream tingle wave to and fro waddle rise and fall have the shakes move back and forth trill warble rustle buck gyrate bang see-saw bat note fish-tail lash jump grind raise swipe pendulate wink twinkle glimmer blink swell surge swing backwards and forwards swing back and forth drift crouch rouse duck wave rapidly whiffle have the quivers concuss move slightly swagger move backwards and forwards nutate flail about plunge list baulk balk keel flounder shake in your boots quake in your boots move around labour contort work tumble hang be suspended be pendent pitchpole move about wind titubate go around feel giddy curl shrink bother torment shake violently shake uncontrollably unsettle veer zigzag worm ebb and flow thrash about shy toddle balance catch the wind ditch chuck dump spring buffet float labor pivot stot hesitate toss around go into spasms suffer a fit seethe let fly topple hover tremble precariously walk unsteadily foam bubble shy away draw back simmer pound back away pull back blanch thump thud pitter-patter reverberate froth resonate thrum pit-a-pat drum hammer boil moil get cold feet shrink back quop pitpat ache go pit-a-pat be turbulent

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