Đồng nghĩa của wander

Alternative for wander

wanders, wandered, wandering

Đồng nghĩa: drift, gad, meander, ramble, roam, rove, stray,


To walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way
roam ramble range stroll meander rove walk drift traipse gallivant maunder amble cruise saunter dawdle mooch potter prowl coast peregrinate stravaig trek float galavant jaunt knock about mosey straggle tramp trudge bat bimble gad hike roll tootle circumambulate circumlocute circumnutate hopscotch trail vagabond gad about globe-trot knock around mill about mill around mill round go walkabout kick around mooch around follow one's nose walk the tracks stretch one's legs stray perambulate travel pootle toddle promenade swan march tour shuffle loiter plod putter move tromp traverse go for a walk take a walk dally lumber stride take the air journey mope streel hit the road troop idle loaf pace sashay stump slog tread linger step ambulate proceed hang about parade walk slowly go bum go on foot travel around go slowly lag hoof pad loll globetrot prance strut backpack tarry deviate crawl err dilly-dally shamble patrol take a stroll leg it hang around hoof it wander aimlessly file run around canter advance cross bum around pound footslog footle stooge droop ankle percolate scuff dabble trog yomp limp take a turn change foot it explore make your way tail creep get some exercise get some air dillydally scramble poke fall behind lollygag slough get sidetracked skulk drag bat around hit the trail stretch your legs go for a stroll walk casually shilly-shally bring up the rear hang travel on foot hang out move slowly get no place fast dander go astray depart flit run travel about trek through troll trundle wander around roam about move around struggle along schlep trill ooze go hither and thither divagate progress pass sweep extravagate twine recoil swing tinker fiddle scour back-pack go adrift zigzag wind encompass search reconnoiter reconnoitre climb wander about clamber get off the point delay go aimlessly go off at a tangent make one's way fribble fritter twist and turn boogie gander take it easy stroll along pass over spread through move aimlessly breeze take Shanks's pony go for a constitutional waltz gallop truck be all over the map make circuit mess about party rave socialize mince foot bat back and forth wend lallygag diddle walk around trip descend ascend tiptoe skip lounge flit around socialise jaunt around roam around find one's way wind one's way pick one's way hobble stagger go forward go by foot move forward go up go down press on trot put off halt pass time fritter away hover slacken flag pause lurk procrastinate laze go partying go clubbing step out poke along stumble race stalk locomote live it up rave it up slouch follow march up and down walk up and down plod on traik totter paint the town red chill drone languish moon lazy walk back and forth walk to and fro drag oneself dodder waddle have a night on the town wend one's way galumph clump stomp lump flounder scuffle stamp barge tag along hang back drag yourself drag along drag one's feet tag along behind not keep up not keep pace lurch shift flog goof off hack around veg out kick back drag your feet scuff one's feet dangle sag straddle hang down spread be late trail behind drop behind drop back be strung out poke around lag behind string out


To move slowly away from a fixed point or place
digress depart deviate diverge swerve veer roam divagate drift sidetrack shift stray meander turn aside turn turn away detour swing wheel bend turn off sheer move away branch off slew part get sidetracked angle off leave beaten path take a turn bear off turn from ramble differ maunder excurse shy remove vary straggle abandon desert aberrate wander away skew incline tack zigzag deflect twist curve weave change direction lurch dip sheer off go off course get off course train off slue waver depart from veer off wind skid sidestep move turn sharply err swing over sideslip divert change course redirect pivot whip curl swivel change slide curve around loop yaw bear snake slip switch whirl slither go around alter volte-face screw cut head avert ricochet spiral contort coil deform corkscrew arch hook warp buckle bow flex lean refract make a right make a left crook twist and turn alter course wrap around turn around leave-one-out zag zig break aquaplane dogleg derogate jackknife rotate run disperse fork proceed career angle extend go lead make turn on your heel glide worm whirl around turn about reroute tilt be lie wrest twine wreathe writhe wrench wring be deflected coast hydroplane incurvate channel transfer unscrew encircle skim get around convolute channel away head off change the course of modify draw away stoop droop careen crimp verge pass sway lither set alternate recoil focus corner rechannel direct return backslide retrace revert evolve skew round angle away toboggan morph transform spin out go into skid fluctuate metamorphose pass around take a bend hang a right hang a left beat progress convert transmogrify mutate distort back modulate vacillate snap misshape veer away malform change heading go about torture wrinkle disfigure kink gnarl come about sail into the wind make crooked squinch go out of shape become distorted brutalize become curved become deformed damage become crooked make curved brutalise become misshapen


To speak incoherently
babble ramble be incoherent be delirious talk nonsense speak incoherently chatter gabble jabber prattle prate twitter gab maunder drivel gas blather blether waffle go on run on jaw blither rattle natter yak spout yabber yatter chunter rabbit witter clack twattle mag twaddle yackety-yak gossip rabbit on shoot one's mouth off run off at the mouth rattle on burble patter gibber mumble yap gush chat splutter drool chaffer rap slabber blabber converse blab cackle yammer sputter palaver chin mutter gaggle bumble talk schmooze shmooze earbash rant palter rave blubber talk nonsensically jibber-jabber yakkety yak kibbitz talk foolishly talk incoherently talk trivially kibitz digress rattle away expatiate amplify blather on witter on harp on go on and on drone on talk aimlessly rant and rave ramble on talk randomly visit tattle shoot the breeze tittle-tattle chinwag chew the fat chitchat confabulate communicate speak claver chit-chat have a conversation chitter-chatter powwow talk nineteen to the dozen shoot the bull engage in conversation chew the rag have a chinwag murmur have a confab mouth gabber whisper stutter utter drone talk idly talk the hind legs off a donkey buzz verbalize dialog talk incessantly talk a lot talk rubbish slabber on talk at length dialogue stammer verbalise dish rumor rumour have a chat talk a blue streak flannel bleat footle talk rapidly discourse talk unintelligibly susurrate babble on orate clatter stage-whisper vocalize voice rumble yakkety-yak discuss snitch grunt wag circulate rumours spread rumours spread stories noise spread gossip spill the beans vocalise tell tales blow smoke intone tell on have a talk speak sotto voce socialise banter socialize blah twiddle blethe stumble blurt spiel spit bark stray blah-blah hesitate yakety-yak patter on and on list hold forth boil confuse swap gossip talk gibberish talk a mile a minute run off at mouth go on about confer talk ten to the dozen piffle hum and haw inform peach squeal run through reel off tongue yack runon parley make small talk talk the hind leg off a donkey bloviate brag boast spread rumors conversate commune korero have a tête-à-tête chat idly discuss things speak to each other talk someone's ear off have a discussion exchange use talk wildly consult with each other exchange views talk out of turn talk through one's hat shoot your mouth off articulate sigh skinder maffle wiggle-waggle intimate hint suggest report bad-mouth insinuate imply repeat schmoose spread grumble slur speak indistinctly garble whimper say to oneself swallow whine talk to oneself divulge drawl describe chant rhapsodise notify break broach soliloquize rhapsodize ventriloquize give voice express oneself comment on turn over tinkle drip gurgle ripple purl trickle hum flow purr growl moan meander tell secrets cut up bruit something about flap one's tongue give voice to cut to pieces tell tales out of school bend one's ear talk one's leg off grass spill leak sneak have a tete-a-tete breathe spread rumor tell tale rat on give away sough blow the whistle dish the dirt give the show away have a big mouth speak softly speak in hushed tones talk under one's breath speak in an undertone


To travel, usually with some measurable distance
journey travel go fly sail traverse voyage jaunt proceed cruise exodus head jet roam scramble advance pass peregrinate trek approach backpack barnstorm bus bustle cab coach continue depart escape galavant gallivant get gig globetrot junket migrate motor move navigate perambulate race road-trip roll speed spring take off tour traipse transition transport trundle wend rove circuit hop process ramble range safari fare hie globe trot go on an excursion go on an expedition go on a tour go on a trip go on safari go places knock about make one's way meander push on take a trip wayfare wend one's way hike drift tramp trip pilgrimage trudge shift walk emigrate progress immigrate set out set forth go walkabout transmigrate hit the road march go on a journey stray repair slog prowl amble go on a excursion quit remove footslog saunter yomp trog plod venture cross move abroad foot trail cover ride course circumnavigate transit track follow explore scour cut across transmit be on the move be on the trail pass over proceed along overnight go round move round make your way cover ground knock around pass through get through go riding wend your way go into orbit make a journey itinerate take a plane take a boat take a train nomadize travel around leave transfer move around move about do steam drive travel round holiday vacation stump journey through travel through swing range over voyage around sightsee in holiday in sightsee trek around globe-trot roam in wander through journey round rove through trek round go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through


Enter someone's land or property without permission
trespass infringe invade encroach err fall intrude offend sin stray transgress obtrude poach crash deviate displease entrench interlope intrude on kibitz lapse meddle misbehave overstep penetrate poke violate encroach on entrench on impinge on butt in chisel in horn in mix in muscle in nose in crash the gates do wrong by enter without permission stick nose in barge in impinge contravene disobey interfere interfere with gatecrash break breach disregard defy interpose flout make inroads infract impose disturb intervene pry fracture traduce hinder sneak in break in on worm in commit a breach of disrupt snoop nose intermeddle mess impose oneself busybody tamper impede interrupt ignore exceed encumber advance inquire molest go beyond enquire oppose muck about muck around stick nose into sidewalk-superintend push in encroach upon abuse rights put two cents in fool with dabble in fail to comply with chime in horn in on resist fly in the face of take no notice of come uninvited fail to observe mess around dent creep up on thrust oneself in thrust put your oar in put your two cents in stick your nose in mess with gossip stir neglect not comply with withstand set at naught sacrilege trample on outrage rebel against contaminate pay no heed to tamper with intrench cock a snook at lift pirate kick against borrow ride roughshod over presume steal thrust oneself break in force oneself foist oneself control affect touch influence come uninvited to butt in on slip into show up uninvited intrude into sneak into call the tune take charge of gain control of call the shots rule the roost pull the strings run the show exert influence on leave a mark on bear upon make an impact on make an impression on have an effect on have a bearing on contradict thwart cross infiltrate creep refute counteract worm inch be in the saddle repudiate disaffirm gainsay conflict with abjure go against negate spurn exclude impugn traverse combat reject transgress against fight offend against trench usurp be in the driving seat appropriate arrogate cut in elbow in eat into muscle in on impose yourself work in tread on someone's toes make inroads into step on someone's toes squeeze in invade someone's space refuse to obey challenge mock depart go counter to set aside be in breach of pay no attention to depart from deviate from buck disagree with bypass veto renege on fall foul of thumb one's nose at violate law take no account of leave out scout obtrude into trespass on not conform to fall outside of bend the rules set one's face against cut through surpass transcend rebel overpass outrun mutiny revolutionize object riot desert recalcitrate disagree revolt insurrect revolution decline dare strike shirk baulk evade balk revolutionise differ outreach overrun break rules not mind be remiss not listen not heed run riot overshoot dig your heels in rise in arms break the rules refuse to comply overreach fly in face of take law into own hands pass step over


An act or instance of wandering
stroll ramble walk turn amble meander saunter dawdle excursion gallivant mosey perambulation potter promenade prowl roam traipse airing breather constitutional cruise drift maunder mooch peregrination trek trudge range tootle hike jaunt tour trip march tramp pootle slog yomp bimble paseo outing passeggiata walkabout footslog parade schlepp expedition circuit plod trail drive ride spin legwork footwork ambulation aimless walk routemarch lazy walk breath of air forced march route march schlep scramble exploration backpack journey breath of fresh air heavy walk walking trip journey on foot journey by foot beat odyssey tread patrol round safari passage travels trog long journey hegira long haul travel voyage pilgrimage journeying quest wandering crossing junket adventure crusade sally sortie awayday globetrotting travelling traveling swing sashay hurl run hop day trip day out pleasure trip survey wayfaring flight picnic weekend overnight round trip sail traik haul wanderings sojourn marathon sailing itineration distance way pilgrimmage reconnaissance recce discovery voyaging long walk mission big picture frolic break enterprise undertaking term stint progress tenure hitch trekking holiday mystery tour short break day away mini holiday away day roving roaming visit commission exploit operation project assignment traversing foray hiking whistle-stop road stump bout trick getaway roundabout go time course transfer procession spree retreat commute errand cavalcade entrada campaign caravan hunting expedition search field trip hunt circle tour minibreak grand tour period of traveling

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