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Alternative for ricochet

ricochet /'rikəʃet/
  • danh từ
    • sự ném thia lia, sự bắn thia lia
      • ricochet fire (shot): đạn bắn thia lia
  • động từ
    • ném thia lia, bắn thia lia


To move hurriedly or as by bouncing or twitching
skitter bound leap hop trip caper spring dance lope prance gambol bob frisk cavort flit bolt buck canter carom flee fly glance graze run scamper scoot skedaddle skim skirr step tiptoe hippety-hop make off jump bounce vault skip lollop hurdle romp curvet jig launch frolic lop pogo hippety hop rebound startle rollick capriole sport play clear leap over jump over lark disport surmount saltate vault over leapfrog cut capers overleap gallop revel cut loose leapfrog over sail over kick up one's heels jump across dash pass over negotiate dart skip over horse around spring over fly over go over whoop it up fool around bound over hop over rock trot sweep ascend rise pole-vault cross jump up and down get over hoof it raise hell let loose carry on cut the rug go on a tear make one's way over cut a rug make it over stride hurtle lurch pounce sky waltz jog swing spin whirl sway sprint slide wiggle play around kangaroo caracole roughhouse horseplay run lightly spring up and down leap up and down bob up and down recreate dally toy skylark get past top traverse go above arise lunge strut jerk up and down cut up monkey around go places and do things tread lightly swagger riot carouse spree parade sashay arch bend stalk let go make merry have fun jump up overarch curve span bow swank cut roister go up jive boogie mount over soar showboat peacock disco stomp mosh groove kibitz around mince tread flounce slam-dance show off party get down bop cut a caper scale foot it step it shake one's booty flicker flutter flick flitter flash zip flirt whisk whiz rush speed float fleet hover swoop hurry pass wing scud sail dip beetle


The act of deflecting or something deflected
deflection deviation divergence declination divagation diversion turning aberration bend bending departure detour divergency drift refraction slew straying swerve swerving turn veer veering curve divarication drawing away glance rebound swing turning aside turning away twist digression variation wandering difference alteration drifting excursus parenthesis shift rambling variance aside excursion tangent footnote episode apostrophe note discursion change dissimilarity dissimilitude diversity distinction obiter dictum incident disparity irrelevancy discrepancy disagreement contrast unlikeness distraction nonconformity mutation change of course change of direction addition afterthought interpolation comment fork moving away innovation novelty meandering foray maundering varying incompatibility mismatch polarity branching off in thing branching out latest thing new wrinkle last word going off at a tangent losing one's thread getting sidetracked straying from the topic straying from the point incidental remark deviation from the subject rerouting redirection separation conflict clash displacement fluctuation break diversification tolerance nonconformance unconformity disagreeing variety otherness crotch ramification dissemblance alterity radiation disparateness discrepance irregularity incomparability exception inequality break in routine abnormality departure from the norm indirect course roundabout way circuitous route difference of opinion fake out red herring sidetrack side topic side issue unrelated issue unrelated topic alternate train of thought nonagreement eccentricity oddness transgression alternative lapse error mistake aberrancy whole new ball game alternatives unusualness distortion breaks detail technicality anomaly novelties inconsistency irrelevance changes deviance unorthodoxy modification unconventionality deviancy freakishness breach variableness hereticism

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