Đồng nghĩa của turn aside


Prevent the occurrence of
deter prevent stop avert check block hinder curb halt impede intercept obstruct restrain arrest balk baulk foil forestall hamper keep obviate preclude shut out stave off stay counteract damp fend off frustrate head off inhibit thwart ward off debar help let pre-empt prohibit put a stop to save chill cool dampen disadvise divert forfend hold back nip in the bud scare rule out turn off talk out of put a damper on throw cold water on act like a wet blanket pour cold water on hold off defend against keep at bay deflect repel parry avoid repulse put an end to ward keep off stonewall desist discontinue cease keep from happening counter rebuff oppose resist keep lid on bar baffle stave restrict retard interdict cork dam interrupt limit forbid repress anticipate hold at bay guard dodge bulwark defend fence discourage escape screen evade stand up for cover protect against defend oneself against shield against keep at arm's length skirt round fight off duck fend guard against safeguard against secure against redirect intervene reroute interfere with turn back cut off block off stymie slow down hold up fetter circumvent hamstring delay constrain handicap encumber trammel shackle suppress cramp slow cripple hobble stall clog withhold handcuff hog-tie put a brake on tie up throw a spanner in the works of stand in the way of bridle contravene detain derail crimp interfere preempt muzzle smother stifle manacle cumber hold curtail embarrass rein in short-circuit keep back hang up shut off get in the way of set back hold down throw a monkey wrench in the works of control contain disrupt eliminate exclude subdue scotch brake moderate regulate neutralize scupper discomfit freeze govern rattle tame bork second-guess faze measure rule neutralise keep under control gag confine bit choke keep in check pick off make late slow up get ahead of get in before choke back put paid to hold in put off box in beat someone to the punch bring to screeching halt foul up close off screw up beat someone to it shut down provide against keep within bounds keep the lid on beat someone to the draw steal a march on get in the way stem the flow of louse up keep in forefend free spare reprieve keep waiting commandeer remove absolve postpone bottleneck retardate burden keep from cause to wait cause to stay exempt dispense crab be early beat somebody to it be one step ahead of act in advance of prepare for head off at pass defer pause protract interpose foreclose remit shelve prorogue discharge intermit prolong be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works dissuade quash disqualify shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer put back back off bog down hold off on choke off take down hold over obscure estop get round make unnecessary sandbag taboo reduce outlaw enjoin make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable quit make it impracticable for put on brakes put an stop to get rid of do away with take away preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict put the brakes on take out of play rein monopolise ruin leash harness dissuade from bottle up hold in check straiten scuttle overturn snooker invalidate gaol keep down sit on pull in box up jail put away pin down pull back keep in line tie down stem rein back hem in guide impound circumscribe direct imprison bring under control have on a tight leash kill crack down hogtie lock up delimit confound nullify upset squash undo spoil nobble dash checkmate outwit blank defeat do for counterplot disappoint cross bury muffle strangle bind entangle chain disconcert discipline peg put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of put end to mess up put the mockers on upset one's apple cart put the kibosh on beat down take wind out of sails entrammel discard discount dismiss cramp one's style give a hard time saddle with except put a limit on cool down put the brakes on keep a tight rein on fight back button up keep a lid on bite back cut back cool off keep tight rein on cancel proscribe abolish revoke recant suspend reject close out ban freeze out leave out count out bate close one's doors to not consider forget about


Change direction suddenly
veer sheer swerve turn swing wheel deviate diverge skew bend career curve tack twist weave change direction curl deflect detour divagate divert redirect shift swivel whip change change course incline zigzag avert bear be deflected branch off depart digress dip drift go off course pivot skid turn off volte-face whirl angle off get around go around train off make a left make a right turn away stray wander sidetrack meander slew move away part shy turn from bear off get sidetracked draw away leave beaten path take a turn differ wind ramble transfer switch maunder distract excurse abstract detract head off call off throw off vary ricochet straggle roam aberrate abandon desert hook refract slip disperse lurch waver sidestep err slue move sideslip reverse alter course convert swing over depart from veer off turn sharply shunt rearrange turnabout remove wander away get off course sheer off turn to one side change around change over reroute chop and change channel alter modify channel away change the course of put off call away mislead lead astray lead away cause to lose concentration unbalance lean angle yaw trend tend evolve vacillate transform slide metamorphose arch progress tilt slant fluctuate bow mutate loop snake crook slither modulate run head sweep morph go verge slope tip transmogrify sway cant list arc pitch point round bank stoop aquaplane gravitate fall off cut rotate lead heel glide fork flow coast skim coil spiral pass incurvate bevel camber alternate careen direct roll train aim buckle level toboggan angle away be at an angle leave-one-out reorient zag zig break back snap proceed derogate jackknife spin extend make revolve bias be lie twirl turn on your heel put at an angle warp contort load turn about turn around deform whirl around flex shelve bulge undulate corkscrew swirl swell droop crimp convolute screw oscillate gyrate concave inflect wreathe hydroplane incurve convex grade descend splay lie obliquely decline beam be askew set recoil focus corner rechannel return backslide retrace revert twist and turn wrap around lither spin out pass around take a bend hang a right hang a left recline rise fall lay go into skid glissade grow develop metastasize metamorphize stream skate sail plane brush whisk breeze cruise bowl transmute transfigure smooth along drive move along scooch move smoothly move over affect amend adapt adjust realign transmutate transit interchange edit distort transition disguise mold revise flip-flop substitute replace swap displace remodel transpose mould


To move aside or to and fro in a sudden or quick manner
dodge duck sidestep dart swerve body-swerve bolt dive jink juke slalom weave zigzag jump leap lunge shift shoot skip spring veer shirk wind crisscross dash scurry rush meander snake move to side duck around tack twist work thread undulate wiggle squiggle wander criss-cross twist and turn corkscrew weave your way move in and out tear charge career fly hurtle race run speed sprint zoom zip barrel scoot belt hare hurry bound scuttle streak gallop pelt stampede bomb scamper scramble hie whip boogie plunge hasten flash hotfoot it whisk careen whirl bucket course zap steam clip post whizz leg it go hell for leather blast cut along swoop burn rubber get the lead out bundle go like a bat out of hell trot blow bowl breeze drive blaze chase hustle rocket motor cannonball highball hurl ram nip haste fleet wheech hightail it buzz step on it get a move on put on some speed bustle scud jet rustle rip step travel hump crack on barrel along go like the clappers plough sweep push flit go like lightning break plow whiz storm pound whoosh wing jog scutter scorch hightail launch oneself throw oneself go headlong roll surge start get cracking hotfoot make haste move quickly skite double march lurch lope jogtrot steamroller railroad blitz buck dogtrot bowl along spank along rattle along kite cannon propel go like the wind run fast whistle hop it go like a bullet outstrip go fast burn lay rubber pounce startle accelerate move like greased lightning move fast quicken press dispatch launch pitch skim heave spurt float thrust sail expedite fling fast-track shake a leg hurry up get your skates on step on gas speed up stir one's stumps rush headlong trip boil make it snappy get on it rush at make a run for it

Trái nghĩa của turn aside

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