Đồng nghĩa của shake a leg


(idiomatic) To act or move quickly or immediately
be quick get cracking get moving hurry up speed up make haste make it snappy put foot step on it get a move on step on the gas get a wiggle on jump to it rattle your dags get your skates on stir one's stumps hurry hasten hustle dash bolt run scurry fly zip race speed scoot shoot rush zoom tear barrel whisk bustle make tracks blow hurtle scuttle hare dart career pelt belt trot chase blast hie go like lightning buzz bomb bundle rocket nip jump ram hurl drive motor jet step careen rip highball hump whirl blaze course rustle travel breeze bowl cannonball hotfoot it crack on sprint scramble scamper get the lead out whiz haste leg it post expedite accelerate shift charge make time fleet beat it get going flash quicken whizz scutter beetle move quickly bound streak gallop whip bucket hightail wheech go hell for leather boogie clip burn rubber cut along spur go like a bat out of hell move move faster look lively go fast whoosh vroom fast-track flee skip skedaddle flit roll beeline lay rubber barrel along go like the clappers press plunge dispatch leave scat hightail it clear out move along make oneself scarce push step on gas break move fast vamoose buck up split go quickly hop to it look alive snap to it get it on go like the wind run like the wind sail wing skirr skitter zap fling pound scud stampede hotfoot steam dive put on some speed festinate pace tear along waste no time express whip around cover ground leap spurt not lose a minute burn take wing go away look sharp get weaving hurry it up be quick about it look smart move it snap it up get on with it get one's finger out pull one's finger out get a wriggle on run off run away escape beat a retreat make off take flight turn tail scram head for the hills bug out go through make a quick exit hook it skip off retreat shoot through levant skidoo fly the coop decamp run for it show a clean pair of heels scarper take off clear off peel out cut and run cut out beat a hasty retreat do a bunk kick rocks light out take a powder do a fade do a runner make a break for it make a run for it get lost exert budge exert yourself mill about surface locomote stir be active press on push on lose no time yeet whish burst bullet bestir sally jog smoke turn on steam make short work of dig in

Trái nghĩa của shake a leg

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