Đồng nghĩa của come around

Alternative for come around

Đồng nghĩa: come round, roll around,


To become adjusted to new conditions
adapt adjust conform acclimatise acclimatize accommodate habituate acclimate acculturate attune comply fit familiarise familiarize harmonise harmonize match accustom blend in fit in become accustomed settle in become habituated become naturalized become seasoned come to terms with condition oneself find your feet get used grow used habituate oneself orient oneself reconcile oneself resign oneself roll with punches shape up familiarize oneself with get a feel for become resigned become habituated to condition oneself to get used to habituate oneself to orient oneself in become resigned to find one's way around reconcile oneself to resign oneself to find one's feet get one's bearings condition assimilate reconcile harden tailor shape fashion suit doctor edit season naturalize integrate naturalise inure acquaint tune become accustomed to put introduce domesticate orientate grow used to come to accept learn to live with get into the habit get to know toughen coordinate discipline conciliate orient acculture adopt initiate climatize settle compose prepare alter follow tradition be conventional follow convention get accustomed proportion follow custom make used get someone accustomed familiarize yourself get someone used follow the crowd familiarize someone with run with the pack swim with the stream devote addict keep in step play oneself in learn about tailor-make grow accustomed to become used to get used to it become inured jack up establish modify correspond strengthen fortify convert steel make consistent indurate align set temper become au fait accustom yourself acquaint yourself pick up catch on acclimatize yourself desensitize key regulate accord resign desensitise train case-harden turn face locate determine balance modulate counterbalance compensate school blend follow reconciliate become acquainted with become established grow wild grow naturally break in absorb incorporate make agree affect haunt teach frequent visit mesh band mix acquiesce go along to get along be guided by follow beaten path acquaint oneself with fit in with blend in with educate endure confirm tolerate accept homogenize mediate meld be in harmony with be in tune with be in accord with submit become similar become like familiarize with resort to hang at grin and bear it do as Romans do get act together swim with the tide find one's feet in get it together observe the rules yield obey the rules follow the rules take to make familiar with make used to take in homogenise keep to the rules stick to the rules do what one is told adhere to the rules abide by the rules comply with the rules toe the line dedicate consecrate get hooked propitiate go with the flow play by the rules act in accordance with the rules play it by the book


To become sound or healthy again
recover recuperate convalesce heal improve rally revive get better get well mend pick up gain get stronger make progress recoup bounce back come round feel oneself again pull round pull through better come back grow increase overcome perk up refresh rejuvenate renew respond to treatment restore return to health snap back get back to normal get over something shake something off feel better feel yourself again forge ahead get over regain your health sober up start anew turn the corner be on the mend be on the road to recovery get in shape get out of the woods regain one's health regain one's strength restore your health return to form be out of woods get back on feet get back on your feet get out from under take turn for better take a turn for the better reform rebound invigorate enliven surge envigorate look up make a comeback regain strength get act together regain your strength snap out of it get it together get back in shape come along emerge from something turn things around brace up take on a new lease of life come up smiling get your second wind come from behind get second wind turn around turn a corner grow stronger shape up be given a new lease of life ameliorate rehabilitate buck up survive rehab pull out of it be out of the woods come through remedy gain strength regain health get back on one's feet restore your form build up your strength make headway become livelier be all right be heartened brighten up cheer up be cured take heart liven up pep up rest move take steps forward strengthen become better be on the up and up regenerate grow better assuage resuscitate resurrect make it revivify cure weather triumph become healthy knit advance progress be restored show improvement make a recovery develop echo reflect become more cheerful feel happier get through ride out get well again be take on a new lease of life be given on a new lease of life be well recuperate quickly pull around set up wake up animate spice up shake get into the mood awaken be refreshed brighten cheer renew one's strength be on the path to recovery draw together endure get beyond live through pass though shake off

Trái nghĩa của come around

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