Đồng nghĩa của go forward

Alternative for go forward

go forward
  • tiến tới, tiến triển
    • the work is going forward well: công việc đang tiến triển tốt
  • xảy ra
    • what is going forward here?: việc gì thế? có gì xảy ra thế?


To grow strongly and vigorously
thrive flourish prosper burgeon bloom succeed advance boom blossom grow improve increase profit rise arrive bourgeon develop progress shine build expand flower mature ameliorate batten go well mushroom produce score wax yield be successful come along come on cover ground crack on do well make inroads move ahead pick up press forward become better catch on come of age develop well do wonders fare well gain ground get ahead get better get on well go ahead make good make headway make it make progress make strides move forward move onward press on push ahead push forward take steps forward work up bear fruit become rich be enriched fly high forge ahead go places grow rich grow vigorously grow well make good speed turn out well get places get there go to town make a go shoot up get on have legs spread your wings evolve augment emerge go get somewhere upgrade proceed go great guns continue move forward in leaps and bounds hit it big push on run riot be vigorous be strong be well keep going move on get going go on take the next step be in good shape be in its heyday be in good health star stand out triumph figure be in the pink prevail lead perform feature go up in the world be skilful be brilliant be excellent be outstanding excel glow be in your prime be on top of the heap be very good be proficient be expert be pre-eminent be unparalleled be talented be unrivalled reign supreme be unsurpassed wear the crown be unequalled be unexampled be the best be good be without equal be skilled be good at have a gift be skilled at have a gift for be second to none stand out in a crowd be a success make the big time steal the show unfold enlarge elaborate push change unroll move extend drive metamorphose alter spread revolutionize refine transmogrify modernize modernise differentiate adapt head transform educe derive shoot truck speed revolutionise better ripen go forth build up work out work one's way march on open out adapt yourself multiply cut it make the grade gain achieve success strengthen crack it do all right for oneself achieve proliferate swell escalate snowball benefit mount make your mark climb balloon sprout get to the top rocket find a place in the sun work skyrocket strike gold strike oil elevate win get on in the world roll up hit the jackpot be fine and dandy yield results shape up bring home the bacon intensify make a name for oneself appreciate accumulate accelerate deliver boost spring up enhance cut the mustard make out come off be in clover cultivate burst forth grow rapidly pan out make a killing grow up get along be victorious come to fruition scale up hit the target carry off get results manage cope take root raise survive click make money hone take off distinguish oneself fare accomplish lift peak do explode shift update perfect soar maturate become popular further reap benefits hack it achieve recognition be on easy street become famous dominate rise in the world climb the ladder reach the top take it to the next level muddle through beef up continue ahead come through stand in good stead come out on top drive forward step up pull ahead get by reap the benefit set the world on fire make good use of level up carry all before you strike it big go as planned turn to one's advantage set the Thames on fire put to good use make the most of do well enough go off be effective fatten bear hack be fortunate become wealthy feather one's nest overtake outdo outmaneuver gallop surpass abound strike it rich surge effloresce bud germinate grow fat prime luxuriate live the life of Riley leave behind outmanoeuvre become successful be somebody go up go over develop rapidly become established establish itself spurt handle be distinguished be conspicuous milk fine-tune optimize fortify meliorate enrich amplify burst detonate do good make first rate straighten up turn over new leaf be getting there optimise be healthy exacerbate magnify heighten uplift consolidate get higher rise in value win out come up with the goods gain recognition break through reform pace spread out blow up reap financial reward age rouse accentuate spike aggravate be on the up come around look up win hands down attain control attain ascendancy gain ascendancy carry all before one gain control beat the game beat the system do well out of cash in on concentrate breed reinforce nurture aggrandize turn the corner go far pay off have the desired result do the trick turn the trick conquer do the business take shape open up show progress show improvement turn out gain advancement pull it off deliver the goods hit the mark make the cut gain an advantage luck out hit pay dirt gain advantage make capital out of uprise propagate advance oneself be someone make a name move up in the world achieve a great deal climb the ladder of success make one's way in the world do well for oneself mount up well intensate grow stronger take hold become fixed mellow enroot increase one's intensity rise to the next level take it to the limit propel forward take it up a notch raise one's game turn it up kick it up a notch elevate one's game step it up boost one's game step up one's game pick up the pace crank it up subsist make do exist make ends meet endure scrape by muddle along trend scrape along scrimp contrive make shift scrape through fend train come into vogue be in fashion come into fashion scrape a living keep the wolf from the door scarcely have enough to live on barely have enough to live on hasten promote launch polish bolster propel forge ahead with make headway with bring forward get with it do with get ahead of polish up on work on increase rapidly become fashionable become all the rage become trendy gain your end increase exponentially become more numerous rise in popularity put on a spurt earn work hard at brush up on devote oneself to build on get better at exploit realise realize capitalize on take advantage of


To lift and set down one's foot or one foot after the other
step tread walk pace amble move stride traipse advance ambulate hike mosey proceed roam shuffle stroll tramp trek trudge march pad plod prance promenade ramble saunter foot go hoof mince perambulate prowl strut troop wander ascend descend skip slog tiptoe trip leg it foot it hoof it go down go up press on go by foot go on foot move forward travel on foot parade file stomp pound patrol footslog stamp stalk lumber yomp stump step out meander rove pootle traverse canter trail range shamble jog barge clump scuff tromp drill pitter-patter patter trample move about toddle maunder mooch stray locomote tour race striddle straggle make your way take a turn plod on take the air drift gallop cruise stravaig knock about walk purposefully tootle wend your way hit the road cross stretch your legs gallivant trot gad march up and down walk up and down stumble walk back and forth walk to and fro flounder galumph slough scuffle flog lump limp clomp blunder bumble trog struggle process toil traik rush sprauchle wade stream plough grind funnel snake schlepp dash zoom plow walk heavily drag oneself walk slowly plug along storm swagger space debouch boot tear along pound the pavement hightail it walk in single file peregrinate galavant bimble bat go walkabout kick around gad about dawdle jaunt float circumambulate potter vagabond globe-trot knock around go for a walk follow one's nose take a walk travel journey swan coast roll mill round circumnutate mill around walk the tracks mill about mooch around sashay hopscotch streel putter backpack dally circumlocute ankle get some exercise mope linger loiter get some air percolate goose step divagate stooge move aimlessly wander aimlessly get off the point go off at a tangent get sidetracked swing go for a constitutional make one's way tarry take a stroll trill ooze go for a stroll bum sweep explore scour trek through bum around struggle along encompass search pass over make circuit hit the trail reconnoiter spread through reconnoitre voyage boogie walk casually gander progress exodus pass transition migrate take a trip venture push on set out set forth wayfare globetrot depart zigzag wind clamber bat around bat back and forth


The product of its mass and velocity
momentum impetus drive energy force power push strength impulse thrust boost encouragement goad incentive incitation incitement instigation motivation propulsion provocation spur stimulant stimulus yeast go-forward motion speed steam velocity welly driving power shot in the arm inducement motive stimulation pressure catalyst impulsion urging fillip actuation inspiration prompting kick up the backside vigour excitement goading prompt punch driving force prod get-up-and-go vigor urge spin vitality cause effort muscle pep stamina might zip motive force verve forward spin prodding potency persuasion zeal liveliness influence life go enthusiasm motive power clout vim turn-on dynamism stuff egging on forcefulness topspin movement impelling force stress horsepower stirring spirit kindling fuelling zest reason trigger kick rousing tension fomentation propellant invitation flash charge piquing sting vivacity initiative hustle impellent guts spunk élan enterprise puissance sinew lure bait determination stirring up fueling whipping up carrot exhortation exertion forward motion zing clarion call esprit gusto dash pizzazz brio bounce oomph moxie juice hardihood spring fire in belly right stuff pzazz ginger sap snap start continuing motion shove jump-start ambition initiation bidding behest inception devising compulsion pressing spurring coaxing prick lift jog excitant activation needle will propulsive force pushing pressurization abetment aggressiveness tonic kick in the pants dedication doggedness tenacity aggression commitment kick-start a shot in the arm gumption amphetamine psychostimulant drug cocaine arousing agitation enkindling spurring on will power single-mindedness self-motivation what it takes forespin pressurisation needling beseeching arm-twisting spark plug stimulating substance stoking up propelling force surge vigorousness vitali goods pace beef bang precipitant fireworks eye-opener geeing-up enticement challenge dare taunt sweetener attraction baiting full head of steam impact consideration insistence excuse allurement douceur premium ground determinant red rag casus belli rationale temptation purpose fire reason why come-on animation potence firepower violence weight draft trouble brunt draught fury potential strain sock spiritedness pow arm subjection spark effervescence passion sparkle vibrancy ardour exuberance perkiness buoyancy sprightliness physical energy activity resilience fizz gas feistiness intensity toughness pluck vim and vigour fortitude tuck effectiveness birr ardor starch efficiency vehemence virility beans spontaneity endurance resources efficacy application operativeness fervour fervor vinegar eagerness vivaciousness elan ebullience high spirits panache keenness warmth relish earnestness robustness emotion lustiness avidity fieriness vibrance fervency gaiety appetite fierceness joy ardency fanaticism feeling action cheerfulness high-spiritedness happiness zestfulness boldness zap passionateness briskness ferocity heart peppiness joie de vivre intenseness heat jazziness exhilaration grit light-heartedness radiance bounciness backbone enjoyment jauntiness assertiveness pleasure jollity devotion resolve fervidness urgency impetuosity capability flair mettle love vividness readiness brilliance delight confidence activeness jazz pertness merriment chirpiness severity zealousness perseverance humor humour life force joyfulness cheeriness ability staying power fever brightness frenzy resolution psyche scintillation audacity spryness white heat pepper ecstasy flamboyance gameness powerfulness sincerity courage irrepressibility resourcefulness imagination desire inventiveness breath vital spark creativity rapture resource depth interest assiduity wholeheartedness hardiness point heartiness cogency ambitiousness colour hunger friskiness indefatigability punchiness color bloom ferociousness ferment resistance virtuosity get up and go thew quickness tirelessness steadfastness staunchness validity style weightiness conviction boisterousness avidness bite flourish temper essence tenor morale outlook air disposition temperament dauntlessness character quality stoutheartedness willpower mood complexion substance agility buoyance ingenuity legs gutsiness tolerance daring elation vehemency aspiration turbulence breeziness stylishness frame of mind committedness emphasis savagery tempestuousness leadership imaginativeness talent soul cleverness self-assurance airiness venturesomeness emotionalism wildness nerve peartness devotedness adventurousness flare-up asperity acrimony rampancy sore acerbity storm stew rise rabidity conniption sportiveness smartness alacrity intestinal fortitude empressement willingness bustle excess concentration impressiveness merriness magnitude dazzle sentiment extremity playfulness hot-bloodedness power of endurance richness persuasiveness cheer thewiness pith capacity red heat jolliness satisfaction affection fun lust thirst sharpness sunniness quick-wittedness mirth delirium vengeance affectivity native wit distraction blithesomeness lightheartedness blitheness go-getting keen interest slow burn purposefulness boiling point strong emotion display desperation aim mana bean intrepidness sassiness devoutness good cheer good humour level degree self-assertion self-confidence assertion self-assertiveness pizazz adventure ostentation exhibitionism youthfulness wits nimbleness fascination strength of character strength of mind fire in the belly dexterity intent delectation swagger optimism bound bob gayness abandon litheness balls being pulse great enthusiasm bliss forcibleness bravura tittup lilt furiousness hustle and bustle éclat militancy fondness vociferousness light authority conclusiveness convincingness suasiveness glitz glimmer show validness joviality joyousness forthrightness outspokenness taste have-a-go attitude flamboyant confidence striving splendour spunkiness stir lustre originality joys of spring diligence intentness what-it-takes dispatch stick-to-itiveness mania inclination yen efficacity sense of purpose toleration sturdiness volatility excitedness exuberancy brawn ingeniousness genius luster desirousness snappiness elan vital charisma elegance grievousness seriousness gladsomeness splendor calenture impatience emulation yearning hankering itch longing spriteliness nervous spirits frolicsomeness intuition intelligence shrewdness cunning perceptiveness wit eloquence entrepreneurial spirit a sense of purpose glow flare flame burning passion molliness juggernaut creativeness wisdom brains knack alertness intrepidity brawniness brute force grunt physical ability rampage uproar feverishness furore flap furor rage hysteria deliriousness love of life authoritativeness performance mobility existence mightiness innovativeness being full of the joys of spring ferity pitch acceleration athleticism muscularity grandeur greatness virtue functioning extreme sharp-wittedness mauri lifeblood animal spirits acuteness volume anxiety deepness nervousness tenseness self-reliance spirit of adventure motility high pitch conditioning movability suppleness flexibility vital force amusement freedom of movement irateness bodily process body process bodily function thrill glee entertainment play foolery blast buffoonery festivity wantonness silliness foolishness jocundity knavery tomfoolery clowning funniness facetiousness jocosity felicity gamboling romping joking festiveness comedy laughter nonsense ball rejoicing revelry gladness hilarity gambolling jocularity roguishness gleefulness waggery riot solace treat jocoseness grins good time humorousness gambol levity mischief diversion jesting mischievousness living it up mirthfulness rascality

Trái nghĩa của go forward

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