Đồng nghĩa của embark

Alternative for embark

embarks, embarked, embarking

Đồng nghĩa: board, depart, start,

Trái nghĩa: disembark,


To leave for a destination
depart leave part proceed sail travel go set out take off head off leave port set sail set off be off set forth start out sally forth set forward hit the road make a start get going hit the trail begin one's journey move off start off go forth push off get on the road set about get under way start move motor cast off leave dock leave harbour put out put to sea make headway raise sail put out to sea weigh anchor hoist sail hoist the blue peter shove off go away split vamoose scram skedaddle clear out clear off exit quit withdraw decamp make oneself scarce be on your way begone scarper get scoot run off bug off run away buzz off walk out cut out beat it run along retire retreat go off make tracks make off bail out absent yourself bail flee bolt bug out pack off fly step along hightail it sling your hook pike off pack up pike out hightail take a hike take leave push on beat a retreat dig out get off make an exit pull out light out get lost say your goodbyes abstract oneself up sticks rack off book disappear get out peel off get away bog off take a powder walk off move out escape scat pack your bags hamba naff off flit skip off vacate avaunt sod off haul off hop the twig get along push along get stuffed take flight move along voetsak nick off slope off cut and run make a move duck out pop off check out hop it go jump in the lake make a break for it go and jump in the lake take wing get moving hop the stick abscond say goodbye run go your way head for the hills desert on your bike move on shoo back out take a long walk on a short pier remove break camp take yourself off betake oneself beat a hasty retreat break draw away get out of my sight blow be off with you repair head make a run for it make begin make a quick exit strike out go and chase yourself take one's farewells evacuate advance absent blast off abandon hook it vanish migrate make a break slip away march out emigrate sally abdicate troop git hit the bricks set in motion put in motion uproot go forward commence separate say adieu do a disappearing act make quick exit fly from leg it skidoo flee from scamper fly the coop run for it show a clean pair of heels run away from turn tail peel out do a bunk bolt from make a getaway do a runner say farewell break up break off conk out split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells dedomicile make one's farewells walk out on ease out step out go one's ways go their separate ways part company go separate ways leave flat range cruise skip out wend lam mosey make for make one's way


To start or undertake a task or venture
begin commence start undertake institute initiate set about tackle engage in enter on go into launch into plunge plunge into take up venture into settle down to have a crack at have a go at have a shot at set upon turn one's hand to kick off embark on enter into launch inaugurate open lead off instigate get going get off the ground get under way get the show on the road fall to start the ball rolling enter upon get off get down to embark upon make a start on strike into get stuck into get the ball rolling set in motion put in motion kickoff immerse yourself get on with get going with shoot the works go whole hog take a flyer go the limit trigger kick-start set off convene raise the curtain jump-start bow ring in get things rolling set the ball rolling start off originate go about go ahead get show on road come into being get weaving hit the ground running get weaving on get cracking come into existence get one's feet wet jump into tear into ring up the curtain on get down to business get cracking on scratch the surface introduce establish found create pioneer set up start up make a start usher in innovate proceed organize get going on get underway put in place address oneself to bring about bring into being organise constitute plant enter attempt attack open up set to develop install enact instal take on activate produce get on get to grips with tee off assume approach lay the foundations of lay the first stone of accept invent set out start out start on form bring in get to work on build concentrate on deal with shoulder make up buckle down jump in go in for make effectuate knuckle down generate assemble construct handle pitch in lead get to work actualize announce get a move on engage actuate continue present do access bring into existence induct broach break the ice log on try switch on sign in gain access buckle down to set going unveil commit to usher come out with effect get in operation become involved in take part in sow the seeds of devote oneself to take upon oneself get something functioning get something working bring forward turn to set forth materialize incite get moving embrace cause provoke precede design foment kick in be in effect bear put together start to execute log in engineer raise get to materialise commence on commence proceedings get stuck in forge perform manage craft take to take effect fashion preface abet instate meet compose catalyze take forward get your skates on take the plunge put one's hand to the plough get one's finger out put one's shoulder to the wheel author endeavor set intro machinate catalyse give rise to fabricate take responsibility for endeavour take knock up knock together bring to pass move into be responsible for take over take on oneself stir up carry out go for set about with fall into agree to lay the cornerstone of break in whip up trigger off begin undertaking lead into endeavour to do get ball rolling get up to speed start ball rolling give something a whirl venture on participate in break into make a run at endeavor to do have a stab at dream up come up with drive off herald concentrate focus incorporate base propose offer get along with keep on start ball rolling on face go start the ball rolling on begin work on consider jumps-tart roll adopt espouse crystallize avow mastermind float rumble debut happen dawn occur throw yourself into get to work at plan bring up the curtain on borrow get cracking with implement transpire set on get down get admit start out on facilitate put forward phase in set out on revolutionize devise kindle resort to break the seal roll out burst into bring out put in take the lead in take in hand agree to do roll up one's sleeves get things moving set the wheels in motion put the wheels in motion commit oneself to inspire resume recommence renew reopen restart fix up brew set out with follow through with knock down pave the way crystallise ferment pick take action on set the ball rolling on break the ice on strike up be up to wade into dig in go for it apply oneself to focus on sign on draw up issue spearhead modernize conceive throw together cook up turn out father concoct conceive of contrive discover begin business go on follow through carry on prompt elicit spark off modernise put up hatch revolutionise knock off throw up bring on prefix precipitate induce come on-stream swing into action get to it invoke set down contribute proceed with affect mould realise realize chip in set to work get on with it get down to it fire away make the first move launch into it prologue premise host head piece rig shape render erect secure cast participate help resound add prolog lead up to attach put in front get down to the nitty-gritty get off one's backside plunge into it lay the first stone get down to brass tacks take the first step set things moving make a beginning buckle to go ahead with preside over give an introduction to make a habit of have recourse to mold germinate join in cooperate assist engender exercise jump off muck in collaborate help out aid lend a hand volunteer subscribe take first step pipe up act be heard play a part come through contribute work wade in get busy hop to it go to it do your bit respond come into effect react essay contract hazard answer for have a hand in address oneself have a try at take upon yourself commit oneself try out volunteer oneself to be efficacious take hold progress work be effective fix invest settle rev put into operation


(of a place or location) To go or get away from
leave quit flee abandon move vacate depart evacuate flit desert escape exit go forsake split vamoose decamp defect disappear elope emigrate retire scoot abscond cut fly issue migrate relinquish sally scram vanish part start stir depart from go away move out pull out run off withdraw from abscond from be gone from check out clear out decamp from disappear from go from head out retire from run along say goodbye set out take off walk out absent oneself from beat it bog off bolt from break away clear off cut and run escape from flee from fly from go away from go forth make off make oneself scarce make tracks move out of pull out of remove oneself ride off run away from set out from slip out take a hike take leave take your leave of come away cut out disengage from exit from give the slip hook it push off shove off slope off from step down up sticks do a disappearing act go AWOL pack your bags take oneself off from do a bunk do a bunk from sling your hook take French leave say one's farewells say your goodbyes walk away skip defect from leave abruptly leave hastily flit from bail scarper begone book get peel off sally forth bug out step along buzz off push on bug off bail out go off dig out blow pike off get off pack off pack up pike out alight withdraw take off from clear out from say goodbye to run along from check out from walk out of skedaddle repair remove kite break camp betake oneself head off abstract oneself start out get going be off give the slip to slip out from vamoose from make oneself scarce from move out from take a hike from take leave from clear off from scram from part with head off from remove oneself from break away from set off from head out from run off from cut and run from end discard discontinue ditch drop renounce dump be done with cast off drop out of brush off bail from blow off step aside from give up break off with get out of finish move from bow out of walk out on cast aside call it quits


To take, or cause to go, from one place to another
ship send transfer bring carry consign dispatch run shoot take transmit transport bear convey ferry address direct distribute drop export forward freight haul move pack off remit route shift smuggle go aboard ship out put on board deliver cart post relocate lug mail conduct tote fetch send off pack truck displace remove relay transplant express reposition pass schlepp transpose dislocate locate issue take over drive convoy switch rearrange shoulder piggyback send out transport in bulk funnel channel sweep traject import hand-carry lift resettle budge uproot shuffle reallocate shuttle chauffeur advance redirect impart airmail disturb replace taxi onpass circulate move around move over carry over drop off put in the mail settle pay square buck cast aim turn set level present point send on put in the post hand over make payment of make payment reach get contact move across communicate postmark mark bootleg sneak deal in traffic in drag pick up collect hump heave tow draw give a lift to trawl pull tug schlep yank fly carry away give a ride to airlift guide give a lift hoist go for trail call for escort lead emigrate usher hale take along carry off take away go to get cart off load up stop for come and get shlep heft airdrop winch bus translate port support pipe gather blow puff syphon ride interchange exchange change siphon draggle take off immigrate revamp readapt reorient recondition reset manhandle traffic waft streel come carrying carry on come by take on humph obtain retrieve vellicate snap transport by air unload deposit propel push go and get leave drop in for bring back bring to go get pull along wash float draw forth get a hold of drop-ship put off allow to alight bear away sweep away wash away pilot take round accompany show put out put on fork over dish out chaperon steer shepherd come across with see attend herd assist help marshal marshall trailblaze show the way companion belead decamp depart vacate migrate flit quit move house up sticks go away pull up stakes move away

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