Đồng nghĩa của make for

Alternative for make for

Đồng nghĩa: bring, play, work, wreak,


To cause or help bring about
create effect generate occasion produce bring about give rise to cause lead to induce engender result in trigger promote contribute to prompt precipitate foster breed provoke set off bring on initiate beget elicit yield evoke invoke translate into spark off instigate stir up be conducive to incite effectuate catalyze spawn enkindle bring catalyse inspire make introduce affect kindle arouse bear whip up bring forth hatch establish advance further stimulate be instrumental in kickoff set in motion activate bring to pass trigger off put in motion call forth start be the cause of be at the bottom of have a hand in be a factor in forward help be partly responsible for originate add to work do play a part in draw on conduce to open the door for oil the wheels of launch spark foment make possible encourage influence touch off make happen work up sow the seeds of move render develop enact compel muster institute secure be the origin of give deliver progenerate give birth to expedite actuate mean issue animate bestir impassion fire rally prime galvanise brew build up begin galvanize exercise rouse quicken pique rev up whet stir suscitate raise fire up excite abet awaken draw forth motivate inflame waken ferment drive spur play a role in achieve impel amount to accomplish culminate in instill attain push forward realise cultivate instil realize organise organize engineer be responsible for cause to happen pull off end in have a part in contrive put in place carry off cause to occur actualize conduce carry through have the effect of bring out spell bring off contribute procure entail finish in draw out add up to goad urge agitate inspirit spur on prod push electrify enliven egg on persuade energize wake energise sway fan invigorate thrill bring into being pick revive prick enthuse vivify envigorate exhilarate invite lead incentivize press incline fuel call into being awake turn on incentivise entice get going ignite tempt summon light a fire under intensify pump up fire the imagination of set on propel challenge vitalize titillate draw kick-start pep up get convince nudge intoxicate fire the enthusiasm of touch impress fan the flames of force summon up set going set key up increase educe set up sting pressure coerce coax charge embolden steel taunt solicit inveigle prevail upon drum up commove talk into conjure up involve stoke up get someone going rile gee up call up attract hound enforce prevail on buoy needle recall fire with enthusiasm exhort hearten strengthen necessitate cajole wind up heighten jolt grab evince uplift extract inaugurate put up to dispose fillip buoy up convert oblige psych terminate in exalt run found make waves predispose strike astonish bring around beg for buck up win over disturb call to mind bulldoze tantalize liven up drive on tease please startle tickle empower incentify egg send manage constrain jumpstart perform plan boost give incentive craze root on hook reassure agitate for tantalise fortify ask for suggest dare irritate risk enhance conceive manifest extort call scheme plot refresh nurture court commence steam up dragoon propagate rekindle woo innervate redound to exacerbate inform defy cheer on boost up bear up add fuel mobilize chirk up charge up get to make up conjure multiply impact wake up mobilise spirit someone up feed the fire wheedle condition elate spook bring back bid cheer up amaze set afoot switch on dynamize steamroll breathe life into bring to mind goose juice up jazz up determine astound carry give someone a kick get up throw down the gauntlet crank up start off bring on oneself sweet-talk amp up cook up start the ball rolling whomp up intrigue plead demand sue petition for request reawaken whip something up roil stir something up agitate against plant implant lodge break the ice break in sic bring something on call down nurse shock reignite set in ask whip interest irk incense equal imply form open accelerate augment anger resurrect fan the flames gain satisfy grill vex sow juice sow the seeds extend expand fascinate ravish seduce work into lather imbue infuse get in operation get under way result warm cheer fluster upset activize ruffle exact predetermine brace act as an incentive to redouble mount bug magnify deepen intensate innerve feed expose make sensitive build a fire under have as a consequence have as a result compass applaud derive obtain amuse grapple palpate entertain stun zap frighten get things rolling bring up shake shake up madden start up smooth-talk get functioning get off the ground get working endue infect beghast fetch spike succeed impose on direct orient fan the fire disinhibit seek cause to appear act as a stimulus to support sustain advise get something going alert give incentive to set astir try jump-start stir embers sharpen lead on comfort brighten enhearten build echo nourish power lay the foundations of pressurise pressurize give impetus give one an idea bias make wild add fuel to the flames add fuel to fire set on foot reproduce impart express capture encapsulate insinuate hint rabble-rouse put life into zip up ginger up put a bomb under give a boost to reenforce assure revitalize revivify restore heat up ask for it bring round make willing impress on captivate give a shot in the arm milk incarnate carry out conduct tickle pink perk up prevail lay the first stone of kick off gladden frenzy implement execute cost suggest to give someone a charge take your breath away take one's breath away fire someone's imagination jar magnetize give a buzz magnetise praise console set the ball rolling get the ball rolling hint to administer stimulate spiritually raise your spirits raise the morale of give shot in arm psych up give hope to prop up lift the spirits of give confidence to boost someone's morale give a shot in the arm to bield stiffen the resolve of get smoking burn up put one in mind of remind one of call out perpetrate harass obligate fulfil be likely to cause be likely to lead to complete allure fix consummate revitalise entreat lure countenance command administrate finalize muscle sandbag worry railroad squeeze devise discharge succeed in fulfill arrange for sensitize sensitise talk someone into exert influence on prod into coax into put someone up to something suck in wheedle into sell one on twist one's arm soft-soap draw in cajole into argue into finish design invent nag kick blackjack conclude formulate stump wreak concoct dog work on call for flirt with leave the door open to project manufacture finalise turn the trick turn out put across overwhelm overcome dazzle awe overawe parent prepare brainstorm think up emerge trump up give birth lay eggs give forth throw together procreate spitball break open sire put together dream up come up with come out reach overpower throw down the gauntlet to score knock out stick in someone's mind slay register blow away faze push around feel admiration leave a mark on make a hit make splash buffalo take someone aback grandstand make an impression tell on show off cut a figure be conspicuous feel respect kill make an impression on have an impact on


To depart or leave
go depart leave exit quit withdraw decamp go off go away retire vamoose clear out flee push off retreat abscond bail begone escape move part split cruise hightail range run scoot scram skedaddle beat it book clear off fly get get going lam make off mosey scarper set off set out take off wend absent oneself hightail it make a move make an exit push on run along run off shove off start out take leave walk out bail out beat a retreat be off bug off bug out buzz off cut out get away get lost make one's way make tracks move out peel off pull out run away step along take flight up sticks walk off abstract oneself dig out hit the road light out make oneself scarce pack off pack up pike off pike out sally forth skip out slope off take a hike make a break for it take a powder say one's goodbyes be on one's way pack one's bags sling one's hook get off vacate head off bolt get out scat evacuate voetsak hit the trail hamba rack off shoo bog off set forth sling your hook blow hop it check out sod off desert avaunt disappear get under way nick off embark go jump in the lake remove betake oneself cut and run repair move off go and jump in the lake be on your way get along naff off haul off flit say goodbye walk away do a bunk start head hook it beat a hasty retreat make yourself scarce pull stakes be off with you absent yourself on your bike set sail abandon walk out on move along make a run for it skip off make a start proceed adjourn move on go out abandon ship pop off take one's leave make a quick exit duck out take your leave vanish do a runner walk back out draw away take wing take yourself off break camp make turn your back set forward sail step out break avoid sally do a disappearing act recede leg it run for it go forth move away turn tail fall back head out fly the coop peel out head for the hills get moving push along get stuffed pack your bags take a long walk on a short pier show a clean pair of heels back away drop back hop the twig hop the stick slip away bear kite alight strike out sneak off git issue separate skidoo evade hurry forsake travel emigrate clear stir migrate levant defect remove oneself withdraw from depart from pull back cut advance be gone from abscond from scamper say one's farewells go from do a fade retire from go away from slip out exit from move out of make a break seclude oneself leave suddenly leave for go your way take French leave betake yourself leave port go AWOL get out of my sight uproot begin relocate beat off hurry away march exeunt slink off slink creep skiddoo sneak skulk steal away start off go offstage flow off-load ship shove leap bustle sign out hotfoot it go to hell say adieu flake off recoil skip break up say farewell move about draw back do vanishing act bid farewell stand surety post security maroon make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave remain stay keep fade away set about get on the road begin one's journey duck egress dodge shirk shun have it away make away strand conk out dedomicile budge from go out of shift from get on your bike make one's departure go to one's room shut oneself away in regress run out drop out take a walk go through shoot through go absent without leave go missing go west creep off put up bail obtain somebody's release shrink break off ease out part company leave flat ship out make a move from fold elude disengage break out of free oneself break out extricate oneself move from abdicate give way back off give ground make one's getaway take to one's heels go back move back split up quit the scene go their separate ways go separate ways be gone make your escape be lost make your getaway storm off go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out absent troop go one's ways make one's farewells elope relinquish blast off march out hit the bricks go and chase yourself dash disappear from decamp from pull out of flee from take your leave of fly from ride off escape from run away from break away bolt from set out from absent oneself from take to disengage from do a bunk from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down take one's leave of take oneself off from come away bound rush sprint career aim beeline scramble scurry hustle shoot scuttle race dart steer veer go free be acquitted motor draw transfer pass resign cast off head for put out leave harbour leave dock journey retreat to resort hie process raise sail put to sea put out to sea hoist sail make headway weigh anchor hoist the blue peter retreat from shut oneself away take oneself bow out retire to go to adjourn to depart for set off for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for make a getaway take it on the lam sneak away haul away pull away take to your heels do a moonlight flit go on the lam tear away drag away break free hotfoot break loose get free shift get out of burst out cut loose move abroad transmigrate ditch renounce absquatulate empty slip emerge double make a escape clear out from do a Skase do a vanishing act run out on play hooky get away with pull up stakes make getaway take off from wriggle out take on the lam work out of go scot-free commence take to flight put forth leave in a hurry drift wander amble canter hasten gallop course barrel go forward immigrate bust jump void get out of someone's clutches break away from make good one's escape slip through your fingers go like lightning dog it take one's farewells resettle run for the hills skidaddle displace step on it make quick exit make one's escape step on the gas transport shrink back flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly circumvent trek depart suddenly hide move overseas bail out from clear from pull out from head out from yeet hasten away run from move house leave your country start a new life sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from run off from move out from make vacant make empty eject from secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate stand down hand in one's notice step aside give notice pack in relinquish one's position end part with dump drop discard discontinue finish be done with brush off bail from give up drop out of bow out of check out from break off with say goodbye to walk out of blow off run along from cast aside step aside from call it quits

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