Đồng nghĩa của dart

Alternative for dart

darts, darted, darting

Đồng nghĩa: cast, dash, fling, hurry, rush, scoot, scurry, throw, toss,


To throw with a sudden effort or thrust


To move or throw swiftly and suddenly
dash run fly rush shoot tear flash race spring sprint bolt bound charge gallop scamper scoot scurry speed dive hasten hurry jump leap lunge start swoop break flit haste scramble stampede whizz career course float heave hurtle launch nip pitch plunge sail scud skim spurt thrust whiz zoom move quickly zip barrel belt hare pelt bomb scuttle hie buzz blast streak hustle bustle whisk whirl whip trot hotfoot it drive blow breeze bowl rocket bundle careen blaze chase boogie motor hurl cannonball rip highball post jet rustle step ram hump leg it travel bucket go like lightning sweep go hell for leather go like a bat out of hell crack on scutter clip fleet zap whoosh wheech burn rubber get the lead out hightail get a move on go like the clappers shift barrel along step on it wing cut along make haste scorch hightail it lay rubber spank along hotfoot get cracking go like the wind skip beetle bowl along put on some speed jog pound rattle along steam go fast flee roll trip hurry up skedaddle shake a leg speed up move make tracks quicken push put one's foot down accelerate surge canter burn expedite fling make time amble beat it lope double vroom clear out yeet skitter skirr hop it boil bullet pace spur escape beeline leave make off dispatch duck decamp fast-track lose no time really move move fast depart get your skates on go like a bomb storm cut and run jogtrot plough dodge dogtrot go quickly whish pounce flow stream be quick whistle slide split vamoose lash smoke plow scat go throw oneself go headlong launch oneself press on kite skite veer press get moving take flight light out make a run for it stir one's stumps go like a bullet tear along whip along step on gas take off move along cover ground abscond get out dog it patter romp run like the wind crack swoosh startle hum whir outstrip waltz festinate pass push on march gush frolic gambol steamroller blitz railroad buck proceed frisk prance cascade ride go away flutter whirr bumble burr drone dust catapult go at top speed pour progress slip away burst put foot bestir sally move like greased lightning stride hurdle go like lighting rack express flourish run very fast brandish make yourself scarce tear out dig in get a wiggle on gather momentum belt along book it chuck it down be off like a shot sloosh flood tumble rush off speed away turn on steam bomb along run like mad plunge ahead surge through wind gust hop along step along put on a burst of speed gear up bowl over go all out make short work of pass by move forward move rapidly go by pump rattle descend plummet drop move apace waste no time whip around not lose a minute take wing head pass quickly show quickly run off run away nosedive sidestep stoop scram beat a retreat turn tail fall retreat skidoo run for it clear off bug out scarper glide advance set out set forth aim make cut head off set off make a break steer bear drift swerve hook it skip off levant coast fly down body-swerve slip peel out make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat cruise zigzag jink slalom juke weave go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels make oneself scarce do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost brush skate hop skid plane shirk soar saltate bob aquaplane turn aside ascend bounce arise smooth along skim through move lightly go up jump up rise rush at get on it make it snappy spout spill spew squirt discharge well issue emit trickle emanate swirl disembogue leak erupt deluge spray dribble eject disgorge sluice expel ooze fountain rage spritz emerge well up pour out run out overflow ripple swell sputter teem exude wash gurgle fuss seep belch drip regurgitate eruct cannon spill out tool stir well forth belch forth shed brim purl thrill fire roar brim over roll along spread spring up go briskly let off step lively bleed go rapidly drive fast egress run fast spiral waft rush headlong circulate flow out spit squeeze splur busily tear up the miles go at breakneck speed go like greased lightning eddy swarm rush around be busy be on the go busy yourself stem go along crowd throng billow pile drain empty drench dispense rill inundate transfer sheet continue move past give off stroke cross rush forward leak out journey wend crawl drag move onwards pass through blow past run through run by


A scornful or hurtful act or expression
slight insult slur barb affront dig epithet indignity cut outrage slap diss dis brickbat offence gird sarcasm offense poke name personality put down taunt snub slap in the face gibe aspersion jibe kick in the teeth abuse criticism disparagement sneer injury scorn slam disrespect discourtesy cutting remark black eye backhanded compliment obloquy contempt humiliation derision rudeness mockery sting rebuff invective wisecrack jeer hit zinger scoffing knock reproach shaft disparaging remark dirty dig left-handed compliment indignation disdain scoff smear provocation belittlement kick crack goading spite quip grievance mistreatment wrong ridiculing insinuation call-down remark attack pan atrocity innuendo suppression burn take-down scandal desecration brush-off snide remark exposé comeback pointed comment one in the eye taunting dirty deed gibing censure vitriol burlesque lampooning banter raillery mocking remark accusation rap blur disgrace animadversion odium reflection dump besmirch stricture expose blemish bar sinister slander libel defamation vilification contumely opprobrium insolence shame ignominy impertinence impudence vituperation scurrility aspersions depreciation revilement blasphemy incivility superciliousness sledge impugnment pejorative unpleasantry disdainfulness despite flame cheap shot abusive remark ridicule injustice teasing disservice catcall jab rejection unfairness harm dishonor dishonour rebuke hurt inequity unjustness cheek hiss boo cold shoulder damage Bronx cheer sauce sacrilege raw deal swipe hoot raspberry jeering lip sauciness cheekiness repulse bird sneering disesteem snort razz sin discredit ragging shout jibing chaffing detriment ill degradation infringement evil disfavour parting shot silent treatment brushoff abasement blow to one's pride disfavor prejudice unjust act smack in the face verbal dig microaggression back-handed compliment no compliment home truth uncomplimentary remark name-calling snigger snidery disrepute infamy verbal jab whistle hateful remark verbal abuse snappy comeback displeasure wrongdoing barbed remark blame wolf whistle heckle shout of derision unkindness backchat mouth sass bad turn calumny stain satire ill turn mischief joking ill-treatment flippancy misrepresentation blot stigma difficulty joshing ribbing kidding chiacking kidology disapproval hissing heckling catcalling hectoring booing shouting interruption imputation allegation goofing razzing gibes laughter barracking knocking rejoinder guff attitude retort sassiness return uptake riposte sneers libellous statement taking the mickey winding up slanderous statement sport forwardness presumption presumptuousness impiety insubordination impoliteness defilement profanation taunts jeers denigration insults scornfulness backhander pilgarlic profanity sinfulness heresy nerve pooh-poohing crime embarrassment back talk nasty reply back answer short answer rude answer blot on your escutcheon lack of respect irreverence misdeed refusal knock-back discouragement trespass violation transgression humbling opposition check defeat bad immorality infraction iniquity mortification chagrin repudiation spurning repulsion cold-shouldering denial bad deed peccadillo villainy evildoing tort error reprobation vitiation discomfiture condescension nix reprimand thumbs down go-by turndown nothing doing smack in the eye hard time the old heave-ho unlawful act bad act illegal act bad action malefaction malfeasance comedown submissiveness resignation submission cruelty oppression bias misdemeanour misdoing mistake malevolence turpitude inhumanity misdemeanor foul play persecution faux pas delinquency imposition indecency blunder miscarriage loss of pride loss of face self-abasement mental pain touché

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