Đồng nghĩa của dose

Alternative for dose

doses, dosed, dosing

Đồng nghĩa: amount, portion, quantity,


A small amount of something
dab bit drop smidgen smidgeon spoonful tad touch molecule morsel shred skosh snippet speck dribble granule lick mite piece shaving strain dollop ounce sample scruple tinge fraction iota dot extract hint mouthful nip streak dash fleck modicum snip spatter crumb droplet sliver smudge splash tittle blob driblet pinch smear smidge sprinkling jot scintilla spot trickle blot soupçon sprinkle trace whit dram peck portion skerrick little bit scrap particle grain chip atom fragment taste splinter peanuts segment slice share chunk shard butt flake lump snatch moiety chicken feed suspicion suggestion part trifle stub end division item section parcel excerpt specimen ort minim glimmer shade ray smitch mote nugget flyspeck nubbin stump scale niggle amount quantity little patch tiny amount whisper smack stim shadow spark jot or tittle smell snap ace bite paring hunk gobbet pin small portion small piece tiny piece whiff small amount scantling smattering breath flicker cut tincture vestige nuance slab wedge bar tiny bit smithereen overtone strip hoot intimation tang element remnant fig vein wafer gob continental strand wisp whoop syllable scoosh shiver rap block spall durn darn shot skelf ghost scent cake drop in the bucket tablet note wodge member brick scattering inkling impression air flavour flavor tidbit minimum spillikin titbit splint sip tiniest bit offcut tatter nibble stick layer cube small quantity semblance squat sampling undertone diddly savour cutting step degree nucleus savor sign length speckle article knob belt any rag small bit ribbon quota take proportion allowance allotment tongue few smatter handful footstep half lot dole stitch stroke inch colouring glob slither gleam scatter seed bubkes beans bupkes coloring nib infinitesimal doodly-squat diddly-squat mark swallow couple measure doodley-squat murmur unit spell pinpoint slip some thimbleful ingot finger tot snort cast indication flash gallet point draft draught soupcon few drops sparkle hair fillet filet mottle blotch dapple pip eyespot splotch least bit sniff stripe narrow piece chippings chapter movement deal bargain buy steal stretch corn minute very little brush cantlet loaf mixture shake powdering dust admixture smithereens oddment glint selection slot rudiments elements tendency spit arc beam filing glimmering spoor picayune spice eyelash pellet aroma needle faint sign potsherd trimming glow glitter record memento residue proof token footprint footmark tiny part squeeze detail drip globule toothful capful component partition evidence forkful oval clipping bead chipping tranche rove wee bit hair's breadth period peeling subdivision group inhalation snuff odor fume odour flatus smallest part matchwood flinders helping articulation thorn small percentage tiny proportion pennyworth small degree sup small thing slightest bit squirt seasoning wood slurp taster canapé muck plate boulder rod stave stone board billet a small sum a trifling amount a trifling sum a paltry sum monkey's tear appetiser part of something juicy bit appetizer squama dusting pencil band rectangle hors d'oeuvre one bit pellicle skin cell snowflake peel scab membrane foil sheet tinker's curse brass farthing even a little bit two hoots smallest amount tinker's cuss coin one or two not many a small number circle pinprick thread macule macula twist neck hairline lock tendril tiny mark shock curl string tuft hairbreadth stone's throw small margin shouting distance hairsbreadth


A medicine or remedy that is prescribed
prescription drug medicine preparation treatment remedy cure mixture convention custom heritage medicament medication rubric rule tradition medicinal nostrum physic decree edict forescript law ordinance prescript regulation specific antidote pharmaceutical panacea placebo vaccine balm vaccination inoculation antibiotic pharmacon elixir pill salve tablet tonic antiseptic potion antitoxin serum corrective curative therapy alleviation restorative therapeutic medicant counteragent antiserum rectifier fix elixir vitae aid counteractant healing agent catholicon countermeasure course of treatment help cure-all anesthetic lotion tincture quack remedy patent medicine sedative ointment anaesthetic capsule liniment biologic injection modern medicine Western medicine healing theriac opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic relief answer solution magic bullet stimulant narcotic dope therapeutics quick fix diacatholicon panpharmacon sovereign remedy universal remedy preventive wonder drug cure for all ills care surgery rehabilitation doctoring hospitalization operation regimen diet heal-all hospitalisation universal cure perfect solution magic potion magic formula analysis prophylactic painkiller medical drug redress reparation recovery assistance proprietary rehab restora-tive counteractive neutralizer treacle antivenin thing way out electrical converter power converter AC-DC converter remedial treatment analgesic mitigation assuagement amelioration mithridate antivenene healing treatment resolution neutralizing agent counterstep negator nullifier easing improvement method of healing counteracting agent cream plan scheme formula unguent sovereign cure lubricant quack medicine big idea home remedy unction balsam emollient dressing rub embrocation pomade emolient counterirritant cerate ministrations nursing medicaments drugs medical attention medical care course of drugs course of medication


Something which ails one
ailment complaint disease disorder illness infirmity malady sickness bug condition affliction lurgy trouble affection ail complication distemper distemperature fever ill indisposition infection upset ache flu malaise syndrome virus weakness mild sickness debility ill health disability unhealthiness defect diseasedness problem unhealth unsoundness unwellness feebleness frailty contagion decrepitude wog fragility sickliness delicacy ailing frailness debilitation vulnerability deficiency failing fault poor health shortcoming imperfection confinement decay flimsiness attack puniness delicateness what's going around fragileness unsubstantiality weakliness insubstantiality failing health plague dysfunction inflammation disturbance breakdown blight scourge health condition contamination injury evil visitation valetudinarianism seizure fit curse collapse bad health cancer epidemic impairment abnormality lightness thinness menace plight predicament smallness slightness littleness fineness irregularity diminutiveness health issue health complaint queasiness failure cachexia unhealthfulness pollution septicity sepsis paroxysm convulsion poison feverishness temperature febrility pyrexia shivering febricity symptoms enfeeblement ague calenture delirium temp health problem complex prognostics pattern diagnostics sign canker wimpiness asthenia dodderiness listlessness lameness enervation languor languidness lowness faintness relapse pestilence shakiness unsteadiness instability bane endemic pathosis coath misery Cancer hemorrhage spell rot haemorrhage stroke convulsions declining health susceptibility incapacity medical condition high temperature disablement silent killer handicap set of symptoms incompetence inability restriction inexperience impotence incompetency detriment invalidity drawback disadvantage unfitness lack learning difficulties disqualification special needs learning disability pest pandemic weediness corruption exhaustion fatigue bubonic plague tiredness Black Death outbreak contagious disease infirmness unwholesomeness morbidness malignancy corrosion lues defenselessness rash smutch vitiation senility morbidity weariness devitalization lassitude overtiredness prostration encumbrance ineffectiveness lack of vitality lack of energy murrain killer influenza wave hydra pneumonic plague pain distress suffering woe torment misfortune tribulation trial sorrow ordeal adversity hardship wretchedness grief calamity anguish hurt excruciation torture rack agony travail straits ills difficulty burden crux cross depression cross to bear


The amount or number of a material or abstract thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement
quantity amount size volume mass sum total aggregate extent length number quota bulk expanse measure part portion quantum group load area capacity consignment lot weight allotment dosage greatness magnitude proportion amplitude batch body budget figure multitude variety number of supply degree measurement level sum total tally totality count share percentage collection allowance result piece section bit fraction segment division value factor record rate summation score cut grand total array coefficient point band slice grade set bunch ratio battery dimension clutch gross cluster constellation crop intensity constant unit apportionment bundle rank whole passel pitch gradation clump assessment toll outcome tab reckoning quotient full amount statistic content contingent scope mark entirety company abundance data net member indication scale ration allocation complement census percentile due height stratum stage moiety divvy rake-off reading total number whack high point subdivision strand grouping proportionality running total read-out assemblage element relative amount calculation comparative extent comparative number block points knot reservoir suite piece of the cake slice of the cake piece of the action parcel bank package agglomeration boodle average corpus conglomeration assortment stock summary account take end raft nest series number of points final result final score end result final count number of runs number of goals clot shipment accumulation aggregation admeasurement comparison equation

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