Đồng nghĩa của relapse

Alternative for relapse

relapses, relapsed, relapsing

Đồng nghĩa: regress, return, reverse, revert,


A deterioration in someone's state of health after a temporary improvement


The act of relapsing
lapse regression backsliding decline deterioration recidivism retrogression reversion worsening degeneration fall downturn falling descent drop sinking slide slipping falling away loss return waning fall from grace retrogradation throwback backslide recession reverting atavism decadence devolution recidivation declension degradation ebb downfall weakening decay downgrade degeneracy ebbing atrophy collapse retreat retroaction reverse getting worse reoffending relapsing reoffense repetition diminution slump decrease abatement reduction lessening dip decrement dive plummet reverting to old habits dwindling plunge shrinkage debasement withering devaluation depreciation diminishment downtrend downswing failing lowering falloff decaying dissolution eclipse declination enfeeblement debilitation wane comedown depletion crash falling-off dissipation dent drop-off nosedive tumble slip falling off disintegration falling apart depression cut step down failure ruin demise slackening cutback contraction down curtailment breakdown overthrow defeat flameout ruination bankruptcy flop diminishing downslide destruction discount deflation downtick deficiency end washout let-up miscarriage impoverishment deduction bust rupture stoppage nonsuccess stagnation sag death easing slowdown subsidence wreck attenuation downgrading checkmate de-escalation reversal undoing foundering dying down trough termination folding markdown subsiding stalemate inadequacy lemon deficit nonperformance rout mess loser botch bungle misstep frustration turkey abortion bomb misadventure fiasco implosion erosion declining retrenchment easing off moderation total loss false step lead balloon flash in the pan sinking ship faux pas slash minimization abasement minimizing demotion petering out subtraction extinction dropping off downer cessation minimising fall-off letdown skid relaxation annihilation alleviation lightening exhaustion shrinking fading devaluing bottom-out mitigation loss of status bad times bathos disappointment cutting tailing off disillusionment let-down decadency corrosion anticlimax declivity trimming impairment rollback dereliction saving dégringolade liquidation dying away disrepair disgrace dying out damage dilution inactivity blow attrition drain vanquishing comeuppance insolvency shakeout downward spiral malfunction devastation doom nose dive halt disruption interruption unsuccess extermination break-up labefaction disorganization seizure stagflation disorganisation nonachievement shutdown fizzle Waterloo unsuccessfulness rainy days lack of success economic decline non-function breaking down credit squeeze hard times credit crunch write-down receding depravation downsize setback dropoff Götterdämmerung deprivation reversing rotation inversion precipitation privation disappearance slowing down landslide vitiation downshift sharp fall forfeiture squandering detraction neglect negligence misprision delinquency oversight default plummeting adulteration dislocation spoiling perversion rotting degringolade rundown downhill trend shortfall fragmenting undermining destabilisation destabilization standstill flagging slowing skydive letup breakup omission compression striction decrescence constriction condensation tainting corruption taking away slack arrest paralysis breaking up waste fade free fall pruning slimming fading away expenditure consumption nonfeasance loss of success desisting relenting dropping away closure letting up Black Monday rainy day disgregation bound entropy anergy using up use expending retardation want axing chopping limiting modulation sweep backflow withdrawal refluence reflux retroflux cooling off meltdown emptying milking sapping draining economy subdual subjugation pullback slimming down tapering off cadence downcome steep fall palliation damping allaying deadening appeasement modification cushioning assuagement bleeding scaling down blight dumps nose-dive rut funk low bottom devitalization obliteration entropy low tide low water outward flow phasedown bottom out closing placation softening tempering calming quelling soothing stilling pacification dulling relief demolition decimation demolishment humiliation mortification humbling belittlement cheapening decrepitude desolation dilapidation belt-tightening running down enervation immiseration wastage salami slicing blue devils bad period blue funk the skids decrease in value lowering in value extenuation remission mollification discomfiture cropper pratfall havoc crumbling subversion reduction in value unemployment unseating accounting allowance topple shutting down close-down going under winding up loss of value ousting conquest toppling deposition elimination nemesis falling to pieces big trouble bane debacle loss of face reality check expiration dying passing loss of power expiry rack and ruin road to ruin loss of prosperity curtains quietus decease non-event impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary indebtedness pauperdom administration receivership croaking passing on snuffing passing away passage grave damp squib fate exit great divide financial ruin not what it was cracked up to be ineffective conclusion


A sudden short bout of an illness or stress
attack bout fit outburst spell case dose occurrence encounter run stint eruption outbreak streak access frenzy series spasm fury siege stroke suffering burst convulsion explosion stretch battle period rush throe conniption patch torrent turn flare seizure spurt blowup flurry paroxysm spree ailment round spate blow-up flare-up welling up flash gush ebullition storm blaze gale flush boutade agony gust surge effusion outpouring flood upsurge splurt outflow outflowing blast hurricane ictus flutter flicker apoplexy spot cycle interval session episode short time twinge collapse state throes huff term scene blow short period course onset experience phase blowout fireworks twitch howl peal ripple manifestation wave rash breakout break volley bursting detonation paddy scream roar hoot shout shriek sudden illness illness breakdown time sickness incidence nausea upheaval rapture discharge fuming violence furor rage hysterics anger frothing passion excitement agitation furore heart attack sesh sequence shift tear tour trick go pang queasiness qualm grand mal epileptic attack petit mal epileptic fit embolism thrombosis shaking tremor contraction contortion cramp shock clamour algospasm epilepsy clamor cerebrovascular accident CVA cerebral haemorrhage cerebral vascular accident muscular contractions stream deluge flow cascade epidemic flux tide barrage hail jet issue onslaught efflux salvo bombardment rise avalanche cannonade outrush shower current blitz drainage fusillade blitzkrieg welling drain bang drumfire drumbeat swell sally battery effluence spout inundation upwelling leakage outpour exodus rain escape emanation outflux overflow upswing gushing sweep emergence spring effervescence recrudescence emission sudden appearance groundswell plague thunder charge uprising onrush effluent crack fulmination debouchment escalation influx expression hemorrhage haemorrhage boom ooze bubble seepage effluvium ignition blowing up start inflammation tantrum vomiting outcry hissy vibration expulsion fire bomb broadside fever ferment strafe gunfire spray boiling bubbling fountain combustion ebb voidance shedding mass shelling bombing ejection venting exudation splash touch hissy fit outfall crash breaking sundering commotion rending brawl irruption disorder disruption tumult sortie crossfire stab fermentation seething exudate diffusion pouring effluxion loss streaming depletion blasting show burst of fire building up build-up sudden display sudden exhibition craze increase growth blowing-up sudden show brief display brief exhibition upturn scourge contagion mushrooming spread pest endemic pestilence what's going around motion trickle river oozing


A disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind
illness disease sickness ailment disorder infirmity malady complaint condition affliction bug indisposition infection affection complication trouble weakness ail distemper debility distemperature ill malaise virus disability fever attack contagion lurgy syndrome unhealthiness seizure flu fit breakdown unsoundness diseasedness unhealth collapse ailing disturbance valetudinarianism poor health ill health failing health what's going around upset problem frailty feebleness wog defect decrepitude sickliness plague enervation fragility delicacy unwellness languor listlessness blight debilitation frailness injury impairment contamination inflammation dysfunction enfeeblement incapacity ache faintness asthenia lowness languidness epidemic scourge health condition septicity lassitude pestilence pollution evil weariness poison visitation bane temperature deficiency failing infirmness fault shortcoming imperfection bad health puniness vulnerability cancer curse weakliness confinement decay paroxysm convulsion abnormality wimpiness dodderiness shakiness stroke spell weediness menace queasiness plight dose irregularity failure unhealthfulness predicament health issue health complaint cachexia sepsis mild sickness slightness unwholesomeness morbidness feverishness toxicity shivering febricity febrility pyrexia exhaustion symptoms corruption taint venom miasma impurity morbidity delirium ague calenture temp devitalization lameness health problem complex prognostics diagnostics pattern sign tiredness fatigue overtiredness prostration unsteadiness instability canker declining health susceptibility encumbrance ineffectiveness pandemic pathosis endemic lack of vitality lack of energy misery coath Cancer hemorrhage rot haemorrhage convulsions unease depression angst melancholy anxiety discomfort high temperature medical condition disablement dejection unhappiness restlessness despondency doldrums disquiet handicap flimsiness anguish ailments ills set of symptoms silent killer delicateness spasm uneasiness insubstantiality incompetence incompetency detriment drawback disadvantage unfitness lack disqualification inability restriction inexperience impotence invalidity learning difficulties special needs fragileness unsubstantiality bout weltschmerz dissatisfaction pain despair distress discontent Weltschmerz ennui learning disability access turn case siege apoplexy ictus throe sudden illness lethargy burnout sluggishness frazzle somnolence powerlessness drowsiness sleepiness torpor inertia helplessness lifelessness thinness strain doziness depletion flaw defenselessness apathy jet lag incapacitation heaviness foible weak point senility weak spot vice attenuation brittleness frangibility paralysis inanition grogginess laziness indolence vitiation fatigation stupor limitation dereliction dullness want demerit blemish sin Achilles heel lightness smallness littleness fineness diminutiveness etiolation meagerness effeteness extreme tiredness weakening fallibility idleness inactivity wall lack of strength defencelessness hebetude expenditure consumption wooziness blind spot exhaustedness bonk immobility dizziness dimness elderliness desolation defatigation monotony disillusionment languishment agedness enfeebled state grief indistinctness giddiness dreaminess slowness inaction senescence inadequacy incapability torpidity oscitancy the wall emotional exhaustion dotage haziness paleness dopiness eld age snag superannuation depth of misery heavy eyelids chink in one's armour loss of strength decline insufficiency ineptitude old age inefficiency ineffectuality brain fag liability downside irresolution lapse gap inconstancy soft spot weakest link chink in somebody's armor sore point chink in armor


To decrease in number, amount, intensity, or quality
fall decline decrease diminish dwindle lessen plunge sink drop plummet slump shrink crash depreciate descend dip regress subside taper wane abate ebb flag lower tumble devalue dive droop ease lapse lose nosedive recede reduce relent remit skid totter backslide buckle cheapen crater drag moderate pall slope trail de-escalate drop off fall away fall off flop go down let up nose-dive bow out drain away grow less taper off die away die down die out phase down ratchet down cave in lose value become lower break down decline in price decrease in value fold up go into a tailspin go through the floor hit the dirt take a header take a nosedive tip over be precipitated hit the floor weaken slacken fade tail off peter out collapse attenuate contract ease off crumble deteriorate settle sag drop away degenerate grow smaller alleviate relax slide slacken off soften slip decrement become smaller pitch quieten fall sharply downsize come to an end drop rapidly quell decay come down mitigate drop down close fade away tilt go downhill wind down tip ease up rachet down downscale wither fall steeply devaluate temper shrivel fail become less bank slow settle down get smaller waste away lean crumple slack off get less topple incline calm cant bend depress retrogress list atrophy die off downturn angle worsen retrograde disappear deplete cease terminate drain subdue blur melt away calm down skew trail off fall down get lower slow down take a dive topple over cool off slant revert slouch lighten flump heel downgrade make less vanish quieten down quiet allay disintegrate give way still dissolve stop desist slope down rot rise dent turn down evaporate assuage erode slant down cut stoop shelve lull minimize bevel mollify minify retreat deflate recidivate devolve minimise mark down plonk oneself plonk yourself plop oneself waste soft-pedal melt check slip back slack roll back drift back go backwards recline fall short cool run low come to a stop write down take the sting out become weaker fall back knock down dry up wear away wear down slope downwards tone down chill out flow away turn back shut spiral finish incline downwards tilt downwards release shorten narrow dim disengage relieve precipitate dump decrease rapidly grow condense modulate go downwards curb cascade retire withdraw languish slake dampen slim wrinkle thin out wilt restrain extenuate abbreviate retrench angle off descend rapidly rescind trail away shape elongate bate be reduced telescope grow faint fade out make smaller fizzle out die away or out die away or down evanesce give in become weak lose edge narrow down break halt decelerate end dull unlax coast curtail be on the way out become softer become quieter phase out slant downwards thin down discount slash lower oneself plump oneself plump yourself plank oneself cool it level off write off lower in price devalorize lower in value suffer be overtaken slide back be overcome go back to get quieter get softer draw to a close amputate impair thin crop clip abridge pare down tend deviate close out cut back slack up verge hunch curve veer fold go out cave take the bite out soothe diverge loll return flow out flow back succumb turn train aim lay level yaw point sit heavily hush pacify compose be at an angle retrocede sink back give out fall apart palliate placate lullaby descent ascend get worse silence tranquilize deaden repress salve becalm quash stifle ramp climb come apart go to pot go back lose ground throw back lose headway turn the clock back go to the dogs move back splay rake rock to sleep take it easy tranquillize stroke appease comfort qualify reassure balm quiet down take the edge lay back put a lid on

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