Đồng nghĩa của regress

Alternative for regress

regresses, regressed, regressing

Trái nghĩa: progress,


To return to a former or less developed state
revert deteriorate degenerate lapse ebb relapse retrogress backslide decline return wane worsen retreat retrograde subside atrophy crumble decay descend devolve drop fall recede rot sink slump drift back fall off go backwards recidivate retrocede sink back slip back fall away get worse go downhill fall back go back go to pot lose ground lose headway move back roll back throw back turn back turn the clock back go to the dogs slip slide diminish weaken fail dwindle fade go down the toilet hit the skids collapse flag decrease disintegrate depreciate droop go down the tubes lower wither degrade lessen languish disimprove grow worse waste away shrink abate wilt taper go to rack and ruin reduce nosedive become worse waste break down go down drop off tumble ease de-escalate go to pieces plunge take a nosedive plummet spoil stagnate debilitate dip dive impair sag relent corrode crash become debilitated pall fall apart skid go bad be in decline ratchet down phase down go to the pack nose-dive fall to pieces take a turn for the worse go to seed vitiate perish undermine debase lag go emaciate suffer downturn crater remit slide back moderate wear away lose quality let up become dilapidated taper off drain away grow weak be on your last legs die away die down die out be the worse for wear falter decompose drift move backward shrivel decompensate contract slacken depress damage fade away withdraw go down the tube pejorate become emaciated injure adulterate alloy mar break make something worse retire go from bad to worse dry up become shrunken shrivel up be neglected be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be damaged be impaired be shown to disadvantage be worse for wear lose it be overtaken be overcome die become enfeebled back away drop back pull out hit rock bottom run to seed reach depths fall into disrepair come apart at the seams moulder sicken go back to move away be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be breathing one's last be approaching death close retract back depart turn pervert molder demoralise warp debauch deprave demoralize stain stray go away back off move further off die off draw away draw back flow back wither away fall into decay dilapidate putrefy totter lose devalue leave the straight and narrow go wrong go down the primrose path fall from grace go astray trail drag slope buckle cheapen flop grow less bow out lose value cave in break up go into a tailspin go through the floor fold up hit the dirt decrease in value tip over hit the floor be precipitated become lower take a header decline in price drop down go into decline fall apart at the seams die on vine come apart at seams tail off peter out attenuate ease off drop away settle grow smaller alleviate relax slacken off soften decrement become smaller pitch quieten fall sharply downsize come to an end drop rapidly quell come down mitigate tilt wind down tip ease up rachet down downscale fall steeply devaluate temper become less bank get lower slow get smaller lean settle down crumple slack off topple incline calm cant bend list angle get less disappear deplete cease terminate drain subdue blur melt away calm down skew trail off fall down slow down take a dive topple over cool off slant slouch lighten flump heel downgrade make less vanish quieten down quiet allay give way still dissolve stop desist slope down rise dent turn down evaporate assuage erode slant down cut stoop shelve lull minimize bevel mollify minify deflate minimise mark down plonk oneself plop oneself soft-pedal melt check slack recline fall short cool run low come to a stop write down take the sting out become weaker knock down wear down slope downwards tone down chill out flow away shut spiral finish reverse incline downwards tilt downwards release shorten narrow dim disengage relieve precipitate dump decrease rapidly grow condense sink lower modulate go downwards curb cascade slake dampen slim wrinkle thin out restrain extenuate abbreviate retrench angle off descend rapidly rescind trail away shape elongate bate be reduced telescope grow faint fade out make smaller fizzle out die away or out die away or down evanesce give in become weak lose edge narrow down halt decelerate end dull unlax coast curtail be on the way out become softer become quieter lower oneself plump oneself phase out slant downwards plank oneself thin down discount slash go out cool it level off amputate thin crop clip abridge write off lower in price devalorize lower in value get quieter get softer draw to a close flow out cut back slack up hunch close out pare down tend deviate verge take the bite out curve veer loll fold cave soothe diverge succumb sit heavily train aim lay level yaw point hush pacify compose be at an angle give out palliate placate lullaby descent ascend silence tranquilize deaden repress salve becalm quash stifle ramp climb come apart splay rake rock to sleep take it easy tranquillize stroke appease comfort qualify reassure balm quiet down take the edge lay back put a lid on


To withdraw to or from a particular place
retire withdraw exit depart decamp adjourn leave recede remove retreat go off repair back away drop back fall back go go away go out part pull out separate absent yourself betake oneself leave for make an exit get away get off run along seclude oneself take off shut oneself away in go to one's room vamoose quit split clear out push off shove off scram make oneself scarce clear off skedaddle get going bail out scoot begone cut out run off set out make tracks walk out move bug off abstract oneself fly beat it set off run away flee beat a retreat buzz off bail take leave take a hike sling your hook make off scarper get vacate start out up sticks bug out step along bolt be on your way hightail it get lost push on be off flit pack off pike off pack up pike out bog off check out book escape peel off dig out sally forth disappear hightail head off hit the road light out take a powder say your goodbyes pack your bags rack off hit the trail draw away break camp get under way blow scat shoo hamba voetsak move out avaunt walk off slope off naff off on your bike sod off haul off get along back out take a long walk on a short pier get out move along move off nick off hop it be off with you go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake proceed evacuate run do a bunk abandon desert abscond do a disappearing act emigrate vanish migrate sally embark start make a move go forth make a start take oneself move out of hook it skip off retire from say goodbye hop the twig push along get stuffed take yourself off cut and run duck out pop off remove oneself take wing get moving hop the stick kite alight step out make like a tree and leave make like a tree and get out of here range cruise wend lam mosey take flight make one's way skip out make for make a break for it forsake go your way go and chase yourself get out of my sight defect elope cut relinquish issue clear draw stir transfer withdraw from depart from pass resign disengage from go from be gone from take your leave of take French leave head out go away from fly from do a bunk from pull out of say one's farewells decamp from ride off flee from slip out abscond from give the slip escape from run away from go AWOL walk away break away disappear from slope off from exit from bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from step down come away head for shut oneself away retreat from pull back bow out resort journey retreat to hie process retire to go to adjourn to set off for depart for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for abdicate git advance absent troop set forth blast off move on make a break slip away march out hit the bricks

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