Đồng nghĩa của get under way


To begin from a particular point in time
start begin commence get underway kick off be in effect get going go ahead make a start proceed dawn get cracking happen occur launch initiate set in motion put in motion inaugurate get off the ground open start off institute establish introduce put in place originate usher in enter into found set up pioneer instigate embark on start the ball rolling organize get the ball rolling constitute innovate activate bring into being get the show on the road plant lead off create organise fall to strike into get off set off enter upon embark upon lay the foundations of lay the first stone of bring about cause set about make up bring in actuate install embark bow trigger instal enact break the ice get in operation get something functioning get something working sow the seeds of set going get things rolling set the ball rolling take up start up ring in get going on generate commence proceedings induct kick-start open up trigger off enter launch into go about set out jump into make a start on get cracking on get down to instate get show on road set forth intro start ball rolling lay the cornerstone of get one's feet wet break in start out get on come up with come out with get ball rolling get on with dream up get up to speed fix invest settle rev mastermind float roll debut convene rumble jump-start develop raise the curtain start on roll out bring out get going with break into burst into put into operation put in jumps-tart commence on invent plan unveil break the seal take action on begin business set the ball rolling on break the ice on admit get moving bring forward phase in take the lead in bring up the curtain on get your skates on get a move on fix up knock down pave the way portend foreshadow prosecute attack pursue show in signal announce herald give notice of tackle undertake engage take steps take action act take measures move ahead knuckle down address oneself to begin undertaking get to work on concentrate on set to buckle down to focus on get to work engage in enter on antecede mark the start of precede get down to business get weaving get stuck into get weaving on tear into smooth the path of clear the way for pave the way for set the scene for lead to open the way for allow to happen come into existence ring up the curtain on come into being hit the ground running scratch the surface open the door to depart leave head off go take off sail set sail go forth push off sally forth get on the road begin one's journey be off hit the road hit the trail set forward part foment pick stir up inspire whip up incite kindle abet brew provoke raise ferment spark off attempt take on have a go at produce get to grips with tee off assume approach have a crack at accept form kickoff plunge into go into venture into build deal with shoulder buckle down jump in go in for have a shot at make effectuate assemble construct handle pitch in lead actualize continue present do access bring into existence broach set upon log on try switch on sign in gain access commit to usher effect become involved in take part in devote oneself to take upon oneself turn to materialize embrace design kick in bear put together start to execute log in engineer get to materialise get stuck in forge perform manage craft take to take effect fashion preface meet compose catalyze take forward take the plunge put one's hand to the plough get one's finger out put one's shoulder to the wheel author endeavor set machinate catalyse give rise to fabricate take responsibility for endeavour plunge take knock up knock together bring to pass move into be responsible for take over take on oneself carry out go for set about with fall into agree to lead into turn one's hand to endeavour to do give something a whirl venture on participate in make a run at endeavor to do have a stab at drive off concentrate focus incorporate base propose offer get along with keep on start ball rolling on face start the ball rolling on begin work on consider adopt espouse crystallize avow throw yourself into get to work at borrow get cracking with implement transpire set on get down get start out on facilitate put forward set out on revolutionize devise resort to take in hand agree to do roll up one's sleeves get things moving set the wheels in motion put the wheels in motion commit oneself to resume recommence renew reopen restart set out with follow through with crystallise strike up be up to wade into dig in go for it apply oneself to sign on go whole hog go the limit immerse yourself take a flyer shoot the works draw up issue spearhead modernize conceive throw together cook up turn out father concoct conceive of contrive discover go on follow through carry on prompt elicit modernise put up hatch revolutionise knock off throw up bring on prefix precipitate induce settle down to come on-stream swing into action get to it invoke set down contribute proceed with affect mould realise realize chip in set to work get on with it get down to it fire away make the first move launch into it prologue premise host head piece rig shape render erect secure cast participate help resound add prolog lead up to attach put in front get down to the nitty-gritty get off one's backside plunge into it lay the first stone get down to brass tacks take the first step set things moving make a beginning buckle to go ahead with preside over give an introduction to make a habit of have recourse to mold germinate join in cooperate assist engender exercise jump off muck in collaborate help out aid lend a hand volunteer subscribe take first step pipe up be heard play a part come through contribute work wade in get busy hop to it go to it do your bit respond come into effect react essay contract hazard answer for have a hand in address oneself have a try at take upon yourself commit oneself try out volunteer oneself to be efficacious take hold progress work be effective


To leave a place
clear out depart go leave withdraw absent yourself decamp exit go away go off quit retire retreat bolt break camp flee fly make off beat a retreat get going make an exit make oneself scarce run away run off scram set off set out skedaddle split start out flit make tracks push off remove repair scoot shove off take off up sticks vamoose cut out hightail it abstract oneself betake oneself do a bunk do a disappearing act clear off slope off make a move beat it be on your way blow say your goodbyes pack your bags head off sling your hook scarper escape bug out take a powder cut and run light out take flight beat a hasty retreat do a runner run for it make a run for it make a break for it abscond begone leg it peel out head for the hills run along move pull out run buzz off hook it take a hike show a clean pair of heels bug off make a quick exit turn tail fly the coop get skidoo part vacate walk out bail out get out disappear bail go through shoot through hightail get lost scat step along skip off hit the road evacuate break get away take leave pike off pack up pack off pike out push on get off dig out sally forth book move out skip peel off shoo levant hit the trail be off vanish do a fade hamba voetsak bog off rack off avaunt hop it nick off sod off go jump in the lake desert go and jump in the lake make a getaway naff off get along haul off be gone move along say goodbye check out hotfoot it take to your heels scamper lam recoil back out be off with you abandon on your bike fall back take it on the lam slip away do a moonlight flit steal away go AWOL draw back take French leave pull back break out of make your escape step on it back off move off walk off take wing duck out hurry sneak away avoid shun evade shrink migrate emigrate sally have it away go on the lam move away withdraw from depart from step out abscond from head out get moving push along get stuffed pop off take a long walk on a short pier draw away give ground back away hop the twig make a break take yourself off get a move on exit from move back hop the stick scurry zip dash hasten speed race dart rush jump pull stakes hustle elude spur expedite whiz embark kite travel clear stir issue git make quick exit walk away start break out do a Skase be gone from hurry up make time make haste move fast get out of my sight escape from leave flat go from walk out on go out go forth make a start shake a leg give way go away from say one's farewells leave suddenly slip out go like lightning remove oneself pull up stakes go your way take your leave of fly from drop back ride off skip out run away from absent oneself from do a moonlight scatter beat off hurry away tear off fade away sneak off make away recede regress absquatulate get cracking duck egress dodge alight shirk adjourn range cruise hide depart suddenly wend mosey book it dash off fold disengage make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave separate say adieu have it away on one's toes sign out relocate distance oneself hasten away run from make for make one's way abdicate go and chase yourself free oneself extricate oneself break up say farewell take one's farewells budge from go out of shift from resettle back down be lost go back advance absent proceed troop conk out dedomicile storm off go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out hotfoot blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks resile exeunt spring flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly make a move from move from ditch dump break off ease out part company ship out split up quit the scene shy away step back go one's ways turn away make one's farewells shrink away go their separate ways go separate ways go offstage flake off do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure kick rocks step on the gas run out on forsake drop out opt out cop out cut loose kiss goodbye leave high and dry defect elope make a dash for it leave in the lurch run like scared rabbit leave holding the bag relinquish cut shrink back move house change house change address change jobs passage disappear from retire from decamp from change residence disengage from do a bunk from pull out of flee from give the slip slope off from step down move out of break away bolt from take oneself off from set out from come away hare hurtle scuttle shoot zoom sprint trot career belt pelt tear charge skirr whizz hie skitter ram hurl drive blast careen rip highball whirl bundle rustle breeze beetle rocket nip motor chase bomb jet whisk step buzz hump blaze course barrel bustle bowl scutter cannonball post beeline accelerate jump ship head make crack on move quickly be quick go south do a vanishing act make scarce make a quick getaway dog it break free depart secretly strike out


To take root, become established
set in begin commence start actualize appear arise arrive break come dawn engender form materialise materialize originate spring become established continue develop become entrenched settle in take root come to stay be here to stay emerge come into existence come into being happen occur rise transpire erupt spring up be born unfold come to pass emanate result crystallize eventuate stem issue spawn derive catalyze loom crop up take shape catalyse crystallise come forth burst out surface initiate proceed befall ensue grow evolve kick in be created come about break out trigger incite spark precipitate set flow bring about kickoff enkindle invoke foster effect occasion activate sprout follow set off produce become apparent trigger off come out effectuate come from stem from birth come to light turn up take place launch be set in motion be realized be brought to pass be brought about make an appearance first see the light of day kick off be established be brought into existence show itself bob up take form be forged pop up come off present itself enter into the picture chance be brought into being be developed arrive on the scene come to the fore fall enter the picture come on the scene have its origin hail from open betide occur suddenly glimmer come forth suddenly have its origins descend be descended be derived hatch forthcome take hold bed in metamorphose germinate be a direct result go upspring shoot up pick up propagate uprise foment manifest acquire solidify cultivate settle crystalize jell institute actuate establish accumulate show up come into view fall into place become visible take on character shape up mature condense harden reveal itself become a reality cause kick-start start up instigate provoke begin suddenly embark on start suddenly flame flare up blaze up blow up explode burst forth burst into realize generate prompt result in objectify induce give rise to stir up set in motion elicit create reify incarnate bring to pass drive affect inspire whip up evoke work up bring on be the cause of spark off put in motion spur beget stimulate be at the bottom of represent make real portray accomplish engineer symbolize make concrete put into effect bring into being symbolise realise bring to life make happen give life accrue come up be caused by arise from be produced by result from be brought about by arise out of manifest itself be the result of hap pass go down turn out fall out be come down go on supervene pan out flourish progress do eventualize head originate in show be revealed cook come into sight accompany culminate be consequent on attend end up pour bechance have roots in exist supervene on become known advance leak out take effect be seen derive from become evident well up roll out come after extend come along be discovered spread boil over reappear intervene be uncovered action recur spread out be transmitted be emitted play out start off well appear suddenly appear unexpectedly become mushroom become manifest swell be bred be caused be generated enter gush surge present chance to happen rise up blossom spurt overflow gush forth expose itself pop in put in an appearance be a consequence of see the light of day make the scene blow in become a fact float up stand up spill over be taken be got be rooted in prove succeed be unearthed come next incubate shake out hail work out finish up roll up soar begin life become public conceive getup overtake live in originate from be from happen suddenly commence suddenly befit presage be attended by follow on flow from grew up in come out of occur abruptly appear abruptly pass off be subsequent to hit shake gel sprout up issue from spring from emanate from burgeon enlarge expand broaden deepen be a result of be uttered unravel ejaculate pop stop end terminate chance upon have one's origin have effect pop out fare bear fruit be the consequence be the result naturalise increase see daylight have one's foundations perform be a consequence naturalize change be brought on by be had have its origin in be due to be consequent have as an ancestor be a descendant of vent ooze exude merge come together turn out from pace get along go off draw on have as a source have its origins in arise in age follow from develop out of be an effect of season seep out seep forth flow out pour forth seep pour out ooze out gush out flow forth ooze forth ripen maturate embody instantiate epitomize personify body personalize express incorporate externalize substantiate bloom circulate leak rematerialize be evident resurface expose be within view stand out stick out be apparent flash be visible be in view feature reveal catch the eye debut be obvious flower be released be announced slip out become common knowledge get out be made known be brought out be issued prove to be the case be disclosed be divulged be published be made public be promulgated get around come out in the wash be exposed be reported come out in the open present oneself broach coalesce typify pragmatize personalise entify epitomise visualize exteriorize hypostatize visualise personize externalise corporealize substantialize trickle manifest oneself reveal oneself prime ascend hove into view be present wind up at heave into view show oneself grow up spill reach adulthood come of age make appearance show your face heave in sight come true be incarnate become real become concrete become visual reveal yourself burst stream come to the surface go up come to the top break the surface discharge spout jet seethe spew sluice deluge spill out well forth brim over

Trái nghĩa của get under way

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