Đồng nghĩa của egress

Alternative for egress


The action of going out of or leaving a place
departure exit exodus withdrawal escape leaving pull-out retreat exiting setting-out vacation of a place evacuation egression retirement flight abandonment migration desertion emigration hegira recession going leave-taking decamping quitting departing parting decampment farewell fleeing leave outgo pullback pullout getaway congé vacation disengagement resignation expatriation embarkation goodbye adieu abdication going away lighting out walking out extraction secession marooning bow out leavetaking disappearance taking out relinquishment drawing alienation outpouring diaspora outpour outflow gush offgoing journey mass departure fallback going out chicken run eviction clearance katabasis ebb pulling back drawing out moving out pulling out retiral removal going off passage separation stampede running away sailing walkout powder takeoff start withdrawing setting off starting out setting out taking leave setting forth vanishing act taking off break valediction fading passing sendoff vanishing evaporation breakout evanescence absconding dissolution breakup stepping down loss slip lam truancy wane dematerialization dissipation surrender renunciation bolting melting eclipse disintegration receding ebbing dispersal wearing away disappearing act decline and fall ceasing to exist giving up work escapement disappearing outgoing defection split rout bunk giving up evasion breakaway termination escaping abscondment elopement spring fading away severance superannuation forsaking beat rejection flit send-off break-out fade-out bolt for freedom expiration vanishment exeunt ethereality diaphaneity breaking bisection divergence crossroads swan song disaffiliation liberation vacating on the rocks cessation discontinuation apostasy detachment expulsion extrication outbreak notice stopping dropping waiver stopping working stopping work bolt release freedom schism splitting deliverance runaround sidestepping shifting deportation demission dispensation cession desistance AWOL running off springing rescue rupture dissension disunion seceding division rift dying out split-up tendering notification standing down quitclaim leaving party going-away party emptying leaving do melting away depopulation passing from sight receding from view dropping out splinter group dereliction disappearing trick unpeopling flight from retreat from departure from exodus from clearance from pull-out from withdrawal from disappearance from vacation from betrayal flying cowardice treason retreating exfiltration fugue avoidance derelict disavowing divorce disavowal turning tail defecting perfidy castoff treachery recreancy tergiversation falseness disaffection elusion backsliding abrogation taking powder hasty departure checking out going absent without leave falling away going AWOL running out on going back on taking French leave


Passageway dividing something
aisle alley corridor gangway lane passage passageway path walkway artery avenue clearing course hallway ingress opening walk way pathway trail track road hall footway arcade gallery footpath lobby alleyway towpath byway concourse pavement promenade cloister sidewalk route street esplanade berm wynd thoroughfare drive entrance hall boulevard loggia colonnade entrance exit portico vestibule boardwalk entranceway couloir trackway bridleway catwalk causeway roadway snicket ginnel ride channel twitten vennel bridle path trace routeway thruway highway beaten path rut back street gangplank doorway ambulatory piazza stoa paseo covered walk quadrangle backstreet mall riding court crossing pier platform bypath sidetrack side road allée gully back alley side street narrow passage pass bikeway drag cycle track jogging track cycle path terrace right of way crosscut rail cycleway groove pavé shortcut galleria patio mezzanine upstairs strip byroad foyer turnpike parkway expressway throughway line direction tack trajectory orbit circuit journey itinerary conduit run steps racecourse canal heading beat lap bearing raceway race round watercourse beeline stream flume piste aqueduct flight path waterway duct cinder track freeway pike row carriageway arterial high road motorway superhighway main drag approach subway viaduct crossroad dragway parking lot ramp asphalt concrete cobblestone horse trail parade life main road dual carriageway toll road areaway access progress close broadway interstate canal path dike land bridge foot pavement ley method tracks advance step planking laneway singletrack twitchel ice road crescent four-lane skyway takeoff strip taxiway flight strip landing strip tarmac landing field airstrip turf blacktop stroll place bridle road bridle trail bridle way existence way through entry course of action beaten track av. driveway ave. experience means of access dead end super slab outlet av ave dirt track venture story progression clearway autoroute duckboard crossway Autobahn autostrada B road arterial road trunk road A road through road autobahn national road access road beef road through street strait runway career pedestrian way roadside paved path paving prom seafront front alameda marina deck public walk sea front cakewalk


A device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled


(of liquid) To flow from
emerge flow cascade gush stream course pour spurt issue jet proceed ripple run spew spill spout steam deluge discharge emanate emit flood ooze overflow roll rush sputter stem surge teem trickle well drift drip exude leak slip squirt swell swirl tumble dribble gurgle regurgitate whirl well forth well up leak out run out pour out burst spring sluice seep shed swoosh disembogue sloosh brim brim over glide rise well out flush spring up crowd throng swarm shoot spray mill erupt fountain disgorge pump eject eruct belch expel flow out spritz belch forth bleed sweat escape percolate strain leach drain filter weep release drop transude empty excrete filtrate exudate extravasate emit liquid perspire pour forth come out of give out give off overflow with vent send forth spew out radiate exhale send out throw out vomit cast expire irradiate diffuse sweep secrete evolve spit effuse shoot out cast out irrupt inundate hurl explode dispense void breathe evacuate spill out transmit splash give vent to ejaculate pass let off slide eructate babble bubble stream forth purl hiccup spit out spew forth drench seep out ooze out gush out expend beam extrude break out throw off reek output outsend breathe out expectorate purge yield speak burp water break splur squeeze seethe fire go spread let flow pile arise spiral waft drool eddy heave issue forth bucket lash transfer rill sheet decant drain away exhibit display force gush forth spill over swish rustle whiz deposit deliver send rupture boil be ejected burst out belch out billow churn out spurt out manifest burst forth spread out osmose touch off give forth go bang go off chuck it down let out demonstrate run off leave dry taper off filter off ventilate gulp posset repeat let loose breathe forth throw up cough up murmur lap plash burble swamp submerge drown drizzle sail tinkle guggle wash engulf coast cruise abound breeze pullulate skim whisk bowl slosh warble overwhelm gulf submerse brush douse soak run over speed whelm souse wet sop tear bubble over fly continue move past


To expel or discharge, typically gas or light
emanate emit radiate discharge exhale exude give out issue send out cast evolve expel expire irradiate release shoot spread throw out vent disgorge distill distil birth exit give off initiate ooze pour out rise send forth diffuse send let out escape project eject shed scatter distribute broadcast throw illumine strew sprinkle cast out transmit dispense leak erupt steam tingle beam evaporate exsufflate be emitted exhaust thrill breathe vaporise vaporize glow bend pinpoint deposit aim direct hold train level head set spatter spray bestow point disseminate pour spread out let off gleam glitter express circulate proliferate afford yield ramble propagate expand air voice utter beam out verbalize reveal shoot out light up assert communicate empty articulate ventilate proclaim put verbalise declare give free rein to come out with give voice to give vent to bring into the open make public take out on throw off find an outlet for give expression to provide escape drive out find expression for say state vocalize speak raise enunciate pronounce divulge word table phrase tell announce mention couch mouth formulate convey pass clothe asseverate set forth vocalise talk of put across put in words give utterance to point out put into words go into talk enounce sound off speak coherently speak about speak clearly bring out propose moot affirm broach purport annunciate promulgate intimate suggest cite discuss claim submit argue profess advance opine testify allege disclose impart debate denote present frame publish maintain designate give propound expound deliver herald indicate blare publicize sound advocate aver look trumpet import advertize avow advertise inform asservate recount intonate confess stress intone bespeak mutter blazon insinuate hint avouch connote admit emphasize inflect reassert roar modulate publicise shout yell reaffirm allegate repeat render cry emphasise get across attest to talk about testify to get over spell out lay down put over give testimony make known give expression make out pop off speak out give utterance shout from the rooftops bear witness bring forward give away put forward

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