Đồng nghĩa của continue

Alternative for continue

continues, continued, continuing

Đồng nghĩa: endure, go on, keep on, last, persist,

Trái nghĩa: cease, discontinue, intermit, interrupt,


Continue in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition
persist persevere carry on go on insist keep going keep on be determined be persistent be pertinacious be tenacious follow something through hold on keep at it keep it up plod on plough on press ahead press on see something through be diligent be patient grind away hold out not give up show determination stand fast stand firm stay with something go the distance hammer away hang on peg away plug away soldier on struggle on bash on be resolute crack on stay the course stick at it stop at nothing hang in there leave no stone unturned not take no for an answer stick it out stick to your guns endure stick at persevere with see through last remain keep at maintain continue with stay with stick with keep up persist with see it through persist at finish proceed stay carry on with keep going with soldier on with hold up grind follow through go on with push on hang in stick with it hang tough abide bide perdure survive run on prevail carry out sustain keep on with linger drudge stick labor beaver toil labour peg away at press on with show determination in keep on at not falter in not cease from persist in be stubborn persevere in last out plow on get on not give up with plug away at hold fast hammer away at tough it out stick to one's guns go ahead stand your ground stand one's ground gut it out chug stay with it suffer withstand resist pursue keep carry on doggedly live perpetuate outlast hold perseverate strive pursue your goal keep your hand in go to the mat go for broke keep driving remain firm go for it be resolved work at put one's back into be resolute in be steadfast in be pertinacious in slave complete be persistent in keep something up make it come through stay around continue activity not stop hack it be durable stay fresh slave away at plough through work away at be steadfast struggle on with stick to plow through carry through bash on with keep your nose to the grindstone follow up take travail go the limit go all the way stick to guns fight on exert oneself buckle down push forward take pains toil on fight take place advance happen execute ramble act come about behave deport comport bear occur conduct cling on clutch grasp latch on kick your heels hang about wait grip cling loiter keep a hold on be tough stick around hang around bring to completion continue to the end bring to a finish plod on through press ahead with plough on through stick something out


To postpone from being dealt with
table postpone adjourn defer delay park reschedule shelve prorogue reserve suspend detain mothball hold withhold retain suppress hang remit stall cool respite contain hold back hold off hold over put aside put back put off take offline hold off on put on hold put on ice put on the back burner put on the shelf stay pigeonhole put over hold up take a rain check on put in cold storage hold in abeyance lay on the table carry over put on back burner prolong lay over stand over keep in abeyance set aside interrupt procrastinate protract extend retard hang fire hinder impede give a rain check slow up do later put off the evil day give rain check put off the evil hour forestay cool it temporise temporize dally take a raincheck put in abeyance set back slow down intermit block slow lengthen waive obstruct recess discontinue break off terminate dissolve end halt pause prorogate dismiss suspend proceedings break up sideline freeze curb knock off stop bring to an end take a break restrain finish let up come to an end take a recess take five take a breather call a halt to call it a day take a rain check call a halt hang up lay aside put to one side tie up cease break cut short desist wind up conclude quit put a stop to drop arrest put an end to leave off bring to a close rest close lapse elapse expire pass determine die tarry take ten lay off linger dead-end cut off disband wink out rise check hesitate wait waver can file shake take a breath cancel complete call time take time out bring to a halt dawdle bring to a standstill go finish off ease off ease up lag poke close out wrap up loiter round out round off shut down pull the plug on have a breather drag one's feet wind down leave be suspended be put on hold hold something in abeyance put something on hold hold something over put something off cut save sever dillydally leave to another time keep put on the bank burner put on one side bar pink-slip omit inactivate drop it abort axe do less nip in the bud bring to a stop stave off push back count out rule out have a break come to a standstill take time off rearrange belay immobilize stem turn back take a breather from scratch ax eliminate run out wrap extinguish ultimate scrub abolish bring to a conclusion annul bring to an untimely end deactivate immobilise put the kibosh on relax slacken release abate relent put on a back burner consummate culminate cap refrain avoid change the date keep from clear falter deliberate be over cut loose sew up fold up button up call off button down be put to bed put a lid on draw to a close relax one's efforts reflect mark time pull up hang back disrupt stop briefly desist from shut off cut out pack in give over pack up dither vacillate haver think twice swither goldbrick stop what you're doing come to standstill catch one's breath break it up drag dilly-dally kick the can down the road put off doing something use delaying tactics postpone action drag your feet defer action be undecided play for time play a waiting game suspend action let slide shilly-shally drag one's heels be dilatory be indecisive hum and haw


To travel, usually with some measurable distance
journey travel go fly sail traverse voyage jaunt proceed cruise exodus head jet roam scramble wander advance pass peregrinate trek approach backpack barnstorm bus bustle cab coach depart escape galavant gallivant get gig globetrot junket migrate motor move navigate perambulate race road-trip roll speed spring take off tour traipse transition transport trundle wend rove circuit hop process ramble range safari fare hie globe trot go on an excursion go on an expedition go on a tour go on a trip go on safari go places knock about make one's way meander push on take a trip wayfare wend one's way drift hike trip pilgrimage cross progress walk tramp stray stroll prowl drive course bat pass over go walkabout pass through hit the road saunter amble cover do maunder float explore ride track transit knock around mooch cut across straggle circumambulate proceed along gad about kick around trudge steam itinerate trog stravaig swan mosey scour set out coast set forth streel vagabond travel around gad sweep globe-trot travel through range over glide journey across travel over journey over go through shuttle repair venture go on a journey go on a excursion travel about march go hither and thither slog tootle pootle footslog bum negotiate trek through shift plod yomp bum around struggle along foot trail emigrate encompass search reconnoiter reconnoitre run flow immigrate leave transmigrate nomadize transfer voyage across sail across sail over voyage through travel across voyage over cruise through go across put behind one tramp over make one's way across make circuit hit the trail spread through follow one's nose stream stroke circumnavigate follow pass by run out move onwards run through drag run by crawl blow past be on the move be on the trail move around move about potter breeze spin waltz transmit truck toddle automobile overnight go round move round go riding make your way cover ground get through wend your way tool find one's way wind one's way pick one's way make a journey go into orbit canter gallop jockey trot sit cycle travel round go by car travel on wheels travel by car ride by car stump swing voyage around holiday in trek around holiday vacation journey through sightsee in sightsee take a plane take a boat take a train be carried hitch a ride thumb a ride be borne be supported be conveyed roam in trek round wander through journey round rove through go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through boat ferry travel along go boating go sailing travel by boat take a cruise go yachting set sail take a boat trip ship out take a sea trip ride the waves take a sailing trip dawdle bimble promenade tromp tread stride troop hoof parade take a walk pace circumnutate hopscotch leg it patrol step ambulate mill round mill around mill about take the air walk the tracks mooch around go for a walk run around file schlep lag strut lumber prance circumlocute loiter hoof it dally drag oneself get sidetracked tarry tail shuffle take Shanks's pony walk slowly mope sashay linger fall behind go on foot bring up the rear stretch one's legs take a turn hang hang about hang around flit idle divagate loaf dilly-dally back-pack extravagate twine recoil change wander about zigzag wind deviate climb pad clamber wander aimlessly move aimlessly get off the point go off at a tangent step out stooge shamble plod on stalk scuff locomote travel on foot putter twist and turn get some exercise go for a constitutional stretch your legs get some air be all over the map bat around bat back and forth party rave socialize flit around socialise jaunt around roam around ankle trill ooze percolate go partying go clubbing take a stroll go for a stroll live it up rave it up hobble stagger limp paint the town red pound have a night on the town slouch drag along tag along traik drag one's feet hang back drag yourself tag along behind not keep up move slowly not keep pace get no place fast foot it march up and down walk up and down walk back and forth walk to and fro toil dangle droop sag straddle hang down err poke spread be late trail behind drop behind string out drop back be strung out poke around lag behind


To take root, become established
come to stay become entrenched become established be here to stay set in take root commence start begin actualize materialize spring arrive engender break arise come appear originate form dawn get under way settle in develop materialise emerge come into existence come into being happen occur rise transpire erupt spring up be born unfold come to pass emanate result crystallize eventuate stem issue spawn derive catalyze loom crop up take shape catalyse crystallise come forth burst out surface initiate proceed befall ensue grow evolve kick in be created come about break out trigger incite spark precipitate set flow bring about kickoff enkindle invoke foster effect occasion activate sprout follow set off produce become apparent trigger off come out effectuate come from stem from birth come to light turn up take place launch be set in motion be realized be brought to pass be brought about make an appearance first see the light of day kick off be established be brought into existence show itself bob up take form be forged pop up come off present itself enter into the picture chance be brought into being be developed arrive on the scene come to the fore fall enter the picture come on the scene have its origin hail from open betide occur suddenly glimmer come forth suddenly have its origins descend be descended be derived hatch forthcome take hold bed in metamorphose germinate be a direct result go upspring shoot up pick up propagate uprise foment manifest acquire solidify cultivate settle crystalize jell institute actuate establish accumulate show up come into view fall into place become visible take on character shape up mature condense harden reveal itself become a reality cause kick-start start up instigate provoke begin suddenly embark on start suddenly flame flare up blaze up blow up explode burst forth burst into realize generate prompt result in objectify induce give rise to stir up set in motion elicit create reify incarnate bring to pass drive affect inspire whip up evoke work up bring on be the cause of spark off put in motion spur beget stimulate be at the bottom of represent make real portray accomplish engineer symbolize make concrete put into effect bring into being symbolise realise bring to life make happen give life accrue come up be caused by arise from be produced by result from be brought about by arise out of manifest itself be the result of


To make a continuation bet


Maintain or support oneself, especially at a minimal level
subsist exist live survive endure manage cope stay alive be breathe depend fare last feed get along get by support oneself get through hang on living move sustain make ends meet make out make the grade rely for nourishment sustain yourself barely exist hang in hang tough keep going make both ends meet make it remain alive ride out scrape by eke out an existence just make it keep body and soul together stick it out stick with it eke out a living keep the wolf from the door keep your head above water make do muddle through muddle along go on fend carry on scrape along scrape through scrimp support get on scrape a living support yourself shift for fend for barely have enough to live on scarcely have enough to live on make provision for provide for keep one's head above water take care of look after persist live on break even pay your bills consist dwell continue living struggle along profit scrimp and save sustain oneself make a living maintain yourself feed yourself earn money maintain oneself keep alive acquire a livelihood earn a living earn one's living shift do flourish prosper contrive thrive make shift succeed hack handle deal contend grapple do well enough weather face suffer struggle wrestle defend tussle battle dispatch confront tangle get a handle on struggle through come through keep one's end up make it out alive look after oneself bear up weather the storm rub along shift for oneself paddle one's own canoe deal with stand on one's own two feet eke out existence progress proceed go fare all right be all right hack it deal with the situation advance do all right stagger cut it handle it rub on improvise develop depart deal with it make the best of a bad job hearten inspire steel encourage persevere inspirit embolden muddle happen scratch a living scarcely manage to live barely manage to live crack it scratch out a living manage to live with difficulty pass prove journey perform hie buoy up chirk up withstand buck up cheer up pace come pan out march go along forge come along make headway manage without help take care of oneself make it on one's own manage without assistance cope on one's own manage by oneself go off turn out endure it bear it hold up hold out soldier on hold one's own stand it tolerate it thole it abide it contend with put up with it make a go of it be doing with it stick it stand firm keep one's position stand tall maintain one's position stand one's ground score achieve grin and bear it accept fight combat scuffle do with clash engage tackle close rassle brawl encounter cope with come to grips with resolve bite the bullet come to terms with face up to strive take take on address yourself to come to grips get to grips do battle


To develop gradually
evolve develop unfold progress advance expand grow mature enlarge change elaborate improve move push unroll alter drive emerge extend metamorphose spread thrive upgrade adapt ameliorate augment blossom differentiate flourish go head modernise modernize proceed prosper refine revolutionise revolutionize transform transmogrify better derive educe increase ripen shoot speed truck make progress move forward push forward build up forge ahead go forth make headway move ahead move onward press forward press on push ahead push on work up come of age cover ground march on open out work one's way work out go forward make strides adapt yourself take the next step go on move on get going become better keep going get better gain ground come along burgeon enhance bear fruit bloom succeed come on be successful go great guns transpire embellish occur arise manifest update amplify strengthen boom add to scale up build cultivate get on shape up build on pace get along go off get ahead go places move forward in leaps and bounds fill out get on well do well get somewhere come to fruition make inroads germinate take steps forward unravel happen roll up be getting there grow up detail expound batten burst forth fare take form take shape materialize prime peak straighten up crystallize perform make first rate turn over new leaf explicate march untangle roll on continue on forge on press ahead move along rise crystallise materialise form take place evince evidence demonstrate shine rocket flesh out stretch unfurl bourgeon skyrocket be vigorous be strong be well give substance to hone score be in good shape be in its heyday be in good health elevate boost meliorate perfect optimize enrich fine-tune fortify go up in the world fly high be in your prime spread one's wings be in the pink get places hit it big fare well be on top of the heap run riot play out broaden beef up optimise step up pull ahead drive forward further reinforce supplement reform pick up multiply expand on enlarge on garnish level up come to a conclusion work itself out amplify upon expand upon

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