Đồng nghĩa của latch on

Động từ

To become attached to
understand comprehend grasp get cotton on catch on get the hang of get the picture get the message get the drift follow get it see realize get the point realise apprehend twig savvy see daylight discern cognize intuit assimilate find out see the light take in know perceive fathom sense register catch recognize seize behold decipher dig decode compass understand what's what recognise make sense of tumble to make head or tail of make out cotton on to tumble cotton to get your head round learn pick up suss out suss get wise catch on to see what's what latch onto have an aha moment take the hint understand the situation work out what's going on be with you note absorb divine crack distinguish wrap one's mind around puzzle out work out see into keep up with acquire ken latch on to digest get to the bottom of figure out pierce pick up what someone is putting down get a grip be aware of be aware unravel be familiar with be au fait with get the drift of take meaning translate get to know get one's head around read infer get the idea make sense have knowledge of see the light about envisage deduce identify tap into master be with it take on interpret conceive of appreciate grok conceive make get a fix on catch the drift get the gist ascertain gather discover determine construe penetrate take on board piece together take notice accept be conscious of be cognizant of untangle explain solve glean get the point of pick up on imagine think soak up imbibe believe observe sort out find tell become aware of become cognizant of reckon deem get wise to resolve familiarize oneself with be wise to feel conclude suspect hear acknowledge guess fathom out surmise figure estimate become conscious of have unfold fancy consider apperceive judge drink in become skilled at become expert in become proficient in know inside out get the knack of suppose get down pat get clued up about receive assume presume disentangle process conjecture unriddle hypothesize integrate postulate theorize define regard gauge presuppose view speculate be informed detect gage esteem elucidate come to know wise up hypothesise theorise get on to see through find the key to get into investigate scrutinize inspect dope out become proficient at get down cold get to grips with absorb mentally review make of decrypt size up explore be given to understand soak in sympathize with break think through examine decide grant establish delve feature track expect envision check appraise reason calculate clarify visualize visualise get across dare say predicate measure scrutinise find a solution to find an answer to anticipate get the idea of become competent in feel in one's bones expound become versed dare-say opine venture get the message about get the picture about straighten out take to mean throw light on illuminate gain an understanding of hit the books know backwards take for granted hazard a guess be of the opinion break down get to the bottom excel in suggest learn the ropes be advised be told get wind of get word evaluate find the answer to be informed of be made aware pick out be told of clear up be led to believe take up have on good authority glom on remember reason out think out concede admit demystify trust take something on board allow confess own incorporate affect get one's mind around respect ingest hit on identify with empathize with empathise with sympathise with relate to agree with cotton witness make intelligible posit look upon gain mastery of search out ferret out image vision rationalize work something out accept the validity of acknowledge the validity of commiserate with be able to see admit the validity of become aware have information take as read have a handle on be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that rationalise explicate clinch be sure click with are aware of pinpoint take account have knowledge be conscious unscramble philosophise see the point of be alert to become conscious scent have experience of figure something out catch the drift of wrap one's mind round shed light on taste smell pin flash copy philosophize weigh up sum up adjudge assess ween feel certain be read be learned be versed be schooled hold credit be sensitive to be alive to get through one's head be certain parse ponder just know become clear to confirm unearth get a handle on have down pat perceive the meaning of piece out verify have a funny feeling have a hunch get the impression of get vibes characterize characterise describe descry enlighten crystallize crystallise clear know for certain feel in gut have a feeling find out about get wind learn of hear tell be notified of be made aware of get vibrations make heads or tails of be abreast of be acquainted with be informed about be up-to-date with figure it to be get the impression reveal read between the lines diagnose overhear answer peg analyse cipher analyze cypher render encipher spell winnow inquire audit research fix settle manage simplify study make sure make clear bring out make certain double-check remove the complexities from make more comprehensible find the solution to make plainer make simpler make easier to understand make more intelligible learn thoroughly gain mastery in attain get off by heart bury oneself in bone up find the key pin down hear about check out gain discriminate make certain of hazard probe contextualize enquire contextualise get into your stride acquire the skill of get going acquire the technique of get up to speed learn the art of approximate premise check up on look-see predict search learn through hear from foresee prevision call daresay imply contrast foreknow forefeel sound pursue pick guesstimate place difference secern differentialize rumble differentiate spot antithesise antithesize discrepate mark sight enroll swot prepare cram work at read up on con apply oneself to have lessons in acquire a knowledge of apprentice mug up acquire skill in grind familiarize yourself with peruse plumb take a stab make a guess at take a shot think likely make an estimate of jump to a conclusion go out on a limb take a shot at form an opinion of take a stab at cook up have a sneaking suspicion of dream up make a distinction tell the difference set off discern a difference tell apart know what's what split hairs see a difference draw a distinction improve mind brush up on major in specialize in become able minor in take course wade through train in be trained watch pore over crack the books burn midnight oil be taught delve into read like a book have the measure of not be taken in by have someone's number not fall for know someone's game get the measure of not be deceived by know someone's little game enrol larn take soundings go into sound out

Động từ

Seize upon

Động từ

(in an activity) To take part or involve oneself
participate partake engage join share abet collaborate enter facilitate help out support assist be involved cooperate help perform take part aid be a participant compete contribute get involved play be a party to contribute to have a hand play a role associate oneself with associate with be associated with be into chip in come in engage in enter into get in on the act go in for go into join in lend a hand pitch in play a part sit in tune in be party to something come to the party get in on have a hand in sit in on have to do with take an interest in do your bit get in the act partake in play a part in feature figure come through get cracking jump in get busy tackle give a hand participate in take part in set about muck in become involved get stuck in play ball be of assistance share in go along with make a contribution to play a role in be included be part of be involved in have a share in work be conducive take up appear become involved in throw yourself into have a go get involved in associate oneself be associated opt in throw yourself into something undertake be in on have a finger in become part of practice practise be of service go along be a competitor be a contestant tag along throw one's hat in the ring be in the running kick in begin attack launch do volunteer commence subscribe throw oneself launch into occupy oneself embark on give one's backing give one's support lend a helping hand interfere be responsible for be partly responsible for be a factor in be a participant fall to tee off plunge into contribute work buckle down get going wade in set to keep busy with fit into jump on the bandwagon be incorporated hop to it go to it partake of occupy oneself with agree play along be willing show willing reciprocate conspire respond be a participant in work together comply with join forces stick together pull together play the game go along with the plan be in cahoots

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