Đồng nghĩa của circumnavigate

Alternative for circumnavigate

circumnavigates, circumnavigated, circumnavigating

Đồng nghĩa: compass,


To move in a circle around
circle circuit circumvent compass encircle girdle orbit ring round fly around fly round go around go round move around sail around travel around gird encompass circumscribe surround enclose embrace environ wreathe inclose begird travel round revolve round hem in circumambulate revolve loop circulate skirt confine invest fence in lap rim belt seal off form a ring round revolve around walk round wind about mill around circle round rotate move round rotate round pivot round turn round spin twirl whirl round spin round turn sail round gyrate edge border bound fringe envelop enfold twist enwreath engird halo cover wall in lock in band shut in enring cincture close in cut off form a barrier round form a ring around ring in gird in blockade beset besiege wrap encase hem hedge in fence pen swathe box in corral hedge contain coop margin enwrap swaddle sheathe cloak enshroud drape involve immure shroud frame impound flank mew up cage limit embower box up bind cocoon coop up line veil circumfuse bower verge include intern mantle wall restrict trap mure embosom enswathe outline mask protect girt girth ring round cordon off mew hold pen in lock up enwind wrap up engirdle block off fold engulf imprison delimit encage beleaguer muffle closet house pound kettle bosom roll obnubilate immerse rail in pen up clothe fence off blanket close trim conceal hurdle demarcate jail fix hide guard shield separate screen siege separate off straiten gaol case define envelope demark delineate pall wind keep bandage comprise terminate bottle up shut up set incorporate close in on hold captive lay siege to mark off shut off embody comprehend subsume put inside consist of take in roll up bundle up engross span be made up of be composed of mark out tie be bounded by block entrap secure defend coil around tour coil circumduct ensphere partition shut incarcerate writhe around isolate segregate seal lace furl enwreathe throng capture box safeguard ward fend forfend bulwark fortify pave absorb shelter twine camouflage enclave inundate mount entwine press grab cinch clinch rail close around cage in hold in go travel keep under lock and key bear hug close off divide up section off partition off carry entail number leaguer frame in set in a frame establish wheel constitute determine comprise of have amount to account for attack assail assault congregate pack bundle inwrap package decide specify mob form a barrier around hinder constrain stipulate identify designate settle classify infold work over work on come at from all sides distinguish prescribe gift-wrap detail mark obscure restrain curb set the limits of set the boundaries of set out lay down stake out set bounds to trammel bar hamper prelimit hold back swarm round throng round crowd round wrap around nail down cover up overlay superimpose overspread mew in wall off muster set upon fall upon


To plan or control the position and course of a vehicle according to a planned path
navigate pilot steer direct drive guide manoeuvre handle helm maneuver conn captain con cruise ferry sail skipper boat operate plot ride out take the helm of ship out head out conduct aviate manage manipulate control fly move coxswain jockey cox negotiate address field play hack treat swing take cope with contend with grapple with be at the controls be at the wheel of edge work ease be in the driver's seat position twist turn lead supervise govern regulate rule superintend oversee command run steward influence marshal marshall keep administrate administer preside over overlook sway funnel channel have control of have a handle on trailblaze spearhead beacon take charge of quarterback point take control of carry on contrive engineer be in charge of head boss tend be in control of head up organize organise be at the helm of run the show dominate call the shots hold sway over look after be responsible for orchestrate pull the strings care for be in command of chair mastermind be the leader of take care of watch reign over call the tune be the boss of moderate run things be in the saddle be in charge be in driver's seat sit on top of take over wield officiate exercise control over have charge of preside master execute take the helm be in the driving seat use ply be in power over shepherd mind be the head of inspect take the chair of front order observe advise tend to watch over officiate at be head of call the shots in hold the reins ride herd on take the chair carry out have authority over employ utilize reign exploit domineer chaperon attend harness minister point in the right direction put on the right track utilise dictate discipline call the signals arbitrate micromanage hold down deal with call the tune in judge mediate rule over crack the whip lead the way keep an eye on be in saddle introduce engage be on duty hegemonize coordinate affect exercise maintain overrule facilitate tyrannize tyrannise take the reins honcho herd referee officer coach ordain spur hold office apply umpire call upon rule the roost lay down the law prevail over be at the helm pull the wires set off be in the chair at minister to assume command of be at the head of host call give directions see assume command over call the shots of commandeer own monitor carry-on show the way have act survey be chairperson sit impel ride propel dispose manage people take in hand sort out call the play be chairman be chairwoman have control over be foremost eye call the shots on dictate terms keep under thumb lord over maintain order make go have the say do the honors have authority exercise authority over take the reins of be in authority over hold dominion over exercise power control the affairs of man bend to your will render baby-sit keep one's eye on be on duty at instruct take forward occupy throne hold sway exercise authority assume command hold dominion engage in machinate finesse wear the crown serve the people be in power frame choreograph pedal shape adopt call into play appropriate put to good use take advantage of find a use for deploy turn to account resort to put into service make use of avail oneself of avail yourself of make do with force punch defend protect use to advantage twist round one's little finger turn to one's advantage play upon kettle round up safeguard shield guard usher goad corral drove poke shelter secure foster bulwark preserve scare up ward fend save launch initiate pioneer cover persevere with keep safe attend to forfend screen keep from harm fence bring be in the van persuade be in the front line of blaze the trail set in motion be in the vanguard of lead the way in motivate start prompt bring on trail-blaze be in the van of be in the forefront of lay the first stone be the driving force behind produce put in motion originate get the jump on cause lead the way for go out in front oppress predominate subjugate subject regiment besteer bewield puppeteer be the boss have someone in the palm of one's hand have a hold over hold the purse strings wear the trousers hold purse strings have someone eating out of one's hand have something in the palm of one's hand push buttons have someone in one's hip pocket


To avert or prevent the occurrence of
ward off thwart foil forestall circumvent counter curb derail halt oppose prevent stymie arrest defeat evade prohibit balk baulk counteract hinder impede inhibit nullify obstruct stave off check crimp repress restrain restrict retard sidestep skirt avert avoid bar block scupper spoil stall stonewall trammel head off hold back defend against put an end to put a stop to shut out steer clear of bypass beat cramp get out of dodge frustrate put paid to escape cheat scotch overturn stand in the way of shortcut limit disrupt deflect interfere with interdict elude ditch crash keep lid on take wind out of wreck ruin hold off put the stopper on stop take down upset outwit juke stump do for put the kibosh on unsettle outmanoeuvre outmaneuver baffle hamper dash snooker discomfit checkmate fend off smash nip in the bud disappoint obviate intercept hold up preclude nobble upset the applecart deter foul up divert put the mockers on neutralize fetter bilk cripple crab repel neutralise parry hang up put a spoke in someone's wheel quash confuse hamstring root hobble cross annul queer confound repulse pre-empt louse up cut off give the slip screw up forfend mess up put the lid on cramp one's style destroy stifle handicap suppress crush negate snafu extinguish delay puzzle traverse cancel shake shatter mystify help turn aside turn back discourage anticipate interfere dish disconcert nonplus scuttle cook someone's goose play off interrupt preempt rattle flummox spike someone's guns rule out encumber duck queer someone's pitch debar second-guess conquer turn away give the run around undo get ahead of get in before throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of provide against steal a march on corner bring to an end throw monkey wrench in beat someone to the punch beat someone to it keep off beat someone to the draw throw a spanner in the works offset buck finish finish off devastate redirect intervene reroute countermove demolish sabotage make an end of bring to a close forefend clobber blow end throw a curve glance quell contravene invalidate commandeer squash rebut rebound promote faze skip buffalo bollix blank counterplot bury shackle be early be one step ahead of pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass block off shake off shuffle off kill cease confront shunt turn veer run circles around give the run-around run rings around control cause setback get the better of put end to beat down take wind out of sails triumph beat off gain vanquish clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie handcuff embarrass crool banjax withhold halt in its tracks overcome lick forbid quiet indispose skin dead-end pigeonhole shelve tie up stultify throw a monkey wrench in the works resist look away shove aside turn from put a brake on be the end of cumber sweep aside dash one's hope defend guard bulwark fence glance off draw away put on hold throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner choke off hang fire constrain drive away screen keep back affect disturb put off remit suspend cover ward fend keep tamper influence turn off throw cold water on take the wind out of your sails intermit jam incommode conflict trouble inconvenience discommode render null and void pour cold water on put a damper on shield against fight off guard against safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round keep at bay get in the way be a hindrance to get in the way of preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict perplex bewilder monopolise throw fox floor obfuscate dumbfound wilder gravel discombobulate maze stick put at a loss bring up short stagger be all Greek to bamboozle be too much for


To move, usually over long distances
travel journey go tour cross voyage traverse trek move roam cover proceed rove cruise globetrot peregrinate backpack hike progress range ride tramp walk course follow navigate perambulate ramble roll track transit wander cut across explore hop jaunt junket migrate sail scour take a trip transmit wend go round move round overnight pass over proceed along cover ground get through go riding knock around make your way pass through set forth set out wend your way go into orbit make a journey make one's way take a boat take a plane take a train travel through negotiate travel along keep on stay on bridge go along tread through go across ride out go through travel over move along direct sail across steer pilot take the helm drift pass traipse meander gallivant advance knock about float stray depart trip march pilgrimage drive galavant glide push on stroll fly run head journey over fare do bat coast hit the road emigrate pace motor maunder journey across saunter go walkabout prowl continue amble hie travel across mooch gad shift gad about get kick around range over remove transition forge ahead jet be carried quit speed trudge transmigrate stravaig go on a trip sweep flow leave trog straggle circumambulate push travel around span stump immigrate trundle exodus be conveyed bum get on press on move on go off move forward go on run through bum around transport go forward move abroad go over make your way across circuit safari process shuttle scramble barnstorm itinerate wayfare relocate crawl trot gallop spin go on an excursion globe trot go places swan mosey slide steam go on an expedition slog resettle climb forge ply streel vagabond stream footslog flit skim swim tromp plod trek around tool yomp automobile waft shoot journey through sightsee in hoof hover tread truck intersect move onward globe-trot put behind one set off tramp over come along transverse press forward carry on plow on make one's way towards move ahead make for move towards move away make headway leg it go ahead be borne go towards plough on crack on move out set out for move over hang hang about hang around bat around repair run around venture go on a journey travel about go on a excursion whirl bowl run over wander over go hither and thither back-pack skip search reconnoitre encompass reconnoiter cut pootle tootle take Shanks's pony go on foot hoof it strike operate work fan tread across move through proceed through move across foot trail spread through be transported direct one's footsteps hit the trail follow one's nose make circuit sail over voyage over voyage across voyage through cruise through push forward trek through shuffle dance step bounce leap play come quarter crisscross bisect decussate go forth progress towards push ahead work one's way struggle along get going keep moving get ahead visit jump sprint scamper scurry scuttle bolt jog nomadize transfer stroke go around be on the move be on the trail travel round spring approach coach escape bus race road-trip take off bustle gig cab gain ground work towards edge make progress make inroads into march on gather way keep going get across thwart pivot make a regular journey swing holiday in holiday vacation voyage around sightsee drag get along tour in evacuate defect roam in wander through journey round rove through trek round move onwards travel in look round take in tour around look around move around move about go on safari go on a tour potter breeze go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through go from place to place blow past pass by move overseas betake oneself waltz canter sit cycle jockey decamp look at run by travel by car ride by car run out toddle slip bob leave your country start a new life make dash off stop in set go by car take in the sights of pick your way find your way wind one's way split aim bear travel on wheels go to wash train move house pack your bags change house go away change address pull up stakes up sticks change residence change jobs passage be supported boat commence move gently slip along smooth along tread water make a beeline for set out in the direction of go in the direction of direct one's steps towards start out for aim for be bound for steer for hitch a ride thumb a ride ferry set sail take a sea trip ride the waves go boating go sailing travel by boat go yachting take a boat trip ship out take a cruise take a sailing trip

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