Đồng nghĩa của block off

Alternative for block off


To isolate in or as if in quarantine


To hem in
besiege blockade beleaguer invest surround confine enclose encompass beset encircle leaguer environ assail assault attack congregate hem in shut in siege trap close in on hedge in lay siege to shut off work on work over come at from all sides bound pen circle hedge circumscribe immure impound cage encase corral coop fence mure wall in lock in fence off box up lock up close in ring envelop imprison intern fringe edge skirt border compass encage wall jail wreathe flank gird girdle house pound contain embrace closet hem hold engird put inside gaol coop up box in fence in cordon off cut off mew up seal off mew bind include cover enshroud enfold shut up wall off mew in line wrap bottle up limit restrict inclose rim keep frame pen in rail in restrain round margin sheathe kettle circumvent belt case begird protect orbit circuit box swathe band enwreath verge cincture incarcerate delimit outline pen up hold captive isolate circumnavigate shield guard defend loop secure screen safeguard demarcate shelter fix block capture ward cage in define close off ring round form a barrier round form a ring around demark shut sheath store separate close hurdle trim girth enwind engirdle girt separate off fend forfend bulwark go around rail straiten mount delineate form a ring round constrain terminate keep safe specify cap detain set hamper mark off prelimit set in a frame curb keep within bounds hold prisoner hold back put under lock and key mark out round up shut within coat embower circumfuse bower cocoon lock be bounded by cloak blanket swaddle entrap partition seal up seal in encapsulate halo enring palisade possess retain clad segregate seal hold in enwrap inset circulate tour coil circumduct ensphere crib picket gird in move around enwreathe throng barricade ring in enclave inundate fortify hinder coil around close around go round take away divide up section off partition off writhe around frame in establish determine pack decide form a barrier around keep under lock and key stipulate identify designate settle classify distinguish prescribe tuck detail mark cup set the limits of set the boundaries of set out lay down stake out set bounds to crown dress trammel bar canopy clothe paper over reinforce hood overcast crate superpose superimpose nail down place under cover put something on top of place something over pack up regulate save shade preserve moderate control harbour insulate harbor ration inoculate give refuge conceal provide protection for cover up take care of conserve cover for watch over provide safety afford protection to cushion hide keep from harm haven constrict shrink send up cool down temper hang up keep within limits come down on inhibit set limits on put a ceiling on keep under control keep a tight rein on decrease clip someone's wings put away repress pin down modify shorten narrow reduce contract put on ice hold down chain delimitate impose limits on cut down on qualify tether diminish

Trái nghĩa của block off

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