Đồng nghĩa của bulwark

Alternative for bulwark


Đồng nghĩa: breakwater, groin, groyne, jetty, mole, rampart, seawall, wall,


A defensive wall
fortification rampart barricade embankment parapet wall bastion defence earthwork palisade stockade berm breastwork buttress circumvallation outwork redoubt vallum barrier buffer buffet citadel defense fort fortress partition security vallation fence stronghold bartizan battlement fastness protection blockade barbican block castle support keep garrison hold obstruction obstacle roadblock bar hurdle cordon escarpment stop castellation enclosure blank wall defensive wall embattlement tower outpost railing hedge presidio crenellation balustrade guard bailey shield bastille mound hill ridge elevation battlements bank mainstay rock prop projection refuge safeguard bunker donjon upholder sanctuary pale ditch boundary paling protective wall fencing limit precipice cliff scarp scar barranca barranco crag bluff tower of strength trench moat slope blockhouse defences impediment hindrance ravelin fieldwork fortalice restriction stoppage preparation defenses entrenchment deterrent check encirclement infarct clog embolus closure infarction snag blocking object building up line of defense rock face height rail overhang peak dam promontory headland face screen steep eminence trellis dyke krantz linn mountain hillside cuesta incline chainlink fencing tor pinnacle rocky height steep rock ledge banister rails aiguille channel watercourse conduit drain gutter guardrail bannister panel siding pole post rest divider separator sheer drop boundary line facade curb surface panelling levee side paneling limitation room divider retainer brink steep cliff cliff face escarp abyss cliffdrop façade hedgerow windbreak groyne railings chains backstop pickets posts cyclone net dike boards groin stakes barbed wire


Masonry mass
abutment brace prop support buttress strut pier arch end bridge end end piece jutting piece vault end foundation substructure platform underpinning base bracket backing groundwork cornerstone footing substratum bed mount frame bedding underprop foothold gird hold reinforcement column pillar fulcrum pole post joist stanchion stilt stave rampart scaffold beam girder rib spur peg plinth block timber guide collar rafter bearing upright mounting pilaster sustentation flotation device pedestal rod back medium truss cantilever shoring means rest trestle shore stay stake stiffener lining arch stand bottom basis ground foot framework pile bedrock shaft root infrastructure piling structure leg stick rack holder seat mainstay mast vertical batten tripod standard seating understructure keystone bar bolster warp podium trivet paling basement baluster pylon pale chassis palisade staff doorpost edifice shell warp and woof splint dais shelf spar skeleton stud picket armature fundament floor backbone cane newel spike arm rail chock band core stage cutwater cadre framing bollard jamb horse configuration architecture cylinder scaffolding armrest setting sustainer cage obelisk fixture tower sprag flagpole supporter caryatid rostrum monolith strengthener body gripper telamon herm flagstaff form crutch gantry gatepost baton colonnade crosspiece boom fundamental bodywork side fabric beanpole lever socle subfloor underlayer sawhorse wire tether dado crossbeam joint banister surround I-beam anchor subframe shroud trussing bracer lintel underpropping upholder rock easel counterfort cradle tiebeam truncheon hook wedge wood maypole bannister bit metal skid guy transmitter aerial stele peristyle sile minaret monument totem point d'appui flying buttress base position setup support system door jamb plank end dowel mattress pad bastion trapion pediment orthopedic device basic structure groundwall substance trunk bridgehead nadir tribune spoke billet shank guts spine bandage organization arrangement rudiment grandstand case trellis catafalque pyre panel deepest part lowest part resting place counter board mace rule crossbar underbuilding organisation tie orthotic cleat staging spinal column vertebrae puncheon milepost stock rock bottom a tall marker chine casing gabion lightpost fencepost rachis dorsum vertebral column fence post upright support boundary marker finger post layer king post mound mass heap construction bier table stratum seam hulk caliper cast calliper essence beginning heart caliper splint premise orthopedic cast surgical appliance thrust key principle fundamentals rudiments kernel authority nub principles basics brass tacks nitty-gritty starting point principal element bottom line fundamental point main ingredient point of departure fundamental principle nuts and bolts principal constituent


Groyne or groin


A person who protects someone or something
protector defender guard champion guardian bodyguard patron custodian minder preserver saviour savior watchdog benefactor chaperone escort keeper ombudsman sentry abettor angel caretaker friend guide handler hero paladin tutelary hired gun tower of strength white knight guardian angel knight in shining armour protection warden overseer watchman attendant safeguard watch lookout warder carer sentinel watcher steward supporter chaperon picket defence defense rescuer curator support companion caregiver stronghold mainstay prop superintendent duenna deliverer convoy bastion supervisor liberator shepherd patrol monitor conservator nurse bouncer ranger trustee janitor godparent scout buttress advocate watchperson heavy bird dog consort protectress nursemaid security guard redeemer salvation security officer Good Samaritan friend in need Sir Galahad care-giver knight on a white charger parent watchwoman conserver intervenor official praetorian muscle saver governess garrison usher cortege nightwatchman crusader tutelar fighter protection officer babysitter convoyer company nurturer surveillant matron cavalier restorer salvager scrutineer inspector exemplar model doorkeeper aide assistant agent observer doorman knight in shining armor upstander squire warrior representative equerry valet helper lifesaver factor porter regulator sidekick manager administrator concierge good angel ministering angel guardian spirit fairy godmother officer superhero bailiff reeve receptionist groundskeeper foreman chamberlain lady in waiting personal assistant estate manager supervisory body buffer security land agent gatekeeper emancipator sitter cerberus cop sponsor vigilante baby-sitter spotter night watchman fiduciary vedette depositary ward jailer screw depository captor wardress prison officer gamekeeper gaoler baby sitter director vigil surveillance governor doorperson super house-sitter executrix executor legal guardian archivist groundsman security man prison warder jailor qui vive avenger skipper watchkeeper deacon prison wardress vanguard signalman patrolman detective spy flagman policeman reconnoitrer prison head turnkey outpost reconnoiterer outrider feoffee nanny mother father lookout woman lookout man night watch advance guard avant-courier deputy au pair prison warden correctional officer corrections officer prison guard rover trooper wanderer soldier park ranger financial person


To protect or shield from harm or danger
defend guard protect safeguard secure shield screen cover fend keep ward fence forfend preserve shelter save keep safe keep from harm look after fortify uphold conserve watch over prevent avert harbour harbor stand up for take care of ward off ride shotgun garrison watch house support maintain foster assure care for give sanctuary afford protection to halt tend stop arrest barricade intercept foil thwart mind oppose resist hedge stonewall cushion shade insure insulate inoculate ensure stave off stick up for fend off guard against cover up go to bat for cover all bases take under one's wing prohibit police patrol make invulnerable justify salvage oversee champion man occupy wrap retain reclaim retrieve guard in transit rescue conceal shotgun chamber haven roof stand guard over overlook provide protection for give shelter give cover guide rule be responsible for attend to preside over have charge of fight for persevere with minister to be in charge of chaperon sentinel immunise mount guard on escort stand guard on cover up for immunize give refuge stand guard save from harm take someone under your wing repulse curb block forestall repel check deflect dodge divert discourage escape baulk evade parry duck balk head off hold off protect against turn aside defend oneself against shield against keep at arm's length skirt round fight off keep at bay hold back pre-empt keep off put a stop to safeguard against secure against withstand hold beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay supervise keep an eye on babysit childmind nurse sit with see to take charge of superintend mother safeguard from shield from protect from keep from overwatch sustain shepherd provide for nurture rear raise cherish herd administer to tend to keep in good condition nanny chaperone enclose surround hide supply with troops keep intact keep in repair cover for provide safety manage run handle administrate guarantee govern operate control indemnify regulate direct steward till conduct warrant underwrite attend cinch ice guaranty keep tabs on register


To reinforce the strength or sturdiness of
beef up strengthen fortify harden toughen brace support inure bolster stiffen reinforce secure steel buttress indurate consolidate prop stabilise stabilize shore gird substantiate shore up firm up toughen up back up make stable build up make stronger hold up uphold underpin augment sustain stay prop up carry maintain defend bear undergird bear up buoy up step up bolster up jack up jazz up confirm cement truss underprop hold upbear protect season nerve forearm poise ready garrison embattle prepare entrench psych up safeguard wall charge up soup up punch up boost aid help assist feed supplement cushion increase give a boost to buoy add to stand shoulder enhance keep up set cradle improve amplify heighten enlarge intensify place deepen extend tether take expand underlie rest subsidize steady revitalize galvanize encourage stake withstand magnify swell invigorate broaden revitalise redouble subsidise give support to accentuate empower corroborate enrich galvanise make ready multiply envigorate brace up add fuel to fire amp up succor succour tense pillar pillow resist fund finance underwrite stick strut wire re-enforce suffer crutch add force to lie beneath tie up stand up to endure be a foundation for keep from falling gear up get ready bear up under widen pad add emphasize push supply top underline promote inspire stress foster spur round off top up eke out fill out make larger fill up make bigger heat up make greater drive motivate champion embolden raise incentivize reward stimulate incentify develop energize incentivise back energise highlight emphasise escalate uplift inflate spur on elevate hike stoke up advertise accelerate supersize aggrandize advertize compound hype rally jump lift hike up bump up put up make better crank up push up buck up boost up pump up fuel hearten vitalize renew restore establish mount harshen justify nourish rejuvenate sinew regenerate give strength to make firm wax give new energy to set up tone gee up make healthy tone up add fuel to

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