Đồng nghĩa của skirt round


To avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner
cop out bypass escape sidestep avoid dodge duck evade shirk shrink from skip skive abandon backpedal bilk cut decline desert duck-shove excuse funk quit rationalise rationalize renege renounce revoke run away from skive off steer clear of welsh withdraw back down back off back out back out of duck out of get out get out of have alibi pull out of slide out of use pretext weasel out wriggle out of give the slip circumvent get around skirt shun find a way round give a wide berth to elude shake cop out of scape finesse tergiversate weasel out of shuffle out of go around eschew detour parry circumnavigate beat shortcut fudge dance around shy from pussyfoot around juke pass round detour round pass around pussyfoot fend off find a way out of make a detour round find a way around go round weasel shake off turn one's back on move around tergiverse give something a miss get away from short-circuit stay away from pass over keep off body-swerve skip out on ditch put the move on keep away from hedge fence avoid dealing with balk prevaricate flannel equivocate not pay not give a straight answer to baulk beat around bush waffle be equivocal about beg the question beat about the bush about stonewall be evasive about quibble about avoid answering fight shy of have nothing to do with keep out of go past brush off discount neglect disregard ignore overlook dispense with give the slip to keep one's distance from be oblivious to turn your back on lay low from pay no mind unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to tune out pay no attention to shirk from take no notice of pay no heed to cheat miss keep clear of outmanoeuvre outmaneuver refrain from escape from abstain from get round give up forgo foil thwart outflank slip stymie prevent burke skulk spurn recoil from shuffle off forbear from dismiss check goldbrick desist from hide from stop fake malinger avert abstain preclude desist resist shy away from restrain from relinquish forsake slough off keep from break the habit of hold off drop leave off kick pack in skim over withhold from refuse do without swear off stay clear of jack in gloss over leapfrog jouk wriggle stay shy of balk at keep at arm's length outwit snub field duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of overcome deke deflect have no part of turn away from defeat cease fence off answer evasively frustrate discontinue cold-shoulder extricate oneself from baffle break off cut out call a halt to swerve end-run call it a day run away abscond elope flee get past forget not attend scrimshank let slide leave undone play truant from creep skimp on dog bludge run off fake out lose sight of not attend to bob off be lax about be remiss about cut someone dead give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the cold shoulder to cut someone cold knock off shut eyes to wuss out baulk at pay little attention to halt suspend be absent from blow off lay off pass up finish get off belay take fright flinch from turn tail back off from put a stop to axe rein in can check out from give over pack up lie down on job ax put an end to kibosh call it quits on surcease from sham nip something in the bud break up wink at blink at take back road depart from deviate from go around the barn loaf chicken out of stay away forbear steer clear withstand skirt around feign illness skate over fake illness fail to deal with ward off help neutralise abjure forswear repudiate sacrifice reject disavow hinder interfere with head off stave off negate make up for nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance prohibit arrest counteract anticipate deny disclaim disdain abnegate abdicate be AWOL put it on pretend to be ill take a sickie swing the lead play hooky pretend to be an invalid bunk off refrain gainsay shy disaffirm deny yourself renege on not touch let well enough alone have no truck with


(fend off) To defend against or keep away
fend prevent block check curb forestall halt oppose repel repulse resist arrest avert bulwark defend deflect divert dodge fence foil forfend guard intercept stop thwart balk baulk discourage escape evade parry screen cover duck keep ward head off hold off fend off hold back keep off protect against safeguard against secure against shield against stave off ward off defend oneself against fight off guard against keep at bay turn aside keep at arm's length put a stop to stand up for pre-empt protect safeguard secure shield preserve shelter save keep safe look after conserve watch over keep from harm fortify harbour uphold harbor take care of watch house assure support maintain foster care for afford protection to give sanctuary ride shotgun tend mind hedge cushion shade garrison insulate inoculate insure ensure stick up for cover up go to bat for cover all bases prohibit police patrol make invulnerable justify champion man occupy oversee wrap stand guard over conceal shotgun chamber stonewall haven roof overlook provide protection for guide rule give shelter give cover take under one's wing be responsible for attend to preside over persevere with have charge of minister to be in charge of chaperon sentinel immunise mount guard on escort stand guard on cover up for immunize give refuge stand guard save from harm take under wing take someone under your wing barricade withstand hold beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay supervise keep an eye on babysit childmind nurse sit with see to take charge of superintend mother safeguard from shield from protect from keep from overwatch sustain shepherd provide for nurture rear raise salvage retain reclaim retrieve cherish herd administer to tend to rescue keep in good condition nanny chaperone enclose surround hide supply with troops keep intact keep in repair guard in transit cover for provide safety fight for manage run handle administrate guarantee govern operate control indemnify regulate direct steward till conduct warrant underwrite attend cinch ice guaranty keep tabs on register

Trái nghĩa của skirt round

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