Đồng nghĩa của guard against


(fend off) To defend against or keep away
fend prevent block check curb forestall halt oppose repel repulse resist arrest avert bulwark defend deflect divert dodge fence foil forfend guard intercept stop thwart balk baulk discourage escape evade parry screen cover duck keep ward head off hold off fend off hold back keep off protect against safeguard against secure against shield against stave off ward off defend oneself against fight off skirt round keep at bay turn aside keep at arm's length put a stop to stand up for pre-empt protect safeguard shield secure shelter preserve save harbor conserve harbour fortify watch house hedge uphold barricade garrison insure hold withstand look after keep safe watch over keep from harm care for give sanctuary beat off take in provide sanctuary repel danger be the defender of hold at bay take care of maintain inoculate mind police support ride shotgun afford protection to stand guard over tend escort shade foster assure insulate cushion immunize hide wrap immunise cover up conceal give refuge stonewall occupy patrol oversee man overlook ensure stick up for haven enclose cover all bases preside over attend to provide protection for control go to bat for be in charge of relieve keep an eye on give asylum to safeguard from shield from provide refuge give shelter to give sanctuary to provide a refuge for protect from sustain salvage justify retain reclaim retrieve rescue cherish make invulnerable picket nanny mother chaperone roof shotgun chamber surround champion fight for rule guide supply with troops chaperon guard in transit give shelter give cover be responsible for have charge of cover for provide safety sentinel keep guard on mount guard on stand guard on cover up for persevere with minister to keep a lookout over take under one's wing stand guard save from harm take under wing manage take someone under your wing supervise run handle administrate govern operate superintend regulate direct steward tuck swathe cup enfold till conduct invest crown dress cap attend see to keep tabs on canopy clothe paper over reinforce hood overcast superpose superimpose put something on top of place under cover place something over bottle up get back at defend yourself retaliate contain suppress push back restrain reply fight back repress counter put up a fight riposte

Trái nghĩa của guard against

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