Đồng nghĩa của cut out

Alternative for cut out

Đồng nghĩa: cut down, cut off, scratch out,


To leave or exit a place
vamoose depart scarper go exit quit begone part get bail move book take off clear out clear off bug out push off shove off go off pull out buzz off walk out run along bug off push on bail out step along peel off sally forth dig out get off pack up pack off pike off pike out scram split skedaddle beat it make off leave run off run away flee escape bolt decamp take a powder take flight beat a retreat cut and run beat a hasty retreat make a run for it light out fly make a break for it do a bunk do a runner make oneself scarce run for it peel out head for the hills make a quick exit withdraw go away leg it show a clean pair of heels hightail it retreat skidoo fly the coop abscond hook it run turn tail do a disappearing act retire scoot go through shoot through make tracks absent oneself hit the road take a hike get going hightail levant set off break do a fade skip off disappear blow get away set out make an exit head off move out vanish get out skip up sticks slope off be off make yourself scarce desert abstract oneself evacuate take it on the lam be gone pull stakes start out flit get lost take leave say one's goodbyes be on one's way scat get under way break camp slip away hotfoot it remove repair lam scamper do a moonlight flit make a move betake oneself steal away say goodbye make one's getaway take to your heels abandon take to one's heels vacate pack one's bags sling one's hook step on it voetsak hamba hop it sneak away rack off avoid shun sling your hook go out recoil have it away break out of go AWOL hurry fall back clear draw back elude evade pull back pack your bags make your escape take French leave go on the lam give way drop out make a break walk out on skip out step out hit the trail take yourself off bog off make a getaway check out take your leave git leave flat give ground shoo alight embark avaunt do a moonlight scatter skiddoo be on your way walk kite hasten away run from hide strike out head make move along get on your bike go to hell make away do a Skase depart suddenly sneak off absquatulate have it away on one's toes wend range mosey cruise walk off make for make one's way post security put up bail stand surety obtain somebody's release run out strand take a walk forsake maroon remove oneself march advance absent go forth blast off move on migrate start set forth move off proceed march out emigrate sally absent yourself abdicate troop hit the bricks get up and go storm off leave suddenly storm out flounce out go off in a huff make a sudden departure take wing ship shove flow leap bustle off-load move about scurry hustle hasten speed race expedite zip dart spur dash rush whiz take one's leave make one's departure go offstage flake off exeunt issue do vanishing act bid farewell separate say adieu shrink fold back away drop back back out go back back off recede disengage move away move back cop out make a dash for it cut loose run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye ditch spring run out on leave holding the bag leave high and dry opt out leave in the lurch dump shake a leg make haste hurry up get a move on go like lightning move fast kick rocks make time say farewell break up jump hotfoot make quick exit make one's escape make your getaway step on the gas break off conk out split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells dedomicile make one's farewells ease out go one's ways go their separate ways part company go separate ways nick off sod off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake career naff off get along haul off barrel shoot tear break out be off with you hie on your bike course hurtle scuttle hare zoom duck out trot belt break free buzz bomb step bound gallop do a vanishing act sprint break loose get free pelt careen bundle whisk blast drive whirl motor whizz charge bowl breeze rocket jet make a escape blaze travel cannonball hurl rustle highball get moving push along get stuffed pop off take a long walk on a short pier draw away hop the twig hop the stick canter beetle trip dog it bust nip chase scutter rip skirr ram hump streak skitter gambol scorch flash zap crack on bucket get out of my sight make a start burn rubber barrel along go your way take to flight amble leave in a hurry yeet beat off hurry away romp regress duck egress dodge shirk post beeline accelerate tear off spread make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave jog distance oneself book it get cracking free oneself extricate oneself whistle move quickly be quick take one's farewells cannon bust out frolic whip go and chase yourself slip stampede turn around run scared pass emerge elope double sweep whoosh wing scud shift flourish boogie clip burst out brandish shrink back rush off speed away break away from make getaway wriggle out make a U-turn desert under fire pass quickly go like the clappers show quickly lay rubber go like the wind go like a bat out of hell play hooky get away with work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers get out of someone's clutches make good one's escape take on the lam turn on a dime hop caper dance lope prance jump ship bob frisk cavort ricochet carom tiptoe skim glance graze buck go south make scarce make a quick getaway depart secretly hippety-hop


To cease to perform a specified action
cease quit stop break can discontinue drop end halt break off break up carve cut off delete desist from eliminate excise exclude exsect extirpate extract forgo give over ignore isolate knock off lay off leave off marginalise marginalize oust overlook remove renounce sever shut off snub usurp cut dead do without give up refrain from take away take out pack in pack up abandon finish abstain from desist terminate conclude kick suspend put an end to call a halt to eschew swear off relinquish dispense with put a stop to wind up let up avoid lay off of forsake forbear from bring to an end call it a day close interrupt go without elapse shun pass determine dead-end wink out pull the plug on pass up axe jack in steer clear of refuse cancel lapse ax expire belay ditch cut short abstain skip forswear call it quits withhold from abolish leave out have done with scrap go die keep from surcease bring to a halt give something a miss knock something on the head resist waive get off keep off get rid of withdraw decline refrain forbear pause check do away with curb give something the chop cut come to an end pack it in restrain from stay away from rein in shy from hold off forego resign from skip out on pass on deny yourself block bypass pull out of get out of reject nip something in the bud withhold get shut of omit obstruct complete disregard get shot of spurn intervene pass over hold back sacrifice abort call off abjure sit out come to a stop kick the habit sew up come to a halt quit cold part with snip out say goodbye to scrub not continue be over dispose of wrap up come to a standstill take the cure nip in the bud bring to a stop kill leave alone kick over put the kibosh on give a rest draw to a close stand down from chuck not touch close off prevent give something up adjourn recess disrupt bring to end cut it out get on the wagon hang it up restrain oneself from prevent oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from have nothing to do with back out of set aside lay aside give a wide berth to throw in the towel forlet stop trying bring to a close throw in the sponge neglect give a miss skim over achieve leave succeed interfere with cut into disturb break into endure dispense stop doing lie by spell rest surrender yield discard quash brush aside cede repudiate head off down tools stop work pass by resign abdicate disavow keep away from manage without intermit phase out dissolve eradicate resect bag it separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin blow off dissever part shake off render needless abate bin dump resolve keep die away fizzle out fade away peter out annul close out consummate round out pull the plug round off get done wrap end up sunder ultimate put paid to shut down finish off wind down crown settle wind something up put the lid on switch off top off scratch turn your back on divorce rescind cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from revoke finish with dust off part from wipe out remit jilt shelve break with shake write off repeal forget about forfeit arrest impede cut away frustrate starve sit on one's hands fast give the go by evade constrain stay neutral fence-sit not take sides stall bar stay hamper still catch hobble stem freeze staunch hesitate falter stumble be abandoned wiggle-waggle waver teeter immobilize come to a close be suspended close down blow the whistle on dither hold up put a sock in scruple bring to a standstill draw to a stand pull up draw up balance hang back wabble stand still stagger vacillate be broken off shilly-shally hold at bay whiffle put a cork in stem the flow immobilise bring to standstill come to rest bring up wobble limp fetch up tear out clip detach preclude shirk back off from sidestep dodge avert shrink from break the habit of check out from escape from kibosh call it quits on skirt surcease from disappear fade vanish call a halt finalize dwindle run out finalise die out diminish culminate ruin destroy lessen wane melt away evaporate nullify run down pass away ebb decrease do quell recede bring to a conclusion discharge die down carry out fulfill put to bed accomplish wreck polish off cease to exist demolish prorogue be no more clear undo postpone shatter perform execute cap ease off wear off scotch annihilate fulfil sort out spoil become obsolete delay hinder set the seal on mar nail dash thwart realize crush devastate stymie actualize suppress curtail effectuate polish disperse subside vacate sabotage evanish clinch restrain slacken perfect get through carry off run its course mess up realise stop dead screw up sink bring to fruition nix cease to be weaken dissipate tail off blow over damage hold fail ease defer deactivate dispatch invalidate go away impair void collapse extinguish inhibit decimate tie up negate abrogate complement slow shorten drop off recall disannul prorogate exit depart null put off drop away round up obliterate blight evanesce put back queer banjax dish scupper suspend proceedings crool shrink cool it become invalid leave unfinished cruel euchre do in moderate become extinct add the final touch to make good go whole hog go the limit bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up add the finishing touch to make perfect go through with put the finishing touches on foul up become void make a mess of louse up cool off strike down roll back decay dry up play havoc with bite the dust subdue grow less bring to an untimely end put a lid on take a break fade out put on ice take five take a breather liquidate dispel fold up button down stop short make a hash of put in cold storage bring to naught blow a hole in take care of clean up fall away throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of cast aside disappear from the face of the earth run your term kill off climax turn back junk call bring top transpire cinch clear up blow wrap-up back off settle down lift dissociate quit cold turkey despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat be at an end be put on hold draw to a halt wrap something up truncate not do fly by do for stifle draw to close put a period to stop midstream limit perish stop in one's tracks reach a standstill be put to bed button up cut loose relieve shutter result slip away bring down curtain be gone be no longer valid stand call a stop to rise knock it off fold die off restrict be forgotten deal with retard tie up loose ends come to the end be through with finish up raise put the stopper on come to a conclusion cripple reverse turn out give up hope abandon hope shut back out renege baulk abbreviate abridge carry through go cold turkey sink into oblivion disappear slowly retreat drop out hang up pigeonhole undermine smash take a breather from put the finishing touches to sidetrack fix balk brace cut something short wither wilt give notice hold over attack subvert turn out to be countermand dismiss slow down mothball table put on a back burner remove gradually withdraw gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using incapacitate ravage foil melt continue respite put over hold in abeyance be brought to an end put a brake on retract go by put lid on put finishing touch on call a day put into effect put the finishing touch to mop up top it off put the tin lid on put away degenerate wither away dematerialize relent disable threaten upset deteriorate droop retrograde crumble bate bring to a premature end declare invalid obviate declare take a recess disband relax break short stop cold stop in full flow trail off molder dilapidate moulder cease to be known come to naught go south be done for leave no trace pass into oblivion lay on the table efface render null and void blot out declare null and void expunge get off the hook vitiate erase vaporize taper de-escalate taper off pall lower fall disestablish sell out harm bollix be exhausted be consumed flag take a rain check run low go downhill wear away go down go dead fly flee attenuate have an abortion take a rain check on put on the back burner overthrow close the door on terminate the account close the books break down decelerate slack phase down dull coast drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down cool dismantle contract fight intrude on muck up concentrate vaporise parch oppose split up loose wrack shoot disorganize unmake destruct scar become smaller become less grow smaller disfigure stain give out phase something out be depleted be used up withstand counter defy afflict taint disappoint trash injure tackle resolve into render void confront oppugn war glitch up repel put a damper on combat buck get rid of by stages battle against escape desert strive against bail make a stand against bring to an end to cope with struggle against put up a fight against be gone from be done with brush off depart from bail from go away from drop out of clear out from bow out of walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from move from abscond from exit from absent oneself from break off with cast off step aside from set out from


To remove, get rid of or erase, especially written or printed material, or data on a computer
delete cancel blue-pencil erase remove cross out dele efface excise expunge obliterate strike out edit blot out edit out eradicate kill unpublish elide rub out take out annul bleep clean cut decontaminate destroy drop eliminate exclude omit rub sanitise sanitize score scrap scratch scratch out scrub snip squash squelch sterilise sterilize strike terminate trim X-out ink out score out stroke out white out wipe out x out black out clean up pass up put a line through rule out Tippex out exterminate stamp out annihilate liquidate abolish extirpate snuff out root out sweep away get rid of bowdlerize blank out expurgate axe gut bowdlerise launder ax zap blue pencil exsect do away with chop subtract shed leave out block out trash torpedo total redact censor wipe off stop smash off sink disannul negate blot dispatch nullify scrape off blank cancel out withdraw cross through remove all traces of demolish do in finish off amputate exscind slash break off wash out extinguish raze crush quash wipe from the face of the earth put an end to abate put down put a stop to weed out uproot knock off X out scissor out cut up lop off give something the chop waste decimate slaughter massacre suppress dispose of murder void undo wipe off the face of the earth wreck devastate desolate end vaporize blow away nix deny rescind repeal invalidate polish off abrogate wipe off the map assassinate slay wipe revoke execute vaporise shoot down purge vacate discard butcher ruin pulverize wrack cream nuke shatter clear ice croak stiff top forget smoke call off put to death bump off tear down pull down mow down recall pulverise countermand abort obscure retract avoid conceal lift set aside whack strike through scrub out cover scrag do for do to death take away end the life of take the life of put paid to cut down rid strip reverse abandon expel jettison overturn repudiate junk obviate call overthrow null vitiate dismiss finish clean off discharge throw out rub off bring to an end cry off cause the death of make away with strike down roll back clear away cut to pieces put to sleep declare null and void dissolve quell extract level renege cleanse discontinue oust ditch defeat disclaim override take back overrule renounce recant eject empty neutralize upset evict make void backpedal disown dismantle abjure counterorder render invalid forswear subvert dump neutralise call back unload back out of declare invalid clear out cast aside give someone the works terminate with extreme prejudice render null and void score through refuse dust rub something out banish strike something out disrupt repress shut off pull check stun erode fade give up rub someone out cover over silence drag declare forget about snuff get get off the hook put the lid on put out of your mind smooth away wear away rub away take down drag down kill off disinfect close shut out hide screen obstruct shroud postpone put away record over scour flatten overwhelm benothing conquer overpower beat rid of shake out rout out clean out bulldoze black unbuild fell knock down dynamite topple reduce unmake crash capsize bomb spill lay waste batter scatter pat sponge out scrub off knock to pieces budge stifle mop shade obfuscate darken batten smother eclipse mop up clear up sponge off sponge up take off raze to the ground break down blow down cast down tear up swab dispense with throw down deracinate rinse off wash off spot brush supersede disestablish prohibit inhibit polish put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come blow someone's brains out close down dry shift get off loosen put kibosh on slur disregard ravage knock something on the head put the kibosh on wash cover up make dark cut off pass out hold back keel over give the bum's rush miss out throw out on your ear kick out give something a miss chuck out turf out leave off boot out let go send packing absorb wipe off face of earth knock out blow to bits blow sky-high KO mark out destroy root and branch take apart dab evacuate drain zero get out draw out bring out


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
exclude bar ban reject debar eliminate embargo prohibit ostracise ostracize blackball except keep out omit shut out boycott forbid refuse veto banish black bounce disallow disbar expel ignore oust proscribe remove repudiate eject evict freeze out interdict preclude bate blacklist block close out deny access to disclude discount dismiss disregard estop obviate occlude prevent rule out sideline stop suspend count out leave out miss out not count refuse to admit lock out prevent from entering put an embargo on put out refuse admittance send to Coventry set aside throw out ward off drive out force out pass over get rid of shut the door on leave out in the cold drop cut discard disqualify discharge waive cancel cross out miss elide bypass excommunicate exile overleap pretermit skip overpass disown disfellowship slight withhold marginalize expulse displace expatriate cast off relegate cut dead invisibilize deport cast out marginalise pass by factor out dispense with take out leave off skip over let slide give something a miss not bother fail to include cast aside fail to mention drum out spurn out rout snub turn out kick out boot out turf out run off chase slang outlaw shun send packing avoid cold-shoulder give the bum's rush show the door cashier coldshoulder rebuff sack chuck out give someone the push give the cold shoulder give someone the boot vote against rusticate blank deny taboo kill transport say no to defenestrate dispossess fling out push out thrust out fire dislodge sling out axe drive off bin off give the cold shoulder to steer clear of place an embargo on drive away give the elbow send away throw out on your ear give the boot ax do away with give someone the big E give one the gate give someone the air throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders turn on rule something out exempt inveigh nix down negative overlook shoot down disentitle turn against declare ineligible deprive enjoin consider undesirable inhibit refuse to employ thumbs down hit list restrict refuse admission to refuse entrance to boot avert abolish revoke recant forestall forfend repatriate extradite outcaste check thwart put on hit list deter isolate extradict extrude sequester stand in the way of override circumvent limit not include turf chuck can hand someone the frozen mitt leave in the cold yeet show the door to chase out toss out shut off shut out of chase away shake off see the back of throw overboard give the old heave-ho toss give the sack to kiss goodbye give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch send off unloose squeeze out force to leave give the chop give someone the bullet bump give the heave-ho irrupt give someone their cards show the gate to dump stave off put paid to close one's doors to not consider forget about fordrive heave out bust ask to leave throw out on ear give the hook give walking papers show you the door cut off overrule overturn countermand reverse quash invalidate disclaim abjure squash disavow wash one's hands of turn your back on brush off have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions hold aloof from withhold patronage abstain from ice out refrain from strike give a wide berth to pass up refuse to take part in throw declare null and void pass on put down keep back zing give the thumbs down to censor turn down disacknowledge purge pack off let go give the 1-2-3 bundle off lay off remove by force


Admit defeat
give in submit surrender yield bow capitulate concede quit succumb blink budge relent acquiesce cave in concede defeat knuckle under climb down give way abandon cease cede collapse comply defer deliver desist despair drop fold forswear lose present proffer relinquish resign stop tender waive admit defeat back down bail out bow out buckle under chicken out cry uncle give up hand in hand over leave off pull out throw in the sponge throw in the towel accede assent agree fall accept raise the white flag backpedal show the white flag pack it in bend be beaten concur lay down your arms buckle say uncle approve come round break accept defeat crumble be overcome go along with eat humble pie comply with call it quits consent withdraw do a U-turn go down retreat fall victim conform crumple go under lay down arms do an about-turn give wave the white flag agree to acquiesce in give up the struggle give in to soften call it a day chuck in backtrack back out allow let go fall apart back off make concessions be overwhelmed knuckle come apart break down eat crow roll over respect adapt toss it in permit put up white flag subscribe kowtow cave okay abide by change your mind fall to pieces lay down one's arms be overwhelmed by concur with resign yourself consent to be overcome by be conquered by conform to weaken melt reconsider suffer defeat be defeated indulge crack admit recant become lenient show mercy observe sanction retract truckle give yourself up endorse take back give ground be conquered topple bless suffer admit you were wrong hoist the white flag act in accordance with cooperate with founder row back do an about-face fall in adjust embrace go give the green light to bow to fall apart at the seams eat your words give the thumbs up to accommodate say the word say yes to assent to cut a deal come to terms abdicate yield to turn in implode OK accede to accord disintegrate obey give the nod heed shake on break apart buy give the go-ahead to yes ditto go to pieces lay down submit to toe the line throw in your hand tumble be beaten by play ball pay homage lose heart stop trying fall in line vail chuck it in change compromise adhere be submissive resign oneself bend the knee humble oneself surrender to show white flag give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end call off give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over bow to someone bow to something give away the store throw up one's hands throw up the sponge be servile eat one's words concede to let give permission for say yes sign off on make a deal subdue subjugate genuflect sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong retract one's words bring to an end give out fall down come down slump go out topple over subside settle shatter sag wilt return offer back give back break up sever come apart at the seams do a volte-face flip-flop change one's attitude change one's plans about-face change your decision retrocede turn back double back hesitate vacillate waver renege ratify authorize give one's permission warrant give one's stamp of approval to pass pass on concur in rubber-stamp back authorise grant recognise give five give one's leave license mandate recognize adopt espouse validate confirm subscribe to support give the OK to licence ease off ease up give oneself up cancel balk demur cop out recoil fink out lie down pass into enemy hands be destroyed by be a casualty to be smitten by be overthrown be vanquished by be overthrown by fall victim to be defeated by lose one's position to be taken by pass into the hands of eat dirt leave entrust consign forego honor honour follow play dead wimp out baulk beg off go back on back pedal pull back hold back knuckleunder fawn be deferential cringe agree with touch unbend mind mollify relax disarm sink adhere to keep have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement affect forgive move be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail take orders hold to answer do as you are told do as one says fulfill do what is expected come to heel serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil respond goose-step to get into line do what one is told keep to play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line be loyal to forbear tumble down tolerate have mercy sympathise have pity become merciful slow give quarter show pity sympathize be vanquished be trounced lose out keel brook give one's blessing to give one's approval to roll over and play dead accept tacitly reconcile jibe go along stand by give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to agree to something allow something be merciful admit something concede something come around cool it lighten up die away mellow out let happen lay back come a cropper drop a bundle get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted crash out take a beating be humbled come to grief default be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo be outdistanced fall short let it happen change one's mind go easy on give some slack ease up on take a softer line


To reduce in extent, duration or quantity
abbreviate shorten reduce abridge clip contract cut abstract compress condense curtail truncate prune summarise summarize digest crop trim constrict cut down cut short dock elide precis shrink syncopate synopsize telescope abort edit epitomise epitomize précis restrict cut back encapsulate pare pare down stop short boil down cut off take out get to the meat put in a nutshell decrease outline sum up lessen recap chop diminish summate snip recapitulate brief reprise slash blue pencil concentrate wrap up downsize capsulize retrench narrow give a summary of lop sum limit compact minify consolidate give a precis of give a synopsis of give the main points of inventory capsule sketch lower curb restrain run down get to meat run through check halt slim down rein in hold back mark down give an abstract of give an outline of put in nutshell break off give the gist of tighten skim conflate zip shear top compile give main points expurgate bowdlerize round down capture bowdlerise record express squeeze deflate wither shrivel make smaller make a outline of write a summary of drop make a résumé of give a digest of make shorter inhibit tighten up cramp control dwindle get shorter minimize excerpt minimise take up bob economize economise nutshell moderate shift swing modify play stress accent roll back rein back turn up mark off put the brakes on put a restriction on put a limit on cut to bone describe review put down shave bring down reduce greatly cut to the bone delineate make a long story short draft indicate characterize adumbrate draught characterise give a rundown of give a rough idea of make an outline of skeleton tell about make a summary of go over touch on skeletonize give a quick rundown on give a rough idea lay out give a thumbnail sketch of stop finish end terminate discontinue interrupt suspend freeze quit postpone leave unfinished stop dead bring to an end call a halt put a stop to break short stop in full flow stop cold abate ease de-escalate downscale lighten weaken quell taper attenuate depreciate depress temper scale down deplete ebb decrement mitigate wind down dent alleviate tone down make cutbacks in knock down tail off wane soften decline remove devaluate blunt sink erode subside cut back on dilute impair peter out whittle down axe detach drop off ax make less dial down take the edge off lop off ease off step down deaden salami-slice degrade dampen allay dull slacken relax assuage wear away wear down pollard eliminate let up fall off mow taper off chop off hack off take off whittle away phase down make reductions in slump fade settle waste dry up slow down sever cheapen palliate evaporate discount run low die down narrow down damp downgrade nip poll couch cushion stifle mollify devalue mute undervalue detruncate subdue hew excise take down trim back trim down amputate recede skive deduct take the bite out take the sting out turn down write down constringe damp down scrimp write off ratchet down cut shorter become smaller phase out grow smaller fall away grow less drain quiet decay droop degenerate rebate ration minimalize muffle tame hack scale something down undermine sap soothe calm down deteriorate crumble lose edge slack off tail away slice disempower shelve adjust remit fall saw relent commute plummet plunge cut down on make fewer break retrench on do away with get rid of decapitate cut something short shape neaten demote make weaker peter die out become less die away slacken off keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum tidy up even up ream reduce punishment cut in price lower in price delete confine omit cream cause to fall ease up on bring to a premature end undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale rationalize offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of subtract render worthless shave off file off scrape off bring to an untimely end rationalise disgrade demerit drive down separate budget cut tune down roll down scale back trim away collapse smother suppress cleave relieve still take in lose ground get smaller tranquilize barber calm cool abscise dissever dismember remove surgically disconnect part placate fleece tranquillize tonsure disengage shear off hew off saw off slice off put the lid on make less intense put a damper on put damper on soft-pedal cut away cut into a bob extenuate amortise cast down qualify amortize


To set free, especially from entanglement or difficulty
disengage release disentangle extricate free liberate detach loosen separate disconnect loose remove uncouple unfasten unloose untie decouple unbind unclasp undo clear disembarrass disentwine disjoin disunite ease unfix unhitch unhook untangle unyoke disarticulate unbridle unclick unlock set free cut loose sever part unbutton unlink divide unravel unleash disassociate unloosen split dissociate sunder unwrap unclose open isolate unlace divorce dissever disjoint unblock let go unchain unfetter unstop unshut break up let out uncork unbolt untether resolve ramify unknot take apart unlash extract unbuckle unpick unpin slip unstrap segregate unshackle disassemble dismount withdraw abstract disencumber rescue unmanacle pull out take out let loose unzip untwine emancipate discharge cut off unseal disaffiliate relieve tear off disburden unlatch enfranchise deliver break off uncage manumit disenthrall disenthral break unsnap spring unbar ransom cast off set loose bail out turn loose disembroil unstitch delink solve unpen skim disinvolve unmoor unstick discumber unplug take off clip off chop off hack off nip off pull off prune off distance unburden set adrift strip off dislodge rupture bifurcate dissect rip off uncombine dichotomize cleave pull free get free get out get loose lighten break apart pull apart come apart split in two divide in two come away come loose unscrew become unfastened mitigate untighten slacken off work free work loose partition disband dismantle disrupt become disconnected become detached alienate disperse estrange rive embroil disimprison save parole shy move away split up dissolve demobilize acquit enlarge affranchise dismiss reprieve bail redeem set at variance set at odds demobilise pop jimmy let off free from restraint let off the hook free from restriction turn out give rights to put on the street pardon absolve throw open break in open the door throw wide expel avoid let off the lead allow to leave set at large set at liberty cast loose divest rid spare vent befree exempt exonerate bring off relinquish direct come to the aid of retire allow to go express aim demob strip free up alleviate salvage excuse dispense send away exculpate lift come to the rescue of save the life of get out from under bail one out get off the hook relax send home dig out unpeg unsnag open the door for grant exit to let someone out except restore to freedom disembed spring loose snatch whitewash extend broaden widen expand save one's neck retrieve recover write off come to rescue wipe the slate clean make exempt get oneself off the hook wriggle out of protect vociferate holler explode go ape release conditionally release on parole give terms save from danger finance uncheck save someone's bacon empty get out of hock save the day bring someone off give a break pull out of the fire get someone out save life of save someone's neck bail someone out unload assist help out aid help purge let fly void let go of purify resign allow to run free allow to run riot cleanse give a free rein to disabuse pull decommission scatter shed lend a helping hand to come to somebody's aid give a helping hand to make free yank deactivate get rid demilitarise disarm demilitarize deliver from disburden of free of get rid of absolve from exempt from disembarrass of free from excuse from unburden of boot out discharge from extricate from save from rescue from disencumber of liberate from release from remove blame set free from part company go their separate ways


To obstruct, cover, or otherwise block (an opening, a portion of an image, etc.
occlude block clog choke obstruct dam plug stuff congest jam close stop clot stopper fill seal cork shut stem hinder impede curb prevent obscure throttle stop up clog up block up bung up plug up close out gum up cut off shut off block off block out close off lock out bung pack dam up fill up gunge up obturate bar barricade blockade check halt suppress silt up caulk close up seal up retard restrict slow hold back stall restrain inhibit stopple seal off repress control make airtight make watertight hamper overfill foul crowd overcrowd glut leash entrammel tie burden overburden cover secure cap clutter up shut up confine staunch cumber constrict hedge contain arrest curtail stifle brake gibbet kill stunt die drown squeeze noose wring stymie intercept stay jam up bridle hold off choke up stanch brim heap cram hold in choke off shut out interfere with bottle limit stonewall muzzle gag thwart charge load stand in the way of get in the way of ram top jam-pack lade stick gum waterproof plaster paste enclose ram in top off stick down delay hold up slow down trammel fetter interrupt set back keep back handicap detain still foil encumber postpone quiet squelch frustrate hamstring reduce retardate crimp bottle up shut down bog down put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of silence decelerate hush quieten shush defer cramp squash slacken hobble pause constrain cripple shackle muffle baulk neutralize slow up deter withhold bottleneck put back moderate handcuff lessen decrease mire regulate hold counteract baffle bring to screeching halt back off hog-tie take down rein in loiter neutralise balk fill in cloy derail protract remit shelve prorogue intermit put off stave off make late hold off on prolong hold over temper stuff up abate lag diminish reef put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down cut back back-water qualify keep waiting hit the brakes lose speed procrastinate embog anchor it rein cut short catch terminate smother swallow govern fight back repulse discourage put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in circumvent keep under control slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up keep a lid on draw up tame play for time bite back rebuff hold down choke back nip in the bud checkmate keep in check fetch up stem the flow of forestall oppose prohibit manacle embarrass box in contravene debar short-circuit crab be a hindrance to bork throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works resist tie up get in the way louse up interfere censor mute quell extinguish settle dumb press wedge compress force thrust ice tongue-tie be quiet quit chattering quieten down shut it keep trap shut can it hold tongue fall silent put a sock in it stop talking soft-pedal be silent shoehorn crush sandwich clamp down on dry up crack down on dummy up crash drive tamp compact scrunch strangle squish hang up down hesitate let up loaf falter dawdle flag poke bog


Having the appropriate qualities or skills to do something
fitted right suitable appropriate suited fit applicable apt becoming befitting equipped felicitous fitting good happy ideal meet pretty proper adapted conformable matched qualified tailor-made well suited cut out for apposite relevant pertinent apropos seemly expedient germane acceptable congruous opportune convenient just adequate timely correct to the point satisfactory decent useful related rightful comme il faut worthy in keeping to the purpose material due decorous seasonable reasonable kosher right on on the nose on the button perfect favourable propitious equitable deserved connected pat helpful significant fair competent employable usable well-suited serviceable favorable requisite well-timed appurtenant ad rem sufficient good enough legit able capable belonging functional prepared feasible advantageous condign well-chosen deserving ready auspicious pertaining useable available correspondent equal conforming compatible desirable agreeable preferable commodious correlated salient relative applicatory valid congruent nice linked well timed comfortable consistent spot on handy on target having direct bearing on having to do with well-matched destined justified fairy-tale harmonious relating conducive accommodating welcome admissible judicious beneficial pointed good for designed conformed reconciled accommodated relatable important inspired unique peculiar that's the ticket just what was ordered neat choice pertaining to just right made to order well chosen fortunate lucky golden promising telling fortuitous well put well expressed convincing joyous associated with providential benign ripe done beseeming behooving associable comely best trained likely eligible of use apropos of advisable okay merited presentable heaven-sent user friendly fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard in keeping with politic swell copacetic in character up to snuff equal to up to in the running capable of in line for what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle well judged enough ample commensurate commensurable abundant proportionate sufficing plenty tolerable average plentiful passable plenteous bounteous necessary enow as much as is necessary minimal unobjectionable aplenty copious as much as you need bountiful satisfying all right exploitable operable practicable -worthy sensible effective profitable worthwhile warranted gainful practical prudent sound wise constructive valuable prosperous recommended suggested tactical fruitful benefic benignant of benefit friendly beneficent needed expected productive earned salutary toward strategic legitimate justifiable hopeful like-minded complementary behooveful commonsensical of service workable desired logical encouraging pragmatic anticipated recommendable required preferred wholesome timeous carefully selected kindly authorized pleasant exact well deserved well earned allowable sympathetic optimal respectable precise authorised well of assistance realistic efficacious achievable doable chosen utilitarian commendable specified intended brave healthful viable flattering indicated sustainable sanctioned favoring lawful selected true cognate approved within reason real legal sagacious rewarding licensed authentic benevolent favouring obligatory rational applicative recognized towardly gratifying positive lucrative efficient permitted very model operative furthersome quintessential licenced recognised called for of value official canonical orthodox supreme effectual bona fide on the money decisive full of promise conclusive for the best successful in one's interests just the job made well provident favourite favorite rehearsed workaday allied awaited slated richly-deserved ordinary everyday well-deserved well disposed complimentary laudatory kind bright utility permissible wearable rosy akin cheering pleasureful pleasurable reassuring pleasing bounden in order counselable reasoned essential prerequisite particular optimistic working actionable well qualified well-earned of a kind analogous right and proper to one's advantage in one's interest supportive instrumental accurate express heartening sane flukey fluky kindred on-topic usual OK prompt roseate upbeat rose-colored weighty consonant accordant concerning pointful referring conformant remunerative meritorious punctual looked-for predictable seasonal compelling definitive best suited clear solid real-world O.K. healthy utilizable great archetypal consummate absolute ultimate prototypical of interest uplifting win-win inspiring worth it in point dexter in readiness potent active of help forceful determinative powerful forcible attainable operational realizable fairly good attractive moderately good not bad called-for serendipitous casual incidental enviable accidental immediate speedy quantified listed just the thing in one's best interests coming rhadamanthine scheduled fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible possible manageable sought after set disposed appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year accomplishable matching commendatory salubrious hygienic commending protean not too bad to your advantage crying out tenable within reach just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs excellent wonderful indulgent accommodative obliging utilisable in good time at the right time level-headed easy in the nick of time up-to-date up-to-the-minute bearable habitable endorsed accredited formal wealthy luxurious honest moralistic moral virtuous ethical principled noble card-carrying right-minded certified authoritative well grounded realisable well advised of choice authenticated opulent liberal elegant substantial supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable validated within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility within possibility well thought out holding water on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle optimum documented accepted verified generous licit signed sealed ratified cozy tenantable snug homey enjoyable civilized lodgeable affluent gracious prime peak top genuine constitutional statutory acknowledged allowed signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra definite established and delivered ex officio idyllic foremost cornucopian livable civilised cosy finest choicest well off well-fixed well-situated fit for human habitation worth living best possible self-serving free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do to one's own advantage in one's own interests pre-eminent best-case de jure most correct


Somebody who is forced to stand up, for example, on a crowded bus

Trái nghĩa của cut out

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