Đồng nghĩa của abbreviate

Alternative for abbreviate

abbreviates, abbreviated, abbreviating

Đồng nghĩa: abridge, compress, condense, contract, curtail, cut, reduce, shorten,

Trái nghĩa: amplify, lengthen,


To create a summary of
summarise summarize synopsize abridge abstract epitomise epitomize condense digest outline encapsulate precis précis sketch edit sum up give a summary of put in a nutshell give a precis of give a synopsis of give an outline of give an abstract of get to the meat blue pencil give a digest of shorten compress boil down reduce cut trim truncate contract recap summate recapitulate brief reprise chop curtail cut down wrap up telescope capsulize inventory minify capsule sum compact consolidate shrink skim narrow give the main points of concentrate snip run through run down give the gist of tighten constrict conflate zip clip give main points compile limit capture record express cut short write a summary of make a outline of make a résumé of decrease nutshell cut to bone review describe delineate draft indicate characterize adumbrate draught characterise pare go over give a rundown of give a rough idea of touch on skeletonize give a quick rundown on make an outline of skeleton give a rough idea lay out tell about make a summary of give a thumbnail sketch of examine rehash restate reiterate repeat rip judge zap rave evaluate study slam assess discuss correct pan trash revise inspect weigh knock reedit write a critique read through wrap-up sum-up bad-mouth retrograde cipher prune put down cypher cut back represent depict denote portray show conclude estimate close total report reproduce size up give a summing-up review the evidence summarize the argument summarize the evidence get the measure of rephrase reword recount paraphrase replay list enumerate run over state again run through again go over again give opinion go over same ground go the same round


To become smaller or less in amount, degree or intensity
diminish subside wane ebb recede moderate decrease lessen reduce drop fade slacken taper decline remit shrink temper weaken abate contract dwindle ease fall lower pall plummet relent sink slump attenuate drain plunge blur close de-escalate extenuate minify retrench shrivel trail let up slacken off cool off drop off settle down tail off taper off trail off become smaller die away die down die out fade out fall away fall off fizzle out peter out phase down ratchet down fade away go downhill make smaller come to an end drain away grow smaller hit the floor go through the floor ease off disappear grow less go down flag depreciate soften nosedive deteriorate dip evaporate relax wither downsize melt away vanish crash degenerate fail mitigate droop wind down quell slow down downscale descend slack off ease up drop away dive deplete decrement tumble take a nosedive become less decay lighten dissolve curtail dim alleviate get smaller minimize collapse die off cease minimise slow restrain slide waste away calm down rachet down curb wear off wear away settle subdue waste nose-dive dull quieten crumble stop die dissipate dent get less slack go away grow faint sag run low narrow down run out tone down check knock down narrow go into a tailspin regress constrict condense trail away devaluate shorten disperse terminate deflate dry up crater end skid fall short wear down become weaker slip come to nothing grow dim dampen modulate scale down rebate come to a halt quiet soft-pedal take a dive erode chill out depress languish desist calm fizzle devalue wilt lull quieten down flop give out lose edge compress melt become weak release fall through limit downturn slope compact decelerate restrict straiten make less bate tighten thin slake constringe give way finish fall steeply phase out fall sharply take a header step down break down come to a stop get lower level off make narrower drop rapidly cave in become lower get narrower become narrower turn down slash play down dilute modify cut down tail away falter loosen minimalize disengage grow weaker thin out still allay assuage relieve lose strength lose intensity shade sober darken deepen cloud mollify rescind shape elongate gutter peter decimate run dry go lag retrograde minish grow faint atrophy drop down slim wrinkle come down incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards make less active impair cut clip take it easy fall down thin down retire disintegrate telescope halt unlax coast cool miniaturise miniaturize evanesce give in cut back roll back slack up untighten numb close out go downwards dispel clear be on the way out become less intense retrocede whittle down lose its effect lose its effectiveness relapse cool it pass totter lose lapse pare down contain take the bite out take the sting out deaden mute go easy drag backslide cheapen buckle squeeze defuse blow over loose draw to a close capsule capsulize die away or out die away or down bow out be gone withdraw be no more scrimp fall back flow back lose value sink into oblivion be forgotten disappear slowly pass away fold up decrease in value decline in price clear up hit the dirt tip over miscarry founder be precipitated take in lose ground scale back scatter take the heat off damp down muddy up pale sink lower bomb bust choke cramp strangle be deficient tauten strangulate focus circumscribe clench tense confine pinch lose significance decrease in importance pale into insignificance go awry tuck astringe go amiss be wanting be insufficient lose lustre become less dense become less numerous grow dull be ruined strike out be lacking become less in number clear out be inadequate be found lacking not come to ripeness draw together get thinner draw in


(of writing) Relatively brief in extent
short brief concise succinct terse little pointed rapid hasty hurried quick aphoristic compendious crisp decreased incisive apothegmatic clipped compact small compressed diminished summarised summarized summary condensed ephemeral epigrammatic lessened sententious unprolonged compendiary curtailed shortened swift truncated contracted decurtate economical precise sparing breviloquent laconic synoptic curt curtate pithy thumbnail abbreviated abridged bare perfunctory transient boiled down cut short not protracted in few words short and sweet to the point cut to the bone in a few well-chosen words in a nutshell monosyllabic capsule telegraphic elliptical elliptic gnomic snappy brusque potted lapidary abrupt sharp trenchant blunt gruff tart witty tight neat meaningful meaty taut clever outline lean finely honed cursory close expressive abstracted significant cogent honed effective snippety short-and-sweet marrowy recapped precipitate compacted rehashed run-down down to brass tacks limited uncommunicative economic memorable catchy snippy fast distinct summarizing amusing piquant quick-witted comprehensive summarising pungent ingenious forceful making a long story short apophthegmatic axiomatic run-through epigrammatical short and to the point telling rude well tuned censorious judgmental pretentious critical disapproving judgemental abounding cutting acute snappish in well-chosen words cut exact cryptic reduced precised cut-down clear-cut concentrated synopsized slimmed-down encapsulated bare-bones edited slimmed down shorter trimmed pruned shrunk cropped cut down pared down controlled constricted telescoped straightforward epitomized epitomised shortened form edited down well structured skeleton digest essential censored sketch bowdlerized stripped down expurgated bowdlerised

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