Đồng nghĩa của wither

Alternative for wither

withers, withered, withering

Đồng nghĩa: deteriorate, droop, dry up, fade, languish, pine, shrink, shrivel, wane, wilt,


To shrivel, droop or dry up, especially from lack of water
waste atrophy shrivel decay decline shrink become shrunken waste away shrivel up deteriorate rot degenerate crumble weaken spoil fade perish disintegrate putrefy decompose break down wane moulder molder ebb go downhill regress worsen retrograde wilt sink fail diminish degrade go bad languish devolve go down the toilet corrupt mold debilitate flag slip dwindle wear away mould retrogress slide fall fester go to pot hit the skids become emaciated corrode descend disimprove go off break up fall apart go to the dogs drop collapse slump depreciate droop grow weak emaciate foul sap lapse get worse go down the tubes go to rack and ruin enervate exhaust tire devitalize sicken stagnate become debilitated enfeeble die sag lag go debase dilapidate fade away etiolate become worse dissolve grow worse backslide be neglected become dilapidated erode turn fall off wear out fall to pieces go to the pack sap the strength of fall into decay pine away dry up become enfeebled recede go mouldy nosedive contract be abandoned thin disappear pall lower fall down falter slacken drift tumble be disregarded be forgotten rot away fall away incapacitate mortify decrease soften prostrate lessen pervert demoralise go to seed warp debauch wither away deprave demoralize stain oxidize depress destroy necrotize sphacelate be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's last legs be breathing one's last be approaching death tarnish mildew blight curdle suppurate discolour defile putresce dry-rot pollute discolor sap one's strength grow moldy be impaired become contaminated breakdown compost become rusty go stale crumble away stale oxidise rust drain deplete consume gnaw undermine eat away vitiate impair go backwards lose quality be in decline go into decline go to pieces be on your last legs fall apart at the seams revert relapse take a turn for the worse retreat return skid be the worse for wear move backward reduce die on vine come apart at seams run to seed pejorate suffer damage fall into disrepair make something worse go from bad to worse take a nosedive be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage drop off be damaged be shown to disadvantage hit rock bottom reach depths come apart at the seams injure adulterate alloy mar break be worse for wear lose it subside drift back slip back retrocede recidivate sink back fall back go back lose headway turn the clock back roll back lose ground turn back throw back move back


Fall into decay or decline
diminish dwindle ebb fade lessen shrink wane weaken disappear evaporate languish ebb away melt away decline abate decrease subside sink recede peter out droop shrivel die away contract lower fall off decay let up taper die down deteriorate die out fall away crumble fail moderate vanish taper off ease wilt waste away reduce dissolve degenerate fall tail off drop off pall slump drop flag slacken go evanesce waste die remit relent slack off de-escalate ratchet down drain away phase down grow less quiet condense emaciate lag sag shorten perish dry up deflate run low narrow down wear away slow down grow faint fade away go downhill get smaller grow smaller become smaller dim come to an end curb check settle narrow compress disperse curtail lighten quell depreciate constrict calm down restrain devaluate lose edge soften wear down disintegrate attenuate dematerialize fly melt flee squeeze tire collapse faint grow dim halt give way minimize minimise trail off dilapidate be destroyed fizzle out fall short fade out ease off cease to exist break up drain rebate slash erode cut down modify tail away weary pine succumb plummet plunge die off dissipate decrement blur become less pass into oblivion grow wrinkle decompose slim peter abbreviate concentrate truncate abridge downsize scatter diffuse disassemble telescope ease up falter compact break down make smaller relapse totter debase depress vitiate relax lose impoverish tremble limp cripple tighten dispel unmake constringe capsule capsulize pass away scrimp pare down slim down break into pieces wear off lose spirit grow weaker thin out etiolate take in lose ground hush fold deliquesce grow feeble trail evanish thin rarefy clear become unimportant lapse pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud pass vanish into thin air die on vine discontinue elapse stop expire close quit finish end conclude terminate cease determine retrograde bate molder moulder break off dead-end leave off run out wink out go down go dead pack in wind up atrophy wind down give in become weak be on the way out draw to a close


To injure a person's dignity and self-respect
humiliate abash blast mortify shame crush discomfit snub put down humble disgrace debase degrade chasten abase embarrass subdue demean chagrin deflate denigrate cheapen foul dishonor squash sink lower quash smirch discredit own rip pan discountenance smear blister break slam bemean confound vanquish downplay confuse dishonour put out of countenance make ashamed cause to lose face make someone eat humble pie take the wind out of someone's sails bring low play down cut down to size make a fool of shoot down show up cause to feel small tear down run down make someone eat crow take down take down a peg put to shame bring down settle someone's hash take down a peg or two cast down belittle disparage devalue disconcert downgrade put someone in their place taint tarnish diminish reduce defame derogate blot cow sully stain stigmatize demoralize flatten drag through the mud nonplus fluster ridicule faze rattle demoralise stigmatise upset bring shame to demote dismay bring into disrepute corrupt debauch slander decry depreciate blacken reflect badly on discompose annoy perturb prostitute dispirit bring shame on besmirch destroy lessen besmear undermine weaken insult minimize throw defile mock drag down compromise minimise dismiss drag through the mire put in a bad light bring shame upon dis lower the status of show in a bad light bad-mouth give a bad name to give a black eye poor-mouth vex pervert displease depress irk deprave bastardize deteriorate profane warp vitiate canker subvert condescend discourage poison stoop deign vilify horrify appal expose disappoint tame reproach ruin slur injure mudsling bastardise mar agitate descend appall overcome blemish undervalue worry detract disturb deprecate discombobulate sap dash disfavor bewilder disfavour unnerve bust distract dishearten shake attaint libel pull down make uncomfortable give a bad name let down contemn enervate disrate deride discount criticize cast aspersions on slight diss vilipend knock down do a hatchet job on detract from trash knock the stuffing out of criticise have the last laugh on trash-talk write off cry down make lose face take to pieces kiss off get the better of talk down floor blight affront curb demolish harass disconsider disoblige bring discredit to bring dishonour to brand lower in rank soften discipline restrain harm damage lower in status afflict check repress spoil desensitize brutalize dehumanize bend to one's will bring to knees take down a notch scandalize scorn despise relegate take apart blacken the name of cast a slur spot dehumanise desensitise brutalise get one's comeuppance betray downcry comment negatively condemn opprobriate reject be prejudicial to reduce the status of desecrate disrespect scandalise disregard silence squelch make someone feel ashamed take the wind out browbeat strike dumb put away cut down declass take to bits pop one's balloon put one away make eat dirt sell out lose face be untrue to oneself beat down make one feel small bring down a peg cut to the quick debunk abandon one's principles shoot down in flames tar and feather crawl put in your place force to eat humble pie bump set back revert subjugate mark down reduce to the ranks kick downstairs unsettle succumb puncture balloon perplex disorient surpass fix someone's wagon baffle ruffle let down easy take aback lower oneself debase oneself be reduced to debase yourself demean yourself lower yourself be reduced demean oneself defeat kick in the teeth throw off balance gravel catch off balance daunt let wind out of sails take the wind out of somebody's sails overwhelm cripple smash enfeeble overpower bring to terms psych out incapacitate impair suppress deter cause to be at a stand put someone off their stroke put someone off their stride make someone scratch their head set someone back on their heels irritate deject impoverish extinguish hold up to shame distress disquiet rout peeve unman desolate stultify dissatisfy chill frustrate sadden malign weigh down make dejected disincline make dispirited make crestfallen damp indispose make downhearted dampen make self-conscious make uneasy make awkward bring to ruin bring someone to their knees cause instability plague stun tease puzzle bother bug dumbfound calumniate make ridiculous set up make absurd attack censure abuse knock slate throw a pall over give someone the blues get down make someone fed up knock sideways weigh heavily on pour cold water on knock for six put a damper on throw cold water on soil bag pummel rubbish roast skewer bash hang up devaluate hammer asperse vituperate catch one short pummelled monster disesteem dump on pour scorn on slag off have a go at speak ill of pull apart lay into speak evil of throw brickbats at throw mud at hit out at tear into make a monkey of put in a spot put in a hole put on the spot give a bad time give a hard time throw into a tizzy ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh bring into disfavour blacken someone's name damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility


To be detrimental to
hurt harm damage destabilise destabilize undermine weaken wreck compromise cripple jeopardise jeopardize mar ruin sabotage subvert break debilitate destroy deteriorate diminish disrupt hinder impoverish ravage spoil tarnish afflict annihilate blemish blight corrode corrupt crush depress devitalize disable dismantle enervate impair impede incapacitate taint trash wound batter blast bloody crab cross up debase deface disfigure endamage enfeeble flaw inconvenience injure sap scorch shatter shock smash torpedo vitiate detract from foul up interfere with louse up mess up muck up rough up screw up shake up smash up take out be detrimental to cause detriment to do harm to wreak havoc on put out of action put out of commission throw a monkey wrench into mutilate mangle maim total deform blot defile sully distort bruise scar vandalize threaten devastate demolish lame prejudice paralyse reduce vandalise scratch blunt disfeature upset stain paralyze hamstring pollute shake poison disgrace invalidate dent disqualify scathe attenuate infect put the kibosh on thwart mangulate besmirch wear away crool lessen smirch lacerate touch undo shame uglify queer indispose prostrate cut despoil play havoc with immobilize waste exhaust unfit drag through the mud erode wrong unstrengthen immobilise knock out worsen traumatize maul abuse degrade eat away warp emasculate decrease contaminate discredit influence gut affect soil scotch scupper discolour discolor hack demoralize burn crack wrench dismember dishonour devalue knacker blacken contort botch dirty ding tweak dishonor foil knock brand traumatise hog-tie cheapen hamper blow desecrate cut up squash soften demoralise do in hack up do damage to be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to restrict play merry hell with stab put a damper on torpefy have a bad effect on be deleterious to lay up inactivate disenable clip one's wings make useless drive a nail into the coffin of throw monkey wrench in be a blot on the landscape kibosh unbrace make unattractive make ugly muzzle shoot down pinion render incapable hogtie hock handicap disarm consume molest shiver use up disserve endanger annoy befoul imperil obliterate whittle bend detract pervert blotch speckle tag bodge devaluate cost dilapidate misshape lower depreciate demean water down disfashion put at risk lose strength mayhem massacre gimp castrate truncate make a mess of twist sour color colour butcher mark hospitalize cramp make powerless have a negative effect on make unfit spike render powerless cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in harm to shrink trouble pull down impact overcome result in damage to lead to the end of strike plunder depredate sack pillage desolate spoliate perturb take the edge off sap the strength of pull the rug out from under take apart bankrupt occur prevail invalid hospitalise score pinch scrape beat slash overwhelm limit adulterate expurgate censor bowdlerize impinge stifle impact on prevail over impinge upon amputate cut to pieces tear limb from limb bowdlerise hash up tear apart put on the sick list strike down spread to strike at take hold of attack smear pique aggrieve foul grieve torture pain wax torment distress sting exert influence on have an effect on have an impact on rain on someone's parade stigmatize halt raze stop jam maltreat split rot disintegrate tear gnaw rust draw blood do mischief to weary tire deactivate freeze bleach fade drain fatigue etiolate cause injury bang up tamper with clamp wheel-clamp defame encumber extenuate eviscerate tie prevent from moving bring to a standstill render inoperative make inoperative prevent from working action render inactive bring to a halt arrest darken slander stigmatise deprave tar make feeble confine to a wheelchair make weak confine to bed render infirm wear out lay low malign whittle away disempower cast a slur slur mine dig frustrate tunnel sandbag wear challenge libel blot one's copybook give a bad name denigrate disparage censure dig out hollow out besmear chip away at queer the pitch of asperse poke full of holes scandalize knock the bottom out of throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of muckrake disrespect mortify dishearten scandalise bring shame upon drag through the mire bring discredit to sling mud at fling mud at bring shame on deflate dispirit chagrin deject abash flatten discourage dump psych out ransack loot raid lay waste rifle rob maraud reave rape strip devour decimate ravish cream pulverize nuke violate pulverise dash stymie level nix dish extinguish wrack vaporize put paid to quash vaporise blow a hole in tear down sink banjax forage put an end to cruel euchre scourge steal from decay put the lid on bring to naught quell crumble bring down rub out fleece weather char abrade eat dissolve defeat profane nibble fret break up make a hash of bring to an end ruinate put a stop to debauch wear down bite waste away bite at prostitute leave desolate leave in ruins wipe out run through outrage bring to ruin lay waste to end burgle buckle prevent squinch obstruct denude screw misuse malform harry stew hold up reive gnarl havoc appropriate overturn overcook pirate misapply overrun brutalize brutalise subdue scuttle knot misemploy skew knock down overthrow wince scour eat away at overdo animalize raze to the ground bust do for decompose gnaw away at knock off stick up spread among wreak havoc seduce burn through bite into burn into gnaw away take advantage of lay in ruins plague nick dispossess bust up maraud over clobber mess disarrange disorganize disturb disorder deprive bastardise bastardize bestialize handle roughly oxidize delay convulse slow retard unsettle bow bring about the downfall of freeboot muller depopulate turn upside-down derange slow down dampen spray paint rustle stamp out streak cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion deplete arrogate embezzle confiscate invade trespass wipe off map rend blaspheme curb inhibit restrain smother nip in the bud reduce to nothing reduce to rubble bring to nothing wreak havoc upon clean out make misshapen distort the shape of bend out of shape melt liquefy dissipate perish fragment topple radioactivate wear through do burglarize dump on oxidate neutralize squelch commit sacrilege age eradicate enthuse disease make impure move treat sacrilegiously insult cancel out spot canker flake oxidise season render ineffective stiff mug steam treat with disrespect blaspheme against chop crumple assault make dirty tinge become rusty skin crimp have neutralise craze unbuild overreach outmaneuver abolish outmanoeuvre outfox abate outsmart offset overshadow make lose face commit sacrilege against condition fell harsh balls up force dynamite crash burglarise break into turn over nullify prowl liberate loft relieve prey grab kip requisition foray lift work against make waves carve slay cut about hash slit separate mash slice flay mellow take explode smite bomb disappoint exploit mishandle cast gloom over break down blow up overbake chop up wash out manipulate knock over moonlight requisition rip off be destroyed bring a note of sadness to cast a gloom upon glitch up chip blow to bits blow sky-high blow to pieces bed smash and grab burn to a cinder burn to a frazzle burn to a crisp misrepresent falsify misinterpret deflower sexually assault scrape away ill-use garble have one's way with force yourself on sexually abuse have one's evil way with force oneself on take away someone's innocence indecently assault grimace grind down divert misconstrue exterminate simulate age in misrelate misstate fudge deflect slant cook trample eat into mistreat salt change alter doctor phony up alloy steer fake doctor up veer water brainwash


To set on fire, or to be set on fire

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