Đồng nghĩa của debase

Alternative for debase

debases, debased, debasing

Đồng nghĩa: abase, degrade, demote, discredit, lower, run down,

Trái nghĩa: elevate,


To harm or ruin the reputation or dignity of
degrade discredit disgrace shame lower smirch humiliate dishonor abase dishonour humble demean chasten cheapen sink foul take down bring shame to tarnish smear defame blot denigrate sully taint belittle stain stigmatize injure besmirch disparage drag through the mud slander embarrass stigmatise blacken damage defile spoil reduce bring into disrepute derogate mortify slur libel malign put down soil calumniate devalue besmear drag through the mire vilify traduce bring shame on censure blemish deride rubbish give a bad name knock reflect badly on give a black eye reproach decry bring discredit to bad-mouth asperse slag off crush disrespect deflate break do a hatchet job on bring shame upon abash undermine scandalize assail spot hurt blotch rip scandalise attack harm cut down to size befoul speak ill of tar and feather ruin bring down compromise muckrake blight mar squash breathe on downgrade diminish subdue show up bring low rip up and down do a number on impair take down a peg make someone eat crow take down a peg or two put someone in their place sling mud at fling mud at own cast a slur on spread scandal about run smear campaign cripple destroy pan slam tear down cast down show in a bad light wreck discomfit disfigure vitiate deface bemean flaw endamage corrupt poison bloody crab snub prejudice drag down blister run down shoot down put in a bad light cross up blacken the name of put to shame make a fool of give a bad name to make someone eat humble pie insult undervalue depreciate weaken chagrin pervert quash upset cast aspersions on flatten scorch ridicule ravage cause to lose face bring dishonour to detract from take to pieces blacken the reputation of make ashamed mess up settle someone's hash slight stoop expose demote descend decrease disfavor vilipend hinder mudsling lessen disfavour sabotage wound debauch impugn destabilize deteriorate debilitate jeopardize slate abuse touch attaint revile wither enervate subvert afflict mock impede disable enfeeble impoverish demolish trash disoblige desecrate devaluate pull down roast total dump on pull apart do down depress curse smash pooh-pooh hit out at reflect negatively take apart have a go at cut to the quick jeopardise rough up foul up screw up destabilise mark down take the wind out of your sails cause detriment to have the last laugh on make useless write off cast in a bad light damage the reputation of sneer at harm the reputation of get the better of muddy the reputation of write down condescend deign badmouth disregard disconsider blackguard disconcert lose face cow curb let down poor-mouth sling mud make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed tame betray prostitute make lose face brand drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud minimize lower in rank minimise soften discipline restrain lower in status discolour discolor succumb take to bits offend check repress sell out affront silence overcome squelch annoy be untrue to oneself beat down provoke relegate outrage dirty abandon one's principles cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in damage to lead to the end of result in harm to cost strike dumb put away darken aggravate pop one's balloon put one away make eat dirt deprecate dis cut deprave tar diss distort speckle make one feel small bring down a peg underrate taunt scar underestimate lower oneself debase oneself debase yourself lower yourself be reduced demean oneself dismiss declass cast a slur force to eat humble pie put in one's place trivialize be reduced to slap fix someone's wagon discount drop attenuate blow disrupt tease misprize bump set back revert undo detract blot your copybook axe slash incapacitate annihilate devitalize dismantle corrode crool disfeature worsen blunt scorn bust reduce to the ranks kick downstairs irritate keep down ax dip slow waste devastate plunder depredate despoil sack pillage desolate spoliate disrate lower the status of shock blast inconvenience torpedo batter shatter sap be a blot on the landscape put a damper on sledge condemn miscall trivialise slang gird jeer scoff scoff at treat lightly look down one's nose at cry down knock off hold cheap sell short make light of pick holes in interfere with take out shake up smash up louse up muck up lambaste be rude to give offence to call names step on one's toes cause offence to hurt somebody's feelings trash-talk cut dead treat disrespectfully throw shade threaten be detrimental to throw a monkey wrench into put out of action put out of commission do harm to wreak havoc on rail against pour scorn on inveigh against speak evil of fulminate against berate vituperate unfit ding queer disqualify tweak invalidate skewer hammer spread lies about bash bag pummel contemn pillory denounce monster criticize lose strength put the kibosh on mistreat rap dig demonize conduct a smear campaign against lay into jump on cuss caluminate voodoo sully the reputation of throw mud at jinx discountenance criticise pummelled demonise pull to pieces tear into vanquish confound confuse downplay skin alive dress down throw brickbats at rag on call down rip up put a whammy on play down cause to feel small put out of countenance disesteem ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour blacken someone's name damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility


To taint, contaminate or lower in quality
corrupt contaminate pollute taint vitiate adulterate defile degrade abase depreciate deteriorate devalue foul spoil sully cheapen debauch demean impair pervert poison profane soil subvert warp alloy bastardise bastardize canker deprave dilute lessen prostitute demoralise demoralize reduce in value worsen reduce in quality stain befoul infect violate dirty ruin desecrate lace besmirch brutalize tarnish bestialize smirch weaken blight smear brutalise make impure tar blacken abuse muddy cut smudge begrime mess up dishonour doctor grime spatter spot water down daub splash mire dishonor muck bemire discolour distain gaum discolor mar make dirty spike sophisticate dope lead astray thin splatter make filthy extend denature make degenerate animalize despoil blaspheme mix disgrace trash falsify cook mark damage thin out tamper with muck up treat with disrespect treat sacrilegiously dehumanize blotch distort seduce reduce diminish manipulate undermine blemish shame dehumanise attenuate deface vandalize outrage mix with plant commingle transfuse shave amalgamate dissolve mingle infiltrate irrigate blend intermix darken destroy maculate commit sacrilege phony up doctor up vandalise get dirty bespatter besoil get filthy cloud make dusty load smutch slip a Mickey Finn into encrust draggle coat lure radioactivate mongrelize injure harm influence unsettle drag down alter touch rot tinge betray putrefy consume rust inflict blot go bad deacon go to hell live in the gutter prejudice corrode embitter envenom toxify litter infest interfere with intoxicate undercut sabotage destabilize scourge ulcer sore fiddle with tinker with muss make mucky crumb bedraggle muss up mess waste away misuse moderate fix roil rile murk set a bad example destabilise temper mitigate sap besmear becloud scorn hoodoo revile vice cuss flame swear voodoo curse darn mock mudsling add drugs to make black make cloudy cloud up make darker make blacker make murky decrease blunt commit sin do wrong be evil talk dirty deplete soften disempower invalidate put double whammy on take the edge off soften up depredate sack pillage ravage devour insult desolate waste devastate spoliate blaspheme against scuzz up make foul make lose face commit sacrilege against lay waste to


To go into decline
fail decline degenerate deteriorate diminish fade flag regress atrophy retrograde retrogress collapse depreciate disimprove ebb spoil droop sicken stagnate wither disintegrate dwindle fall languish waste crumble degrade rot slide vitiate debilitate sink weaken perish sag slip slump devolve lag lapse wilt go worsen decay dilapidate drop emaciate impair putrefy wane become debilitated go downhill go backwards become worse fall apart break down waste away get worse wear away go bad grow worse lose quality break up go to pot be in decline hit the skids fall to pieces go into decline go to pieces be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go down the toilet lessen abate decrease subside moulder descend shrivel lower tire deprave molder demoralise go to seed become dilapidated warp debauch wither away turn fall into decay demoralize stain pervert go to the dogs go to rack and ruin melt away let up ease up trail off falter peter out grow faint faint relapse lose minimise depress limp grow dim cripple minimize taper off give way impoverish relax tremble tail off totter fizzle out halt fall off wear off lose spirit thin out slow down grow weaker moderate recede ease shrink die down slacken drop off fall away die out die away relent de-escalate pall taper reduce remit phase down ratchet down drain away disappear ease off contract attenuate grow less fade away vanish evaporate come to an end die go down downsize wind down soften dissolve quell alleviate melt slacken off deplete temper mitigate plummet dry up slack off drain stop evanesce grow smaller cease terminate downscale become smaller slow drop away grow weak trail rachet down curtail disperse lose strength calm down quieten die off backslide nosedive dent close hang dim get smaller settle knock down tone down pine calm pass dematerialize dissipate dull run low subdue slake go into a decline clear end become emaciated give out fall short shorten fall down slack go from bad to worse evanish deflate run out become weaker pine away become less slash swag loll fade out quiet bomb bust lighten flop devaluate relieve vaporize narrow down cut down wear down desiccate allay assuage erode damage discontinue mollify quieten down become fatigued succumb dispel dampen desist finish cut wizen concentrate parch grow tired plunge give in recidivate condense narrow become weak constrict still decelerate fly flee conk out bate shrivel up fag out fold get less go wrong blur minify go away come to nothing vaporise cool off die on vine abridge thin become limp have a relapse suffer a relapse go down the tubes take a nosedive come to a stop pare down take a turn for the worse come to a halt cut back settle down make less turn down level off flounder go pear-shaped check curb rebate decompose modify restrain lose edge tail away lose intensity ebb away go off peak lull decimate corrupt undermine weary retire withdraw gutter decrement become shrunken peter modulate grow release grow weary lose energy mummify flow away rescind trail away shape elongate slim wrinkle become enfeebled lose its effect lose its effectiveness become less intense disengage corrode drift tumble move backward lose courage be neglected dry telescope soothe decompensate phase out thin down extenuate abbreviate retrench compress make something worse cave in cease to be pass away cease to exist be no more truncate close out elapse etiolate palliate appease come down determine expire quit conclude unlax coast cool dilute compact amputate crop clip soft-pedal hush deliquesce grow feeble rarefy bend dangle go through the floor hit the floor make smaller cut down on slim down make fewer cut back on dehydrate dehumidify squeeze tighten stray become unimportant constringe capsule capsulize chill out cool it blast blight age take the bite out take the sting out roll back slack up bow pass off poop out vanish into thin air tucker out become less loud take in lose ground scrimp become marcescent revert stoop hang down break off wind up dead-end leave off wink out go dead pack in get ill again get worse again go down the primrose path leave the straight and narrow fall from grace go astray fall ill catch something become ill become stale drape volatilize yawn be on the way out sling slouch suspend lop lean tucker become flaccid get tired long hunger be taken ill be taken sick hanker yearn draw to a close teeter ail brood despond slip back tire out let down wear out boil away become moribund become tired be slipping away suffer slide back fall back be approaching death be in extremis be giving up the ghost be about to die have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be on one's deathbed be at death's door knock out drift back go soft be overtaken be overcome turn back go back to fizzle miscarry founder break malfunction crash stall idle be deficient compromise go awry go amiss be wanting pause be insufficient endamage fall through be ruined strike out yield interrupt be lacking stop working be damaged be faulty be defective act up be inadequate give up play up shut off be found lacking be unusable cease to function fall over cut short bite the dust cease to work not come to ripeness go kaput pack up go haywire seize up go phut develop a fault cut off cut out be on the blink give up the ghost go on the blink


(usually of a disease or condition) To affect adversely
attack infect affect damage injure corrupt devastate vitiate afflict cripple destroy contaminate mar ruin spoil annihilate demolish impair ravage trouble compromise impact overcome touch harm strike break influence perturb sabotage taint upset defile occur pollute prevail crush hurt overwhelm poison blight impinge weaken impact on impinge upon prevail over wear away shake up spread to strike at strike down do damage to play havoc with take hold of wreak havoc on exert influence on have an effect on have an impact on dirty foul radioactivate make impure debauch deprave run through enthuse pervert move disease spread among sway control decide determine guide bias inspire form work on govern shape alter impress reach act on modify condition hit dictate transform change motivate stir win over mould tell on make an impression on mold persuade regulate constrain disturb rule direct manipulate faze prompt convince hit hard stimulate induce emotionally move knock back get to impress on incline predispose prevail on carry interact with animate excite forecast carry weight with get through to get through register with draw impel capture turn prejudice spur sell colour contain restrain check convert slant jaundice curb inhibit tame urge bring in nobble suck in crack hook bend lead by the nose soften up bring round twist one's arm talk round brainwash color put across turn one's head conduct bridle master discipline subdue hold measure keep underlie hold in check pull in rein in directionalize keep a tight rein on dispose be a factor in get the better of shepherd shock traumatize affect badly arouse leave a mark traumatise leave a mark on make an impact disadvantage knock sideways impinge on make someone suffer channel instigate have a part in rouse talk into bring to bear carry weight train pull strings argue into get at act upon be recognized seduce grieve concern distress involve sadden agitate pain shake throw relate bowl over regard interest mark knock for six bear upon turn someone's head go to your head tug at your heartstrings


To alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
falsify alter distort fake forge pervert doctor misrepresent counterfeit fudge warp change cook fabricate adulterate garble invent misstate belie bend color corrupt embroider manipulate massage misinterpret misrelate misreport slant tamper with twist colour embellish vitiate con contort contravene deacon deceive equivocate exaggerate fib fiddle fix four-flush gloss lie misquote palter prevaricate promote rig salt traverse dress up fake it frame up phony up trump up put a spin on put on an act interfere with tinker with disguise juggle bias fiddle with misconstrue skew quote out of context take out of context confuse overstate muddle spin influence mistranslate pirate doctor up angle misrender mangle mislead lace dilute cut spoil contaminate taint degrade deteriorate defile pollute spike reproduce alloy give a false account of tamper engineer make impure copy obscure swindle conceal replicate prejudice weaken curve strain snow overdraw cloak mask thin magnify varnish miscolor mock up pad modify bastardize airbrush amend sully extend foul water down cook the books ruin infect give a false idea of mix bastardise sophisticate devalue depreciate attenuate gloss over plant commingle denature impair transfuse shave amalgamate dissolve mingle infiltrate cheapen irrigate blend intermix sham jumble patch blur slur flimflam diddle finagle mold shape mould cook up put the wrong slant on mutilate mix up spoof misattribute quote tilt tip weight slope misshape weigh prearrange train concentrate focus aim direct point give a false impression of twist around misarticulate overdo dramatize enhance quote incorrectly load parody hyperbolize travesty dissimulate poison trim rearrange shuffle cheese blarney beard stretch dress puff romanticise dramatise romanticize affect cover transform put words in someone's mouth misuse abuse revamp edit revise rework precontrive preplan predesign veil occult suppress blanket shroud hide screen enshroud curtain change round blow smoke pass off cover up build up elaborate on misapply touch up varnish over give a false picture of throw off balance blot out paper over divert wind scam knot crush melt decline whitewash writhe slump gnarl sag deviate collapse imitate perform magic mess about with make changes to make adjustments to make alterations to meddle with maneuver manoeuvre profane misemploy prostitute deflect subvert gerrymander set up arrange trick phony mistreat desecrate steer animalize outrage veer water brainwash seduce put on make out like feign coin simulate arrange fraudulently putrefy scratch copy fraudulently duplicate transcribe phoney trace design dope mix with thin out sway prepossess deprave embitter demoralize abase demean convert lessen debauch canker predispose orient turn jaundice demoralise make partial confound present impact turn out turn outwards condition throw faze upset give a bias to give a slant to give a particular slant to disgrace shame misappropriate make biased induce persuade incline make partisan impress dispose disillusion suffuse touch brutalize bestialize metamorphose exploit mishandle exert an influence on have an effect on flavour flavor imbue injure mar aggravate disaffect dissipate embezzle mismanage waste squander steal defalcate mongrelize brutalise switch splay drag down adapt sour envenom make bad use of mutate enliven transmute deform recast make resentful make bitter tinge morph spice up


To seek favor from by fawning, servile behavior
fawn flatter eulogise eulogize praise apple-polish be obsequious to be servile to be sycophantic to bootlick brown-nose crawl to creep to curry favor with curry favour with fuss kowtow kowtow to play up to soft-soap sweet-talk toady toady to truckle truckle to butter up cringe before dance attendance on grovel before ingratiate oneself with pay court to abase abase oneself before blandish bow brownnose cajole cotton court cower crawl creep cringe crouch defer fall all over fall over oneself for grovel invite jolly kneel make up to massage oil pander praise to excess scrape slaver smarm around snow stoop stroke submit suck up woo yield be all over bow and scrape before praise to the skies sing the praises of smoodge to suck up to be obsequious be servile buddy up cater to curry favour curry favor honey up lick someone's boots pay court cave in to lay it on lay it on thick fall on one's knees rub up the right way be at beck and call lay it on with a trowel bow and scrape pander to prostrate oneself fawn on humble oneself wheedle abase yourself behave obsequiously kiss one's feet be servile towards be sycophantic towards blarney honey inveigle humour charm give in adulate humor be sycophantic knuckle under kiss up to keep someone sweet bow to flannel coax palaver revere quail concede bend give way kiss-up snivel genuflect overpraise scratch one's back beslaver soften make much of glorify sell con salve respect abase oneself to be obsequious towards demean oneself to rub the right way get round ingratiate yourself eat crow show respect for work over build up bow and scrape to spread it on defer to work on sweeten up eat dirt get next to curtsy make a leg bob a curtsy bend the knee make up smoodge fold prostrate persuade smooth-talk get in with cozy up say uncle cave in kiss someone's feet toe the mark go along with lie down and roll over cultivate compliment humiliate yourself prostrate oneself before fawn over try to get on the good side of eat humble pie seek the favour of try to win over implore pamper kiss the feet of prostrate oneself to grovel to admire commend puff hero-worship belaud ingratiate entice beguile panegyrize laud pay tribute to express admiration for demean oneself throw oneself at someone's feet urge caress allure wax lyrical about pay blandishments to adore elevate lionize worship gush say nice things about compliment excessively lionise put on a pedestal apple polish acquiesce accede capitulate surrender honour honor comply with accept be deferential adapt knuckleunder adjust admit assent knuckle agree give in to accommodate buckle agree with cave comply obey succumb lure tempt seduce prevail on talk into induce win over influence manoeuvre maneuver sway soap bring round banter decoy gush over tantalize get tantalise worm get around argue into press soothe fawn upon soften up venerate mollycoddle fuss over cosset pat spoil baby pet indulge solicit rave over puff up back-scratch submit to captivate overdo it sweet talk talk get on the right side of flatter into attract wile butter up to make a fuss of encourage draw stroke one's ego exalt convince prod make hook wangle reason argue coerce pressure pressurize plague twist one's arm pester importune come on talk someone into something tease prevail upon rope in jawbone barter arm-twist roose pressurise finagle dupe deceive crowd push mislead delude entrap bring pressure to bear on hand a line

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