Đồng nghĩa của genuflect

Alternative for genuflect

genuflects, genuflected, genuflecting

Đồng nghĩa: kowtow, scrape,


To show respect or deference to, typically in a self-abasing way
grovel kowtow snivel fawn respect toady abase yourself defer to behave obsequiously bow to humble oneself be obsequious be servile brown-nose show respect for lick someone's boots crawl truckle bootlick blandish flatter cringe creep woo cower court pander quail wheedle humor implore revere pamper rub up the right way suck up make up to curry favor with suck up to butter up eat crow eat dirt demean oneself cater to fall all over be sycophantic curry favour with humour play up to kiss one's feet ingratiate oneself with make much of throw oneself at someone's feet soft-soap be all over dance attendance on apple-polish brownnose stoop curry favour curry favor bow and scrape sweet-talk bow fawn on fuss kneel pander to crouch prostrate oneself cajole bend stroke massage oil ingratiate yourself creep to be servile towards be sycophantic towards keep someone sweet cozy up truckle to crawl to pay court to get in with honey praise squat smoodge to be obsequious to toady to kowtow to huddle duck hunch kiss up to pay court honey up abase oneself to be obsequious towards fall on one's knees demean oneself to charm lay it on thick bow and scrape to jolly snow lay it on dip wince bend down hunker down quat smarm scrooch down hunker defer submit yield blarney give in knuckle under abase cultivate kiss-up ingratiate be servile to be sycophantic to overpraise adulate abase oneself before inveigle get round beslaver rub the right way soften lay it on with a trowel work over slaver fawn over build up prostrate oneself to try to get on the good side of glorify seek the favour of sell spread it on grovel to con scratch one's back salve get in good with try to win over work on sweeten up get next to curtsy make a leg bob a curtsy concede palaver coax bend the knee give way make up smoodge fold prostrate fawn upon submit to play up kiss someone's feet eulogize say uncle cave in persuade smooth-talk toe the mark go along with grovel before cringe before lie down and roll over fall over oneself for invite cave in to be at beck and call debase eulogise sing the praises of praise to excess scrape bow and scrape before cotton praise to the skies smarm around buddy up humiliate yourself prostrate oneself before eat humble pie couch squinch scrunch shrink squat down scooch duck down stoop down bow down bob down hunch over kneel down insinuate oneself attract seek favor hand a line captivate get on all fours compliment flannel admire commend puff hero-worship belaud kiss the feet of panegyrize laud pay tribute to express admiration for say nice things about compliment excessively wax lyrical about pay blandishments to efface yourself lower yourself degrade yourself debase yourself

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