Đồng nghĩa của subside

Alternative for subside

subsides, subsided, subsiding

Đồng nghĩa: decline, decrease, diminish, lessen,


Become less intense, violent, or severe
ease moderate abate lessen diminish dwindle ebb recede wane slacken decline decrease let up lull relent calm remit alleviate attenuate de-escalate fall quieten down soften taper off cease drop ease up fade lower pall peter out shrink slacken off still taper weaken descend die down die out quieten terminate drain away drop off fall away melt phase down ratchet down slip melt away die away ease off fall down settle down come to an end come to a stop level off sink reduce tail off slump fall off plummet contract disappear fade away go down plunge grow less flag wither vanish deteriorate evaporate fail droop crumble relax dip shrivel mitigate degenerate drop away decay collapse tumble nosedive quell depreciate settle grow smaller crash fizzle out trail off slack off stop waste away dive become smaller dissolve slow down wind down wear away drain wilt die off go downhill get less close sag depress downsize grow faint calm down cool off trail run out lighten get smaller curtail temper waste devaluate die rachet down take a nosedive regress slow dry up blur crater minimize wear down run low grow dim minimise come to nothing curb wear off retreat disintegrate nose-dive quiet withdraw restrain lapse trail away end retrogress atrophy evanesce downscale retrocede finish decrement languish relapse halt retrograde give way allay deplete slack become weaker go narrow down skid dull subdue assuage cool fall back go away fade out flop roll back become less tone down check drop down rebate come to a halt become lower return desist pass dissipate retire cut down erode falter lose edge cut dim impair give out dampen give in pass away bate topple minify thin out slope lag emaciate backslide dent go back come down condense be forgotten shorten totter lose slake tire move back relieve devalue cut back draw back flow back deflate dilapidate grow weaker faint fall short mollify break down draw to a close take the bite out take the sting out break up take the edge off knock down lose ground hit the floor go through the floor get lower slash modify tail away crumple lose strength lose intensity degrade peter fizzle blunt dilute rescind shape elongate modulate fall through narrow release incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over deaden flow away disengage spiral grow run dry give up go out slim wrinkle drop rapidly fall sharply phase out thin down revert palliate mute damp muffle trip pitch go downwards downturn set close out become less intense downgrade lose its effect lose its effectiveness stumble cascade telescope cushion soothe constrict compress decelerate unlax coast disperse be abandoned be neglected be disregarded amputate thin crop clip abridge soft-pedal pare down make less turn down become unproductive grow barren grow sterile extenuate abbreviate retrench infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost pull out back away drop back compact die away or out die away or down worsen chill out cool it gravitate impoverish cripple debase vitiate tremble limp squeeze tighten slack up drag cheapen buckle move away perish constringe capsule capsulize be used up cease to yield dip below the horizon decompose back retract depart bow out scrimp get quieter become softer mark down write down get softer become quieter rot devolve elapse discontinue back off move further off take in determine expire quit conclude lose value cave in dematerialize fly diffuse scatter disassemble flee lose spirit drift back recidivate go backwards slip back sink back go into a tailspin fold up hit the dirt tip over be precipitated take a header decrease in value decline in price come to a halt end come to a an end bend dangle make smaller draw away become shadowy grow feeble numb become indistinct become vague become confused make faint become blurred molder moulder get worse hang bow become weak placate steady dispel be destroyed unmake go to pot stoop hang down throw back lose headway turn the clock back turn back be on the way out go to the dogs cease to exist contain stabilize pacify control ameliorate smooth over stabilise quiet down defuse drape break off wind up dead-end leave off wink out go dead pack in break into pieces sling slouch suspend tire out let down lop lean become limp wear out become flaccid loosen appease scale down bring down trim loose pare dial down comfort make cutbacks in let up on limit prune help sweeten step down shave cut back on slim down quench sap satisfy qualify sate undermine water down smooth disempower truncate axe couch compose improve ax run down tranquilize tranquillize untighten take down trim back trim down anesthetize anaesthetize ease up on disburden facilitate free cure whittle down take a load off aid assist ration satiate tame discount take it easy gratify dock stifle restrict damp down cut down on make fewer lenify break round down refresh extinguish relaxed mellow dulcify put down make weaker undervalue demote go easy benumb cauterize stretch broaden reduce greatly make reductions in write off cause to fall retrench on salami-slice make less strict make less formal fix up adulterate address hebetate desensitise cauterise disable desensitize obtund enfeeble debilitate open take sting out patch things up extend lace sophisticate take pressure off invalidate put a damper on liberalize liberalise lay off brighten make lighter salve counteract etiolate run interference for clear the way cheer nurse forward speed up doctor simplify meliorate promote make easier speed expedite attend to lift open the door further punctuate succor succour console vary solace free up pour oil on hush fold deliquesce pass off rarefy die on vine evanish poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out become less loud become unimportant clear liss interrupt soften up bring an end to prevent bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring respite to bring aid take load off disencumber empty levitate take remove upraise uplight change shift jettison eradicate unload unburden reduce weight put off throw out pour out amortise cast down amortize


To break up into small pieces as the result of impact
disintegrate break shatter fragment fracture crumble split bust splinter crumple rive sever collapse shiver rupture separate dismember divide explode disrupt founder fall fail disperse disunite fold disband dismantle detach disconnect disimprove disorganize sink taint turn break up give way cave in come apart fall to pieces fall apart break apart blow up fall to bits fly apart blow apart go to pieces go belly-up go to rack and ruin fade away take apart fall apart at the seams be smashed to smithereens turn to dust smash crack burst break down demolish rend tear give smash to smithereens crush snap buckle fall in crash fall down sunder destroy implode trash annihilate total blow out pull to pieces come apart at the seams come unstuck cleave slump sag tumble damage yield topple fragmentize pulverize part tumble down tear apart succumb break into pieces bust up pulverise dissolve make mincemeat of spall come to pieces cave break open eradicate torpedo pop blast blow burst apart wreck go fly into pieces devastate splinterize fragmentalize crunch scrunch split up wrack cream waste prang mangle finish off make hash of topple over break to smithereens give out give in crush to smithereens go down come down wrack up go out malfunction come unwrapped come to bits batter rift come unglued pull apart physically break stave ravage beat settle pash dash drop wilt crack up smash up write off dash to pieces crack open crack apart stave in breach erupt detonate distort powder collapse inwards crash in come to dust sink inwards come down about one's ears break into tiny pieces warp smash into smithereens break into fragments extinguish ruin vaporize nuke desolate decimate raze perforate puncture crump squash squish split asunder smatter impair pull down exhaust tear down do in disable rub out vaporise break into break to pieces go off be set off burst out go bang dissipate tatter shred ribbon rip dispel rip apart dissever drive disassemble squander send wrest cut disturb pierce pull tear in two rip to pieces rip in two lacerate tear to pieces tear asunder slit rip asunder slash chase migrate clear out set asunder scatter diverge disject go separate ways go in different directions move in different directions put to flight go their separate ways


(of suspended particles) To sink slowly in a liquid to form sediment
settle sink fall gravitate sediment lay submerge submerse plunge precipitate out go to the bottom drop slump descend go down plummet collapse sag lower crash dive tumble decline nosedive dip drop down pitch come down crater cave in skid set nose-dive cascade recede ebb give way fall back slip fall away founder touch bottom run flounder droop cast down settle down spiral run down fall prostrate move down tumble down ground slide down fall down plop flop loll slouch abate retrocede flump go under the surface dunk fall headlong go downwards come downwards dip beneath the horizon go lower crumple flag reduce slide decrease diminish flow back fall in get lower sink back fall off drop off turn down inundate flood deluge swamp overwhelm engulf drown overflow gulf take a nosedive plop oneself plonk oneself stoop couch wreck stick ram slope capsize drive force down let down excavate bore stab dig demit shipwreck scuttle regress put down tip over thrust overturn depress disappear bring down drill trip stumble topple whelm immerse drench bury snow under overrun soak consume swallow up go under envelop encompass cover absorb overload beset crush saturate wet overburden glut snow pour over steep clog overwater sound impregnate overcome slosh debouch flood out overtake engross wash out imbibe surround besiege be submerged shower slop douse overpower waterlog beflood sop souse sluice flush stream pour gush crowd overcrowd wash wash over weigh down pour down on bog down choke fill run over cover with water sweep over flow over suck

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