Đồng nghĩa của stave

Alternative for stave

staves, stove, staved, staving

Đồng nghĩa: lag, round, rung, staff, stave in,


Break something by forcing it inwards or piercing it roughly


Bar or crossbar


A structure that complements or supplements something else
support foundation base column hold platform reinforcement substructure underpinning backing bracket buttress cornerstone fulcrum groundwork pillar foothold joist pole post rampart scaffold stanchion stilt substratum abutment arch back beam bearing bed bedding block brace bulwark cantilever collar device flotation footing frame girder guide lining means medium mount mounting pedestal peg pier pilaster plinth prop rafter rest rib rod shore shoring spur stake stay stiffener sustentation timber trestle truss underprop upright gird strut batten bracer bolster sprag boom skid guy bar band arm sustainer mainstay staff lever strengthener splint shaft pile piling framework spar stand stud crosspiece leg crutch plank strip balk scaffolding stick crossbar scantling lath stringer lintel sill jamb reach axle vertical holder baulk transverse bail shelf rack two-by-four supporter horse sawhorse wire tether spike shroud trussing boat part underpropping roof beam joint point d'appui counterfort structure support system orthopedic device fixture pad flying buttress setting X-member K-member bandage tripod hook orthotic outrigger foot board seat pediment seating bottom basis ground structural section tie obelisk standard baluster pylon mast caryatid tower vault end bridge end jutting piece arch end end piece monolith newel telamon herm anchor crossmember stele peristyle backbone sile minaret colonnade monument cylinder totem linchpin purlin transom standby dependence reliance dependance centrepiece summer RSJ lynchpin bastion collar beam hammer beam tie beam upholder strength chief support spine centerpiece good right arm maintainer central component


Chunk of solid object
slab chunk hunk lump piece portion wodge block slice wedge bar billet bit board boulder brick cake chip cut cutting ingot muck nugget plate rod stick stone strip tablet segment mass cube section gob wad knob clump part dollop blob gobbet sliver fragment nub glob nubble clod division loaf quantity ball clot share scrap cluster parcel proportion morsel allowance member pat fraction allotment quota lot end partition amount take helping square bite dab shred fillet filet pile wafer solid bunch particle bulk item ration splinter apportionment subdivision moiety bump length mound excrescence excrescency group growth sample article pad wadding node knot nodule concentration spot tile flake offcut percentage serving crumb speck remnant shard grain mouthful allocation snippet mite component agglomeration half iota sampling smithereen dole tranche stripe layer divvy instalment installment belt tongue articulation whack measure quantum narrow piece bundle joint mold oblong dod large piece plug mould loads batch doorstep roll shingle tuft cushion ream lining cinder block sector branch office department pantile slate wing subsection shaving rasher collop round escalope meed detail factor corner feature side atom knurl hunch scallop fricandeau scaloppina part of something plateful triangle spoonful contribution ratio equity split entitlement stake platter taste bowlful lashing selection shot load slew course extract excerpt distribution assignment due chock mountain bucket order finger spate fistful meal dividend segmentation commission partage interest appropriation shim tapered piece spire cusp cotter taper quoin prong keystone cleat quotum piece of the cake rake-off cut of pie slice of the cake claim piece of the action solid piece unit chapter element module passage constituent scene act episode tier arm ingredient clause area shiver aspect field paring limb compartment extension clove subgroup subcategory subclass subspace notice prologue prolog epilogue epilog swatch potsherd curl cross-section wisp show program webisode programme paragraph whole entity tatter slot lion's share organ smithereens spall oddment skelf spillikin bulge drop handful class small piece province cross section ace minim tutorial subset digit integer link discrete item slither chew smidgen

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