Đồng nghĩa của backing

Alternative for backing

backs, backed, backing

Trái nghĩa: fore, forth, front,


Help, aid or support
support aid assistance endorsement help sanction approval advocacy blessing championing seconding abetment assist boost championship cooperation encouragement espousal hand lift patronage promotion accompaniment commendation adherence auspices backup secondment moral support helping hand leg up favour favor agreement permission authorization consent ratification confirmation concurrence approbation OK go-ahead relief acceptance assent licence authorisation green light acquiescence leave succor succour okay clearance validation thumbs up seal of approval imprimatur recommendation O.K. warrant furtherance stamp of approval mandate reinforcement license nod permit facilitation rubber stamp say-so allowance authority affirmation abettance contribution countenance sufferance comfort granting concession accord services testimonial certification dispensation compliance collaboration service accreditation good wishes push compensation intervention a helping hand carte blanche shot in the arm authentication benefaction benefit fiat solidarity nurturance credentials spur stimulus mentoring fillip easement ministrations guidance liberty verification freedom understanding offices admission harmony tolerance attention yes acknowledgment endorsation acknowledgement a leg up pick-me-up say so abettal wingman mediation indulgence intercession abetting accession aegis intermediation agency ministration ease kindness guide influence reassurance helpfulness consensus love recognition participation wingwoman office reserves good turn right on blank check regard assenting acceding ratifying stamp responsiveness impetus inspiration word kick secours tonic giving deliverance salvation care alleviation advice rescue reinforcements auxiliaries buzz spurring on valediction uplift gee-up investment sponsorship Godspeed good offices bolster documentation substantiation finance additional resources head start advancement palliation donation counsel charity attendance access right evidence proof attestation privilege power entitlement exemption prerogative condonance discretion empowerment avowal impunity sanctification pass latitude run charter order toleration decree passage condonation seal admittance command establishment all clear character blank cheque green-light free hand free rein testament voucher testimony witness alignment forwarding furthering hand-holding goodwill partiality unity fellowship demonstration bolstering weight circumstantiation sustainment association union affiliation unanimity oneness alliance tribute reference certificate philanthropy corroboration sustenance like-mindedness esprit de corps sympathy good word character reference a kindness a hand a lift a favour a good turn a break upholding signature subscription superscription comment countersignature qualification hubba-hubba commercial stroke subscription to the nod pat on back warranty franchise enactment nihil obstat legalization commission passing advantage legalisation delegation immunity due birthright adoption claim edict grant droit sanctioning title justification injunction apanage appanage directive ruling perquisite passport ukase canon a blank cheque precept card dictate ordinance pronunciamento legislation validating assurance proclamation law guarantee A-OK papers instruction statute visa document official sanction thumbs-up indemnity direction dictum ticket independence writ clean bill of health pat on the back power of attorney firman covenant badge welcome benediction satisfaction leniency notarization ability strength the right faculty notification legitimization affidavit formalization decriminalisation decriminalization okaying unconstraint self-determination discount deduction reduction subpoena summons a free hand letting statement security interest rebate business choice pledge official document OK'ing formalisation free will triptyque laissez-passer carnet call decrease repayment diktat written order credential rule merit priority approving decreeing ordaining deputation charge empowering patent safe-conduct demand rescript bonus consent to agreement to pretension pretense pretence dibs weighting refund bidding bull promulgation commandment proxy brevet perk application legislating appliance implementation irade decretal regulation boon asset basis grounds adjustment accommodation adaptation applause acclaim praise standard act principle opportunity utility plus luxury making law rationale laudation respect appreciation congratulation bill criterion guideline constitution freelage chance reward expedience profit admiration acclamation kudos adulation esteem veneration congratulations ovation imperative obligation behest defence cause reason defense vindication reg code prescript liking accolades bells plaudits salutes fringe benefit diploma deed ID missive documents high regard complete discretion complete freedom unconditional right no holds barred complete authority full power full authority proxy in blank unrestricted authority leeway say unconditional authority references identification papers ID card docket bona fides identity papers proof of qualifications letter of credence letter of introduction letter of recommendation proof of identity identification letters of credence identity card token proving accepting corroborating authorizing affirming verifying supporting authenticating authorising go ahead


The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes
philanthropy charity generosity humanitarianism altruism benevolence munificence beneficence liberality bounty charitableness largesse patronage public-spiritedness benignity bountifulness almsgiving open-handedness unselfishness compassion generousness humanity kind-heartedness magnanimity bigheartedness big-heartedness dole humaneness kindness largess openhandedness openheartedness selflessness social concern social conscience sponsorship bounteousness brotherly love fellow feeling help alms-giving amity assistance clemency endowment fund gifting goodwill philanthropism relief good works helping hand prosocial behaviour prosocial behavior goodness kindliness magnanimousness heart lavishness great-heartedness hospitality sympathy high-mindedness nobleness freehandedness unsparingness tenderness readiness profusion consideration all heart free giving thoughtfulness kindheartedness self-sacrifice free-handedness care mercy large-heartedness graciousness understanding concern friendliness good-heartedness gentleness warm-heartedness warmheartedness softheartedness self-denial nobility benefaction benignancy decency indulgence warmth tolerance compassionateness mercifulness feeling leniency pity grace gift good will helpfulness empathy lenity cordiality tender-heartedness solicitousness commiseration neighbourliness tenderheartedness ruth neighborliness friendship largeheartedness favour favor sensitivity amiability good-fellowship brotherhood cordialness fellowship forgiveness forbearance comity charitability humanism princeliness greatheartedness caring alms aid giving donation boon blessings chivalry large-hea public spirit brotherliness solicitude sisterliness virtue gifts favours fairness honour loftiness honor honourableness favors lenience altruistism affection disinterest cooperation collaboration patience mildness faith aroha soft-heartedness affectionateness amenability love considerateness mutual support oblation office courteousness lack of prejudice sorrow distress sadness sweetness condolence tact liberalness good intention fellow-feeling rue regret regard emotion quarter dejection comfort solace compunction melancholy condolement attentiveness thought geniality affability sociability congeniality pleasantness conviviality agreeableness agreeability courtesy camaraderie amiableness niceness amenity good-naturedness comradery fondness permissiveness good nature congenialness genialness amicability sociableness sufferance rapport approachability endurance respect chumminess civility toleration partiality clubbiness gregariousness open arms comradeship broad-mindedness liberalism companionability clubbability accessibility bonhomie approval hospitableness permission license concession freedom warmness good-temperedness responsiveness softness esteem charm mindfulness estimation approbation appreciation fatherliness moderation fancy personableness heartiness politeness good humour peacefulness peaceableness joviality turn service companionship harmony communicativeness preference liking blessing commendation shine obligingness intimacy openness fraternity enjoyableness wholeheartedness pardon mateyness palliness affinity relish taste devotion like feelings easy-going manner approachableness acceptance soul caritas earnestness company heedfulness reverence admiration appetite imprimatur account familiarity allowance use good opinion support kind regard inner beauty lovingness motherliness principle supportiveness protectiveness liveliness gemütlichkeit large-heartedn discretion awareness Agape doing no harm moderateness forthcomingness extroversion likability pleasurableness loveliness satisfaction appeal cheeriness likableness affableness douceur open-mindedness agape attachment character hospitability lifesaver good deed urbanity reprieve constitution mutuality jovialness sincerity gratefulness reciprocity brownie points naturalness informality ease relaxedness closeness sanction condonation long-suffering nei receptiveness receptivity unity accord harmoniousness easiness tender feelings social intelligence nonmaleficence lack of severity companionableness demonstrativeness complaisance laxness condoning obliging nature hospitable manner peace amicableness concurrence concord sisterhood due regard socializing concern for others heart of hearts lack of bias lack of reserve sodality manners collaborating togetherness simpatico good humor sweetness and light etiquette outgoingness community involvement intercourse association relations mingling mutual affection encouragement succor succour consolation pampering spoiling decorum good manners dignity shyness quietness mixing communion congress good vibrations good relations same wavelength deference propriety veneration lack of reservation lack of inhibition modesty repose placidness demureness serenity stillness humility tranquillity tranquility enthusiasm passion vehemence league acquaintance fraternization socialising fraternisation hitting it off refinement courtliness cheer optimism reassurance assuagement easement gladdening inspiration mansuetude docility meekness profligateness fondling fulfilment toadying kowtowing hedonism placating profligacy pleasure favouring intemperateness favoring absolution petting privilege pleasing attention fulfillment treating intensity social contact social intercourse social interaction zeal eagerness welcomingness calmness delicacy pliancy placidity pliability fragility passionateness ardency cheerfulness violence heat fire ardor fervency fervidness intenseness fervor fervour ardour happiness effusiveness spiritedness emotions amorousness zest excitement white heat spirit glow empressement


The action or fact of adopting or being adopted
adoption assumption acceptance approval endorsement espousal support appropriation ratification acquiring acquisition affectation affecting assuming choice embracing selection taking on advocacy arrogation following maintenance promotion rubber-stamping validation approbation authorisation authorization sanctioning confirmation embracement enactment implementation taking over taking up passing sanction legalization establishment legislation passage welcome legalisation formal acceptance signing allowance legitimization welcoming ratifying embrace proclamation ordaining validating approving decreeing integration legislating appliance application making law championship defence defense favourable reception favouring aid assistance help siding with championing wholehearted reception abetting preferring sponsorship taking to furtherance encouragement enthusiastic reception managing handling shouldering favoring vouching for undertaking aiding and abetting tackling putting on entering on embarkation on entering upon setting about recommendation patronage favour favor auspices advancement upholding calling for arguing for pushing for pressing for boosterism aegis protection boost argument for support for care urging espousing supporting propagation endorsing promoting promulgation recommending activism furthering ward cultivation fostering boosting sponsoring cooperation lift hand assist abetment commendation trusteeship reinforcement backup go-ahead helping hand leg up advocation development preferment progress advance preference exaltation ennoblement advancing proposal betterment prelation campaigning financing stimulation justification relief strengthening nurture fuelling forwarding contribution to funding philanthropy fueling campaigning for auspice guardianship guaranty egis spokesmanship pleading for benefaction advising in favor warrant agreement subsidy investment grant abettance affirmation succour push succor facilitation guidance advising in favour blessing seconding a helping hand giving comfort deliverance salvation alleviation spurring on a leg up shot in the arm advice rescue service attention fiat signature subscription licence authentication superscription O.K. countersignature qualification nod OK comment accompaniment hubba-hubba okay certification testimonial commercial permission stroke secondment adherence rubber stamp subscription to thumbs up green light pat on back seal of approval the nod moral support


An advantage over one's peers or competitors
start head start advantage break ascendency edge helping hand lead leg up ascendancy asset assistance benefit boost favor favour leverage lift support vantage aid boon chance dominance flying start kick-start opening opportunity push upper hand advantageous beginning advantageous position encouragement expediency forestart sponsorship gain jump drop better stead odds pull handicap whip hand high ground catbird seat inside track supremacy superiority bulge eminence profit authority leeway help value leg-up control mastery luck convenience virtue service helpfulness usefulness utility way in gratification improvement foot in the door penalty points dominion domination foothold sway command headstart head trump card box seat avenue shot show first step fortuity fluke fortune precedence initial opportunity strike position good fortune power lucky strike lucky break stroke of luck good luck betterment perks goodness quality grade productiveness applicability functionality worth excuse serviceability serviceableness calibre call stature use good fitness mileage appropriateness estimation grounds importance justification effectiveness significancy caliber substance efficacy significance account blessing plus reward merit privilege bonus perk attraction profitability advantageousness expedience strong point additional benefit fringe benefit avail perquisite added extra preference advisability desirability return beauty influence good point pre-eminence foredeal ace in the hole ace up your sleeve hand abetment assist succor succour relief reinforcement cooperation promotion facilitation backup shot in the arm winner decider spur stimulus endorsement fillip secret weapon abettance trump card up one's sleeve ace up one's sleeve key resource advocacy espousal comfort furtherance pick-me-up reassurance kindness good turn impetus advancement furthering security secours tonic kick inspiration sustenance sanction gee-up buzz complicity approval hand-holding championing seconding reserve uplift championship patronage decisive resource sure advantage secret advantage hidden advantage commendation accompaniment bolster guidance a helping hand care giving deliverance salvation alleviation spurring on a leg up advice rescue attention moral support key advantage auspices secondment adherence contribution protection prevalence hold prestige collaboration guide compensation


Accompanying musically


Present participle for to be complemented by as an accompaniment

Trái nghĩa của backing

backing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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