Đồng nghĩa của freehandedness


The state or quality of being munificent or generous
bountifulness bounty liberality generosity munificence philanthropy benevolence largesse charity unselfishness generousness openhandedness charitableness largess bigheartedness openheartedness magnanimity bounteousness magnanimousness unsparingness big-heartedness beneficence altruism kindness goodness hospitality heart high-mindedness great-heartedness alms-giving all heart free giving lavishness nobleness readiness profusion large-heartedness open-handedness free-handedness princeliness large-heartedn large-hea compassion goodwill selflessness indulgence humanity kindliness clemency humaneness consideration nobility self-sacrifice benignity almsgiving humanitarianism sympathy benignancy tolerance grace decency thoughtfulness tenderness understanding kind-heartedness mercy kindheartedness leniency good-heartedness philanthropism fellow feeling self-denial public-spiritedness pity helpfulness gentleness forgiveness lenience softheartedness warmheartedness tender-heartedness graciousness social conscience feeling good will liberalness affection care love assistance benefaction concern compassionateness forbearance friendliness sponsorship tenderheartedness brotherly love cordiality endowment warm-heartedness amity neighbourliness commiseration largeheartedness ruth relief gift mercifulness neighborliness aroha lenity prodigality greatheartedness virtue chivalry honour loftiness honor honourableness blessings disinterest fairness gifts favours caritas Agape favors public spirit quarter agape attachment good-fellowship friendship brotherhood cordialness fellowship charitability lack of prejudice comity mildness patience soft-heartedness favour favor amiability affectionateness warmth considerateness lifesaver courteousness patronage sweetness tact good intention fellow-feeling dole social concern donation help backing contribution gifting prosocial behaviour fund alms offering present grant prosocial behavior good works helping hand gratuity bequest boon legacy stipend investment koha charitable donation hand-out

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