Đồng nghĩa của melancholy

Alternative for melancholy


Đồng nghĩa: blue, depressing, dismal, gloomy, pensive, sad, wistful,

Trái nghĩa: cheerful, delightful, gay, happy, merry, pleasant,


Characterized by, causing, or expressing sadness
melancholic sad depressed down gloomy miserable mournful despondent glum low downcast sorrowful unhappy woeful disconsolate downhearted lugubrious pensive dismal dispirited doleful joyless dejected woebegone wretched desolate blue depressing forlorn funereal moody somber discouraged morose sombre wistful crestfallen downbeat inconsolable mirthless pessimistic saddened sorry defeatist grim heartsick heartsore heavyhearted lachrymose morbid brokenhearted dolorous dragged droopy hangdog heartbroken low-spirited cast down heavy-hearted down and out sunk in gloom in low spirits in the doldrums torn up down in the dumps down in the mouth cheerless dreary bad bleak sullen solemn comfortless despairing drear disheartened black dark depressive dire grief-stricken tearful elegiac distressed saturnine broken-hearted sepulchral cold lonely hopeless gray grey godforsaken elegiacal lonesome tenebrous fed up plutonian tenebrific chill dreich pathetic heartrending Cimmerian murky darkening heartbreaking anguished rueful sunless cloudy saddening grieving upset distressing teary hurting demoralized disappointed abject lamentable chap-fallen pitiful dour spiritless demoralised troubled in the dumps piteous dispiriting tragic plaintive grave crushed disheartening in pain long-faced dull grievous oppressed devastated regretful drab weeping bummed out afflicted in the pits pitiable chapfallen unfortunate oppressive sorrowing brassed off cheesed off humourless painful poignant humorless mourning destroyed heart-rending sick as a parrot choked discouraging nostalgic bitter moving lamenting out of sorts harrowing deplorable dismayed sober agonized sulky dreadful agonised regrettable upsetting calamitous subdued crummy in a blue funk negative appalling dingy mopey austere weighed down cast-down unfavourable unfavorable shot down terrible tear-jerking serious plangent cynical grumpy weepy cut up dolesome dysphoric bleeding uninviting awful unwelcoming in despair pained shocking distressful hurt foreboding uncomfortable dejecting gutted poor weary let down sick at heart taken down earnest surly touching disappointing Eeyorish singing the blues dolent as sick as a parrot daunted desperate wailing aching bewailing bemoaning bereaved ripped suffering grieved dim distraught pining afflictive sobbing inauspicious listless broken on a downer emotional tristful with a long face troubling moping down-hearted sour all torn up shamefaced down-and-out tormented heavy unamused stony-faced dirge-like affecting dirgelike disastrous low in spirits deploring funeral bereft fatalistic gloom-ridden gruesome crushing sheepish sedate drearisome horrid ruthful ghastly frightful crabbed cowed brooding atrocious broody mopish inhospitable stark bare troublesome suspicious shaken distrustful horrifying unsmiling sapped resigned helpless horrific yearning doubting shattered aggrieved unenthusiastic bland horrible alarmist sickening hapless agonizing clinical unlucky low-down bummed-out impersonal draggy bearish sunk bowed down agonising in the toilet wintry wintery institutional jarring ominous given to looking on the black side in tears remorseful demoralizing longing churlish threnodic unpromising rotten anxious defeated glowering dashed adust conscience-stricken enervated tortured abashed discontented maudlin flat solitary overwhelmed peed off ticked off teed off browned off sneaking mean disconcerted ashamed stern demoralising snivelling whimpering deflated intimidated difficult wounded deathly sobersided dirty daunting disillusioned down-in-the-mouth traumatized in sorrow in mourning vexatious severe weighty blubbering unconsolable horrendous perturbed bothered taciturn unpleasant full of sorrow irked unsatisfied angst-ridden sniveling damp staid sinister crabby frightening adverse worrying disagreeable acheronian off-putting intolerable unpropitious ugly sourpuss muted heavy with grief overcome with sorrow gut-wrenching long-suffering disturbing traumatised galling God-awful poker-faced no-nonsense loathsome repugnant po-faced down in dumps macabre in a funk blue funk languorous triste languid regretting heartsickening feel-bad withdrawn scowling sorry for oneself Stygian hollow obscure unsettled dirgeful apathetic threnodial grouchy overcast prostrated funebrial exequial deathlike worthless doomy soppy sentimental mawkish emo depressant cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing mortified atrabilious clouded dampened drooping sagging torn-up discontent at suicidal without energy heart-sick lovesick misanthropic bad-tempered uncommunicative bowed lowered disenchanting griefstricken guilty cringing browbeaten excruciating traumatic undermined dolorific disadvantageous off sluggish overcome unresponsive phlegmatic ill-tempered huffy ill-humoured lorn afflicting repentant contrite guilty-looking furtive ill-humored lost discomposing companionless thrown portentous doubtful worried apologetic penitent unhopeful frowning forsaken forgotten homeless abandoned frantic forbidding have the blahs prostrate with grief down in mouth in grief in doldrums taken aback luckless embarrassed bummed powerless downtrodden catastrophic fatal friendless uncared-for destitute blubbery moist tear-filled wet bawling watery heart-wrenching derisible mortifying hankering missing longing for home sorry for yourself strained uneasy sob story deadly ruinous crying beseeching ruined imploring commiserable entreating supplicating ailing racked unable to be consoled unable to be comforted let-down not happy acherontic cowering humiliated full of gloom feeling down dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless cataclysmic strabilious no-win shot-down having blue devils having the blahs hard doomed without hope unmitigable up the creek beside oneself with grief looking on the black side self-reproachful compunctious disgruntled dissatisfied devastating languished put off deterred dreamy reflective to be pitied disenchanted can't win stirring looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny frustrated discomfited not a prayer in the soup unenthused unconfident contemplative musing dreaming meditative homesick lethal mortal close to tears displeased chagrined miffed fateful destructive thoughtful down-in-mouth beat beat-down come-apart caved-in disturbed aghast beaten at the end of your tether at end of one's rope languishing larmoyant disconcerting vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked daydreaming on the verge of tears ill-fated ill-starred lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart abysmal lousy vexed agitated ruffled disquieted unnerved discomposed desirous wishful displeasing dismaying unsatisfactory unacceptable diabolical easily moved harassed uptight wrecked flustered discombobulated concerned discountenanced aflutter plagued with cold feet gone to pieces in blue funk lost momentum grisly hideous mephitical irritable unkind repellant repellent unnerving testing unwelcome perplexing distasteful aggravating unpleasing hellish bewildering vexing annoying abhorrent perturbing unpalatable alarming revulsive frustrating unamusing uncongenial irritating parlous irksome spooked bugged shook harrowed haunted cheap scurvy nasty lame scabby paltry very bad substandard grubby scummy inadequate despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy in floods of tears with tears in your eyes lurid unearthly persecuted jumpy antsy unglued shameful execrable chronic eerie shook up strung out egregious ghostly terrifying gory grotesque nightmarish blameworthy downer scandalous bummer faulty godawful dishonourable dishonorable stinking overwhelming unbearable opprobrious in a reverie monstrous fearsome revolting tragical racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew shadowy terrific pitiless grewsome repulsive nightmare harsh ignominious weird shady spooky chilling spookish scary offensive inexcusable unhealthy sick meagre chilly meager god-awful death-obsessed threatening menacing direful baleful bodeful ill-boding ill hostile infelicitous unfriendly minatory ill-omened dangerous cross untimely gruff inopportune foul unsociable intimidating angry baneful apocalyptic untoward louring peevish fearful minacious creepy testy fierce vile detestable rough objectionable perilous stormy pouting resentful evil lowering inconvenient pouty turbulent sordid disquieting indignant cruel dread hair-raising spine-chilling redoubtable formidable sourpussed petulant unseasonable sinistrous stroppy sulking mumpish impending harmful mardy unsuited unsuitable querulous scungy discommodious inapt inappropriate out of humour in a bad mood stony ferocious squally inclement ill-suited jinxed critical rainy unoptimistic tempestuous cursed windy intimidatory piqued gusty touchy prejudicial inexpedient squalid premonitory peeved discomforting mean-looking put out inconducive warning crucial counter loury blowy misty colorless uncivil detrimental improper snappish crotchety raw crusty embittered unmannerly unseemly damaging impoverished indigent augural suggestive prophetic haunting pressing waspish lackluster lacklustre deep aggressive awkward malapropos unfit odious disparaging wrong opposed undesirable exigent colourless boring lifeless monotonous heart-breaking inadvisable uncertain uninspiring ill-advised unexciting blah uninteresting humdrum unlikely unencouraging full of despair uncaring deserted unimpassioned leaden waste melodramatic supernatural unmoved drained wild empty devitalized doom-laden gaunt blustery foggy unchancy promising rain evil-looking brusque doom and gloom dubious tough unprosperous choleric acrimonious burned sore contused fiery splenetic narky life-threatening suggestive of evil temperamental aggravated fractious in a bad way out of luck raging injurious enraged perverse chippy aloof hard-pressed exacting treacherous precarious jeopardous rocky straitened full of hardship messy malificent doomful precursive presaging malign prescient malefic ill-natured momentous significant foreshadowing Gothic uncooperative obstinate fretful ornery disgraceful unspeakable urgent extreme thunderous trashy shoddy filthy prognosticatory important predictive drastic outrageous derisory malevolent volatile savage tumultuous bullying steely flinty ungentle rugged worrisome crippling irretrievable stressful unsettling torturous bored tired comminatory terrorizing unwholesome feeble disapproving unsympathetic agitating abominable unsavory oppressing near close forthcoming lowery upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent poverty-stricken in a huff in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks exciting fated exhilarating inspiring intriguing extraordinary remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling annoyed nauseating hairy tormenting fraught gross icky disgusting obnoxious troublous unendurable hard-faced stringent grotty grody unappealing yucky uncool yukky hellacious nauseous exasperated irritated unsavoury hurtful unlovely concerning beastly at hand base jaded wearied narked nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking degraded sated surfeited hacked off satiated blasé not best pleased sick and tired debased up to here humble servile ignoble unworthy slavish reprehensible menial shabby grovelling subservient meek outcast groveling deferent self-effacing


Being deep in thought, or characterized by thoughtfulness


Very loud or having a high volume
plangent loud sonorous resounding reverberating ringing mournful resonant clangorous plaintive reverberant blaring blasting booming clamorous deafening earsplitting golden orotund piercing reverberative roaring rotund round slam-bang stentorian thundering thunderous vibrant deep-toned beating consonant deep echoing electrifying enhanced full heightened intensified mellow noisy powerful profound pulsating pulsing rich sonorant strident thrilling throbbing carrying canorous ear-piercing strong ear-splitting clear full-bodied full-toned very loud cacophonous raucous tumultuous rowdy rumbling baritone fruity pear-shaped stentorious vociferous intense lusty loud-voiced rambunctious boisterous obstreperous ear-popping bass mellifluous sounding low rounded crashing reverberatory melodious overpowering dinning head-splitting ear-shattering harsh forte uproarious full-voiced riotous screaming robust clearly audible forceful turned up full-throated fortissimo shrieking pleasant pure resonating trumpeting bellowing basso rolling thundery magniloquent grandiloquent pompous imposing shrill penetrating vibrating disorderly rackety throaty strepitous clattery harmonious lively oscillating palpitating plummy aquiver mighty tremendous extremely noisy almighty overwhelming at full volume big fulminating heavy blatant turbulent blustering vehement pealing full-mouthed emphatic high-sounding wakes the dead grating jarring discordant sharp rough rasping dissonant squawky screeching unmusical unmelodious voluble brash hoarse inharmonious stridulous unharmonious stridulant jangling loudmouthed stridulatory distinct clattering brassy clashing braying vocal raspy scratchy husky clarion absonant grinding stertorous squeaky high-pitched high vigorous hearty shrieky inspiring unquiet definite smooth loudmouth jumping blusterous persuasive vociferant baying insistent unwavering audible importunate shouting raising Cain demanding big-voiced bigmouthed obnoxious raising the roof clamorsome screechy unvocal tuneless bell-like as clear as a bell unmelodic immusical jangly disharmonic horrisonant ill-sounding clinking sour croaking gruff croaky rollicking harsh sounding unruly gravelly roisterous rumbustious guttural coarse knockabout robustious unpleasant rough-sounding thick gravel rusty termagant squawking offensive incongruous rude energetic incompatible irritating annoying inappropriate conflicting contrasting hell-raising atonal high-spirited acute grotesque unaesthetic scraping disagreeable unsuitable wild and woolly growling dry vexatious displeasing irksome unbearable upsetting out of place uncharacteristic


A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause
depression sadness gloom unhappiness dejection blues despondency gloominess misery sorrow woe desolation pensiveness dispiritedness doldrums dumps despair melancholia defeatism dejectedness despond despondence disconsolateness dolefulness downheartedness dreariness forlornness glumness grief heartsickness joylessness miserableness mopes moroseness mournfulness oppression pessimism sorrowfulness desperation dolor blahs boredom dismals dolefuls downer ennui funk letdown megrim tedium wistfulness wretchedness blue devils low spirits blue funk down trip the hump the blues cheerlessness distress anguish hopelessness heartache discouragement pain malaise worry agony disconsolation regret heavy-heartedness disappointment torment mourning moodiness heartbreak angst woefulness listlessness bleakness dolour heaviness of heart anxiety infelicity suffering disheartenment somberness affliction lamentation grieving discontent dismay discomfort torture chagrin rue dissatisfaction disquiet vexation broken-heartedness dismalness tribulation lugubriousness bitterness lamenting weariness trouble seriousness dullness uneasiness bereavement mortification heavy heart Weltschmerz upset anhedonia dysphoria demoralization hardship trial lowness travail straits apathy bemoaning weltschmerz demoralisation sorriness lassitude restlessness tearfulness mental suffering desperateness the dumps mopery catatonia heaviness down misgiving grievance weeping horror broken heart lament excruciation sulks hurt bewailing unease dole enervation trauma languor the mopes sullenness downcastness negativity lethargy misfortune world-weariness shock sluggishness displeasure ordeal dourness blackness bummer foreboding saturninity yawn discontentment abasement abjection abjectness morbidity darkness heavyheartedness emotional suffering qualm dashed hopes mulligrubs mubblefubbles slough of despond worriment irritation low burden rack hump resignedness remorse low-spiritedness headache pining repining blue Johnnies pang deploring care the dismals jadedness devastation morosity poignancy eyes postpartum depression peepers discord inertia sombreness cloud agitation resignation mirthlessness unrest disquietude stress scruple cross spectre specter shadow pall turmoil strife disaster mope stagnation indifference stupor slump disinterest torpor inactivity embarrassment strain tumult adversity problem a low blue sorrowing keening distraction repentance purgatory curse mental pressure satiety acedia spiritlessness fatigue languidness surfeit wailing black mood illness drag cataclysm rain baby blues hell extreme upset being bummed the doldrums sickness weakness concern harassment nervousness fear deprivation poverty heartbrokenness dysthymia discomfiture disillusionment disenchantment megrims Gehenna murder nightmare ho hums shiva cynicism loss of confidence lack of confidence cold feet lack of enthusiasm vapors vapours lugubriosity troubles frustration disgruntlement clinical depression ailment ailments ills lack of interest throe stitch passion ache hurting twinge squalor disfavor indignation aching moaning crying languishing disapproval disillusion resentment aggravation disfavour exasperation disaffection discontentedness distaste fatalism doubt distrust endogenous depression infirmity disease debility feebleness indisposition bad news anvil chorus fretfulness dislike annoyance disrelish disgust unfulfilment anger reactive depression nihilism negative thinking suspicion dyspepsia malcontentment discomposure malcontent disapprobation decrepitude disorder condition sickliness infirmness malady unhealthiness postnatal depression expecting the worst doom and gloom one's black dog ill-humor gloomy outlook dim view dark side lack of hope temper sulk expectation of worst martyrdom grump looking on the black side grumps paddy foulie mood bate mard bad mood bout of moping fit of bad temper fit of pique bad temper fit of ill temper difficulty hassle tragedy blow calamity misadventure mishap catastrophe bad luck bother inconvenience reverse injury harm ruin ruination albatross ill fortune mischance bane setback accident travails hard time failure cross to bear stroke of bad luck damage destruction unpleasantness visitation ill vicissitude rigor loss rigour privation nuisance upheaval perturbation struggle crucible persecution dire straits destitution defeat bale hot water hard times reversal collapse debacle scourge hazard rotten luck painfulness issue undoing disturbance casualty ill luck pressure dilemma hindrance pangs perplexity death danger wrench doom downfall pest load sweat calvary want affront detriment apprehensiveness need austerity plague gauntlet penury traumatization derangement fiasco whammy shame labour beggary gantlet fire hell on earth lack confusion exigency complication holocaust alarm scrape hitch labor knock rainy day hard luck apocalypse blight severe test trying time end contretemps mishanter perdition emergency tough luck tough break hard knocks stroke reverse of fortune wreck abyss slip crash the worst bad experience subversion awfulness dispossession throes bind deep trouble mess predicament disagreeableness nastiness wronging ruth wrong mischief stew unconsolability disadvantage harsh conditions evil test jolt millstone bad break double whammy hard knock malice comedown drama dark night of the soul cruelty dud cumber big trouble reversal of fortune problems grievousness sarcasm insult sad event cost thorn in one's flesh slight offence buffet outburst disability tension neediness crux plight impecuniousness impecuniosity moan shit show farce heavy blow fell stroke rough situation act of God flood stroke of ill luck fall issues trials asperity hardness plaint toil peril drudgery meltdown task tenseness sobbing financial distress uphill battle trials and tribulations Herculean task fluster fright row pitfall indigence crisis shake-up disruption surprise disarray ululation wail howl effort work puzzle difficulties offense wound reversion dislocation commotion queasiness hang-up impoverishment complaint sob groan howling dirge keen third degree going-over grilling ferment dread trepidation exertion pains check pickle jam crunch pinch tizzy turn-up lapse cry responsibility alluvion havoc culmination finale car crash upshot curtains waterloo termination infliction fatality denouement nervous tension overextension distention heat intensity mistrust flutter urgency fearfulness nervosity anxiousness apprehension concernment agita thought sense of loss expectancy impatience fuss burdens hold-up one in the eye body blow kick in the teeth holy mess unholy mess ticklish spot expenditure ill-luck ill-fortune can of worms irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve rub botheration aggro ruffle bad time ado attention overthrow while flurry bustle snag hair shirt elbow grease unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling overturn elimination debasement annihilation disgrace humiliation nemesis Waterloo labefaction trip destroyer miscalculation omission last straw loss of power stumble misstep bad omen flaw smash faux pas fumble final straw error blunder fault


One of the four humours of ancient and mediaeval physiology, that was believed to be secreted by the kidneys and spleen and to cause melancholy and sadness when present in excess


Spitefulness or bad temper
spleen anger wrath spite malice resentment annoyance bitterness hostility malevolence pique venom hatred irritation peevishness spitefulness vexation acrimony animosity bad temper bile cantankerousness crossness displeasure dissatisfaction gall ill temper irascibility irritability maliciousness malignity pettishness petulance rancour bad mood crabbiness malignance moodiness querulousness snappishness sullenness testiness tetchiness touchiness waspishness biliousness ill humour sourness animus antipathy cattiness choler despite hate hatefulness ire malignancy meanness nastiness viciousness vindictiveness ill feeling caprice depression dislike grudge grumpiness ill will lien milt rancor temper whim enmity virulence bad blood rage fury unfriendliness antagonism aversion unkindness acerbity tartness crankiness indignation passion detestation surliness grouchiness huffiness asperity pugnacity umbrage abhorrence vitriol impatience churlishness evil exasperation resentfulness irascibleness fretfulness acidity miff furor wickedness crotchetiness ill-humor vengefulness disgruntlement opposition poison maleficence pugnaciousness warpath estrangement disaffection bellicoseness cruelty inimicality sensitivity tantrum virulency wax acridity rancorousness acridness dander stew indignity outrage furore acidness militancy war sulkiness truculency venomousness perversity perverseness poisonousness bad feeling irritableness fit tizzy snit temperament heat tiff outburst tear excitability jaundice mordancy fractiousness despitefulness hotheadedness corrosiveness huff discontent slow burn bad humor low boiling point dudgeon acrimoniousness aggression chagrin bellicosity short fuse snappiness stroppiness militance hurtfulness truculence mood contempt cynicism unpleasantness embitterment dyspepsia aggravation offense perturbation exacerbation mordacity frustration combativeness revenge vengeance offence mean-spiritedness rudeness belligerency contentiousness hot temper loathing envy upset madness odium ill nature short temper hard feelings prickliness hurt embitteredness vehemence disquiet discomposure curmudgeonliness rise mortification discomfiture bad-temperedness edginess crustiness angriness pungency ill-humour evil intentions causticity disagreeableness repugnance harshness sharpness crabbedness shrewishness lividity lividness irateness fit of pique rattiness grievance evilness perniciousness down revengefulness balefulness belligerence birse mad wrathfulness grief pip bother botheration aggro feud sarcasm disgust peeve air rage disrelish alienation scorn chip on your shoulder fog hump moroseness hypersensitivity oversensitivity depravity hot-temperedness short-temperedness quick-temperedness captiousness hot-headedness devilry backbiting devilment shortness dirt malintent bane implacability mischievousness menace warp distortion quarrelsomeness provocation evil intent harsh feeling hateful feeling arbitrariness whinginess tantrums capriciousness ungraciousness mardiness fieriness offensiveness abusiveness pettiness obnoxiousness ticklishness tension stickiness plague enragement besetment bad humour aggressiveness blame objection disdain fierceness brutishness violence ferocity ferociousness wildness uncertain temper edge abomination scratchiness warlikeness grudgingness keenness agitation vituperation bite revulsion execration bitter feeling bad will needling worry harassment embarrassment roughness a sore head brutality discontentment acuteness iciness argumentativeness intimidation friction uncharitableness ruthlessness retaliation variance weariness hassle poignancy a mood pepperiness badness humiliation high dudgeon score poignance no love lost trenchancy hardness of heart orneriness shirtiness soreheadedness chippiness a bad mood flare-up storm conniption dissension rivalry discord conflict contention complaint injustice chip on one's shoulder injury pet peeve bone to pick ill feelings bad feelings miffiness snakiness quick temper distaste astringency extreme anger boiling point disapproval repulsion prejudice disfavor ignominy horror invidiousness coldness being rubbed up the wrong way blowout strop grump paddy heartlessness callousness smarting rankling shame distress disfavour bate pet mard nasty behavior baseness a short fuse enemyship grievances grudges enemyhood needle foeship uncordiality daggers strong aversion intense dislike iniquity lowliness disrepute shamelessness knavishness unscrupulousness smallmindedness abjection degeneracy degradation unworthiness corruptness debasement beastliness lowness infamy contemptibleness hissy fit disappointment letdown baulk balk sorrow dismay crushing blow ill-temper inhumanity mercilessness fiendishness savagery savageness severity hard-heartedness barbarity sadism persecution unfeelingness bloodthirstiness murderousness bestiality masochism atrocity pitilessness barbarousness barbarism coarseness insensibility insensitiveness torture animality despotism wantonness cruelness inhumanness atrociousness devilishness roguery rascality jealousy wrong wrongdoing opprobrium knavery heinousness inhospitality yuck factor cold-heartedness covetousness enviousness sin sinfulness hardheartedness evil-doing oppugnancy iniquitousness vileness foulness obloquy villainy deviltry nausea dishonesty vice extreme dislike delinquency disesteem impishness roguishness waggery waggishness shenanigans mischief diablerie disrespect green-eyed monster desire perversion hob derision cold-bloodedness crookedness shadiness defiance disparagement ridicule deprecation repellency repellence malfeasance ferity denigration scornfulness disregard tomfoolery naughtiness jaundiced eye evil eye despisal cussedness insensitivity noxiousness harmfulness toxicity deadliness injuriousness unfair treatment ugliness implacableness disaccord oppugnation vendetta ill-disposedness distrust compassionlessness shabbiness contemptuousness abrasiveness schadenfreude mockery despisement inconsiderateness unkindliness ungenerousness remoteness unsociability anathema misprision remorselessness relentlessness aloofness sadomasochism contumely inclemency competition frostiness coolness black-heartedness blackness bad vibes bad chemistry blood feud personality conflict mutual hostility begrudging desirousness jealousness abuse pointedness punch antithesis contradistinction contrariety clashing difference resistance disagreement incongruity ill-will lack of regard lack of sympathy lack of charity the green-eyed monster snobbery recalcitrance audacity condescension stubbornness slight repugnancy rebuff snub refusal revolt denial sting immorality mislike frost scrappiness disputatiousness fight hawkishness attack assaultiveness warmongering force assault feistiness militantness strong dislike discredit disapprobation disgrace double-dealing turpitude invasion encroachment infringement destructiveness heartburn coveting lusting grudging greed pervertedness dissolution dissipation attitude push ungodliness impiety godlessness curse unholiness irreligiousness corruption dishonor reproach reprobation condemnation notoriety censure dishonour stigma blasphemy sacrilegiousness irreverence impiousness profanity impurity funny business dirty trick misdoing harm misconduct frolicsomeness waywardness misbehaviour vandalism transgression catastrophe misbehavior prank gag high jinks misfortune monkey business damage sabotage ill fault peccancy peccability cheekiness blur onus spot stain rebuke brand slur unpopularity blot dispprobation unrighteousness flagrancy ill repute black eye bar sinister loss of face


The feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the sufferings and misfortunes of others
pity compassion sympathy commiseration kindness understanding distress sadness sorrow charity condolence feeling mercy ruth bigheartedness good-heartedness heart humanity kindheartedness kindliness largeheartedness regret rue softheartedness warmheartedness clemency emotion forbearance leniency quarter tenderness benevolence comfort compunction condolement dejection empathy favor favour goodness grace lenity mercifulness philanthropy solace solicitousness warmth fellow feeling humaneness concern consideration tolerance kind-heartedness gentleness lenience benignity tenderheartedness consolation tender-heartedness indulgence beneficence generosity goodwill care sensitivity benignancy support forgiveness thoughtfulness warm-heartedness love brotherly love soft-heartedness compassionateness altruism affection humanitarianism mildness solicitude relief liberality encouragement cheer regard succour reassurance graciousness assuagement succor condolences magnanimity caritas softness caring rapport affinity attachment help aroha appreciation mindfulness easement moderation good will fellowship sufferance lifesaver nobility sentimentality agape amity identification responsiveness communion awareness alleviation friendliness comity aid soul friendship ease soothing neighborliness considerateness neighbourliness decency charitableness charitability moral support receptiveness receptivity optimism reconciliation principle moderateness helpfulness acceptance respects bounty liking permissiveness justness toleration equitableness endurance fairness liberalness Agape motherliness fatherliness devotion fondness bountifulness bounteousness lack of severity munificence apology character feelings overlooking amiability amorousness constitution gift oblation benefaction office courtesy lovingness patience unity magnanimousness peace gladdening inspiration tender feelings philanthropism comforting sensibility reassuring harmony reaction discrimination discernment ardor action delicacy capacity fervor fervour heat ardour palpability intensity response concern for others heart of hearts consoling relieving solacing expression of regret vibes mutuality closeness togetherness connection relating cheering up good feeling sympathetic response loving concern Christian love unselfishness fortification brotherliness sisterliness good-fellowship recognition perceptivity consciousness conception apprehension concord cognizance insight perception comprehension perceptiveness apperception cognition assimilation knowingness intuition knowing familiarity enlightenment acquaintance cottoning to being on same wavelength awareness of the feelings of others community of interests cordiality attentiveness geniality affability tact respect thought attention courteousness reverence politeness hospitality pleasantness selflessness brotherhood cordialness conviviality deference sweetness affectionateness cooperation civility gentility good-naturedness caringness refinement discretion urbanity gallantry courtliness elegance polish cultivation culture sensitiveness heed genteelness chivalry suavity subtlety ceremony sincerity carefulness complaisance mannerliness address gallantness amenities good breeding good behavior peacefulness peaceableness serenity tranquillity heartiness agreeableness good nature tranquility largesse amicability heedfulness comradeship assistance big-heartedness congeniality esteem public-spiritedness hospitableness sociability mind notice wholeheartedness estimation amenity agreeability interest amenability niceness good deed earnestness diplomacy approval approbation note politesse accuracy thoroughness meticulousness precision openheartedness virtue attention to detail faith charm collaboration obligingness service finesse good-temperedness personableness amiableness lavishness free-handedness open-handedness boon respectfulness benefit judgment almsgiving social conscience good manners mutual support concernment tending decorousness likableness tender loving care couth good neighbourliness rallying round benediction nervousness sense susceptibility reactiveness impressionability affectibility sensation reactivity manners finer feelings soft skills jovialness gratefulness enjoyableness reciprocity looking after judgement enthusiasm passion vehemence good turn helping hand act of assistance shyness quietness nobleness orderliness order solid generousness brownie points joviality companionability companionableness demonstrativeness modesty repose placidness demureness stillness humility zeal eagerness welcomingness sight good intention self-sacrifice fellow-feeling lawfulness touchingness sweetness and light observance view accessibility communicativeness mateyness gregariousness clubbability decorum stability mansuetude docility meekness passionateness ardency cheerfulness violence fire fervency fervidness intenseness interestedness approachability good humour chumminess openness bonhomie happiness effusiveness spiritedness emotions zest excitement calmness pliancy placidity pliability fragility kinship palliness easy-going manner outgoingness camaraderie comradery clubbiness an eye once-over white heat spirit glow empressement open arms admiration acclaim veneration account lack of reservation lack of inhibition repute popularity honor reputation laudation praise homage adulation honour opinion cherishing extolment value good opinion high regard high opinion

Trái nghĩa của melancholy

melancholy Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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