Đồng nghĩa của nail biting

Tính từ

That causes nervous anticipation or suspense
disturbing disquieting tense unsettling uneasy unnerving distressing fraught anxious worrisome agitating hairy distressful nervous restless creepy worrying stressful exciting scary edgy nerve-racking nerve-wracking upsetting alarming disconcerting difficult troubling frightening trying perturbing dismaying concerning charged irritating annoying uncomfortable harrowing harassing perplexing strained anxious-making intimidating embarrassing disruptive panicky aggravating irksome antsy apprehensive jittery vexing bothersome volatile uptight troublesome white-knuckle gut-wrenching off-putting discomforting startling discommoding provoking foreboding gloomy ominous unpleasant onerous discouraging severe pessimistic sinister wearisome painful depressing confronting insecure awkward bothering fretful barro distracting demoralizing knife-edge tricky cliffhanging dramatic demoralising troubled daunting discomposing explosive emotionally charged dodgy nervy dithery troublous nagging discomfiting nasty devastating stressed worried overwrought twitchy agitated terrifying menacing exasperating maddening taxing taut rigid unrelaxed excited unquiet spooky queasy concerned queazy on edge threatening uncertain burdensome consequential laborious disagreeable inconvenient tiresome intrusive impeding hard toilsome prophetic vexatious niggling traumatic harrying thorny grave problematic prickly sticky confusing flustering bewildering tormenting agonising agonizing distractive disrupting diverting diversionary baffling

Tính từ


Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
on edge anxious edgy nervous tense uneasy troubled worried antsy jumpy jittery nervy perturbed upset uptight insecure unquiet queasy queazy restless agitated hinky aflutter fidgety dithery goosey atwitter unsettled restive hung up twitchy ill at ease keyed up wired apprehensive unstable excitable neurotic unnerved highly strung hysterical sensitive brittle skittish beside oneself excited feeling anxious high-strung hyper in suspense nerve-racking nervous wreck overanxious stressful wound up het up bundle of nerves in a tizzy nerves on edge on tenterhooks disturbed uncomfortable disquieted bothered on pins and needles fretful self-conscious embarrassed discomfited discomposed awkward hesitant unsure shy strained unrelaxed unrestful stressy shaken uncertain out of place bashful retiring fazed suspicious impatient flustered irresolute wavering irritable alarmed fearful unruly tormented vexed dismayed perplexed shaky like a fish out of water fidgeting strung out active tossing and turning distressed turbulent unpeaceful sleepless in turmoil twittering tentative indecisive disorientated dithering vacillating curt stiff bewildered disoriented faltering inhibited unnatural gauche swithering stilted prim lost strange shrinking blushing disconcerted ruffled rattled shook up concerned confused unbalanced thrown disorderly withdrawn lacking social skills timid discomforted reserved tongue-tied introverted unconfident discombobulated distrustful all of a dither in a flap doubtful recalcitrant fractious refractory worked up overwrought ornery stubborn obstinate unyielding perverse fraught like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks champing at the bit harassed palpitant anguished afraid peevish irascible wrung footloose hurried transient spasmodic unsteady itchy inconstant wandering intermittent roving fitful nomadic bustling changeable on the qui vive all nerves wakeful insomniac attentive awake unsleeping watchful without sleep insomnolent wide-awake vigilant wide awake alert

Tính từ

Causing distress or emotional turmoil
painful distressing bad disconcerting horrendous horrible troublesome troubling unpleasant awful discomforting disquieting dreadful horrid horrific irksome objectionable terrible worrisome agonising agonizing appalling daunting distasteful forbidding grim horrifying loathsome miserable perturbing revolting rotten severe stressful torturous traumatic unpalatable unsettling woeful wretched abominable agitating annoying atrocious bitter crummy detestable difficult disagreeable discomposing dismal distressful disturbing doleful execrable foul frightful ghastly gruesome harrowing harsh humorless humourless irritating lousy mortifying nasty odious offensive poor repellent repugnant repulsive sober solemn somber sombre unbearable uncomfortable unnerving unsavory upsetting vile abysmal deplorable depressing diabolical dire disgusting displeasing fraught frightening gloomy grave grisly gross hairy heartbreaking hideous icky lurid macabre nauseating nightmarish obnoxious regrettable sedate sickening stinking tormenting troublous unacceptable undesirable unendurable unfortunate unsatisfactory unwelcome vexatious worrying abhorrent affecting afflicting afflictive awkward cruel godawful grody grotty hellacious lamentable mean monstrous nauseous pathetic repellant sad saddening shocking sour tragic tragical ugly unappealing uncool unhappy uninviting yucky yukky anguished beastly concerning excruciating galling grievous heartrending hostile hurtful sorrowful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavoury gut-wrenching heart-rending heart-breaking nerve-racking nerve-wracking off-putting extremely bad hard alarming poignant discouraging trying brutal pitiful piteous intense moving vexing heavy fierce nagging acute dismaying onerous bleak wearisome damaging perplexing serious embarrassing bothersome calamitous inconvenient burdensome provoking harassing aggravating tear-jerking mournful savage devastating oppressive laborious ominous sinister foreboding disappointing threatening unlucky extreme insufferable disheartening tiresome melancholy startling discommoding toilsome pitiable consequential tough vicious dangerous injurious violent powerful rough touching crushing plaintive intolerable tricky harmful forceful racking disastrous sharp dreary creepy dispiriting thorny intrusive impeding disruptive hopeless ferocious critical destructive cheerless sorry pessimistic funereal strong torturing melancholic haunting unrelenting hellish chilling raging confronting unfavorable unfavourable stirring wrenching desolate ruinous deadly searing drear joyless sticky vigorous prophetic uncertain demoralizing mortal problematic dejecting great fearful lethal discomfiting mighty piercing punishing wounding taxing demoralising morose ungovernable comfortless exasperating lachrymose overwhelming wicked heart-wrenching biting exacting strenuous terrifying delicate catastrophic black adverse suffering scarring hefty emotional impressive tearful impactful sensitive thunderous tense uneasy significant drab flustering peracute demanding ticklish abject tearing prickly fatal rueful unmanageable insupportable dolorous passionate killing dark ruthless exquisite unpropitious problematical merciless rugged maddening infuriating dodgy knotty inauspicious forlorn impossible evil intractable vehement depressive furious intemperate sullen tortuous incommodious explosive unkind glum almighty consuming distressed forcible rigorous arduous blistering rancid life-threatening repressive pesky potent resounding hateful lugubrious dynamic stinging excessive very bad intensive smart sobering perilous not to be borne menacing austere parlous precarious pain-filled desolating blinding mind-blowing restless nervous anxious soaring disconsolate emotive shattering pitiless oppressed impoverished stark uncoveted anguishing unwanted mirthless dispirited dolesome obscene Spartan crashing invidious unforgiving telling soul-stirring uplifting heart-warming feel-bad poverty-stricken cataclysmic cold depressed despairing niggling plaguy pestiferous pestilential tricksy touchy touch-and-go spiny catchy derisible dingy plangent pensive dejected despondent mephitical irritable bewildering testing troubled revulsive frustrating unamusing grueling penetrating murderous relentless stiff hardhanded inhuman heartwarming affective aggressive extremely upsetting considerable sore remorseless grief-stricken barro burning caustic cutting scandalous noisome fulsome noxious inclement deathly hapless fateful importunate pestilent charged unpopular unattractive major emotionally moving operose formidable pounding gruelling unsparing undisciplined murder uphill rowdy infestive messy disorderly straitened inhospitable spartan scabrous stern inexorable stringent hazardous ill-fated teary disenchanting tickly unenviable arousing affect unlikable tasteless flavourless flavorless dislikable insipid yicky savorless flat ill-starred weighty big grinding sentimental tender expressive nostalgic bumpy blue morbid itchy scratchy unwished-for hard-hearted overpowering causing discomfort ill-fitting struggling compromising humiliating unreasonable cyclonic demeaning degrading wild all-powerful death-dealing recalcitrant embarrassed cringeworthy dicey untimely discountenancing perverse wayward cringey gnarly improper shameful inordinate profound uncontrollable toe-curling fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained egregious cringe-making storming immoderate unchecked fearsome deep unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled keen emphatic desperate hot urgent energetic concentrated peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous heavy-duty gale force out of control full of force beyond bearing more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

Danh từ

The state of being mentally concerned, uneasy, or anxious
unease anxiety apprehension disquiet nervousness disquietude uneasiness agita agitation angst anxiousness apprehensiveness care concern concernment distress fear nervosity perturbation solicitude sweat worry trepidation all-overs botheration butterflies creeps doubt downer drag dread fidgets flap foreboding fretfulness fuss heebie-jeebies jitters jumps misery misgiving mistrust needles panic restlessness shakes shivers suffering suspense trouble uncertainty watchfulness willies worriment cold sweat goose bumps sense of foreboding ants in pants pins and needles tension consternation stress fearfulness edginess tenseness nerves jitteriness suspicion twitchiness yips abdabs dubiety collywobbles jim-jams screaming abdabs butterflies in one's stomach Joe Blakes anguish affliction alarm strain burden pain torment discomfort sorrow woe grief tribulation agony unhappiness hardship heartache trial torture vexation difficulty depression sadness misfortune adversity hesitation wretchedness disappointment upset confusion malaise despair trauma jumpiness desolation hassle dejection heartbreak annoyance discomposure disturbance shock despondency melancholy pressure inquietude blow cross presentiment unrest qualm problem scruple blues nervous tension travail fright distrust hesitancy hurt fluster compunction dismay dolor tragedy perplexity straits dither irritation gloom visitation bad news reservation infelicity excruciation crunch embarrassment dole timidity turbulence diffidence qualms horror bad luck mishap grievance pang setback excitement fidgetiness habdabs misadventure reverse insecurity tizzy dissatisfaction ordeal scepticism failure accident hesitance second thoughts calamity catastrophe contretemps disadvantage casualty cataclysm debacle premonition albatross regret skepticism restiveness bummer headache nerviness twinge distraction discomfiture rue terror cold feet lack of confidence disconcertment niggle disorder bad break hard luck dolour discontent touchiness butterflies in the stomach chagrin misgivings turmoil haplessness loss harm mischance desperation unluck inconvenience unpleasantness nuisance jimjams rack impatience moodiness whim-whams anger oppression reservations lamentation lack of faith discouragement screaming habdabs screaming meemies disconsolateness gloominess dolefulness heartsickness disconcertion ferment ill fortune tough luck rotten luck doubts displeasure presage stimulation mistrustfulness remorse issue frustration doldrums stew indecision listlessness alarum Weltschmerz mortification hopelessness unluckiness shame feverishness funny feeling dysphoria unfortunateness misdoubt commotion bitterness chill flutter wariness bother frenzy incertitude sinking feeling demur grieving untowardness dubitation weight lather skittishness funk tumult prenotion flightiness sorrowfulness dispiritedness throe dumps cheerlessness second thought mournfulness bad feeling self-doubt heavy heart broken heart surprise irritability mopes hurting ailment abashment doubtfulness suspiciousness tetchiness reluctance flusteredness unsureness solicitousness trembling trepidity dyspathy forebodingness burdens pother tremulousness excitability irascibility upheaval feeling demands antsiness intuition hunch trembles delirium neurasthenia animation neuroticism quivers dithers sensitivity to-do stage fright weariness disbelief travails ill luck query disgruntlement fret heat reconsideration forlornness indisposition idea encumbrance responsibility flurry disheartenment ache liability urgency passion load disinclination ennui despondence suspicions scruples bereavement resentment objection conscience shudder inkling prognostication mourning exasperation remonstrance drain huff unbelief despond cross to bear questions issues uncertainties storm millstone clamour lamenting twitter state resignedness bewailing bemoaning swivet swelter pessimism defeatism worries objections shiver nightmare melancholia sudden fear emotional suffering mental suffering emotion punishment blue funk sense vibes difficulties mental strain stroke of bad luck sorriness twit clamor sixth sense vague feeling sneaking suspicion querulousness question ill nervous excitement letdown low spirits jealousy complaint bustle feeling in bones handwriting on wall bad vibe question mark thorn in one's side amazement doom prickliness awkwardness disquietedness pangs regrets stupefaction astonishment bewilderment hysteria humiliation shaking fidgeting nag unquiet DTs hardshi disorientation muddlement wonder awe muddle scare sleeplessness mid-life crisis constraint instability penitence queasiness fit of nerves buck fever discord bad vibes augury foreshadowing feeling in the bones discombobulation palpitation humility unassertiveness jolt duress relevance regard relation irresolution indecisiveness the shakes jump tremble fidget test living day to day nerve disillusionment a cold sweat a blue funk disruption exertions fever disaster timidness timorousness self-consciousness inhibition humbleness meekness disenchantment outcry hell resignation strife overextension distention intensity the willies conflict martyrdom repentance contrition deprivation arousal mental stress emotional strain exigency poverty heartbrokenness expectancy curse demoralization miserableness dreariness loss of face incitement purgatory harassment Gehenna murder moroseness whammy knock joylessness glumness illness quandary cynicism surviving getting by struggling derangement outburst collapse traumatization butterflies in your stomach wronging crucible persecution mixing rocking hell on earth dark night of the soul calvary demoralisation downheartedness nervous state unconsolability trials and tribulations pressure cooker reverse of fortune bad trot evil fortune evil chance mishappening weakness sickness the blahs stitch squalor discontentment misbelief dilemma blue devils dashed hopes mania tizzy, tizz pressure of work caution lack of self-confidence vacillation insecureness possessiveness enervation lassitude questioning hullabaloo state of agitation hubbub state of anxiety hoopla anvil chorus disaffection squeamishness double whammy hard knock hard time rainy day warning sign omen languor ailments ills disapproval reluctancy faltering superego censor pause portent forewarning distrustfulness pique snappiness spite disfavour disregard disapprobation disgust discontentedness survival mode infirmity debility feebleness disease vibrations vision indication admonition winds onus shortness ill-will overprotectiveness testiness impetuosity wake-up call obligation duty weltschmerz decrepitude condition sickliness infirmness malady unhealthiness aversion malcontent heartburn envy pang of conscience distaste boredom disfavor malcontentment dislike disrelish twinge of conscience disliking second sight gut feeling winds of change feeling in your bones wind change cumber peevishness vehemence debate controversy challenge irritableness curtness brusqueness abruptness intolerance aggravation ball and chain charge dead weight mental weight blame shackle deadweight task unwanted responsibility accountability chain hindrance demurral protest dubiousness argument tizz overexcitement hyperactivity forethought expectation anticipation forecast apprehension about rivals exception contention expostulation dispute quick temper whirl awareness boding remonstration bone of contention demurrer stink tiz-woz faint heart chicken heart white feather fear of carrying out an activity weak knees backing out yellow streak

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