Đồng nghĩa của nostalgic

Alternative for nostalgic

Đồng nghĩa: homesick,

Tính từ

Feeling, having or evoking one's sentimental emotions
romantic sentimental emotional sloppy soppy tearful schmaltzy cheesy cloying corny gushing maudlin syrupy touching cornball cutesy drippy mushy sappy sickly poetic lovey-dovey tear-jerking over-sentimental goo-goo sickly sweet dewy-eyed misty-eyed weepy mawkish tender overemotional saccharine slushy gushy sugary simpering pathetic effusive soapy dreamy impressionable overacted affected idealistic demonstrative gooey bathetic novelettish soupy icky sweet softhearted jejune inane insipid vapid passionate affectionate loving sugarcoated spoony sticky spooney fruity wet chocolate-box sobby moonstruck languishing soft silly visionary rosewater twee treacly sloshy sick-making three-hankie sugar-coated hearts-and-flowers soft-hearted hokey toe-curling three-hanky unctuous tacky Mills-and-Boon oversweet trite honeyed over-the-top oversentimental too much cloyingly sweet lachrymose ingratiating sickening candied teary feeble nauseating banal over-emotional sickly-sweet self-pitying fulsome enthusiastic ebullient rhapsodic excessive extravagant exuberant expansive hagiographical overdone unreserved unrestrained lyrical adulatory lavish oleaginous hagiographic overenthusiastic oily over-effusive hyped up OTT over-enthusiastic laid on with a trowel over the top poignant moving heart-rending affecting stirring emotive heartbreaking heart-warming sad tragic impressive upsetting impactful heartrending heartwarming plaintive pitiful saddening harrowing soul-stirring exciting thrilling pitiable warming affective melancholy depressing piteous powerful uplifting distressing disturbing haunting dismal impassioned dramatic telling stunning agonizing painful controversial sensitive mournful sorrowful agonising emotionally moving dreary woeful dolorous drear sorry arousing affect delicate inflammatory contentious lamentable touchy heart-melting inspiring hot-button awkward difficult problematic arousing melting evocative provoking striking sententious gripping breathless meaningful expressive significant impelling rousing affectional compassionate sympathetic wistful mind-blowing responsive

Tính từ

Feeling, having or evoking a memory of the past or familiar surroundings

Tính từ

Of, or relating to, the past, past times, or the way things were
retro old-fashioned old-time antique period old-world dated evocative former old oldfangled old-school old-timey past quaint retrograde vintage backward-looking bygone historical of yesteryear out-of-date passe passé retrogressive olde worlde in period style old world out of date conservative traditional retrospective outmoded outdated passé archaic rusty antiquated superannuated prehistoric pensive contemplative recollective reflective old-fangled old hat ancient obsolete outworn obsolescent medieval antediluvian anachronistic creaky mouldy clunky behind the times mossy unfashionable out mediaeval moldy out of fashion out of the ark defunct out of style old-fogeyish fusty moth-eaten crusted feudal square horse-and-buggy rinky-dink vieux jeu square-toed not with it frumpish frumpy musty historic behindhand old-style has-been charming picturesque antiquarian heritage ancestral dead folk veteran unhip olden primitive fossilized demoded démodé out-of-style corny back-number not current fossilised of the old school classic enduring timeless overfamiliar ageless last year's remote aged elderly primeval primordial immemorial classical early time-honoured moribund prehistorical neolithic Noachian kaputt kaput antwacky primaeval age-old parachronistic tired superseded anachronous old style past its sell-by date past one's sell-by date as old as the hills horse and buggy backwards backward back number Stone Age gothic colonial enchanting Victorian captivating artful cute baroque affected pleasing ingenious pretty Gothic appealing cunning twee toytown sweet attractive olde arty-crafty established traditionalistic orthodox prior familial family pleasantly old-fashioned button-down long-established standpat from the past reactionary buttoned-down lineal die-hard hidebound oral mossbacked ultraconservative of yore brassbound unwritten old-line paleoconservative archconservative unprogressive handed-down odd past it old-hat rococo unstylish dowdy disapproved neglected extinct of olden days out of it of old not modern grown old

Tính từ

Missing one's home and family very much when away

Tính từ

In a state of unhappiness or despondency
melancholic sad gloomy miserable dejected unhappy melancholy depressed despondent disconsolate downcast glum forlorn sorrowful doleful down downhearted mournful blue wretched crestfallen woebegone low heartbroken woeful joyless desolate inconsolable morose dispirited saddened sorry brokenhearted heartsick droopy bad heavyhearted lugubrious grim pessimistic dark moody dull elegiac spiritless dragged heartsore hurting wistful dysphoric crummy hangdog plaintive destroyed tristful bleeding lamenting weeping ripped cast down low-spirited down in the mouth heavy-hearted down in the dumps in the dumps in pain bummed out cast-down down and out fed up in the pits on a downer torn up in a blue funk low-down taken down let down in the toilet rueful grief-stricken piteous pathetic heart-rending pitiful dolorous plangent agonized bemoaning broken-hearted aching funeral bewailing lamentable grievous bitter wailing anguished dolesome grieving deploring regretful cantankerous beefing grousing cranky bellyaching crabby heartrending grumpy saddening agonised out of sorts dismal discouraged cheerless disheartened sombre somber mirthless in the doldrums in low spirits chap-fallen oppressed funereal sick as a parrot depressing crushed downbeat saturnine morbid sunk in gloom dreary sullen bleak disappointed demoralized black dour mopey long-faced pensive mopish broody chapfallen demoralised brassed off cheesed off lachrymose defeatist despairing choked depressive tearful sepulchral dismayed troubled godforsaken daunted subdued moping weary crabbed surly ugly sulky shot down blue funk weighed down humourless humorless at upset hopeless distressed adust heavy depressant teary emo Eeyorish sob story in despair looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down full of gloom low in spirits down-in-the-mouth listless brooding sunk have the blahs as sick as a parrot singing the blues shamefaced let-down not happy clouded dampened atrabilious drooping dashed abject sagging all torn up solemn lonesome gray chill dreich murky sunless Cimmerian cold grey darkening lonely plutonian elegiacal dire comfortless tenebrous drear cloudy shaken sapped thrown shattered tenebrific cowed bummed-out shot-down

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