Đồng nghĩa của resonant

Alternative for resonant

Tính từ

Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound
sonorous ringing full rich vibrant clear orotund plangent booming deep full-bodied loud low thundering thunderous baritone bass basso carrying golden resounding reverberant reverberating reverberative rotund round canorous pear-shaped beating clangorous consonant deep-toned earsplitting electrifying enhanced heightened intensified mellow noisy powerful profound pulsing roaring sonorant stentorian strident thrilling throbbing strong full-toned piercing deafening blaring clamorous echoing fruity blasting mellifluous slam-bang rumbling throaty low-pitched melodious ear-splitting very loud pulsating intense vociferous ear-piercing low-toned stentorious reverberatory forceful robust harmonious lusty tumultuous loud-voiced ear-shattering ear-popping rounded sounding grave dulcet mellifluent distinct phat overpowering full-voiced low-voiced dinning plummy cacophonous crashing emphatic big rambunctious raucous tremendous almighty alto boisterous obstreperous rowdy turned up mournful penetrating plaintive bellowing melancholy resonating magniloquent grandiloquent trumpeting pompous imposing smooth bright eloquent expressive significant silvery vibrating thundery prominent contralto mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming fulminating forte heavy blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed wakes the dead high-sounding at full volume lively oscillating riotous palpitating fortissimo harsh aquiver unwavering sharp clarion audible full-throated head-splitting bell-like as clear as a bell clearly audible shrill shrieking rackety clattery disorderly strepitous rolling pleasant pure stridulatory stridulous stridulant squawky high-pitched brassy clattering discordant high loudmouth raspy jumping blusterous shrieky raising Cain raising the roof

Tính từ

Giving the impression of vast, dark depths
cavernous huge vast commodious deep immense spacious capacious extensive hollow roomy yawning airy gaping large sepulchral voluminous ample dark enormous high rambling unfathomable wide concave dismal echoing expansive gloomy reverberant sunken alveolate broad cavelike chambered chasmal deep-set socketed curved inward abysmal great infinite limitless boundless open immeasurable big endless bottomless agape open wide wide open profound fathomless sizable generous wide-open chasmic abyssal unplumbed palatial sizeable comfortable widespread extended uncrowded very deep fully open giant high-ceilinged full massive substantial buried subterranean colossal expanded measureless cavernlike illimitable impenetrable unsounded unfathomed horizonless indefinite unbounded unlimited immensurable incomprehensible inestimable plumbless extreme plummetless unending never-ending extending far down gigantic tremendous considerable grand monstrous whacking great husky super-duper walloping mastodonic thumping man-size whopping goodly Bunyanesque megalithic swelled king-size cosmic elephantine massy epic thundering whopping great pharaonic lofty full-size titanic thumping great fair-size mighty excessive bulky galactic humungous family-sized mega oversize good-size ponderous jumbo supersized hulking gargantuan prodigious extravagant cyclopean ginormous outsize good-sized staggering monster great big stupendous oversized king size grandiose family-size socking great inordinate exorbitant humongous astronomical towering a whale of a whacking brobdingnagian leviathan tall monumental biggish mondo gross whopper outsized hefty economy-size mammoth of considerable size mountainous Brobdingnagian king-sized bumper handsome super colossal almighty largish supersize astronomic life-size overgrown cosmical man-sized magnific cumbersome unwieldy fair-sized dirty great tidy comprehensive economy-sized

Tính từ

Of, or involved in the affairs of, the community, especially in government or entertainment
public leading important prominent celebrated distinguished famous notable principal recognised recognized respected dominant eminent key noteworthy primary prime renowned arch cardinal central consequential famed foremost influential noted outstanding pivotal preeminent pre-eminent premier seminal well-known acclaimed dignified esteemed focal fundamental honorable honourable honored honoured iconic illustrious integral material reputable superior essential grand imposing noble prestigious prodigious serious core distinctive formidable historical powerful well known well thought of far-reaching highly regarded in the public eye of influence of mark high-level high-powered high profile high-ranking high-up of great consequence supreme elevated glorious great extraordinary commanding predominant exalted chief prevailing notorious prized highest well-connected valued fabled potent senior mighty puissant trusted incomparable all-important signal authoritative alpha major august capital main lofty stately magnanimous paramount sublime regal major league overbearing arch- admired unparalleled top unequaled superlative unequalled gifted matchless first high-minded number one redoubtable prior of the first rank revered first rate heroic unsurpassed triumphal primal peerless legendary big league idealistic greatest highly rated unexcelled learned worthy controlling eventful top-level head big upper memorable phenomenal oratorical of note magnificent majestic eloquent marvelous royal towering deciding aristocratic cogent first-class four-star successful rich upper-class magnific top-ranking VIP marvellous good venerable significant star of high standing big-time conspicuous major-league big-name of repute high lionized name high-profile estimable lionised big-league astral remarkable popular impressive exceptional bright reputed respectable luminous considerable visible storied excellent of distinction highest-ranking top-drawer brilliant topmost finest top-notch well-regarded momentous lauded monumental acknowledged vaunted venerated world-class heavy-duty heavy applauded feted infamous well received strong much touted much vaunted highly esteemed highly thought of splendid unforgettable established superstar celeb historic professional proud surpassing unrivalled big-shot resplendent widely known transcendent much-publicized inflated talked about intellectual front-page elite ruling immodest exaggerated excessive competent critical crucial unrivaled efficient arresting lordly striking effectual regnant marked fine special portly staid vital celebrious redoubted supereminent big-gun solemn lead superb high-status salient appreciated sovereign laureate immortal epic extolled well-thought-of large pompous shining uplifting much-admired wonderful far-famed big name having made a name for oneself highly praised much publicized up there skookum worth mentioning stellar praised number ideal requisite intrinsic of considerable importance decorated ranking worthiest prizewinning executive beloved reliable indelible vivid catchy haunting indispensable necessary needed presiding high-grade familiar eye-catching fearless tenacious high-end glamorous substantial self-important overblown not to be ignored higher widely knowbn numero uno earnest high-priority weighty known best pronounced common in spotlight in limelight singular energetic dynamic heavyweight instrumental kingly everyday of consequence something else of importance grandiloquent landmark fateful gratifying noticeable arrestive underlined especial big-wheel responsible high-power grave upmarket conferring prestige expensive big time crack apical peak crowning tiptop maximal first-rate culminating five-star outside imperial hallowed valorous nonpareil to be reckoned with top-tier dominating hot-dog high up high-flying in the limelight on the map decision-making trendsetting winning governing not to be forgotten never to be forgotten meaningful groundbreaking triumphant fulfilling higher up awe-inspiring heroical massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out unmatched inimitable consummate out of this world talked of strictly business playing hard ball well paid marquee highfalutin' satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing higher-level a hard nut to crack effective cheering pleasurable higher-ranking formal greater reigning imperious demonstrative assertive domineering ceremonial ceremonious leonine lionlike page-oner courtly capable decisive able efficacious emphatic official hard better upward above uppermost overhead fearsome invincible portentous reverential conventional high-octane starchy in control mythical fabulous mythic mythological fairy-tale fictitious unreal folkloric imaginary apocryphal traditional fictional fantastic hypothetical imagined proverbial allegorical parabolic symbolic fanciful storybook made up enchanted magic make-believe magical more important more elevated most important

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