Đồng nghĩa của renowned

Alternative for renowned

Tính từ

Famous, celebrated, or well-known
celebrated famed famous noted acclaimed distinguished eminent esteemed illustrious notable prominent well-known pre-eminent big-name fabled great legendary notorious prestigious star visible celebrious established extolled lauded monster name outstanding popular praised proverbial recognised recognized redoubted signal splashy superstar much publicized of consequence of note of repute well known well thought of of high standing in the limelight on the map honoured important honored respected venerable exalted leading preeminent noble glorious grand elevated noteworthy reputable influential revered august top foremost lionized remarkable superior admired lionised respectable major excellent imposing estimable supreme highly regarded dominant significant chief acknowledged splendid reputed powerful lofty memorable honourable magnificent highly rated honorable impressive immortal big dignified superb brilliant big-time predominant premier high-ranking extraordinary sublime exceptional prime peerless vaunted worthy marvelous paramount infamous big-league majestic high-powered principal marvellous stately storied bright fine of distinction heroic well received conspicuous much touted major-league high-level venerated puissant main unsurpassed major league incomparable matchless wonderful seminal towering valued resplendent admirable capital high-profile senior authoritative commanding regal well-regarded number one considerable greatest primary unequalled consequential applauded stellar feted beautiful proud unforgettable awesome redoubtable world-class much-publicized sterling highest mighty unequaled much vaunted top-notch familiar high highly esteemed numero uno unrivalled epic key first-class iconic central monumental highly thought of magnific prized royal transcendent luminous time-honored fantastic good terrific arch high profile head gorgeous dazzling tremendous lead VIP first unrivaled heavenly superlative fab big-shot formidable widely known momentous sovereign well-thought-of talked about top-drawer big league imperial grandiose first-rate in the public eye baronial classic gallant divine pivotal laureate heroical triumphant massive Homeric cardinal creditable surpassing shining supereminent aristocratic large common public astral material finest top-ranking effulgent radiant high-class fabulous sensational consummate essential celeb gratifying far-famed weighty heavy potent trusted primal dynamite overbearing cool resonant top-level delightful cracking traditional righteous high-up topmost prizewinning mean time-honoured remembered of mark tip-top hallowed glamorous glittering best exemplary accepted master lordly posh top-tier strong unmatched reliable widely-known arch- inspired eventful appreciated professional meaningful substantial focal high-flying overmastering sovran overriding premium accomplished integral known decent phenomenal presiding quality lovely choice fantabulous publicized serious groovy heavy-duty prodigious upmarket big-gun radical distinctive historical neat peachy swell dandy nifty prevailing praiseworthy prior up there core super of good standing hot crackerjack upper supernal heavyweight grave alpha all-important phat slick publicised primo corking well-connected dope topflight elite smashing bumper banner much-admired high-minded prize well respected A-OK of influence four-star upper-class historic of importance sound topping rare wicked out-of-sight blue-chip bang-up top-shelf first-string blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line gilt-edged unparalleled of good repute unexcelled ace having made a name for oneself highly praised something else gilt-edge brill amazeballs with a good reputation mega bonzer splendrous pleasurable enjoyable jim-dandy par excellence winning peachy keen top-hole big name out of this world on fleek very good bigger than life mythical well-loved splendorous enduring perennial evergreen abiding timeless ageless beloved rightly prized celebrity star-studded decorated kingly commended hailed cheered larger than life high-status solemn instrumental world-famous recognizable all-star magnanimous everyday extravagant reverenced ranking controlling commemorated portly staid awe-inspiring dynamic utopian striking arresting scandalous triumphal idealistic learned widely knowbn worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out flaunted competent efficient eloquent rich oratorical cogent successful deciding high-end upscale exclusive high-quality meritorious ruling high-grade worshipped recognisable energetic fundamental pompous highfalutin' unsurpassable unmatchable ultimate skookum big-wheel paragon genius gifted first rate of the first rank underlined stereotypical touted trendsetting dominating regnant vital hot-dog governing sacred reverend sage ill-famed big time paraded fearless effectual tenacious red-letter in spotlight in limelight wise patrician refined chic swanky classy smart prestige expensive epoch-making promoted overhyped advertised hyped apex legitimate trustworthy upright sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped skilful skillful headline earth-shattering landmark groundbreaking genteel of ill repute principled far-reaching boasted about bragged about made much of shown off with a bad reputation with a bad name amazing biggest largest of great consequence out of sight inimitable much tectonic ground-breaking earthshaking super-duper something unreal mondo fat doozie incredible honest virtuous irreproachable conscientious dependable anti-corruption archetypal self-evident customary axiomatic conventional typical unquestioned perfect highborn highbred gentle huge wellborn exulted in crowed about prated about made a display of earth-shaking standout marquee number-one faithful favored just straightforward constant legit truthful sincere fair high-principled copper-bottomed valorous exquisite topnotch rad tiptop nice solid gold current usual regular general bodacious optimum immense spanking favoured above board tried and trusted class widely praised well born silk-stocking blue-blooded upper-crust high-born select faultless schmick unbeatable dreamy beaut flawless ripping spiffing keen to the max of significance gangbusters wizard cream champion tops unique uppermost marvy hype quintessential boss untouchable magic gangbuster of good report in high favor salt of the earth def crack belting fabby brag bully down sik effusive goodly brave bonnie bosting boffo pearler beezer frontline singular extreme bonny excessive applaudable crucial awesomesauce of the highest quality of the first water top-grade mind-blowing in a class all by itself highest quality gone barrie very best chillin' inflated far out without equal of the highest order A-1 lank of the first order of the highest standard beyond compare exo too good to be true too much prize-winning above and beyond exaggerated kif supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worthiest of highest order of high quality bosker award-winning top-class flagship splendiferous declared avowed admitted confessed adored proven certified overt obvious plain published leonine lionlike page-oner proclaimed identified revealed patent manifest received branded self-confessed publicly known generally known down pat A1

Tính từ

Striking in extent, seriousness, or importance
signal notable outstanding noteworthy distinguished eminent prominent remarkable illustrious extraordinary conspicuous exceptional striking superior famous significant prestigious preeminent marked memorable noticeable noble pronounced obvious arresting star momentous impressive special bright salient unforgettable rare distinctive redoubtable luminous unusual uncommon particular astral glaring arrestive peculiar eye-catching celebrated important famed notorious indelible haunting historic catchy vivid consequential brilliant glorious noted never to be forgotten not to be forgotten influential well known out of this world well-known monumental pre-eminent leading main major in the limelight esteemed acclaimed great honoured respected elevated reputable legendary foremost venerable august singular honored peerless especial shining cherished lasting aristocratic nonpareil name unfading timeless immortal perpetual everlasting eternal undying treasured highly regarded imperishable enduring supreme wonderful enthralling superlative exciting observable dazzling thrilling spectacular major league talked of big-time big name rememberable remembered eventful standout surpassing fixed in the mind mind-blowing stamped on your memory red-letter sensational amazing breathtaking astonishing dramatic stunning incredible astounding awesome phenomenal emphatic moving staggering out of the ordinary stirring wondrous awe-inspiring powerful affecting electrifying imposing stimulating showy commanding splashy bold fascinating unique amazeballs startling jaw-dropping surprising tremendous gee-whizz engaging interesting stupendous fabulous flamboyant mind-boggling bodacious noisy inspiring fantastic marvellous weighty prodigious magnificent terrific captivating gripping serious strong compelling provocative attention-grabbing riveting telling rousing kenspeckle grabby lively manifest marvelous critical meaningful heavy eye-popping atypical graphic unwonted abnormal unbelievable odd anomalous considerable appealing grand intriguing picturesque entertaining super exhilarating thought-provoking evident unheard of tense decisive charming principal suspenseful intoxicating galvanizing substantial attractive electric emotional portentous climactic effective expressive sudden rip-roaring overwhelming forceful galvanising hair-raising newsworthy pivotal vital histrionic crucial miraculous unparalleled unreal dramaturgical splendid unprecedented theatrical exceeding extraordinaire preternatural aberrated aberrant freak uncustomary clear smashing different amusing delightful pleasing diverting absorbing dramaturgic visual distinct curious unmistakable enchanting large urgent pleasant conclusive pleasurable citable pictorial colourful delineated emotive exhilarative charged mentionable namable nameable graphical high-priority bizarre far-reaching galvanic beautiful definite engrossing touching headline beguiling invigorating impactful refreshing heart-stopping heavy-duty earnest large-scale material extensive eye-opening grave colorful poignant worthy of note magical appreciable kicky cardinal piquant enticing fresh melodramatic envigorating histrionical capital mind-bending intense buzzworthy burning vibrant front-page entrancing action-packed confounding farcical comic shareable viral persistent chief primary superb ensational readable sublime predominant distingué unimaginable inconceivable fab stellar the gorgeous resounding majestic formidable prime essential staple dominant basic key can't miss it unaccustomed unfamiliar unexpected supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good humbling storming positive decided splendent too good to be true huge extra special clear-cut visible strange thumping thundering drop-dead big intrusive paramount projecting pertinent protruding relevant central jutting focal obtrusive enjoyable perceptible forcible unorthodox unconventional queer out of the way offbeat exotic sizable fundamental dynamite jazzy cogent lofty funny landmark weird outlandish pointed much preponderant severe earth-shattering resonant deep mighty all-important keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum generous milestone fateful high-level extreme hefty unordinary ponderable potent climacteric pressing earthshaking stupefying shocking devastating highly impressive humorous cheering witty off the beaten track one of a kind bewildering artistic photographic chocolate-box symbolic inspirational pictographic agreeable fun congenial recreative droll tragic theatric nice thespian uplifting shock-horror stem-winding high-octane heady unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting hilarious chucklesome encouraging breath-taking studied comical motivating spine-tingling heart-stirring jarring jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding blindsiding realistic impassioned motivational relaxing scream clever riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless of particular interest spirited energizing heartening enlivening passionate animating detailed hard to swallow beyond belief persuasive provoking dynamic worth mentioning worthy of mention hot utmost murder splash underlined stand-out patent worthwhile worth taking a look at something else major-league high-profile boss of note cool the end lifelike evocative animated impelling stimulative inspiriting lucid energetic instigative anthemic arousing instigating affective exalting faithful rich authentic dire uppermost overriding inciting awakening vigorous soul-stirring enthusiastic triggering piquing emotion-charged energising hearty scintillating sharp page-one of great consequence unmissable life-and-death ponderous acute eloquent uncanny active true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear highly coloured solid of import of great import of moment of great moment determining primo wicked meaty inviting charismatic hypnotizing hypnotic tantalising mesmerising mesmerizing compulsive preoccupying bewitching unputdownable trenchant topical fine unboring immersing hypnotising magnetic newsy relatable prepossessing involving racy tantalizing alluring consuming mesmeric spellbinding seductive unco world class gilt-edged zero cool most important

Tính từ

Characterized by widespread appeal or likeability
large appealing likable likeable du jour faddish faddy fashionable favourite favorite happening hot in modish pop popular popularised popularized red-hot vogue voguish celebrated desirable liked notable preferred prominent wanted crowd-pleasing acceptable big trendy now current in vogue all the rage stylish up-to-the-minute chic latest contemporary in style with it hip cool prevalent modern trendsetting favored up-to-date favoured mod state-of-the-art in fashion au courant new swanky upscale customary chichi fly swank newfangled a la mode all the go a go-go well-liked up to date passing leading edge culty rage in favor in favour widespread in the mainstream well-known in demand commercially successful legendary successful sought-after the new def hep swish exclusive downtown snappy groovy swell smart with-it supercool sharp turned-on fresh schmick swinging prevailing cutting-edge genteel trig natty posh usual dashing rakish de rigueur in thing in-thing bang up to date à la mode latest thing up to the minute last word tony snazzy kicky spiffy sassy classy elegant kicking designer funky on fleek nifty ultra-modern sophisticated dapper newest avant-garde flash swagger dressy new-fashioned high-class debonair modernistic attractive high-toned ritzy tasteful le dernier cri progressive neat advanced glamorous massive ultramodern innovative spruce fancy innovatory trim down novel cutting edge brand-new present-day space-age new age plugged-in sexy excellent recent desired styleworthy approved cosmopolitan leading high-tech gnarly stylin' neoteric high-fashion understated flattering plush upmarket pioneering inspired fine informed well dressed familiar knowledgeable versed aware well turned out well liked uptown dap futuristic trailblazing plugged in tuned in in the know as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox well turned-out undercool wicked last-word party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest impressive on trend exciting hottest sumptuous grand deluxe swishy must-see fab dope big thing besuited timely good crisp fashionably dressed well-dressed well-groomed clean craze fad chi-chi super glorious well loved distinctive first-class well groomed flippant revolutionary bang up-to-date dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look smartly dressed well put together in good taste with style in with it flashy polished avant forefront bling courtly majestic plushy handsome superior stately refined graceful fancy-pants on the cutting edge in the latest style thrilled select dicty expensive urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy awake perceptive observant alive conscious savvy knowing apprehensive highly developed SOTA forward-looking admired accepted welcome switched on hep to on to turned on up on in on wise to hip to leading-edge commercial go-ahead dressed to the teeth dressed to kill marketable saleable hi-tech excited touched moved electrified animated stirred aroused elated atingle modern-day modernized modernised newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle sought lovable beloved notorious fave famous trending well received worked up fired up unique creative original innovational artistic unprecedented imaginative inventive strange unheard-of unconventional far out modernist different unaccustomed way out unfamiliar clever unexplored visionary out-of-the-box ingenious unhackneyed experimental unknown unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional conversant posted up abreast acquainted instructed apprized versant sussed switched-on well-read well-versed filled in in the picture well-informed clued-up in the loop well versed up to speed well informed clued up genned up well briefed au fait having your finger on the pulse in touch most recent

Tính từ

Very large
mighty huge enormous massive great immense large tremendous vast colossal gigantic prodigious titanic monumental giant towering elephantine gargantuan grand mammoth monstrous mountainous stupendous big Brobdingnagian humongous king-size king-sized mega monster oversized astronomical bumper jumbo whopping astronomic king size substantial whacking bulky cosmic cosmical cyclopean galactic gigantesque ginormous herculean heroic heroical Himalayan hulking humungous jumbo-sized leviathan oceanic pharaonic planetary stellar super super-duper supersize supersized thumping vasty walloping august considerable dynamic eminent expansive extensive extraordinary high illustrious imposing impressive intense irresistible magnificent majestic moving notable thumping great whopping great whacking great epic Herculean gross very large very big hefty heavy weighty brobdingnagian sizeable almighty immeasurable sizable inordinate grandiose oversize blimp Bunyanesque handsome terrific boundless infinite staggering behemoth fantastic excessive outsized mastodonic extreme very great limitless whale of a goodly ponderous voluminous outsize pythonic formidable whaling wide massy broad overgrown generous behemothic princely dirty great awesome husky tall largish biggish unwieldy lofty unlimited cumbersome tidy mondo exorbitant extravagant striking marvellous incalculable solid capacious boxcar commodious heavyweight measureless spacious significant marvelous overwhelming titan awful profuse cumbrous barn door man-size of considerable size man-sized giant-sized giant-size extra-large serious Homeric unbounded super-colossal lavish exceptional wonderful remarkable great big phenomenal unusual fabulous astounding splendid abundant endless eternal thunderous long copious spectacular thundering roomy interminable illimitable plenteous prolific larger-than-life comprehensive ample awe-inspiring severe fine ambitious mortal cracking rich Gargantuan terrible dreadful exalted major fearful kingly extremely large extremely big superabundant mahoosive Cyclopean mastodontic whopper magnific megalithic sky-high socking great good-size good-sized super colossal full-size a whale of a outstanding daunting superhuman amazing lasting classic important lumbering Brobdignagian bountiful enduring historic memorable unforgettable healthy resounding deafening roaring ear-splitting ear-piercing booming laborious immortal startling miraculous good Moby excellent wicked pleasing clumsy crashing large-scale rip-roaring stunning astonishing horrific fierce harsh plentiful appalling marked sensational flabbergasting breathtaking dramatic incredible unbelievable frightful glorious unfathomable fathomless widespread bounteous profitable spanking distinguished transcendent epoch-making very loud stately mind-boggling mind-blowing fantabulous abnormal elephantic expanded statuesque lank noble superb abiding permanent meaty fleshy strong strapping heavyset muscular thick muscly beefy chunky powerful brawny burly sturdy hulky cavernous stout thickset monolithic wondrous through the ceiling desperate loud mundo sweeping detailed liberal well-built ominous swelled deep fair-sized family-sized family-size fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized palatial Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy appreciable hunky interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical regal larger buxom greater zaftig never-ending resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud royal sublime gallant baronial dignified far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching splendiferous haughty not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong powerfully built muscle-bound solidly built broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed unreal all-inclusive something else awkward unhandy ungainly unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy immoderate undue unwarranted intemperate unrestricted unbridled exaggerated superfluous unrestrained gratuitous needless unconscionable overmuch unreasonable extortionate disproportionate prodigal surplus plethoric uncontrolled profligate wanton improvident dissipated indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying overdue insane overweening uncurbed intolerable redundant outrageous steep unmeasurable wasteful unhampered out of all proportion self-indulgent ridiculous recrementitious too many stratospheric unchecked overindulgent ludicrous overboard O.T.T. over the odds overextravagant supernatural overkill unfettered overgenerous extra way out unnecessary uncalled for too much silly a bit much OTT more devilish over the top preposterous uninhibited extended open bottomless wide-ranging comfortable complete thorough universal full exhaustive substantive all-encompassing gaping rambling yawning inexhaustible wide open pronounced airy chasmal unending all-embracing respectable inclusive interdisciplinary multidisciplinary rangy cross-disciplinary abysmal numerous fat uncrowded surpassing unfathomed untold everlasting indefinite immensurable horizonless profound unfailing inestimable material decisive conclusive emphatic consequential decent outspread numberless noteworthy unmistakable unqualified rolling no end of no end to panoramic out-and-out general encyclopedic compendious bombastic spacey cavelike wholesale utmost sunken unsounded pervasive stiff paramount encyclopaedic spread out deep-set protracted countless far-ranging unconfined lengthy unplumbed supreme swelling across the board abounding plumbless momentous multitudinous various fair impenetrable prevalent plummetless sundry legion several many multifarious scopious scopic exceeding teeming reasonable no strings much without limit bull across-the-board without end not to be sneezed at steady earthshaking earth-shattering grandiloquent Miltonian thrashing high-ceilinged dilatable distensible expandable wide-open top maximum soaring OS billowing high-flown high-sounding uttermost prolonged baggy chasmic crucial vital shattering heightened increased escalated jacked up decided sky-scraping multistorey radical acute rare max outstretched maxi devastating featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless oafish lumpish decent-sized bonny arduous measurable loose-fitting baroque fancy unmerciful altitudinous prime latitudinous beamy marathon noticeable above average intensified wide-reaching mass unplumbable unmeasured in-depth loutish heavily built clodhopping well built mesomorphic clunky superlative pre-eminent abyssal blanket simple convoluted covering consistent very long critical urgent fundamental ceaseless undying extra large nationwide unco thewy stark indiscriminate comprising soundless crushing paralysing preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping central pressing essential unfading unbottomed unceasing tolerable undetermined ethereal leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty international awash unexclusive far reaching pretty hollow elaborate paralyzing overcoming thoroughgoing wide physically meaningful worth taking into account sepulchral opulent plush classy luxurious very deep inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating exciting eye-opening broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged broad-ranging broad-based cyclopedic embracive all-in omnibus wall to wall no catch ultra dark flash flashy swanky real worthwhile key extending far down thorough-going wall-to-wall discursive encyclopedical encyclopaedical stretchy extendable enlargeable distending streets ahead no holds barred no strings attached luxuriant eventful firm sound gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant dismal splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex theatrical fustian high-flying dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed useful durable valuable principal aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant alveolate socketed chambered big-deal tectonic major-league proliferous myriad innumerable rife multifold manifold full-out incomprehensible full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale curved inward overflowing thick on the ground uncountable multiple motley disparate replete unremitting assorted diverse miscellaneous well-provided varied incomputable populous unnumbered mixed uncounted multiplied rampant well-supplied frequent crawling with stink with a dime a dozen on tap ad nauseam

Trái nghĩa của renowned

renowned Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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