Đồng nghĩa của reverberant

Alternative for reverberant

Đồng nghĩa: ringing,

Tính từ

Turned up sigmoidally, with the end pointing outward
sonorous resonant resounding ringing reverberating orotund reverberative vibrant plangent round rotund golden loud deep booming rich echoing full thunderous clangorous stentorian thundering deafening roaring earsplitting blaring powerful clamorous piercing canorous mellow blasting noisy carrying strident clear slam-bang consonant sonorant ear-splitting pulsating full-bodied ear-piercing full-toned low deep-toned very loud rumbling tumultuous baritone strong fruity throbbing heightened intensified pulsing electrifying enhanced ear-popping mellifluous resonating dull reverberatory muffled robust muted beating profound thrilling pear-shaped vociferous heavy ear-shattering hollow dead cacophonous raucous throaty harsh sounding rounded head-splitting crashing lusty vibrating riotous stentorious melodious harmonious rambunctious boisterous overpowering plummy bass forceful dinning intense fortissimo obstreperous rowdy thundery clearly audible screaming full-throated tremendous almighty full-voiced loud-voiced mournful plaintive melancholy filled big distinct bellowing magniloquent grandiloquent basso pompous imposing rolling flat toneless mighty extremely noisy overwhelming sepulchral turned up mute cavernous at full volume ghostly lively oscillating palpitating aquiver disorderly forte rackety clattery uproarious strepitous wild unruly turbulent unmanageable undisciplined rough unrestrained uncontrollable disruptive ungovernable rumbustious wayward refractory roisterous lawless out of control uncontrolled intractable rollicking fractious contumacious irrepressible out of hand rebellious difficult recalcitrant disobedient robustious ill-disciplined wilful clattering knockabout stroppy violent incorrigible rampageous hell-raising tempestuous mutinous insubordinate defiant willful untoward froward anarchic chaotic lawbreaking rugged unbridled intemperate badly behaved jarring mischievous loudmouthed rip-roaring vehement vocal blatant troublemaking shrieking shouting contrary rebel recusant incompliant balky restive impossible headstrong bolshie tough gruff anarchical incontrollable troublesome hysterical termagant exuberant vigorous gleeful insistent unquiet swashbuckling swaggering cavalier confused importunate demanding clamorsome wild and woolly loutish rootin'-tootin delinquent brutal rude roughhouse aggressive chattering stubborn vicious brusque non-compliant excited belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious restless nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable berserk fulminating blustering high-sounding pealing full-mouthed emphatic inharmonious talkative brash two-fisted attention-seeking grating bawling rough-and-tumble ugly radge raging fierce passionate agitated rasping romping heedless reckless full-on stormy screeching discordant shrill frenzied impulsive impetuous impervious drunken opinionated perverse rash bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable unyielding assertive quarrelsome mean antisocial stridulous unmusical wakes the dead rowdydowdy disturbed irregular in turmoil out of line unlawful clashing stridulant insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant unmelodious jangling dissonant unharmonious rioting seditious indisciplined drunk out-of-order out-of-line on-a-tear out-of-control stridulatory hoarse stertorous persuasive squawky vociferant baying squeaky rampaging truculent uncooperative roistering blusterous raising Cain raising the roof

Tính từ

Giving the impression of vast, dark depths
cavernous huge vast commodious deep immense spacious capacious extensive hollow roomy yawning airy gaping large sepulchral voluminous ample dark enormous high rambling unfathomable wide concave dismal echoing expansive gloomy resonant sunken alveolate broad cavelike chambered chasmal deep-set socketed curved inward abysmal great infinite limitless boundless open immeasurable big endless bottomless agape open wide wide open profound fathomless sizable generous wide-open chasmic abyssal unplumbed palatial sizeable comfortable widespread extended uncrowded very deep fully open giant high-ceilinged full massive substantial buried subterranean colossal expanded measureless cavernlike illimitable impenetrable unsounded unfathomed horizonless indefinite unbounded unlimited immensurable incomprehensible inestimable plumbless extreme plummetless unending never-ending extending far down gigantic tremendous considerable grand monstrous whacking great husky super-duper walloping mastodonic thumping man-size whopping goodly Bunyanesque megalithic swelled king-size cosmic elephantine massy epic thundering whopping great pharaonic lofty full-size titanic thumping great fair-size mighty excessive bulky galactic humungous family-sized mega oversize good-size ponderous jumbo supersized hulking gargantuan prodigious extravagant cyclopean ginormous outsize good-sized staggering monster great big stupendous oversized king size grandiose family-size socking great inordinate exorbitant humongous astronomical towering a whale of a whacking brobdingnagian leviathan tall monumental biggish mondo gross whopper outsized hefty economy-size mammoth of considerable size mountainous Brobdingnagian king-sized bumper handsome super colossal almighty largish supersize astronomic life-size overgrown cosmical man-sized magnific cumbersome unwieldy fair-sized dirty great tidy comprehensive economy-sized

Trái nghĩa của reverberant

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