Đồng nghĩa của stertorous

Alternative for stertorous

stertorous /'stə:tərəs/
  • tính từ
    • (y học) rống (tiếng thở)

Tính từ

Afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice
hoarse grating gruff husky rasping croaky gravelly rough throaty harsh raucous guttural croaking growling coarse cracked gravel growly raspy rusty scratchy blatant breathy croupy discordant dry indistinct jarring piercing ragged scratching squawking strident stridulant stridulous thick uneven whispering screeching shrill unmusical dissonant loud unmelodious unharmonious noisy squawky clamorous ear-piercing stentorian clashing jangling stridulatory stentorious cacophonous sharp persuasive squeaky forceful vociferous baying vocal vociferant boisterous obstreperous inharmonious blaring tumultuous penetrating brassy grinding riotous absonant atonal acute braying ear-splitting deafening booming thunderous earsplitting clangorous resounding sonorous ringing thundering powerful roaring blasting plangent resonant reverberating full strong deep slam-bang rich reverberant high-pitched carrying vibrant uproarious tuneless shrieking orotund reverberative rowdy unvocal deep-toned high echoing unmelodic lusty screechy rambunctious rotund rackety off-key treble throbbing heightened pulsing sonorant intensified consonant enhanced mellow electrifying screaming clear round golden canorous head-splitting ear-popping very loud jangly pulsating piping horrisonant beating profound thrilling clattering disharmonious disorderly clattery inharmonic reverberatory fortissimo turbulent baritone shattering shrieky air-rending irritating annoying squeaking intrusive metallic vexatious caterwauling unpleasant falsetto whistling roisterous shouting disharmonic disagreeable thin clearly audible lively bass strepitous clarion full-throated dinning crashing forte low full-bodied vehement blustering intense ear-shattering turned up loud-voiced vigorous hearty flat hard mournful inspiring uncongenial chattering soprano trumpeting brittle plaintive resonating sounding basso high-frequency maddening melancholy pear-shaped rumbling tinny insistent whiny talkative brash definite bellowing full-toned pure pleasant importunate immusical ill-sounding clinking sour cacophonic thundery tremendous almighty creaking astringent rabid fierce rugged ferocious bawling demanding lacking harmony at variance at odds loudmouth jumping blusterous out-of-tune out-of-key fulminating wakes the dead high-sounding big heavy pealing full-mouthed emphatic clamorsome explosive convulsive furious vociferating yowling yawping yauping clamant harsh sounding out of tune argute clanging raising Cain raising the roof paroxysmal volcanic stridulent forcible buffeting oscillating fruity palpitating harmonious melodious aquiver plummy robust overpowering full-voiced offensive incongruous incompatible inappropriate conflicting contrasting crying scurrilous loudmouthed vulgar obtrusive grotesque unaesthetic scraping unsuitable displeasing irksome unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic unruly rollicking wild active animated unrestrained out of place rumbustious overexcited bouncy ebullient excited frisky spirited knockabout exuberant high-spirited wayward uncontrolled undisciplined abandoned uninhibited impetuous wilful rip-roaring romping hell-raising roistering robustious in high spirits effervescent over-the-top energetic brawling

Tính từ

Gasping for breath, typically due to exertion
breathless gasping panting winded choking exhausted gulping wheezing puffed puffing short-winded wheezy out of breath asthmatic blown emphysematous gasping for breath puffed out spent gulping for breath huffing and puffing short of breath tired out out of whack puffing and blowing out of puff drained fatigued weary bushed wiped out done in beat debilitated enervated tired shagged out knackered pooped shattered frazzled bushwhacked whacked whipped jiggered stonkered wabbit fried prostrate fordone toilworn rooted worn out dog-tired bone-tired bone-weary jet-lagged all in tuckered out ready to drop dead beat knocked out zonked out fagged out whacked out running on empty worn to a frazzle dead jaded wearied loggy beaten aweary logy done limp worn bleary burned-out burnt-out worn-out washed-out played out tapped out prostrated zonked kaput dead tired had it asleep on one's feet on one's last legs wasted sapped weak enfeebled effete weakened creamcrackered shot clapped out out on one's feet on your last legs outta gas done for run-down out on your feet extremely tired fighting for breath dyspneic rasping husky hoarse chesty breathy breathing heavily dog tired very tired dead on one's feet flat depleted sleepy rundown fagged careworn haggard burned out worn-down drowsy crippled washed out drawn pinched strained disabled gaunt finished weariful fit to drop listless hollow-cheeked overtired languid consumed droopy sluggish hollow-eyed flagging burnt out done up tuckered drooping used up overworked lethargic groggy stressed out far-gone wan without energy out of gas torpid low asleep collapsing run down gone raddled languorous used faint unwell overtaxed stressed pale peaky ashen blanched wrinkled expended fretted pasty-faced wrecked taxed tense lost dog-weary lackadaisical dragging hacked empty lacklustre lackluster bleary-eyed played-out heavy broken-down slumberous somnolent washed-up inactive inert dead-tired dead-beat wiped-out unsteady old sleep deprived etiolated sallow done-in all-in wiped bored sick grim languishing bedraggled done with peaked like death warmed up narcoleptic overused dropping lassitudinous blasé infirm feeble low-energy faded worn down dozy petered out run ragged withered fraught on last leg dead on your feet in poor health apathetic over-tired tired-out lacking in energy half-awake aching sore exasperated lumbering emptied heavy-lidded indolent wooden slow slothful overloaded overburdened dissipated disbursed thrown away down the drain lifeless stress-ridden unenergetic lazy under stress slow-moving spiritless passive unhealthy unproductive lymphatic sedentary dilatory snoozy dilapidated tattered unkempt slow-going slow-paced somnific dull footsore disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched ruined doomed the worse for wear below par with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par through defeated bankrupt sunk comatose devastated broken undone toast thwarted destroyed liquidated kaputt over with passed out down for the count out for the count dead and buried over the hill at an end washed up gone to the wall past it wound up

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