Đồng nghĩa của dilatory

Alternative for dilatory

Trái nghĩa: prompt, speedy,

Tính từ

Slow to act
slow sluggish tardy slack unhurried dallying laggard snail-like backward delaying lax lazy lingering crawling creeping dawdling dillydallying dragging idle lagging languid leisurely loitering pokey poking poky sluggardly snaillike snail-paced time-wasting tortoise-like unpunctual behindhand indolent lollygagging procrastinating putting off slothful tarrying deliberate flagging late moratory neglectful negligent problem remiss slow-going slow-paced unhasty measured delayed plodding leaden behind slow-moving easy lackadaisical ponderous phlegmatic listless lethargic belated overdue torpid moderate tortoiselike postponing drowsy dreamy passive supine gradual behind schedule apathetic inert running late behind time not on time stagnant sleepy unrushed heavy delinquent latish inactive slow-footed relaxed gentle comfortable sedate casual undemanding steady long-delayed held up too late moving slowly behind target restful laid-back easy-going effortless languorous painstaking patient stupid undeveloped imbecile checked moronic dense underprivileged arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal dull slow and steady on hands and knees free slackened relaxing deferred later jammed postponed put off hung up last-minute eleventh-hour long-overdue laboured leaden-footed laggy labored imperceptible worming skulking writhing slithering shuffling quailing slinking wriggling squirming inching sneaking shambling groveling hobbling grovelling on all fours barely moving in arrears indifferent comatose dopey spiritless enervated limp languishing impassive uninterested weary unenthusiastic blah unconcerned energyless snoozy nebbish blahs pining moony sleepyhead lymphatic leisured weak tired faint sickly infirm wimpy feeble somnolent easygoing calm nonchalant chilled still even regular unexciting laborious lumbering cumbersome recreational shiftless motionless lifeless numb unenergetic fatigued quiescent fainéant benumbed narcotic amusing frivolous entertaining otiose pococurante Laodicean stuporous paralyzed hebetudinous slumberous static faineant sodden latent paralysed dormant droopy lacking in energy laid back non-job related non-work related fun

Tính từ

Characterized by sluggishness or weariness
lethargic sluggish listless torpid languid lazy inactive sleepy slow slothful apathetic lackadaisical inert languorous drowsy indolent passive enervated somnolent indifferent idle dull tired heavy lifeless phlegmatic slumberous dopey spiritless snoozy impassive laggard comatose unenergetic fatigued weary shiftless draggy exhausted quiescent supine stolid dormant blah lackluster lacklustre unenthusiastic narcotic debilitated stupefied sleepyhead moony wimpy unmoving nebbish stretchy laid-back out of it without energy having spring fever slow-moving weak lymphatic neb slack unproductive flagging sedentary burned out spent hebetudinous slow-going slow-paced somnific flat lax static limp stagnant depressed quiet tardy yawny unresponsive dead faineant fainéant logy insensitive dozy insensible neurasthenic asthenic uninterested leaden otiose unhurried motionless relaxed peaceful loafing dreamy languishing unconcerned heavy-eyed do-nothing energyless numb benumbed latent inattentive work-shy tranquil careless leisurely stagnating declining stupid stuporous calm plodding disinterested resting dying moribund down lumpish gentle undisturbed lacking in energy slumbrous yawning slumbersome negligent fallow immobile easy restful easygoing nodding pococurante bone idle oscitant Laodicean vigorless vigourless effete half-hearted laid back lacking energy lagging dallying procrastinating weakened sluggardly bovine devitalized impaired half asleep vegetating paralyzed sodden paralysed drowsing sleepyheaded stiff mooney sullen off sluggard drippy not busy insipid sleeping uninspiring spineless yielding droopy blahs pining uninspired acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant bleary-eyed soporous soporose vapid heedless characterless lacking vitality workshy asleep on one's feet remiss unoccupied pleasant drony still soothing isolated untroubled relaxing unrushed measured comfortable good-for-nothing silent serene smooth casual insouciant steady deactivated slumbering in abeyance inoperative asleep placid easy-going dawdling deliberate undemanding uncaring offhand slapdash lukewarm unruffled unagitated chilled leisured feeble passionless incurious at rest abstracted bloodless sedate slow and steady unexciting halfhearted aimless daydreaming sentimental romantic slap-happy laissez-faire easy going spring fever

Tính từ

Failing to fulfill responsibility, duty, or obligations
remiss careless derelict disregardful lax lazy neglectful negligent slack irresponsible unthinking barratrous delinquent forgetful heedless inattentive indolent lackadaisical neglecting slipshod sloppy thoughtless unheeding unmindful behindhand blameworthy culpable daydreaming defaultant fainéant inconsistent indifferent oscitant regardless reprehensible slapdash slothful slow tardy uninterested woolgathering at fault any old way any which way asleep at switch asleep on job inefficient procrastinative incompetent slap-happy inactive casual disorganized idle offhand disorderly otiose pococurante disorganised unprofessional slovenly laggard quiescent permissive inert faineant passive lethargic dormant leisurely workshy asleep at the wheel easy-going do-nothing asleep on the job apathetic unconcerned perfunctory nonchalant cursory haphazard unsystematic insouciant improvident hit-or-miss reckless messy laid-back uncaring untrustworthy shoddy disinterested loose devil-may-care good-for-nothing hasty hurried carefree untidy spiritless blithe feckless incautious unreliable undependable unthorough listless inconsiderate cool thrown together all over the shop free and easy all over the place unorganized unmethodical lifeless inadvertent shabby inexact inaccurate shambolic unenergetic supine unorganised shiftless effete disregarding unmeticulous easy uncircumspect unobservant unaccountable blithely unconcerned without care last-minute unambitious aimless clumsy detached procrastinating incurious relaxed vigourless unindustrious unmotivated unthoughtful sluggish enervated lymphatic impassive loafing imperfect botched threadbare faulty junky languid lukewarm limp blasé torpid leaden easygoing sleepy dull unoccupied lacking energy disordered muddled failing paying no mind chaotic ignoring overlooking omitting slighting poor jumbled failing to show proper care and attention insensitive careless of one's duty pell-mell inept breezy airy flippant complacent cavalier informal weak spineless yielding unenterprising fly-by-night insensible uncurious unfeeling nonobservant thrown-together acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant worthless catch-as-catch-can desultory helter-skelter erratic stray random scattered arbitrary rash vigorless sleeping dispassionate lagging deceitful dubious dallying dishonest suspicious devious directionless undisciplined deaf mindless blind coarse unheedful quiet peaceful sedentary motionless tired unresponsive unfastidious vacant stagnant lousy improficient rude crude soporous soporose slumberous languorous unconsidered scrappy failing to take proper care mopish stolid cowboy unprepared amateurish wild incorrect imprecise wrong sketchy erroneous absent neutral phlegmatic bored abstracted energyless languishing couldn't-care-less badly organized scatterbrained blah out of it half-hearted work-shy error-ridden couldn't care less bone-idle unworksome unaspiring bone idle parasitic unenthusiastic useless

Tính từ

Protracted, extending for a great period of time
long-drawn-out lengthy marathon prolonged protracted interminable overlong extended lasting boring dragged-out dragging drawn-out far great lingering long long-lasting long-lived long-term spun-out tedious time-consuming boundless delayed diffuse diffusive late limitless long-winded overextended prolix rambling slow sustained tardy unending verbose wearisome wordy seemingly endless dragged out for ages spun out without end forever and a day garrulous enduring windy long-drawn discursive circumlocutory pleonastic circuitous meandering periphrastic logorrheic extensive endless lengthened digressive tiresome elongated ambagious elongate very long palaverous drawn out redundant strung out longish spread out persistent maundering laborious loquacious repetitious dull ponderous voluble long-standing tautological talkative tortuous logorrhoeic stretched out enlarged outstretched stretched continued turgid expanded never-ending ceaseless chronic king-size oversized king-sized constant wandering everlasting monotonous continual perennial continuous king size bombastic sesquipedalian gabby chatty talky circumlocutionary permanent continuing full of verbiage remote stretching far-off towering tall deep stretch lanky gangling rangy distant lofty faraway stringy high running far-reaching of considerable length gradual padded vague loose waffly waffling progressive draggy conservative flatulent inflated gassy roundabout empty painful verbal profuse random lavish copious exuberant flowery durable abiding broad long-running multiyear multiday longevous grueling gruelling epic perdurable sustaining persisting advancing pursuing maintaining persevering progressing stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unceasing incessant unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop unbroken old as Methuselah full of years carrying on immeasurable unbounded unbound interminate looped eternal day-and-night timeless unabating expansive prosy remaining increased no end to no end of on a treadmill unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred ingrained deep-rooted settled lifelong routine habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual fixed inbred deep-seated incurable tenacious stubborn ineradicable confirmed obstinate unyielding recurring inveterate rooted haunting unmitigated unfolded spread rhetorical convoluted indirect grandiloquent pompous pretentious fustian orotund oratorical repetitive oblique gaseous rhetoric overblown magniloquent tumid high-flown high-sounding grandiose declamatory euphuistic highfalutin aureate ostentatious swollen alliterative evasive blathering deviating sonorous affected elaborate florid overwrought histrionic overripe over-elaborate theatrical gossipy superfluous iterative circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious disquisitional reiterating mouthy effusive gushing multiloquent desultory babbling multiloquous ornate mannered fulsome flamboyant mundane prattling excursive leaping digressionary digressional jabbering actorly yakking longwinded tiring wittering hyperventilated purple Ossianic rotund showy overdone prating gobby yacking involved numbing spreading trying wearying mind-numbing free musing erratic roaming roving conversational informal implied devious big-mouthed tautologous full of air repeating with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone plodding ambiguous collateral non-linear obliquitous ranting taking the long way blustering shallow superficial breezy tumescent eloquent Ciceronian linguistic epideictic extravagant stylistic rhapsodic big-talking windbag loudmouthed balderdash Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid dramatic forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive stagy intoning important noble imposing stentorian elocutionary stuffed shirt full of hot air

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