Đồng nghĩa của spun out


Past tense for to prolong, make longer (in duration)
prolonged protracted extended lengthened continued expanded stretched out dragged out strung out drew out drawn out carried on kept going extended the duration of kept alive filled out padded out eked out stretched elongated outstretched prolongated let out made longer increased sustained padded amplified augmented held up perpetuated delayed reached distended kept something going persisted fleshed out lasted put on hold put off put rubber in drawn dilated dragged on let it ride stalled dragged your feet made something go on and on kept up drew proceeded elaborated overstayed gone on with went on with thinned refined slimmed rarefied run procrastinated spun held chugged away broadened endured made slender increased the length of pulled out held off survived widened attenuated run on deferred plugged away made fine postponed cooled persevered filled made last overlapped added to overdone overdid span ran on grown grew ran went gone gone on went on kept on hung on soldiered on kept at it stayed the course stuck it out held on pegged away stuck at it hung in there remained held out struggled on pressed on ground away ploughed on pressed ahead hammered away followed through stood fast stayed stayed with something plodded on kept at hung tough stuck with it bashed on kept it up stood firm went the distance gone the distance hung in stuck at stayed on prevailed stopped at nothing left no stone unturned grinded ground maintained stuck to your guns gutted it out stuck with saw something through seen something through bided abode abided perdured pushed on soldiered on with kept going with rested saw it through seen it through showed determination shown determination insisted stayed with it resisted cracked on lingered lived outlasted continued with stuck out stayed around persevered with stood your ground lived on toughed it out continued to the end carried on with brought to a finish pressed on with held fast saw through kept on with stood up pegged away at pressed ahead with persisted with plodded on through carried through brought to completion got on seen through stayed with werepatient been patient was patient bidden bode chugged operated handled pursued existed stood pluged away at come through pegged pursued your goal borne up stayed staunch remained true tarried sticked gotten on stuck around plodded along repeated labored hacked it worked away laboured carried on doggedly plugged away at passed recurred held true withstood stayed fresh remained unchanged plowed on perseverated stuck kept on at made it lasted out weathered had no end bore up kept your hand in drudged sticked to it progressed finished beared beavered away kept driving toiled remained firm projected persisted at followed up strived worn wore came through showed determination in shown determination in went ahead gone ahead applied yourself gone all the way strove went all the way striven went the limit gone the limit went for broke gone for broke gone to the mat went to the mat gone for it went for it been taken was took were worn well bore wore well borne hed good held good


Lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual
protracted extended long lengthy prolonged long-drawn-out overlong interminable lengthened never-ending time-consuming lingering sustained drawn out drawn-out endless marathon slow stretched out long-winded prolix rambling verbose wordy continued deep delayed distant dragged out dragging elongate elongated enduring enlarged expanded extensive faraway far-off far-reaching gangling great high lanky lasting lofty longish outstretched rangy remote running stretch stretched stretching stringy strung out tall towering spread out boring tedious wearisome seemingly endless spun-out long-lasting long-lived dragged-out unending ceaseless diffuse constant far long-term continual continuous laborious ponderous boundless limitless meandering without end diffusive overextended tardy dilatory late for ages forever and a day king-size increased oversized long-drawn king-sized unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred persistent unfolded king size spread everlasting very long long-standing unabating chronic incessant unceasing perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop remaining unbroken monotonous immeasurable unbounded ingrained deep-seated incurable deep-rooted settled tenacious continuing stubborn perennial lifelong ineradicable confirmed routine obstinate unyielding habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual recurring inveterate fixed rooted haunting unmitigated inbred unbound interminate eternal permanent day-and-night looped timeless dull circumlocutory circuitous windy no end of no end to on a treadmill discursive pleonastic digressive verbal periphrastic wandering garrulous logorrheic tiresome maundering circumlocutionary redundant ambagious logorrhoeic flowery full of verbiage palaverous loquacious repetitious voluble tautological tortuous talkative bombastic turgid sesquipedalian gabby chatty talky inflated of considerable length gradual pompous empty padded vague loose waffly boastful waffling progressive draggy conservative flatulent gassy roundabout painful profuse random lavish copious exuberant durable abiding broad long-running multiyear multiday longevous grueling gruelling epic perdurable sustaining persisting advancing pursuing maintaining persevering progressing stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum old as Methuselah full of years carrying on expansive prosy

Trái nghĩa của spun out

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