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Alternative for ceaseless

Tính từ

Constant and unending
continual continuous incessant constant endless interminable never-ending perpetual unceasing unending unremitting eternal uninterrupted non-stop untiring indefatigable lasting nonstop perennial persistent relentless sustained unabated unabating unrelenting unrelieved continued continuing everlasting persevering running unbroken undeviating unfaltering unflagging unswerving unwavering unwearied dogged tireless amaranthine world-without-end day and night on a treadmill round the clock steady permanent enduring recurrent ongoing abiding round-the-clock regular chronic unchanging undying habitual repeated dateless timeless immortal persisting recurring unfailing frequent lifelong unvarying fixed prolonged monotonous stable consecutive repetitive deep-rooted unyielding consistent ineradicable even protracted deathless ingrained imperishable long-lived deep-seated long-lasting always-on invariable incurable ageless inveterate inborn ever-present inbred uniform steadfast solid around-the-clock changeless without respite without end confirmed long-standing unfading rhythmic settled routine usual tenacious stubborn obstinate rooted unmitigated boring repetitious day-and-night boundless lingering unwaning staying periodic reiterative interminate reliable dull dependable oft-repeated durable periodical immutable never-changing unfluctuating perdurable unchangeable long steady-going undivided infinite long-drawn-out undisturbed connected aeonian unlimited smooth fast diligent assiduous faithful successive dragging iterative established untroubled without interruption unwearying inexhaustible insistent verbose uninteresting indelible predictable stabile drawn-out irreversible indestructible remaining straight sempiternal old longstanding direct invariant equable forever without stopping indissoluble same no end to no end of set in for the long haul flowing fluent accustomed long-l fluid frictionless remorseless unsparing inexorable cursive sedulous unalleviated hard harsh stern neverending duplicative without ceasing lengthy slow habituated maintained stationary unchanged never-ceasing regularized standardised regularised long-term through straightforward in succession standardized surviving firm secure rigid inflexible static indefinite extended closed numerous many standing irreparable spun-out haunting extensive all day long with no let-up unalterable sound countless drawn out immovable for ever and ever unruffled profound deep progressive stretched out inexpungible perduring sure without a break without surcease serious total infallible annual returning yearlong yearly seasonal a great many very many for keeps set in concrete forever and a day set in stone severe frequentative long-winded till the cows come home certain never-failing wearisome acute dangerous nonrandom fail-safe loyal surefire can't-miss unerring true alarming extreme dire grave tedious seemingly endless limitless universal staunch bottomless echoing imitating copying reduplicating reproducing duplicating immeasurable overlong rambling laborious ponderous meandering unbounded absolute dyed-in-the-wool unshakable tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy unbound looped all-year-round omnipresent strung out spun out dragged out ubiquitous tried and true tried and tested counted on rock solid wall-to-wall all-pervasive repeating more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Persisting forever or for an extended period of time
eternal everlasting perpetual undying endless immortal unending deathless permanent dateless constant never-ending unceasing infinite enduring interminable continuous continual persistent incessant uninterrupted unfading amaranthine timeless imperishable boundless unbroken without end indestructible lasting abiding limitless illimitable indefinite ageless unlimited ongoing relentless sempiternal perennial round-the-clock unfailing unremitting immeasurable unbounded perdurable measureless untold incalculable bottomless inestimable immensurable unfathomable horizonless fathomless continuing immutable inextinguishable inexhaustible vast immense day-and-night nonstop indeterminate monotonous non-stop undivided overlong no end of no end to forever great without limit steady unrelenting unabating unvarying self-perpetuating unsurpassable multitudinous countless numberless unchanging classic 24-hour immemorial continued always abundant abounding around-the-clock unflagging never dying termless incorruptible cosmic changeless invariable never-changing sustained undiminished irrepressible unrelieved unquenchable never-dying undestroyed memorable unended 24/7 unintermitted unsuppressible beyond measure unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained at all times all day and all night without limits unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled unconfined traditional indissoluble death-defying ever living total lavish unbottomed tremendous never-ceasing phoenixlike undeadly utter full with no holds barred that will never die that will live forever no strings wide open no catch no strings attached no holds barred not stopping having no end running regular repeated frequent recurrent consecutive persisting unwaning staying repetitive connected aeonian oft-repeated round the clock extensive huge unfathomed innumerable indeterminable myriad enormous incomprehensible abysmal undefined unplumbed unnumberable innumerous unsounded deep profound large extreme very deep priceless invaluable uncalculable copious wide-open unspecified unknown precious bountiful prodigious valuable uncertain undetermined undecided unfixed unresolved unsettled impenetrable yawning gaping chasmic cavernous far down plumbless plummetless agelong atemporal beyond price stellar uncounted supertemporal wide million all-embracing stupendous full-out all-out all-encompassing full-blown full-scale complete totalitarian universal unmeasured unplumbable without number soundless on tap ad nauseam jillion umpteen unreckonable uncountable massive colossal unmeasurable zillion considerable crawling with alive with

Tính từ

In an undamaged state
whole unbroken faultless sound undamaged pristine solid unimpaired flawless good preserved ongoing uninjured unmutilated unsevered untouched secured undisturbed unruffled unscarred continuous inviolate sturdy unspoiled mint stable unhurt unspoilt safe undented uninterrupted unscratched firm undivided unmarred unshaken unsullied regular thorough unmarked unscathed untroubled constant intact unceasing unharmed endless steady together unblemished unremitting as new like new ship-shape as good as new in good order without a scratch perfect pure immaculate spotless impeccable clean stainless unpolluted uncontaminated unstained clear undefiled uncorrupted model seamless picture-book picture-perfect irreproachable letter-perfect indefectible entire unspotted innocent ideal accurate correct unflawed exemplary without blemish absolute error-free in one piece unerring without fault unaffected untarnished complete secure scatheless fresh precise chaste sinless copybook tip-top exact as sound as a bell just so untainted safe and sound exquisite classic meticulous textbook errorless on target bang on squeaky clean spot on on the button unwounded operational unhindered working total virgin unmoved unperished well smooth spot-free unprofaned sacred free all right lily-white unadulterated blameless excellent incorrupt guiltless unimpeachable whiter than white optimal A1 prime optimum peak defectless spick-and-span finished modest above reproach beyond reproach pure as the driven snow decent unchanged undecayed in situ wholesome artless well-preserved natural faithful scrupulous proper unsoiled virginal squeaky-clean foolproof unassuming true right on on the nail on the mark supreme crimeless unguilty unwemmed chase holy spot-on clear-cut categorical distinct unprocessed recent crisp latest young just out sparkling unstudied new original refreshing strict dead-on close dead right right bull's-eye on the money inerrant detailed to a T perfected to a turn polished inch-perfect consummate superlative superb masterly

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